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Found 43 results

  1. Martincas

    New way to scare the bejezus out of people?

    Hello Every time I take a picture with my phone, evernote saves it. How can I remove that?
  2. Sometime recently, my iphone has simply stopped uploading photos to Evernote. I use the Document Photo feature a lot, and recently whenever I do it I see the following: New photo note Take a pic Hit "Done" Edit the note to add a title and tags. Then, the note seems to get stuck with the green upload arrow, and never finished. I can see a note with the same properties on my Macbook, but the image is just a giant blank. The image loads fine on my iPhone, but seems to never actually upload. I've tried it multiple times with multiple notes to no success. I just installed the ios evernote update (June 11, 2018 9:56:50 PM) and see no improvement. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. GosuCharlie

    Handwriting over a photo

    Hello, Im having some to-do list on a paper and I upload them to Evernote. Can I somehow after this action edit them with a handwriting, so I can make check marks or other notes on the photo with my finger/stylus? I would love to do it this way and not re-write my papers to Evernote. Thanks for your answers!
  4. How can I add a photo from my iPhone to an existing note?
  5. I have many photos that are included in evernote. Very often , I want to see a detail of the picture, but if I click on the picture, I enter into this #@!!!%% presentation mode. The picture is displayed in full screen, but it is not possible to enlarge further, which is what should be possible. It should not be difficult to have a way to enlarge the pictures without going to this #@!!!%% presentation mode. Thanks
  6. Hello; I am a new User. Tried to search this out but didn't find what I was looking for. My apologies if it has been asked and answered in the past. I am trying to organise my patterns using Evernote. With each note, I want to include 2 photos. How do I get Evernote to display the one I want in the 'Cards' view? My first try, it showed the last photo taken, so I tried again, reversing my photos, and it still showed the wrong one. Secondly, once you have the photos, is there a way to select and delete one of them? thanks!
  7. Consider a mobile app feature that lets you easily add a camera image to an in-progress note while you are working on your desktop or web client. Here's how it would work: I'm sitting in a meeting taking notes on my Mac. Suddenly I decide to draw a diagram on my napkin, or need to capture the white board, or a document that my colleague hands out. I don't want it as a separate note, but right in with the work I'm currently doing. I whip out my phone and use the new "add to note in progress" widget to snap a picture with my camera. On my Mac (or browser) a notification pops up in my current note window, and says "it looks like you just captured an image. Would you like to add it to this note?" I click YES and choose where in the note I want the image to appear. Easy!
  8. As a student I have tons of powerpoint presentations as PDF files. In such a PDF file there is often some really important pages with charts or tables or something. Now it would be great if one could create a new image note from one pdf page so that one doesn't have to search for this page every time. The images could also just be placed inside the same note, which also has the pdf attachment. Manually doing this is just too time consuming.
  9. I take lots of photo by using Evernote. If I take a photo by Evernote app, that photos are saved to default notebook which I set before. But, the problem is here!! Every photo is saved to the same notebook. This is so annoying thing because I have to categorize that photos to each notebooks. So, I use this free app Quick Snap. https://itunes.apple.com/kr/app/quicksnap-quick-snap-to-evernote/id807113931 If you use this app, you can decide notebooks where the photo will be saved, when you take photos. If you take photos by [Picnic] button the photo will be saved to [Picnic] notebooks. Happy Evernote life!!
  10. OregonUser

    ios Rotate photo from iphone

    I took a picture of some notes. emailed them from my iphone. The picture shows upside down in evernote. Cannot figure out how to rotate. I tried the edit on my iphone. Rotating it there doesn't seem to work. It says save. I save, i send, same results. There are two places that it could work to change the orientation. On evernote, and from the phone. Any ideas i would much appreciate it. OregonUser
  11. I would like that when I insert a picture in a note it automatically adjust to the smallest size, or that we can choose to do this in settings.
  12. When I copied an article, the photos always came along. The article looked the same as it did on the Net, with photos and links, etc. Now, the photos are no longer visible when I paste them to Evernote. What am I doing wrong? Without the photos, the articles are not useful at all. Thanks, Pat
  13. It can be done on desktop application but I can't find a way to do it on web interface.
  14. It can be done on desktop application but I can't find a way to do it on web interface.
  15. Riptide360

    Photo Captions

    Please consider adding the ability to attach text info to photos and other graphics inserted into an Evernote. In word processing and desktop layout apps you can easily add a photo caption to an image that moves around with the graphic. In Microsoft OneNote you can select an image, right click on it and add a link as well as alt text which lets you give it a name and description. In Evernote you offer the ability to annotate this image, but this is adding the text on top of the image, something that is a cool feature, but not what many folks want to do (think of a newspaper where the photo caption is at the bottom of the image and folks are trained to look for it there). Please consider adding the ability to add a photo caption that is text that shows up centered at the bottom of the image. Please also look at letting folks add text info to the photo that is actually embedded into the photo's EXIF info and can now travel with the image (this is something photographers do to add copyright and photographer notes). thanks, Stephen Inoue
  16. How do you notify Evernote of a problem? Recently when i add a photo or document it just crashes the app after the photo is taken and is not in notes when app is reloaded.
  17. I noticed a bug when it comes to exporting Evernote business card contacts to Apple Contacts. When exported from the iOS Evernote app, the contacts will show up in the Apple Contacts app, however they will NOT sync to iCloud if the contact contains a photo. I was able to troubleshoot this problem on my own and discovered that the photo was causing the syncing error. When the photo is deleted from the iOS contact card, the sync resumes to iCloud.
  18. OlegCS


    Does evenote offer ANY control over photo resolution when pictures are taken on Galaxy S7?
  19. Running EN iOS 7.17 on iPhone 6+ on iOS 9.3.5 This is such a basic function, that I am astounded that I have been unable to learn how to do it. How Do I Delete a Photo in EN iOS? I have tried all options, and nothing has presented me with a button/choice to delete the image I have selected in a Note. I have searched the Internet, and these forums, and have NOT found a solution. Please tell me I am overlooking the obvious. Surely there must be a way to delete a selected image. Here are the EN iOS screens I see immediately after selecting a photo in the Note by tapping on it:
  20. Hello - I'm hoping there's a simple way to do this... I'm reading a book I'd like quote. It would be easier to take a photo of the text in the book and create a note that I can then copy and paste the text from the hard copy book into my document than to have to transcribe word for word the text from the image to the doc... Is there a way to capture text from a physical book and turn it into editable text--not annotated-- in Evernote? Thanks so much!! I'm writing a book and this would be a major time saver. - Newbie.
  21. hi, When i send my picture with my iphone on evernote ( portrait orientation ), all my picture became landscape... please help me
  22. Hey guys, there is still no way to zoom into images or documents in the photo taking process. Could you pls do my day and fix this? should be mandatory. finding myself always unsure whether the photos are appropriately shot. Thanks for getting your hands on this. You are the best! Hannes
  23. Hi I love both Scannable and the photo capture/editing function in IOS Evernote. Sometimes, I take photos of documents (or posters on walls for example) on the fly (with the Photos app),. But when I want to put them in Evernote, I realize thatI cannot find a utility that allows me to turn a brownish photo into a crisp legible document. I can do it on my iPhone, but not on my Mac. Or may be I can? :-) Thanks for your help! Stephane
  24. Anjuicy

    Camera Automatic Settings

    Hi Everyone! I really love the Camera Function of Evernote in iOS, especially when it automatically identifies what I want to take a picture of: After the identification of the picture area, it takes the perfect photo! But then the automatic settings converts it to something like this: If I choose Photo in the choices. It will revert to something like this: Is there a way to choose Photo and have picture number 2 as the result? Also, What is the purpose of Evernote for adjusting the colors of pictures when they are converted into documents? Thanks in advanced!