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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I'm a newbie for web app developing. Here's my question - When I run the django sample included in the evernote SDK for python. There's a authorization page describes what my application be able to do, and what's my application NOT able to do. Just like the 1st attached file. My question is - How can I enable the permission to access the account information when user authorizes the web app??? (Like the remain bandwidth and next cycle start day). The 2nd attached file is what I working on recently. I hope user can get their own account remain bandwidth and next cycle start day when they visit the web app.
  2. My professor is attempting to share a notebook with me but I keep getting the error message "Can't open the notebook. You may need permissions to access this notebook or the owner may have deleted it." Well the owner didn't delete it and my professor already selected permissions to allow me to view and edit the notebook, however, it still won't let me open it. I can't get in touch with customer chat because they're never online. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks! Evernote_6.8.7.6387_20180116.log
  3. Arthur Ramos Schaefer

    Group based Evernote Business Permission

    The ability to give permissions to Notebooks on Evernote Busines splitting the company in groups that could be departments, Imagine a company with 100 users, for example. There are at least 20 Engineers, 30 Sales people, 10 HR professionals, another 20 IT professionals. So to give'em the right permission to view or edit notebooks, I have to do one-by-one. It's about 200 clicks to give all that people the right permissions. If we create the groups for them and give access to groups, when we have new users, just put'em into this group and he will have all the permissions that group has.
  4. tripp13

    Evernote Sharing Glitch

    Hello, everyone! I have a strange issue. I've perused the forums unsuccessfully. If there is a post which already address this, please feel free to refer me. Recently I shared a specific note with a colleague. It's a pretty straightforward procedure, and he received it successfully. Yesterday, however, I noticed that completely different notebook had the sharing icon above it for the entire notebook. The note I shared was in the same stack, but different notebook. And I only shared the one note. But the sharing icon appears above a completely different notebook encompassing all the notes for that one notebook. When I open permissions for any of the inadvertently shared notes, Evernote tells me no permissions exist. When I go back to the ORIGINAL note that I shared, there are no permissions or shares marked, even though my colleague received the note successfully and even started a chat with it. BOTTOM LINE: I shared a SINGLE note from one notebook. The next day, an entirely different notebook was marked as shared, and it's the WHOLE notebook, but when I open any of the shared notes from that notebook, Evernote tells me no permissions exist (so there are no permissions to remove and therefore the share icons remain). And the note that I originally shared successfully has no permissions and no shared icon. Thoughts? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  5. Greetings: I can't create a simple notebook due to lack of permission: - (IBAction)createNoteBookAction:(UIButton *)sender { EvernoteNoteStore *noteStore = [EvernoteNoteStore noteStore]; EDAMNotebook *notebook = [[EDAMNotebook alloc] initWithGuid:nil name:@"test" updateSequenceNum:0 defaultNotebook:YES serviceCreated:0 serviceUpdated:0 publishing:nil published:NO stack:nil sharedNotebookIds:nil sharedNotebooks:nil businessNotebook:NO <--------------------- contact:nil restrictions:nil]; [noteStore createBusinessNotebook:notebook success:^(EDAMLinkedNotebook *businessNotebook) { NSLog(@"Created a business notebook : %@",businessNotebook); } failure:^(NSError *error) { NSLog(@"Error : %@",error); }]; } The Debugger Output: 2014-06-03 16:51:34.741 RicEverNote[6045:60b] {evernoteAction} 2014-06-03 16:51:34.745 RicEverNote[6045:60b] authenticated! noteStoreUrl:https://sandbox.evernote.com/shard/s1/notestore webApiUrlPrefix:https://sandbox.evernote.com/shard/s1/ 2014-06-03 16:51:37.755 RicEverNote[6045:60b] Error : Error Domain=com.evernote.sdk Code=3 "Not permitted to perform action" UserInfo=0x109a67430 {NSLocalizedDescription=Not permitted to perform action, parameter=Business} As you can see, I'm authenticated (and am able to create a note), but I can't create a simple notebook. Notice that the parameter=Business, yet I set the 'businessNotebook' parameter to 'NO'. What am is missing or doing wrong?
  6. It would be better if we can have different modes for searches. For example, I can have public/private mode. I configure some notebooks as private. When I present things to my friends in front of the screen, the search is in public mode. So I do not have to worry about showing up some embarrassing notes. When I'm alone and want to find private things, I key in a password and switch the mode. Not sure whether this is doable in alternative ways or whether this is a repeating feature request. Please comment. Thanks.
  7. Hello. I'm writing in search of an explanation for why Evernote for Android requests the "read calendar events plus confidential information" permission. I haven't been able to find this in web searches or through this forum (though there are fragmented inquiries about other permissions). To Evernote employees who may be reading this: please see that your company is clear[er] about why, SPECIFICALLY, its applications ask for each permission. While I like the convenience and polish of Evernote for Android, I'm annoyed that I have to ask for what is such a obvious sticking point for many people -- even after this is a well known point of controversy for any Android app, not just Evernote. Yes, Google could make it simple and compulsory to detail specifically on the Permissions tab of Google Play, but, as others have said, Evernote could as easily list this information in the text of the Overview tab. Insofar as it may be undesirable to have so much text in the Overview, Evernote could at least supply a link to a detailed page... Which it does -- provide a link, that is. However, vexingly, "More information about permissions at: http://s.evernote.com/permissions" redirects to an overview that is simply identical to the vague Google Play Permissions tab. Not "more information" at all! This is such a basic thing that people have a right to ask about; please be more forthright about the details. Should customers/users have to scour the forums for such a simple, straightforward thing? I am spurred by the apparent dearth of information about the 'Calendar' permission, and I can't identify a good reason why that 'permissions' page is just a reiteration of the Google Play store, still -- especially with Evernote presumably receiving an income stream from premium customers. Help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.