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Found 825 results

  1. AdrianHalid

    Please support Adonit Pixel

    Can you please support the Adonit Pixel stylus
  2. Is there future support planned for the new Wacom stylus (or perhaps other advanced stylii)? I've tried out the Jot Script in the past and the clicking sound and overall experience was not to my liking. With the recent release of the new Wacom stylus, I have found that the experience on Bamboo Paper is phenomenal and am looking forward to being able to have that same experience within Penultimate + Evernote integration. Is this something that can be added to the roadmap, and if so, is there an approximate timeline for it? In the meantime, it's a hard choice to choose between a great experience and the convenient integration.
  3. Kim_Lazyboy

    Sync Crashing Penultimate

    Hi Using penultimate with a 12.9 Ipad pro. Restored Data to a 10.5 Ipad pro. Now penultimate crashes when attempting to sync. Have deleted / rebooted / reinstalled the app - no change. Penultimate will work in "pause sync" mode - so I can capture local files and is stable, however any attempt to sync, throws it into a crash loop. Evernote seems to be working fine and syncing well. ticket logged with support, but so far no assist. Any suggestions or help ? Thanks Kim
  4. Help! ... And forgive me if there is a known solution or I am posting in the wrong place ... My first post I have a note with over 460 pages and when I open the app often times it re-launches(sending me back to the first page) versus restore(which returns me back to last page I was editing) .... navigating page by page is horrendous... and I understand the app may re-launch based on other IOS activity, but help us please .... Is there a feature that will allow me to go to the last page in the note or enter the desired page number or A percent(ie 85% from top or bottom ) or Add new pages to the top of the note It's really painful when Penultimate closes and you have to scroll all the way to the last page to resume taking your notes when you have a substantial number of pages in a note! Please Help Craig iPad iOS 8.02 and Penultimate 6.1.1
  5. Using an iPad 3, how can I open a pdf sent as an email attachment in penultimate to annotate. I can get it to Evernote but not penultimate.
  6. When I am switching back and forth between apps, every time I go back to Penultimate it jumps back a few pages instead of staying on the latest page I am working on. Is it just me?
  7. When I try to create a custom paper from a form, the resulting image is significantly faded, to the point where you cannot read the fields. I've followed the instructions are set the image to the recommended pixel dimensions (715 x 865), but it does not help. I know others have reported this issue, but have not seen any resolutions. Has there been any resolutions to this? I can do this with Notability but I'm not sure that's the solution Evernote or Penultimate wants.
  8. Hi All I have been a devoted Evernote user for years and use it as my online storage base. I am a coach and have lots of conversations where I take notes on paper with the client, including diagrams and other stuff done in the moment that can't be replicated by typing an email. Evernote worked as I used to take a photo of the document with a voice note and store it in Evernote under the client's folder. This was good for my personal use but my clients also want a copy so bought the ipad pro and synced up Penultimate to sync across. There have been some teething problems but overall it has worked well. Now I am driven mad by the following: At the end of each session, I have taken maybe a 4-6 page penultimate document that I wish to share with the client directly. ie send him/her a pdf with discussions and the actions straight to their email. This sounds basic but I cant do it. It sends a link to my Evernote folder (which I don't want to share). i have tried to download as a pdf but can't find it in iBooks or in the file search area. Surely I am not the only one with this issue. I really want to do this at the end of each session so I dont have to worry about going back to the office to do fiddly document downloads and sharing. I always forget anyway. My questions? 1) Can you send a pdf directly from penultimate. Sometimes I am online and don't want to go back to Evernote to send it. 2) Where does it store the pdf when I choose to save as pdf? Thanks G
  9. Hi, ‘I created my notes and notebooks in Penultimate...and then synched with Evernote. I’d like to keep my notes and notebooks in Penultimate can I get them out of Evernote and in imported back in Penultimate ? thx!
  10. How can I combine two existing notebooks into one notebook in Penultimate? I have combined these notebooks in Evernote but it doesn't carry over to the Penultimate ios app.
  11. MikeHeath

    Merge Penultimate Notebooks

    I want to merge whole notebooks and move pages from one notebook to another one. Can I do this in Penultimate?
  12. Rick-at-Fox

    Notebook doesn't open where I ended

    In Old Penultimate, a notebook would open on the last page I wrote on. New Penultimate doesn't. I sometimes have dozens of pages of notes and don't want to scroll through all the pages. Any solution? Am I missing a setting? I'm on the verge of switching apps, as much as I want Penultimate to work.
  13. Andy Snider

    Don't gray out custom papers!

    After spending substantial time creating a custom paper and trying to make the lines darker, I was told by EN tech support that custom papers are always grayed out. This is incredibly annoying, and there's no good reason for it. Maybe back in the day when you wanted to drive business to the paper store, but now there's just no excuse for this. I can't believe this is a difficult thing to fix. PLEASE let your users make custom papers that look as nice as your generic templates.
  14. a_mattison

    Handwriting for Windows

    Two years ago I began using One Note because Evernote doesn't support a handwriting app like Penultimate for Windows. I've grown tired of losing notes in One Note and want to go back to ever note. Is there any new handwriting support, or amps that integrate with Evernote similar to Penultimate?
  15. Hello, 3 questions: 1. I created my 9 notebooks in Penultimate and then they synced to Evernote ... and when I go to Evernote I see all of the notebooks with notes but I can’t update the notes ..... how do I update notes in Evernote??? 2. Although I can see all of the notebooks in Evernote I still only see some of the notebooks in Penultimate...why is that? 3. How can I assign noteS in Penultimate to notebooks in Evernote or Penultimate? thank you in advance !1
  16. Please support the Adonit Pixel! The Evernote compatibility would outweigh other shortcomings if only I could use this stylus!
  17. Gordonrobb

    Need to archive old notebooks.

    I use Penultimate for work everyday. I have Notebooks for each project or course I’m running, each with lots of notes. I don’t mind the old ones cluttering up muy Evernote, but I want to find a way to archive them from Penultimate. All they do is make it hard for me to find my current notbooks. I searched and found some discussion abou this, but from years ago. I can’t believe that there has been nothing done about this, so can someone point me in the direction of what to do about archiving/hiding old notebooks in Penultimate? Before, I go back to using my previous writing APP Thanks.
  18. I’ve experimented with Penultimate. Creating and deleting notebooks and adding more. I’m trying to recreate a notebook I deleted and I get the message “ notebook already exists” but it does not show up anywhere. Any ideas?
  19. No matter what I do, Evernote does not recognize handwriting for ocr. I tried penultimate, tried files from goodnote imported as image. This seems to work for everybody except for me. It’s not my handwriting - goodnote has no issues finding words in the text, the same note where Evernote returns No Matches. What is the secret?
  20. I use Penultimate on the iPad with the Apple Pencil. It syncs with the Evernote service and the iOS app just fine, but of course in the main Evernote app, the notes are read-only. That's OK, but why on earth can't that 'read only' message include a link using a standard URL scheme that takes me back to that particular note in Penultimate? "Click here to edit this note in Penultimate." Seems like only a few hours of coding to me, unless I'm missing something.
  21. Tbeyer

    Tasks Recognized

    Please can you make it so that when a hand written box (or symbol) is recognized as a "Todo" so that one can search for all todos. Or maybe a button that allows you to tag a location as a "Task". I love using the Apple Pencil to take notes, but hate that I need to then hunt for todos and even that I need to retype them into my todo program. Ideally I could make an Apple Reminder or Trello card from these items. In addition, some other programs allow for hand-writing to be auto converted into Typed text. Is this something Penultimate could do as well? Thank you! Troy
  22. A bug has been driving me close to mad over the last year (enough to finally file a bug report). I use Penultimate on a 12" iPad Pro and I'm mentioning this because I'm guessing its resolution has something to do with this. Let's say I'm on some page working normally. I then go to the home screen/switch to another app/whatever puts the app in the background. When I return I won't be on the same page anymore (often many pages off), and the location will be 'offset' to a place between pages even. I don't remember this happening from the very start, but with large notebooks (I'm on 50 pages with some) it happens every time.
  23. titanstrides

    ios Feature Requests

    just wanted to throw out a couple ideas... not sure if all are possible, but thought it might be useful to know what the users of Penultimate are wishing for. my two main requests deal with two totally different areas. 1. i find it annoying to have to go into the settings and switch off the Multitasking Gestures everytime i want to take some notes in Penultimate. not sure if apple allows/supports this kind of thing, but a button inside the app to temporarily turn this off would be nice. even better would be to disable the Multitasking Gestures alltogether when Penultimate is in use. 2. this one is more design-based, but i absolutely love the way 53 Paper handles notebook covers. i love that they offer different colors/designs as well as the ability to add your own image to the cover of a notebook. this not only lets you customize to your own style, but also makes it easier to identify specific notebooks when you have a lot of them.
  24. J Matthew Haws

    Narrow-er lined paper please!

    The line spacing on paper on (when using a 12“ iPad Pro), even for narrrow college ruled is way too large. There should be a narrower option that looks like actual college ruled paper. This makes Penultimate look less professional than other handwritten not apps out there.
  25. The most common action I have in Penultimate is moving up to select the 'Erase' button and then moving up again to re-select the 'Pencil' button. I do this over and over as I'm writing and then fixing little mistakes along the way. The Procreate app has a fabulous option where I don't need to keep switching between eraser and pencil. Instead, I can use my finger as the eraser. It would be great to have the option to use my finger for erasing and pencil for drawing. No switching necessary. Here's a write-up of the feature as it exists in Procreate: https://www.igeeksblog.com/how-to-use-your-finger-as-eraser-on-ipad/ Cheers.