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Found 776 results

  1. There were no updates of Penultimate for a year now although there are lots of open issues: Insufficient support for Apple Pencil: It is still possible to leave marks with the hands. The input should be Pencil only - like it is in GoodNotes - to avoid any unwanted marks. Leaving the app (to the homescreen, to another app) and going back will bring you always to another page of the current note. Very annoying! Lasso cut & paste leaves marks. But on the other hand the functionality of Penultimate is not integrated fully in Evernote. So is there any future for Penultimate? Will there be any further updates? With the new iPad Pros and iOS 11 Apple Pencil became essential for note taking. As a subscriber of Evernote Premium I would like to know what is the answer of Evernote to this development.
  2. Why need sign in Penultimate again? When Feedback sign in 3rd time? When post in Community from Penultimate sign in the 4th time? 2011 I asked you to fix. I can Work for you for free. Moved from Australia to Germany. Will Study in ETH Zürich.
  3. Hello I have just started using penultimate and I understand that only notebooks with penultimate notes will show up in penultimate. But here is the item that annoys me. I have created a penultimate notebook to start my handwritten notes before I file them in a notebook and tag them. Problem is once I move them and no penultimate notes exist in the notebook the notebook disappears from penultimate. Therefore I have to always have an empty penultimate note in this notebook for it to show. Why can't all notebooks show even if there are no penultimate notes within? Has anyone found a way around this? sorry for the long post and thanks for your help.
  4. I appear to be missing Business notebooks on Penultimate. If I create a new notebook and list it in Business Notebooks its created there in Evernote but not visible in Penultimate. Slightly related; i can't see how Penultimate Notebooks are flagged in Evernote. That is, how does evernote make a distinction between normal notebooks and ones that should appear in Penultimate?
  5. Every time I try to open my notebook the program closes . I reload it an it asks if I want to send a report for the issue
  6. ios

    In the new update of Penultimate, I cannot seem to find how to use my custom paper. Is there a way to do this? It also seems that you can no longer change the paper type of one of the pages. If you want a different paper type, you must change all pages in the document. Is this correct?
  7. Device: Apple iPad Pro 10.5" 512GB iOS version: 10.3.2 Penultimate: 64-bit Evernote Acct Type: Premium Problem When choosing a paper type from sections beneath Basic (such as Writing, Time & Tasks, Photo Pages, Games, Design Collection, Young Writers, and Music), the template is not showing. See the screenshots attached; the second screenshot exhibits the "Piano" paper type. Note: this is identical to to Brian A and mister tee's ignored post over 5 months ago. Possible cause: this iPad is the third I've owned since using Penultimate. When restoring Penultimate data from iCloud onto a new device, perhaps the data does not include "paper type" templates. Note: An obvious thing would be to completely delete the app and reload it. If someone can guarantee I will not lose all my existing notebooks within the Penultimate app, then I'm down. Otherwise it is not a solution.
  8. I just got a new 9.7" iPad Pro and i am a long time Evernote Premium user. I'm thinking about getting an Apple Pencil for note taking. Since Penultimate directly integrates with Evernote along with making handwritten notes searchable, i'm wondering if anyone here has any concerns. I've heard that Penultimate with the Apple Pencil has had some issues since IOS 10 was released and i notice it has not been updated since IOS 10 came out. I'd appreciate any feedback before shelling out for an Apple Pencil. Is there going to be an update to Penultimate which supports IOS 10? Is Penultimate still a viable app?
  9. Hi all, We released Penultimate 6.2.1 to the App Store earlier today. This version adds free Passcode Lock for all users. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. Cheers!
  10. wouldn't it be great to be able to copy/move complete notepages from one notebook to another? I sometimes end up taking a new note in the wrong book and then have to mark/copy/change book/create new page/paste to get the note to where i want it.
  11. Hi there Looking for help to automatically sync my penultimate notes into Evernote folder? is this possible? I can see the penultimate folder in Evernote but my penultimate notitieboeken are not syncing with the folder in Evernote?
  12. Sorry if this has been asked before. I've been searching the forum but can't find anything. I have two ipads. one is the huge 12.9" one and is the small one 9.7". On the huge one when I'm taking notes in landscape mode, i double click the note and it goes to full screen width. When I'm on the smaller ipad it doesn't. the width just stays at about 1/3 of the screen width. what am i doing wrong? this is about penultimate ios thanks
  13. Hi, wouldn't it be a good feature to be able to scan a paper note with the camera and add it as a editable note page in the penultimate note book? I know the possibility to add a photo but i dont find that good enough for my purposes.
  14. I have been using Evernote for a while and just started using Penultimate. I have had no problem seeing my Penultimate notes in Evernote, but my Evernote notes do not seem to sync to Penultimate. Is there a solution for this?
  15. Will Apple pencil work with penultimate
  16. I've been using Penultimate for a while and found it annoying that I had to go back out to the notebook level in order to get my Penultimate note to sync. Now it no longer does even that. The little green triangle just stays in the upper right corner of the note icon and the note does not update in Evernote. The green triangle used to go away after a minute and I'd see the updated note in Evernote. I can get it to sync manually by going out to the list of notebooks and clicking the gear icon ⚙. This brings out the basic settings where there is a sync icon ⟳ next to the last sync time. Clicking on this icon ⟳ forces it to sync. How can I get it to sync automatically again? I'm concerned that I'll forget to manually sync it and my notes won't be up to date. "Sync on WiFi only" is turned off. "Pause Syncing" is turned off.
  17. Can you please support the Adonit Pixel stylus
  18. I would love to see penultimate and a day planner merged together to give you an great business tool. Is there anything in the works?
  19. Hi, Re: Penultimate I would like to change the line width on the ruled paper template so I can write more on a page. There's a "kids" version that has a wider rule, but it would be nice to have a lined template choice that has a smaller rule (lines that are closer together). It would be great if Penultimate could create new templates with more lines on a page or, better yet, give a user the option to individually adjust line width on the fly or as an adjustment in settings. Anyone else want this? Found a workaround? Am I just being overly-particular? Thanks! ~Freddi
  20. Adding support for tagging within Penultimate as well as an option to auto tag Penultimate notes based on source notebook would improve their functionality within EN. In my workflow, I'm capturing notes in real time, most often noting a phone call. Being able to use tags from within Penultimate post fact of the conversation to properly categorize the note that was sticky even if the note was moved between EN notebooks would be welcome feature.
  21. I think Adonit Pixel support must be the first thing that you will implement in Penultimate. It was hard to believe, that my new pen didn't connect with the app!
  22. One of the big selling points of evernote and penultimate is the ability to make sketches on my iPad then share/access them via the web. However, there's a huge problem with this, the sketches from penultimate are so low quality and low resolution that they are almost useless. They look like a fax that has been xerox copied 10 times. I'm *sure* that compressed high resolution black and white images are very small. There really isn't any excuse for this, photos are high quality, why aren't sketches?
  23. I'm using penultimate on an ipad with the apple pencil. Every time i go to write something, if I pause even for a second the "Camera | Photos" popup comes up and blocks what I'm doing. How do I disable this feature? I don't need to add photos, I just want to be able to write and stop and think occasionally without that annoying thing popping up. And it isn't like it pops up for a second and then disappears. it stays forever, until you click elsewhere. Which means I loose my place and end up with random dots all over my page where I've clicked to try and get the popup to go away. Any helps is appreciated.
  24. Hi Evernote team; Just downloaded the PenUltimate app, and so far I love it. I'm using the Adonit stylus to write with on an ipad mini 2. Despite the hand settings, the app can't understand what is the stylus and what is my hand, and therefore I end up spending a lot of time fixing smudges left from the hand. (Possible solution is a guard - a user defined area where they would be able to place the hand and for it not to interact with the screen) I would also love it if I could just drag and drop basic shapes like squares and circles. I was hoping to make math notes with the app, and having the ability to draw graphs quick is key. Otherwise thanks for an amazing app. Thanks, Borya
  25. Several other note-taking apps have this, but essentially, when the Apple Pencil is connected it is the ONLY input device for drawing and writing. This enables easier scrolling with just one finger (since that finger doesn't write anymore) and also causes less accidental marks with the finger.