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Found 762 results

  1. I'm using penultimate on an ipad with the apple pencil. Every time i go to write something, if I pause even for a second the "Camera | Photos" popup comes up and blocks what I'm doing. How do I disable this feature? I don't need to add photos, I just want to be able to write and stop and think occasionally without that annoying thing popping up. And it isn't like it pops up for a second and then disappears. it stays forever, until you click elsewhere. Which means I loose my place and end up with random dots all over my page where I've clicked to try and get the popup to go away. Any helps is appreciated.
  2. Hi Evernote team; Just downloaded the PenUltimate app, and so far I love it. I'm using the Adonit stylus to write with on an ipad mini 2. Despite the hand settings, the app can't understand what is the stylus and what is my hand, and therefore I end up spending a lot of time fixing smudges left from the hand. (Possible solution is a guard - a user defined area where they would be able to place the hand and for it not to interact with the screen) I would also love it if I could just drag and drop basic shapes like squares and circles. I was hoping to make math notes with the app, and having the ability to draw graphs quick is key. Otherwise thanks for an amazing app. Thanks, Borya
  3. Several other note-taking apps have this, but essentially, when the Apple Pencil is connected it is the ONLY input device for drawing and writing. This enables easier scrolling with just one finger (since that finger doesn't write anymore) and also causes less accidental marks with the finger.
  4. Can you please support the Adonit Pixel stylus
  5. I have been using Evernote for a while and just started using Penultimate. I have had no problem seeing my Penultimate notes in Evernote, but my Evernote notes do not seem to sync to Penultimate. Is there a solution for this?
  6. Please kindly advise how to add chosen screen shot/ chosen area to exist article, (not create a new note) by web clipper. Thank you.
  7. I am new to Penultimate and noticed that a separate notebook is automatically made using Penultimate App instead of Evernote. Is it possible to use (merge) just one notebook (For this purpose - My Main Inbox) for all notes captured including those coursed through Penultimate?
  8. Are there any updates planned for Penultimate? It seems like Evernote may have abandoned efforts to improve or refine the app quite some time ago.
  9. Hi, Since 53 just released their SDK for their bluetooth stylus, Pencil, I was wondering if you were looking into incorporating it into Penultimate? It would be awesome. SDK Information Thanks, Lukas
  10. Apologies for the newbie question. I just recently got an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and am looking to integrate handwritten notes into my workflow. It seems that EN can do the Apple Pencil thing and capture notes just like Penultimate. I see that Penultimate offers fancy paper options but I am curious what other reasons there might be as to why I should use Penultimate over just writing in EN. Is there something big I am missing? The interface seems largely the same between the two apps. Thanks for the help.
  11. I would love it if Evernote had it's own calendar app, writeable for use with Penultimate, and useable with the other Evernote apps such as Scannable, too.
  12. Hey everyone! I'm trying to figure out how to use my evernote account and a jotscript pen to go paperless in my student workflow for a writing class. I've looked far and wide and still haven't found anybody doing (or at least written about) this option. Here is what I'd like to do: Option #1 Students send me an email to my evernote email. I then use a jotscript pen to edit their paper like I would if they gave me a written copy I send it back to their email for them to revise Option #2 - Do the same via a chat in evernote with students who have an evernote account. Anyone have any advice? Experience? My goal is to go as paperless as possible. I've tried this with my son and his evernote account but the workflow using penultimate was less than ideal. Thanks!
  13. I'm new to communicating online and a newbie overall - I do only basic things on the internet and iPad. My old Penultimate notes from the first generation iPad no longer show up in Penultimate-Evernote on my new iPadPro. They were there a few weeks ago when I sync'd old iPad Penultimate notes to the new iPadPro, but now they are gone. I don't see anywhere in Help how to now retrieve them. My Penultimate app says I have "0" zero notes and everytime I sign in (which I'm being forced to do in Evernote) it says "0" notes. What am I doing wrong. I've sync'd and downloaded several times without success. Thank you.
  14. Just like in evernote, it'd make it easier when we're writing stuff.
  15. How do I disable the snap to shape feature when using an apple pencil. It looks like the pen settings are hidden behind a "connect to pen" for the Jot Script Stylus. I can push the apple pen onto the + in the circle but it won't actually go past that point. I want to use penultimate but the snap to shape correcting all my writing is triggering me.
  16. I just got a new 9.7" iPad Pro and i am a long time Evernote Premium user. I'm thinking about getting an Apple Pencil for note taking. Since Penultimate directly integrates with Evernote along with making handwritten notes searchable, i'm wondering if anyone here has any concerns. I've heard that Penultimate with the Apple Pencil has had some issues since IOS 10 was released and i notice it has not been updated since IOS 10 came out. I'd appreciate any feedback before shelling out for an Apple Pencil. Is there going to be an update to Penultimate which supports IOS 10? Is Penultimate still a viable app?
  17. How can I combine two existing notebooks into one notebook in Penultimate? I have combined these notebooks in Evernote but it doesn't carry over to the Penultimate ios app.
  18. Hi all, We released Penultimate 6.2.1 to the App Store earlier today. This version adds free Passcode Lock for all users. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. Cheers!
  19. I recently got an iPad pro and Apple Pencil. I love that Penultimate already includes palm rejection and pressure sensitivity support for the Pencil. Here are two features that would make Penultimate my personal "killer app". 1) Templates designed for iPad Pro Take advantage of the increased size of the pro by adding a few bigger templates, starting with a ruled page with more narrow lines. 2) Erase with finger. Let me use my finger as an eraser without switching tools. This might be tricky to do and preserve palm rejection, but I believe it's possible. Thanks! I am a rabid Evernote fan, and a previous Jot Script user. Keep up the excellent work. You make my life better and my work more productive everyday. Sincerely, Jenny
  20. I am noticing a bug in the cut and paste tool. When I select and move writing, dots and lines are randomly left behind. I am running the latest version of Penultimate on an iPad Air 2. I have attached a screenshot to demonstrate what I am talking about. The spots you see there were left when I selected an area of writing and moved it.
  21. Hand writing is cool, but it not seems to be adjusted for Japanese or Chinese language. The width of each line of characteristic is not always same, that made me difficult to keep beautiful lines. In English or other alphabet language, it is no problem.
  22. ios

    In the new update of Penultimate, I cannot seem to find how to use my custom paper. Is there a way to do this? It also seems that you can no longer change the paper type of one of the pages. If you want a different paper type, you must change all pages in the document. Is this correct?
  23. I appreciate that there is a specific stylus designed to work hand in hand with Penultimate, but can any stylus be used, even though the full functionality of that stylus may not be utilised? I have just bought a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2 which is specifically to be used with the Adobe Sketch and Draw apps, but having just come across Penultimate I am hoping that I can use them together. It's the one thing that will encourage me to upgrade to a full Evernote account so I can sync between desktop, iPhone and iPad (the device I would use for note taking with the stylus, but not currently syncing since Evernote restricted the number of devices on the basic account). I see others have asked for specific support for the Wacom stylus in Evernote and I wonder what the status of that is?
  24. I'm having quite a lot of difficulty creating custom papers to the correct size. I have followed these instructions to a tee - creating things in adobe illustrator at the exact size noted however they always end up being too small leaving a weird background colour where things don't fit. I am creating them in Adobe Illustrator - and have exported as images at 72, 150 and 300 ppi and it doesn't seem to make a difference. I am trying to create a pagination template as I work as a designer creating publications and need a template to quickly note what content goes on what page. I am using an iPad Pro 9.7 inch with a retina display. Help? Who has had success creating custom papers?
  25. I want to merge whole notebooks and move pages from one notebook to another one. Can I do this in Penultimate?