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  1. I need to move a note from the wrong notebook, but apparently penultimate no longer has that ability. Instead I tried copying and pasting, and ended up having to do so 4 or 5 times to get all the information to show up (when you go to the margins, if you don't exactly center your paste point you lose data). Now I have extra copies of the page. I found some instructions on how to delete a page, but the instructions must be for an older version as what they tell me doesn't make sense. No matter what I do, it wants to delete all the pages. Not sure what I'm missing here. Is it no longer possible to delete a single page?
  2. When I try to create a custom paper from a form, the resulting image is significantly faded, to the point where you cannot read the fields. I've followed the instructions are set the image to the recommended pixel dimensions (715 x 865), but it does not help. I know others have reported this issue, but have not seen any resolutions. Has there been any resolutions to this? I can do this with Notability but I'm not sure that's the solution Evernote or Penultimate wants.
  3. I have been running Penultimate and syncing with Evernote very nicely. However, whenever I add a photo to a note in Penultimate, it only syncs the title of the note to Evernote and none of the content. If I remove the photo, then the note syncs fine. I have deleted the trash in Evernote, restarted both apps, restarted both the iPad and the MacBook, nothing seems to make any difference.
  4. Apple Pencil Not Working

    I am using Penultimate 6.2.3 on my iPad Pro 10.5. My Apple Pencil is charged and connected. The app was used with an Adonit Jot Script and it still shows in the settings. I can't get the pencil to work. I can use it to select, but it will not write. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I sure would appreciate it. Thanks
  5. I’ve experimented with Penultimate. Creating and deleting notebooks and adding more. I’m trying to recreate a notebook I deleted and I get the message “ notebook already exists” but it does not show up anywhere. Any ideas?
  6. One feature that Penultimate lacks, and I think is a pity as it's an excellent usability feature, is the ability to only draw with the Apple Pencil, but allow for single finger scrolling. At the moment you have two finger scrolling, but I find that I often end up with small artefacts during writing with false finger pickups (even the heel of my hand can cause issues). For this reason I actually use the Apple Notes application, and export those in to Evernote as images instead; it's a better experience there.
  7. Would it be possible to add Business Plan Canvas, Lean Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas as paper in the app? I have tried to add it as a custom by myself but it works really badly. I know that many entrepreneurs would appreciate having these inside the app.
  8. A bug has been driving me close to mad over the last year (enough to finally file a bug report). I use Penultimate on a 12" iPad Pro and I'm mentioning this because I'm guessing its resolution has something to do with this. Let's say I'm on some page working normally. I then go to the home screen/switch to another app/whatever puts the app in the background. When I return I won't be on the same page anymore (often many pages off), and the location will be 'offset' to a place between pages even. I don't remember this happening from the very start, but with large notebooks (I'm on 50 pages with some) it happens every time.
  9. Screenshot Logs Only the 1st line of templates in the new document dialogue display anything in the preview and when used. I tried submitting this as a bug but as I'm not a premium user I was directed to post here :3 iOS, iPad Air 2 Thanks in advance!
  10. Notebooks Vanish/Disappear

    I just started using Penultimate for Ipad. I quickly began to realize that after a very short period of time my notebooks would all vanish. I tried reinstalling and no luck. Any idea what is causing this?
  11. Don't gray out custom papers!

    After spending substantial time creating a custom paper and trying to make the lines darker, I was told by EN tech support that custom papers are always grayed out. This is incredibly annoying, and there's no good reason for it. Maybe back in the day when you wanted to drive business to the paper store, but now there's just no excuse for this. I can't believe this is a difficult thing to fix. PLEASE let your users make custom papers that look as nice as your generic templates.
  12. I’m doing more and more of my work in Penultimate, but in the last few days i’ve noticed that new Penultimate notes frequently refuse to open on my iPad Pro after their first sync and eventually time out. Is there a cause and/or cure? iOS 11, iPad Pro 9”
  13. Hello, I've spent the last two months with my new apple pencil, trying to love penultimate, but running into some major problems with my day-to-day workflow that are quite frustrating. All of these issues are likely due to various integration challenges which I cannot even begin to fathom, but here are my headaches, fix them how you will: 1. When a user creates a new note in evernote and selects 'draw' there should be an option to default into penultimate. Ideally, it would be the same penultimate experience running natively within the EN app. 2. When a user creates a new note in penultimate, they should have the ability to tag notes with autocomplete based on existing tags. 3. Notes created in penultimate should be editable within EN and vice versa. 4. Users should see all notebooks within penultimate and be able to create notes in them, regardless of if a penultimate note already exists within a notebook Maybe, one day, penultimate can be integrated right into the iOS EN application (instead of 'sketch'), which would solve pretty much all of the above problems. Thanks for considering, -Shawn
  14. I have been long user of this product, however its dated offers no benefit compared to other apps ; it has fallen so behind its almost useless. No annotation no advancements in Apple Pencil support, its just time EN cans this and works on bettering the Apple Pencil support in EN because its in DIRE need of a update. Continuous page writing , lined and ruled notebooks for writing and this maddening thing where your writing Ts or anything straight and it automatically creates a straight line. Evernote listen to your users its time to FIX ENs Apple Pencil support, as of right now your better off using Notability.
  15. Narrow-er lined paper please!

    The line spacing on paper on (when using a 12“ iPad Pro), even for narrrow college ruled is way too large. There should be a narrower option that looks like actual college ruled paper. This makes Penultimate look less professional than other handwritten not apps out there.
  16. Rollerball pen style

    Hi there, Since getting an Apple Pencil I’ve now switched over to Penultimate from GoodNotes as I love it’s integration with Evernote. My handwriting isn’t terribly neat but I’m finding that the default pen style in Penultimate just makes my handwriting look terrible. The pen style seems to behave like a felt tip pen. Is it possible to add a rollerball style pen or have a setting where you can choose between felt tip and rollerball?
  17. Offset handwriting

    Since I upgraded to iOS 11, I have an intermittent problem with my handwriting being offset about an inch. This happens when I use a regular stylus Or an Apple Pencil. In order to resolve this I need to restart Penultimate and it will correct itself.This is happening continuously. Any ideas?
  18. Move Tool In Penultimate is Buggy

    When using the "Knife" tool in Penultimate it doesn't move everything that's selected. It leaves behind little bits and pieces of what you've moved. So now there are little white spots in what was moved and little dots where it was moved from making the display unreadable. Basically the move feature is unusable because it makes such a mess. Could you please fix this? iPad Pro most recent iOS and Penultimate.
  19. iOS 11 multitasking writing position off

    When I multitask and try to write using either my finger or Apple Pencil, the writing appears about 2 inches to the left of where I’m actually trying to write. When not multitasking everything is working fine. i appear to have the most up to date version of penultimate as well. Using the zoom option everything is fine though. anyone else having this issue?
  20. I happen that I need to go refresh it manually to much, how do I do it so I don't have to do that manually as much? Just automatically upload/sync
  21. It would be useful to have the date and time shown at the top of the Penultimate page. When taking notes on projects its easier to see the date on the iPad Pro posted at the top of the page. I don't wear a watch, I use the time on iPad Pro.
  22. New "ink" colors

    Can we get new colors for writing in Penultimate? I use it for all of my class notes and I often need multiple colors for diagrams and sketches (or emphasis!). Since a lot of the colors are dark enough to be indistinguishable, can we get a few more lighter colors added?
  23. I am not sure if anyone else is having this issue so here goes. When I am writing on my iPad Pro, using Penultimate I have noticed that when I use the Narrow Rule + Margin if I am writing vertically and the iPad shifts horizontally, when it move it back to vertical, I lose the margin on the left hand side. I also am unable to write or erase. I have to get out of my notebook and open it back up for me to write vertically again. This seem to have started when Penultimate was updated. I have never had this issue before. Anyone else notice this, please help! Thanks!!
  24. Apple Pencil Positioning bug

    Today I created a new note on my iPad 9.7, wrote a few pages, tabbed to another app, returned to the note. Now when I try to write in the note in Portait mode, the writing appears an inch to the left of my pencil tip. If I turn the iPad landscape, the positioning is fine, but turn it portrait again, and the bug continues. Anyone else seeing this? I’m running the latest versions of iOS and penultimate.
  25. Recently, when I have a Penultimate note opened for writing, if the screen goes to sleep, or I switch to another window and return to Penultimate, the window is zoomed in, and the stylus is no longer aligned (e.g., writing on the left side of the screen results in text being written out of the user's view, to the left of the visible window. This can be corrected by backing out to the list of notes and reopening the note, but I'd rather not have to do this on a regular basis, as this previously was not an issue. Still on iOS 10.3.3. Tried reinstalling, without success. Has anyone else encountered this? Any potential solutions I am missing?