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Found 13 results

  1. Previously when looking at pdfs within Evernote I could hover over a bar with three horizontal lines and drag and drop the pdf to other Windows locations. Now when I open pdfs up it opens up within Adobe and I have lost this function. Have I done something wrong. The only way to do this now is to save the file and then move it using windows explorer.
  2. Running Mac OS 10.12.6 (Sierra) with Evernote version 6.14 Beta 2. I have several PDFs in my notes. Up until my most recent update to the app, I was able to click on a PDF (by hovering the mouse, I see a magnifying glass w/ plus sign) and enlarge it. It would open in a separate pane and I could enlarge it back to its original dimension. Suddenly those PDFs won't open/enlarge. I still see the magnifying glass, but clicking does nothing. I've quit & relaunched the app... same difference. ??? Barbara
  3. Hi all, like many users, I have been a bit disappointed with Evernote Version 6 for Mac. My primary concern is regarding the behavior of PDF clippings pasted into notes. 1) When I copy selections of PDFs and paste them into my notes, they now appear with a large "PDF attachment" heading. In Version 5, they appeared without any border/headings. 2) Also, with the newest update to version 6, I find that I am no longer able to resize these attachments. Previously, I was able to resize them using the annotate feature. Now, that option is gone. The best that i can do is right click and switch between "automatically resize", "zoom in", "zoom out", and "actual size". Does anyone know of a way to remove the attachment heading and/or resize these attachments? It may seem nitpicky, but the context of these problems is that I'm a student. Professors send out their lecture slides in PDF format, and I make study guides for myself with LOTS of copying/pasting of selections (eg diagrams or pictures) from these PDFs into Evernote. The ability to resize these and have them appear sleek and distraction-free is pretty important to me, so I'm really hoping that there's a workaround! Evernote is marketed as being very aesthetically pleasing and versatile, so I'm a little bit puzzled as to why this version is visually and functionally clunkier. Thanks!
  4. I'm a big, big fan of Evernote, and as a student I recommend it highly to my colleagues and professors. However, the one thing that I never have a good answer for is: "What about highlighting papers on my iPad?" When they ask this, they are referring to Preview/Adobe Reader/GoodReader/Readdle-style highlighting, wherein you're dealing with an OCRed document and highlighting actual text, as opposed to drawing a translucent line on top of document text. This, as far as I know, is impossible in Evernote - please correct me if I'm wrong. Dropbox allows this sort of highlighting from third parties in two ways: 1. Their API lets people download and upload files 2. I can use the official Dropbox app to open a PDF in one of the aforementioned apps, and when I open it back into Dropbox it asks if I want to replace the existing file. It seems that #1 is not possible with Evernote's current API (PDFPen kind of does it, but very poorly), and I suspect this isn't a priority for Evernote seeing as it how it isn't an actual file manager. But why not #2? Is there a reason I can't use "Open in..." to do a roundtrip of a PDF embedded in a note so that I can highlight in a third party app and replace the original file in the note? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, particularly if there's currently a way to do this on iOS that I'm not aware of. Teddy
  5. Hello all, I am trying to do a NAS / Evernote cleanup. I was curious on everyone else's setup. When it comes to bills, statements, documents, (99% in PDF) Do you store them strictly in Evernote? My current setup is they are stored in Evernote, and then another copy is stored in a file-system on my NAS. Considering deleting the copy on my NAS to be more efficient. But I wanted to hear from the pros/experts what you do, and the length of time using your system Thank you!
  6. wcruzes@yahoo.com

    Scanned PDFs

    I scanned a lot of documents into Evernote..(NOT ALL IN THE THE RIGHT LAYOUT) Now i have a lot of one sided reciepts,upside down doc's business crds upside down, all in all the imaging is perfect.. but i need to edit these files so there in order and right side up.. delete backside of business card ..re-order front and back in general do a lot of editing in my acrobat pro and put back into EVERNOTE... BUT HOW!!!...
  7. Hello! I have multiple ebooks that I put on evernote. Without having to go elsewhere, it there a way I can split the ebook into two so that I can put them on a note? I know that the limit is 200mb per note and it kind of sucks because I have to use an online software to split it up.
  8. Why can't I read my professional organization's magazine as it was loaded into Evernote using Kindle Fire 7 5th Generation? I have downloaded a professional organization's magazine to my desktop Evernote program. When it opens in Evernote, it looks like the magazine, I can turn the pages, etc. and it can be read with no problem. When I open Evernote on my Kindle Fire 7 5th generation, the newsletter/magazine does not look like what I see in the desktop version. Instead there is a box with the name: APGQSep2015Online...Attachment. I tap on the box and I get the message "Permission denied Kindle Reader was not able to open this document." I have actually added the magazine to the Kindle reader as a pdf document and I can open it and read it just fine that way. Any idea why I can't read the professional magazine on the Kindle? Is it Evernote? the Kindle? the subscription magazine? Thanks
  9. I am a university student and I've tried several different apps for my lecture notes and course materials, as well as personal organisation and journalling. I've kept coming back to Evernote, because it's by far the best all-rounder, but compared to some other apps, the ability to handwrite on PDFs using the iPad is really poor. The drawing tool seems to overcorrect handwriting, has no palm recognition, doesn't have a proper eraser, and seems to be designed more for drawing simple shapes. The text tool is okay, but the "shadowed" effect on the font is hideous. I'm keeping my premium account for now, but I'd really appreciate being able to handwrite on PDFs more easily on my iPad. Anyone else?
  10. garysmith626

    ios Lost pdf on the ipad

    On my ipad some of my older pdf docs will not appear. The title of the Note appears and the tap to open icon flashes quickly and disappears. The pdf is there on the web, on my iphone but for some reason its not working on the ipad2. I'm running the latest update on the ipad2 OS 7.0.6
  11. I recently downloaded EN for the purposes of organizing a large academic research project and am evaluating whether to adopt it as my main strategy for organizing source materials. Question: I have some lengthy pdf files. I plan to annotate these (specifically, by tagging with keywords and/or making comments in the margins), but need my annotations to be searchable. Can I do this? Would this be done through Skitch? Again, it's not enough to tag the pdf as a whole; I need to be able to search annotations sprinkled throughout the pdf. Finally, not sure if this is relevant: I'm not currently a Premium member but am definitely willing to become one if I go with EN. I imagine this is a very basic question, but I can't seem to find an answer! Thank you.
  12. I was wondering if there are any products or solutions (Evernote only, a mix of Evernote and something else...or I guess a non-Evernote product would work too!) for annotating and having a text based list of your annotations. To be clear. I want to: 1) Write on pdfs, or pictures, or whatever and be able to see a list of what I have written in a high-light/copy/paste-able format. Some e-Readers offer this. 2) Be able to highlight passages and again have a list of what I have highlighted in a format I can copy & paste the actual text words (that is, not just an image of the highlighted text). I'm a Windows user so I don't have the new pdf thing with my Skitch but even so, when I viewed the videos, it looks to me like the summary page that is added contains images of the annotations, not the actual text in a highlight-able format. Could someone please confirm this for me? Are there any solutions?
  13. Hi there, I'm wondering how to print a pdf attachment from an evernote note? I have attached a several page pdf to a note but when I go to print, the preview says it's one page and there are only a couple lines on it, not my document. I've installed the latest version from the Evernote website but still get the same issue. Do I have to open the pdf in Acrobat first, then print? I can do that but it seems like a longer process and I have to change the icon inside the note to view as attachment first, then open it in acrobat, then print. Is there a faster way? I'm not very pleased with this new version of evernote. Just had to get that dig in. I was so happy with the previous version; it was a lot more user friendly. Sincerely, Annette