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Found 419 results

  1. PDF import doubled

    Since one of the last updates I get every imported pdf-file twice. One of those just states some useless information. I have to delete it every time. It does not matter if this import comes from my Mac or from my smartphone. Any idea? Thanks
  2. With everything Evernote can already do -- I think it would be AWESOME! if we could Export Notes and Notebooks into PDF's. Searchable PDF's would be an added benefit. Already tried searching the forums for this topic and had 0 results. Rank this up if you like the idea.
  3. So I selected Adobe Reader as my default pdf viewer, but I would now like to change to another app. Any insight is appreciated. Also, after a default has been chosen (for any purpose) is it not possible to open with another app as desired? Thank you!
  4. I find myself searching through PDF files fairly often, and it's a bit cumbersome. As an example: I have 50 PDFs of 75 pages each. I want to find Jane Doe's address. Jane is mentioned in all 50 of my PDFs, but I'm not sure what her address is, or which PDF it may be in. My process winds up being a a main search which gives me a list of 50 notes, at which point I have two options: - Flip through all 75 pages of the PDF looking for Jane's highlighted name and see if the address is anywhere there. - Open each note individually and repeat the search for her name using the find feature, which at least lets me skip from instance to instance. Neither option is ideal, and having a snippet view of what's on the PDF page around my search results seems like a reasonable solution. Similar to how there's a preview at the start of a PDF file if you do any markups to it, but for search results, perhaps? Hoping I made that understandable. Thanks!
  5. PDF Export

    What is really missing from the export options is PDF.
  6. Download all PDFs from Evernote

    Greetings fellow Evernote users. I am trying to find a way to download the PDFs I have saved in Evernote to my computer. I have so many notebooks that they are not all syncing and I want to have access to them so I want to download them to my Computer then upload them to my could drive. Any ideas or suggestions instead of going through each notebook individually? Thank you in advance.
  7. I can have pdf show inline or, as an unopened attachment in a note. I can open the note in a separate window and try to read the pdf inline without opening a new program to read it. The problem rises that while the text is the correct size in the new window of the note, the pdf is shown very large inline this means I can see only a third, or half of the pdf in full screen mode in the new window of the note. So, I cannot comfortably read it. Is there a way to resize the pdf while it is shown inline? If there is no such feature now can I expect a feature to be added for this? Plus, I think it would be easier if we could annotate the pdf while it is shown inline without having to open a new window for annotation every time.
  8. Hi All, Just seen the way Annotate PDF puts Cover Page showing what annotations made. Is this really a benefit to the End User? It seems to me I am just usually eager to get to the information. Cheers, Pablo.
  9. I would like to have a "fullpage" view of PDFs in Evernote for Windows. Currently the PDFs are always scaled to full width (see the upper view in the attached image). Therefore i always have to scroll down to read/see the whole page of a PDF. I would like to have the option to see the whole page of a PDF at once (see the lower view in the attached image).
  10. I am using the Evernote app on my iPhone to save documents into my Evernote notebook. When I photograph two or more pages for one note, the app creates a note which is one image of the several pages. Is there a way to make the note I create have breaks between the pages, so that when I print a note, it is not seen as one loooooong page? (I want to avoid making a separate note for each page.)
  11. Hello, I am starting to work on my paperless system with Evernote premium. It has been going well except one problem. A PDF file can be opened successfully with Evernote on my PC, but when I try to open the same file on my Android phone or my iPad, it can't be opened, mentioning "file is not a valid PDF". This problem only happens to one particular PDF file out of the manys in my database so far. I wonder if anyone encountered such a problem before? What caused this and how it can be avoided? What I am worrying now is the other PDF files in my database... and also the reliability of using Evernote to store my database containing many PDFs
  12. As a student I have tons of powerpoint presentations as PDF files. In such a PDF file there is often some really important pages with charts or tables or something. Now it would be great if one could create a new image note from one pdf page so that one doesn't have to search for this page every time. The images could also just be placed inside the same note, which also has the pdf attachment. Manually doing this is just too time consuming.
  13. I have a lot of pdf files with annotations from other pdf software, mainly adobe reader. While searching for text inside pdf files works great, searching for annotations doesn't work.
  14. Hello. There is a bug during import of OneNote notebooks featuring notes with PDF attachments. The screenshots here tell the story. In OneNote when you insert a PDF it includes not just the PDF file itself (which can be re-extracted) but also an inline rendered version. This is an incredibly useful way to organize PDFs, since you get the best of both worlds. You can see a preview inline, and know that if you ever need to get the original PDF back out again in the future it's right there. I'm hedging my bets on OneNote by making sure I can get back to Evernote some day if I ever need or want to, and today Evernote will not retain the embedded PDF. It only retains the inline rendered version. Without Evernote's ability to keep the original .PDF available converting back will be painful or impossible. I have hundreds and hundreds of PDFs embedded this way so manually extracting them before converting back to Evernote is not viable. Please find a way to preserve PDF files during OneNote import. This issue has also been discussed on this forum thread. Everynote Skipping Some of the Attachment in Onenote During Import
  15. Using an iPad 3, how can I open a pdf sent as an email attachment in penultimate to annotate. I can get it to Evernote but not penultimate.
  16. Searched, found no answers. Thanks in advance for your kind replies. I want pdf files to open in PDF Expert, not Preview. My Macbook Pro laptop is set to use PDF Expert as the default pdf viewer, and pdf files opened from the finder open in PDF Expert. When I open a pdf file from within Evernote it opens in Preview. ? Any help is appreciated!
  17. Hey all, I have numerous PDF's scanned into Evernote, that aren't indexed. Some have been in EN for a month (I am a premium member). I have tried logging out of the windows client and logging back in, I also deleted and redownloaded the database file. So far no luck. I have seen other similar issues on the forum, but can't really tell if they have been resolved. This is a pretty important issue, because I can't edit the pdfs in skitch as I should. Any help would be appreciated Also, yes I have chatted with support and started a ticket last week. No answers yet. Thanks SB
  18. Handwrite on .pdf

    I have a .pdf and I would like to handwrite notes on the .pdf. Is that possible? How? Thank you!
  19. Exporting EN Notes

    How do you export EN Notes to Google Drive as a Google Doc, or PDF File? and/or save EN Notes on Desktop as PDF File?
  20. So after having heard about it several times but never finding time to delve further into it, I finally signed up for FileThis ( and connected several of my accounts to be automatically imported to Evernote. I was blown away by how straightforward the process was. It brought in the backlog of statements from my banks, credit cards, utilities, health insurance, and even orders, and will continue to do so automatically moving forward (by default, in the free tier, once per week.) The one major issue I had was that the creation/modified dates of the notes that were created were the date/time of the import into Evernote, not the dates of the statements themselves. The problem was exacerbated by the fact that many of the statements did not seem to be imported in chronological order (so, for instance, a statement from Dec 2012 appeared near the top of the list, while Mar 2014 was rather toward the bottom) and it seemed to be rather random. Not a huge deal for Premium subscribers, since they're searchable, but an annoyance nonetheless. After noticing that all of the PDF attachments were similarly formatted in their filenames, all including a YYYY-MM-DD format date, I wrote an AppleScript that went through and updated all of the create/modified dates of the FileThis-created notes to mirror the dates in the filenames. In order to make it flexible, I did use regular expressions, so you may need to download and install the Satimage osax extension ( in order to enable this capability. After that it's really quite straightforward. Including code here, since attaching AppleScript files is disallowed: tell application "Evernote" set statements to find notes ("tag:FileThis") repeat with statement in statements set att to attachment 1 of statement set fname to filename of att set datestring to find text "[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2}" in fname with regexp and string result set yyyy to text 1 thru 4 of datestring set mm to text 6 thru 7 of datestring set dd to text 9 thru 10 of datestring set new_date to my date (mm & "/" & dd & "/" & yyyy & " 12:00:00 AM" as string) set creation date of statement to new_date set modification date of statement to new_date end repeatend tellSave into a file (e.g., EN-filethis-fixdate.applescript) and then it can be run from the terminal like so: osascript EN-filethis-fixdate.applescriptThis will update the information directly in your local application, which will then be synced to the cloud and across all of your devices. And your list ordering will be sane again, and your OCD can rest.
  21. I would like to be able to annotate/markup a pdf (or pic, too) in a note AND edit the note simultaneously. Example: I'm annotating pdf in the Evernote pdf tool, yet when I click back on the note to type something there *while* editing the pdf I lose the pdf being open, so I have to reopen, find my place, continue reading/annotating. Currently, the 2 workarounds I've found, which are quite time consuming: A. New Pdf (1) open PDF on computer, (2) edit with computers PDF editor, (3) save markups/highlights/notes/etc as a new PDF on desktop, (4) add edited PDF to note, (5) delete original PDF from note, (6) delete PDF from desktop... phew! B. useWord MS (1) open PDF in Evernote editor, (2) open a blank word doc, (3) edit PDF in Evernote, take notes on word doc, (4) save PDF changes, (5) cut & past word doc text to note, (6) spend next 30min reformatting all outlines and bullets that "blow up" cutting & pasting from MSWord into Evernote... phew!! Please add this feature? 8-) Love Evernote-- love the team behind it. Thanks for all your hard work! What you do is helping me better organize and complete my PhD research... thank you!!!
  22. Using the Android version of Evernote, I can't click and open attached PDFs. The PDF shows as an attachment in the note, but does not interact to clicks with the mouse or touches with the touch screen. This is on a Samsung Chromebook Pro I know I can use the Web version, but I really don't want to because I would like offline support and really need ink annotation of PDFs, which isn't well supported in the Web version.
  23. Hi Evernote developer, Just wanted to feedback that it would be good to include the function of adding hyperlinks in PDF file. For example, while I am annotating the PDF file, I could add the stamp, and then I could add a hyperlink directly on this stamp so as to, say, open a website or an internal evernote note. Similarly, this hyperlink function could also be added to highlighted sentence, text or shapes, where needed. Hope to see function coming out soon. Best regards, TY
  24. Please include notes that comprise only a single PDF in the "related notes" scan. As an academic, I would like my library to be thematically interconnected, but when I drop a PDF into Evernote, it's ignored by the "related notes" feature. I appreciate that there may be an overhead involved in scanning a big PDF, but hopefully this would be a once-only cost. Devonthink provides this sort of functionality, and it would be great to see Evernote do the same.
  25. Dear community, I was wondering if it is possible to search only the text of the first page of a PDF file that is attached to a note. The reason for this is that many of my acadamic papers involve large amounts of words. If I do a search on a topic, for example "author name of a paper" and "2002" I get unlimited results as almost every paper in my acadamic field refers to each other. Most acadamic papers have the most important stuff on the first page (authors, title, abstract, journal, year of publication etcetera). Any tips on this? I tried searching the forum but could not find a similar topic. Kind regards, Joris Theunissen