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Found 19 results

  1. Is it possible to sketch in the Evernote PC app?
  2. Hello. I updated my Evernote app on Windows10, version (306387) Public. And there is a specific behavior in this version. If I open some note, set cursor at the end, press Enter to go to new line or just set cursor on empty line, then copy some text or URL from web page, return to note and press Ctrl+V...text is not inserted. Even if I return to note and set cursor on that position again it is not inserted. So I have click twise and insert text or type text. Before updating I could set cursor in any position in note, switch to other app and return, and cursor would be there- I just
  3. I have no idea what happened to my dream book while I found the unlocked phone in my pocket. My text of ~12,000 symbols accumulated over 2 years was singled out, replaced by a stuck symbol, underlined, highlighted with a marker and crossed out. I upgraded to the premium version and got into the web version of the new clean account without my notes. It was some kind of mistake, because I logged into an existing account, I canceled the subscription, so that money was not written off from the wrong account and re-entered into the system. My notes have appeared, and the subscription has ceased to
  4. 저는 윈도우 PC사용자입니다. 그런데 작년부터 첨부파일 중 PPT 또는 Word 등을 작업하고 저장하면 자연스럽게 첨부파일이 사라지는 현상이 발생을 합니다. 꽤 자주 그렇습니다. 대체 왜 계속해서 이런 일이 발생하는 것일까요? 2~3일에 한번씩 최적화, 업데이트 계속 시켜주고 있습니다.
  5. I'd like a UI element to Clear All Search criteria. On a Windows PC, I have a "click to clear search" that removes search words, but leaves the tags. This then requires that each tag's 'x' be clicked to remove it, also. I think 'clear search' used to clear everything, but not sure. It used to be considered good UI design to provide menu options for UI buttons - this allows people who are good typists [not me] to run the app w/o reaching for the mouse. The 'clear search' only exists as a clickable UI element.
  6. Hello! A weird error i can't find solution to. I can open my notebooks, I can see the list of notes and short text description + images, but i can't edit and see full view. (see screenshots) Also - when creating new note, i can't edit that too. My monthly upload limits are not exceeded as well as number of notes. What could be the problem?
  7. I am a recent evernote beginner due to my part time job as a personal assistant. My boss has been sharing notebooks with me which up until this point has been very easy and accessible. In our most recent share exchange he shared a notebook with an microsoft excel attachment. He has a macbook and I have a dell pc. I am easily able to access the note and open the excel attachment. Upon opening, I open and after disabling the feature that says enable editing I am able to freely edit within the document. He says that his old assistant (another mac user) was able to edit click save and those c
  8. I had evernote on my phone under googlemail before it became gmail. I then wanted to put on my Windows pc. Downloaded onto windows and ZERO notes or notebooks (used my gmail account which automatically should have synced to googlemail one that created the account). Looked at my phone and they're there. Deleted app of phone and pc again and reinstalled and re-logged in, now both have ZERO notes and still sync yet it's empty. This happened last night and the CHAT for some reason is still unavailable. I'm on a basic account but have probably 75-100 notes in there over the last 4 years or so.
  9. エバノートの最近の記録の一部、ショートカットがPC上で全てなくなってしまっています。 (macOS Sierra version 10.12.6) iphone上では最近のノートも残っております。 (iOS 10.3.3) どのようにして戻せばいいでしょうか?
  10. How do I find out the file size of the Evernote PC app (from the windows app store; if that makes a difference)
  11. Hey guys ! So, I wanted to know : how can I make most efficient use of my 60 mb upload limit when using web and pc client ? Is there any point in using web client if I have the pc one ? What sync settings would be the most optimal to reduce my upload limit ? Maybe some general tips on how to avoid exceeding upload limit ?
  12. DanielStroupArt

    Chrome BUG

    1) When using webclipper in Chrome to capture a screenshot on Twitter or Instagram, after I take the screenshot the page is either refreshed or I'm taken to the top of the page. As a result, If I've scrolled down 2-3 days, I'm then transported back to the beginning. This is a problem when scrolling through thousands of images. The page should remain exactly where I took the screenshot. 2) The other issue is, why doesn't webclipper remember my last action? In other words I have to manually select which notebook it goes in every single time. If I'm clipping art to the notebook "art", the de
  13. Can someone please help. Where can I find simple step by step instructions? I have scans i took on my ipad but how do I see them on my PC? I have synced my ipad & PC but what I see on my ipad I cant see on my PC. There are no instructions on anything anywhere. Do I really have to pay for a subscription in order to get some support?
  14. It seems like a glaring missing component of any writing software or app. Penultimate really needs to have the capability of organizing documents into both notebooks and notebooks into folders. Evernote has this capability. Why not Penultimate?
  15. Hi, i recently downloaded Evernote for windows pc, and when i have a problem logging in with google, i click on existing user and then "Log in with google" I insert my google mail and password click ok and then it asks me to confirm my identity, so I try to verify with my google account, and on my smartphone arrives the notification, so i give the permission to access and then on pc nothing happens... do someone knows something about that issue?
  16. Hello. I was just wondering if anyone else has had issues with the syncing between their multiple devices? I have EN Premium on my iPhone, MacBook Pro, and my Windows computer at work running Windows 10. I do a lot of jumping around between my devices throughout the day, and I have noticed that it takes a very long time for Evernote to sync all of my recent changes across my different devices. Example: I upload a PDF to my MacBook, add it to a notebook in EN, switch over to my Windows EN, refresh, sync, sync again, wait 10 minutes, sync again, restart EN, sync again, and the PDF that I uploade
  17. The default color for internal links is Evernote green. I find the readability difficult so I end up bolding the link. That's only a partial solution. Is there any way to change the link color so that it is automatically configured the way I want? I appreciate the consistency of blue for external and green for internal, but I don't need consistency with others. I need my preferences. If this isn't supported, does anyone have a workaround?
  18. Its very weird that i cannot use backspace to delete my word after typing. Enter key doesnt work as well. This problem exist in all platform of evernote. This bug is really unbearable and i am considering moving my note and start using onenote instead of considering to promote to premium user soon!!
  19. Hi, Is using Microsoft App the only way for me to update Evernote on my PC? When I update other third parties' software, they have their own Apps, not Microsoft's. Thanks.
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