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Found 18 results

  1. Hi All, We often see posts and inquiries from users encountering issues with billing/payment, subscription, student discounts, or referral points Issues. In order to receive assistance with these types of issues you must open a support ticket as we cannot assist you with payment, billing, or subscription issues here in the discussion forums. The reasons for this are to avoid the dissemination of user’s private billing information within the forums, and because making changes to a user’s billing/subscription requires access to administrative tools that are only available to our commerce support team. To open a support ticket, go here. (You may be prompted to login to your Evernote Account) From the What can we help you with? dropdown menu, select the Billing and Payments category. From there, select the categories that most closely matches the type of billing/subscription issue you’re encountering. Once you have selected the topic, you should see the option to submit a support ticket at the bottom of the page. The button looks like this: Once you have submitted the ticket, one of our support agents will reach out to you to further assist you with the issue you’re encountering. We appreciate your consideration, and thank you for using Evernote!
  2. I want to turn of auto-renewal payment but I don't want to lose the time I have paid for. This is not very good for the customer. Evernote has made it very difficult for customers to do this simple step without feeling like they lose their account.
  3. I've upgraded to evernote plus. My current (monthly) cycle is 11 May to 11 June 2018. I want to stop Evernote from billing me next month onwards (the next cycle starting 11 June), if I select to downgrade to 'basic' right now (11 May) will I keep my subscription til 11 June? I just don't want to be charged a second time, and I want to keep this month's subscription that I have already paid for.
  4. Shane D.

    Billing and Payment

    Hi there, We have closed the 'Billing and Payment’ Thread. The reason for this is to streamline billing and payment requests sent to our billing team, and to avoid the possibility of posting user's sensitive billing/payment information openly on the forums. If you have a question or issue pertaining to Billing and Payment, please open a support ticket.
  5. AudreyZ

    Phone Contact

    I have submitted two inquiries regarding a refund request since I have not used evernote for 2+ years, and was unaware that I was being charged. I have no way of getting in touch with evernote help center by phone and am extremely frustrated! There should be a phone number contact specifically for financial inquiries. I have cancelled my subscription but still have not received a refund! Is anyone else dealing with this issue? How did you resolve it?? Thank you! Frustrated customer
  6. I have a request for a new payment subscription model. I am almost satisfied with the basic subscription model, that is for free, but would like to add some single features that are available in plus or premium. It is though not important enough, that I would buy the premium or plus subscription. My idea is to add a new payment model, that is feature based. Every user has the basic model with its features for free and is able to unlock single specific features for a small amount of money per month that he wants to use. For example, I would be able to use the basic model and add the email-feature for maybe 0,25€ per month. Also I would be able to buy 50 extra-MB of upload allowance because the 60 MB standard amount is just not enough for me, but 1 GB is way more than I need. For that I'd pay another 0,25€ per month. And now I would like to remove the ads in my evernote client for which I'd add another 0,25€ per month to my bill. Also I would like to annotate PDFs for another 0,25€ per month. This way, the users can pay for those features they want and do not need to pay for such, that they don't use. You could even add the possibility to add devices for maybe 0,10€ per month. Of course this makes the payment model more complicated, but I think its not too hard to implement it into the existing structure. You could keep the current three subscription models and make it possible for users to add single features to the model they use anyways. If this would be possible, I would at least pay a small amount to evernote per month for those features I want. Otherwise I will simply renounce those features. Regards, mrbenjoi
  7. Hi, I recently renewed my premium prescription through iTunes but it is not working. I see that the $44.99 transaction has gone through on my bank statement but I am not able to use any of the premium features. Please help me out. Thanks
  8. 若您想要選擇信用卡以外的支付方式,來購買行動裝置上的軟體,像是訂閱 Evernote 專業版,可以透過電信業者的「行動電話帳單代付」達成。目前在台灣有以下的業者提供這樣的服務: Android 遠傳電信 Far EasTone Telecom 台灣大哥大 Taiwan Mobile Telecom 亞太電信 Asia Pacific Telecom 台灣之星 T Star 中華電信 Chunghwa Telecom iOS 遠傳電信 Far EasTone Telecom 使用方式說明 Android 使用者:新增付費方式 > 直接併入電信費帳單 iOS 使用者:遠傳電信說明網頁
  9. Hello Evernote Community! I am about to leave for a trip that will take around 10 years, maybe a little more. I will be completely away from both civilization, and an internet connection. I very much want to have an easy way to collect my research, thoughts, writings, and everyday notes in one place during my trip. I have seen colleague's using Evernote, and entered information into their Evernote notebooks for them during experiments and meetings, and I very much enjoyed the UI and the different features. Here now we get to my problem: Since I will be away from civilization, and the internet, for 10 years, I am unsure how to go about using Evernote. I have noticed some limitations, when already attempting to utilize the Evernote software while offline. First, I could not find a way to get it to work while offline and with no way to verify my online account. This is going to be a problem. Since I had no account configuration file yet, and had no internet access, I could not use the software. This is a problem, because during my 10 years away from civilization and the internet, I will almost guaranteed have to re-install windows at least a dozen times, and if I end up losing the configuration files with my account information, I need to be sure that I can still use the software after a fresh install (from USB drive). Next, I can only find a way to pay for a single year of premium. So, how can I pay for 10 years of the premium subscription now? Also, when the single year ends, how do I convince the software, without an internet connection, that I have paid for 10 years? Will I be able to get 10 product codes? Or is there some other way to re-enable the software before then? Finally, is it possible to sync using bluetooth between an android based device and a windows 10 surface based device while completely offline? It will be nice to be able to leave the surface in one place, and use an android watch or android glasses to check, add, or update information in my notes. Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions! If this will not work, I will hate to have to spend the next few days trying out other software. I leave for my trip on Friday, and will not be able to respond after Thursday mid-day.
  10. Dear Evernote, I'd like to try Evernote Premium. Unfortunately it is nog possible to pay with Paypal(without a creditcard link) or Ideal. Is it possible to increase the possiblilities for payments? With kind regards, Peter Spaan
  11. Evernote emailed me saying that my credit card had been declined and to contact my bank, and I did, but my bank said there were no issues. Also, on that same day, Evernote charged me $1 (not really sure why, and they aren't replying to the emails send for Evernote Support), so obviously they don't have a problem charging me. Yet, they are threatening to downgrade my Premium because they can't access my card. Has anyone else had this problem?
  12. hi evernote, im elizalyt. i used to be a premium user and i'm a basic user now. because i cant find another method to pay a plus or premium payment without credit card. i've been paid my premium with my google wallet. this way didnt need a credit card, what i hv to do is walk in a 7-11, buy a google play card, recharge money into the google wallet and paid the plus / permium, that's it . clear and simple. im sure im not the only one that wanna get a evernote permium / evernote plus and don't have a credit card.
  13. Evernote won't process my payment, and evidently there is NO PLACE to contact for help. It's been real nice using Evernote, but I need to be able to get a problem like this fixed or it's going to come to an end REAL fast. I specifically got a notice that Evernote can't process my payment, even though the correct card is active, and the account has more than $400 on it. I just checked. I deleted and re-entered the card, and same result. Yes, I submitted a ticket, I don't expect that's going real far. In a week or two, if I'm VERY lucky, I expect I'll hear that they can't process my payment. GET WITH IT, EVERNOTE!!!!!!!
  14. Hi, everyone (and anyone who is in evernote support team if you can see this ) today, I purchased the premium version in my iPhone , iTunes account record shows my payment is successfully, but still , all my evernote(in iPhone, in PC) are still free version. I check the knowledge base says it may wait up to 4 hours to sync , however I wait more than 12 hours, it is still free version. I also check my registered mailbox , there is no any premium key send to my mailbox. so it clearly something wrong with the payment between iTunes and evernote's accounting system. Is anyone encounter similar issue that happened to me ? I also raise a service ticket#839447 but I don't know how long it will take for evernote team to look at and resolve my issue. :-( 2014/11/27 : correct the ticket number to #839447 due to my typo
  15. Hello everyone, I recently renewed my Evernote premium subscription via iTunes, however, it is still not reflected in either the Evernote mac app or the web version. I am basically not able to use premium features. I already submitted a ticket for this to Evernote but since I am downgraded to a free account while this is pending, I haven't gotten a response from Evernote yet (since December 5th). This is frustrating as it is really affecting my workflow. I could not find a phone # to reach Evernote customer service but a few people suggested posting the ticket # to the forum. So in case a customer service representative is reading this post, the ticket number is 857314. Thanks
  16. steelbender

    Premium Issue

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knows if we can pay for Evernote Premium with a check or money order rather than a credit card?
  17. I am trying to upgrade to Evernote Premium, but the system won't let me. It keeps saying that I haven't filled in the CC information, even though I have. I can't contact Evernote about it, because you can't communicate with Evernote unless you are already a premium member - there is not even a phone number for sales listed on the web site! I would like to send Evernote my money, but they are making it impossible to do so! Thanks.
  18. Evernote notified me today with this message http://i.imgur.com/3CdrdgP.png I don't understand what is wrong with payment through Google Wallet?