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Found 67 results

  1. KevinB62

    Password for Evernote

    Evernote's Mac app should really have password protection. It's the 21st Century! And will soon be 2018--come on! With all we read about sensitive data being stolen all of the time, don't you think Plus and Premium users deserve a little security?? PLEASE ADD PASSWORD PROTECTION to the EVERNOTE MAC APP!! THANKS!
  2. I keep being asked for my password to synchronize in Windows 7, but after inputting my password get asked to repeat the process ad-infinitum!
  3. If this is the wrong place for this, I apologize. Okay: Why is there no option to have a password for the desktop version? This seems like an incredibly easy and sensible option to NOT have, and it deters me from wanting to get premium, since it would only secure the app on my phone. Why would I pay for half a service? On a completely different note, I noticed that there is a new color scheme that uses a more blue-ish green on some screens and parts of the website, but not others. I liked the other green, as it was easier to see agaist the white and more vibrant, but why make a change that isn't even consistant? This is another decision that doesn't make much sense to me.
  4. Hi All, We often see threads/posts from users indicating that they have lost access to their Evernote Account, and are trying to regain that access. This can occur for a myriad of reasons, but generally the issues are related to a user losing or forgetting their password, losing the ability to access Two-Factor Authentication verification, or they lose access to the email address tied to their Evernote Account. Given the nature of these types of access issues, users will need to open a support ticket in order to address the issue and regain access to their Evernote Account. The reason for this is that only our customer support team has access to the tools necessary to make changes to an Evernote Account. Additionally, users may need to provide information that we do not want to make publicly visible in the discussion forums. To open a support ticket, go here. You will be prompted to login to your Evernote Account, but if you do not have your login credentials available, click on Continue as guest. From the What can we help you with? dropdown menu, select the ‘My Account’ category. From the Select a topic dropdown menu, select the type of issue you’re encountering. Once you have selected the topic, you should see the option to submit a support ticket at the bottom of the page. The button looks like this: Once you have submitted the ticket, one of our support agents will reach out to you to further assist you with the issue you’re encountering.
  5. Hi, I have been trying to reset my password since Saturday but I'm not receiving any email from Evernote. However, I do receive all the other emails form Evernote (submission ticket) when I submitted an application. I have write the email address correctly. Neither the password reset email has been received nor anyone has replied to the ticket. It's very frustrating as I have pending tasks.
  6. Hi! I'd like to suggest that an entire notebook could be either encrypted or password protected (aside from the log-in or passcode to get into the app). I use Evernote for work and for personal. I like to keep a daily journal of personal thoughts and I'd love to do this in Evernote, but I've been relying on other password-protected apps. I like to leave my Evernote logged in, but that lack of security just worries me for keeping my personal journal entries in their own notebook.
  7. My note which was password protected for years suddenly lost. The only thing left behind is the title of the note with no content. The most interesting part is how on earth, a password protected notes suddenly becomes password-less. I was on a free plan and in order to report and get support from Evernote I had to upgrade to a paid plan (Plus). It's been more than 48 hours and I did not get any response yet. Today, I sent my second message and still waiting!!! I am already upset due to my lost notes and even worse very frustrated that support is not taking care of this urgent matter. Am I missing something here?
  8. I updated my Evernote account password via web account management and now my notes won't sync from the Windows PC client software. It's like different Evernote security/authentication servers are in use, and the sync between them is not working, or working abnormally slowly. Or a flag got set on my account because two different sets of passwords don't match. I don't know what the real deal is. The only way I can sign into the Windows PC client software is with my old password. When I try to use the new password, I am told it's an invalid password. I have logged out of everything Evernote multiple times on both my phone and the Windows client software. I can get into my web account management portal, I can access my notes in the Windows PC client. I just cannot make sync work now that my password has changed. Do I need to revert back to my old password? I would prefer not, but if that's what I have to do to get it to work, please let me know.
  9. Novroax

    Security flaw

    Hi, finally I could reach you, My issue is that when I open the app, it takes a second to ask the password. Until then all my data is visible. So what's the point of securing it with anything if anyone can have as many glimpses as the wish for? There could be also a more complicated password option and for some people even 2 factor authentication could be a choice. The latter for premiums. Thank you for your time, novroax
  10. Hi there, I browsed a little bit through this forum to find an answer regarding protecting a folder within my evernote account. Maybe I’m blind or stupid - but I found nothing regarding this feature. My Idea was to create a folder like "passbox" with important information like passwords or bank account. Would be great to get a feedback - btw - is there a link or email address available for suggestions? Kind Regards
  11. Is there some way to put a password on individual notes (as opposed to encrypting selections of text)? I've searched high and low ... but cant figure out if this is possible. Thanks
  12. When I start Evernote via a shortcut on my Mac I firstly want to key in my password before the opening page with my notes become visible. I've this functionality on my i phone (Touch ID or 4-digit pin code). Momentarily the application opens directly and fully when I double click on the short cut logo of Evernote.
  13. martinellynge

    Secret notes?

    Is it possible to "lock" Evernote (or parts of it) to make private notes? In case someone uses your computer and tries to take a look into your notes. I found out, that Premium users can do this in iOS or Android, but what about on my Mac?
  14. scottmccracken

    mac Evernote Won't Stay Signed In

    My goal is to have Evernote save my username and password and automatically log me in every time I start up the mac version of the app. Seems easy enough, the first time I fire up the application I enter my username / password and check the "stay signed in" checkbox. After a successful login I then shut Evernote down. The problem is every time I start a new session with Evernote it pops up the login screen, even though I asked it to stay signed in. Subsequently I find myself rarely using the app because I don't want to enter in my password each time. I tried deleting the app and re-installing it to no avail. This is not a problem for Evernote on my iPhone. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks in advance.
  15. Troublesome aggravating strange ..I WILL REFRAIN FROM APPLYING battling to resist drooping adjectives from that harsher class of similar epithets our great doing-no-evil dog and savior g--gle are presently excised from existence. Suffice it to say that this triffling matter IS, nonetheless, um, ... FRUSTRATING. i ONLY JUST (these past minutes) ESTABLISHED MY FIRST EVERNOTE ACCOUNT. Making use of one of the standard options presented, I CHOSE TO CREATE my Evernote profile/acount via MY G--GLE ACCOUNT. BingBangBoom, and done, no problem. The subsequent webpage gave the impression that the initial work to create my account (meaning -- simply making the choice to use my g--gle acct) resulted in successfully executed Evernote account launch. I hadnt been asked about passwords, etc. et al., hadnt been prompted for anything more. Fine, i thought, account basics, it seemed, were in place -- all replicated from my google account as it seemed. Straightaway i headed to my Evernote account details (exactly as i do each and every time i set up a new internet account). First, I want to change my email address. No problem. In a form-field box titled 'new email", provided for this very operation, i entered the new email address, and in the next box, titled password (as i recall), i entered my password for that email. Next i want to make another change to my account info. Dear wonderful and protective Evernote asked for my account password before i could return to that area. Well, as I'd never been prompted to create a Evernote account password, i gave my google account's p/w. ---- Okay, already wasted too much time on this unbelievably stupid ***** -- so i will quickly conclude ------. My G--gle acct password didnt work. Thereafter, i set off frantically trying every imaginable passwordy letter concoction in the world that might have become injected into this establishment-of-account activity (in the last 8 mins!! WHICH IS ALL WE ARE TALKING ABOUT). I suppose the problem here is that i failed to properly I.D. a stupidly and imprecisely labled 'create your evernote password' form field -- and potentially typed something there. So, i tried, as password attempts, everything that i remember typing. all failed to work. Evernote added to my joy by never providing a 'forgot p/w?' bypass. Then of course i was blocked for too many wrong attempts.
  16. So far I enjoy using Evernote on the Mac. I don't use it nearly as much as some of the people here and the one that really kills me is that every time I open Evernote it adds the "EvernoteHelper" application to my user startup items. I don't user Evernote all day long so I have no problem launching the app when I need to use it and I especially don't need the Evernote icon in the task bar. I have searched through the preferences and there doesn't seem to be a way to stop Evernote from adding the helper app to my startup items each time I open the application. I did find the option to not show the icon in the task area but that doesn't seem to stop the app from running. Am I missing something? Anyone have any idea how to stop this from happening?
  17. Halogenbarn

    mac Password on single notes...

    I think the feature for the ability to protect single notes would be nice. This would make it possible for me to keep Evernote running and not worrying about some notes that is more personal then others.. This could work by right clicking a note and add password on it, the password could be the same as your standard password... On a side note the "Preview" text of a note also shows some lines of preview (of what is in the note). If again this was a personal thing it would be nice to be able to remove the preview of the first lines of text, to not show whats inside the file.. The current work around is to insert some lines of "blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla" to hide the text from the preview. // Poul
  18. For those having problems changing the Password on encrypted text (Windows uncript any text you want to Encrypt with a new passwordHighlight and drag over with mouse the text you want to EncryptHit keys Ctrl + Shift + X* * * If it automatically encrypts it to the old saved password that means you have checked the box "Remember passphrase until I quit Evernote" * * * You will need to close the Evernote program and then restart it -- but (for me) if you have Evernote syncing in the background -- You will need to close Evernote in the Task Bar as well (lower right for windows 7) before you restart the Evernote program -- this way the program is fully closed first. As before -- Open the program -> go to the note you want to encript -> highlight text -> Ctrl + Shift + XType in a NEW password prassphase you wantNew window comes up -- hit Create a new Passphrase (disregard the statement "not a good idea")Why "not a good idea"? Evernote is reminding you that if you fail to give yourself a hint of the new password phrase and you forget the password, there is no way to retreave this encrypted textSo give yourself a decent enough hint of your new PasswordIf you check the box "Remember passphrase until I quit Evernote" this will become your new default password -- I think (??) for any future encrypted text notes. This does NOT change your other encripted notes Now create a new note in your Evernote account and put this in it -- if you are like me this is the 3rd time I have tried to learn how to change passwords as I keep forgetting I need to log out first is NEVER explained anywhere -- that I could find.
  19. I'm using my personal Evernote account at work. Most of us do and it's ok. However, I noticed that recently, when I launch it, it automatically opens and there's no request for a password. I haven't changed my Keychain Access or anything in Preferences. I need that privacy of a password at launch for Evernote. How do I make that happen now? Thanks in advance!
  20. I know (and use) that you can encrypt text, but would like to encrypt a photo - or an entire note. I did attempt to search for this suggestion - found an upvoted to encrypt an entire note. I could not see any way to search only within this forum. I do know that I could use some external app to encrypt a PDF, but it is much more usable to be able to do all within Evernote.
  21. I enter data in evernote notes about three or four times daily via iphone. But due to an increased functionality of a computer, I update/revised the notes on my computer weekly. I am the only user of my iphone, but have several people using my computer which of course contains the synced evernotes. As such, I really wish that there was a way to password protect some of my notes, seeing that I jot down thoughts in evernote via iphone daily, which I don't want users of my computer to have access to. Without this password protect functionality, I turn to word processing programs available on my iphone. Am I right, evernote notes can't be password protected? Thanks
  22. It looks like I found a bug in the various login methods provided by Evernote. I tried to contact support but as a basic customer it doesn't look like there's even a way to report bugs anymore without upgrading to chat or send an email. The password reset page allows for a password with a maximum length of 64 characters. I chose a 64-character password and everything worked fine. I then tried to connect my Android Evernote app using the new credentials and it wouldn't work at all. I went back to the website and logged out/in again and had the same issue. Neither login method worked anymore. I used the "forgot password" method to reset my password to something 40 characters long and now everything works. I'd check your backend limitations (database), front-end limitations (app login fields, website login fields), and website password reset fields to make sure that they're all working with the same assumptions for maximum password length.
  23. It would be extremely nice to be able to lock the Windows app for Evernote. Many of us use our personal Evernote accounts on our work machines. I would like to have the option to require a password/pin when attempting to restore Evernote from the taskbar. Currently, I have to sign out every time I leave. We keep personal information in our Evernote accounts and I am always leary about somebody remoting in to do maintenance at night, getting nosy, and checking out what notes I have. I know the Android version has the option to require a PIN#, but I don't think that would carry over to the PC app. Either way, I don't want to pay extra for account security. Thank you! Ixath
  24. I want to be able to protect individual notes with a password and Touch ID, not just my entire Evernote account. Is this on the roadmap? I hope it's not lost on you that onenote has this feature and apple notes recently added it as well as the ability to import evernote files. Please stay ahead of the curve, otherwise users will leave or not join in the first place.
  25. Yesterday I updated to OSX Yosemite and updated Evernote to 5.6.2. And now I can't disable the auto login function anymore... I don't want Evernote to automatically sign in when starting the program. It should ask for my Evernote password, like it has always done. I'm probably missing something here. Anyone knows where to look to get this option back?