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Found 10 results

  1. until
    In this unique workshop, you will learn the pros and cons of both paper and digital. There will be hands-on activities for you to practice both aspects to get you on your way to comfort. A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Landing-Houston and The Pink Giraffe House. Lunch will be provided. REGISTER HERE ******About the Presenters******* REBECCA COUNCILL Rebecca is known for her creative hair and ability to take challenging Web and social media topics and deliver them in bite-size pieces for small business owners and companies of various sizes to understand and implement. As the owner of CLR Digital Media Services, the digital ninja teaches everyday people how to strategically use social media to build a healthy social media footprint. In other words, she helps you step up your online presence and engagement using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn and YouTube. The self-proclaimed Evernote Junkie and Evernote Certified Consultant gives effective and actionable tips in Evernote, social media and email marketing to help you succeed. But the action does not stop there! CHRISTINA MEADE Christina spent 16 years in education as a teacher, trainer and curriculum writer. What I enjoyed most about my career was being a problem solver and helping others. In 2011, I stepped out on faith and entered the business world. I quickly caught the entrepreneurial bug! After working with my husband to launch his successful videography business, I decided to follow my passion to educate, empower and inspire women and girls. The limiting beliefs of others can have a huge impact on what we believe about our own abilities. All it takes is one person believing in you and saying ‘you can do it’. My mission is to bring that encouragement to women and girls by helping them develop into strong leaders and businesswomen. REGISTER HERE
  2. thm43608

    ios Custom Paper

    In the new update of Penultimate, I cannot seem to find how to use my custom paper. Is there a way to do this? It also seems that you can no longer change the paper type of one of the pages. If you want a different paper type, you must change all pages in the document. Is this correct?
  3. Hello there, I wanted to share a feature I randomly discovered trying out the Paper application of dropbox. I am not sure if there is a way to do it on Evernote or if it's something they are planning to develop but here is the thing. When you create a "tickbox" you can assign a date to it & share with some one also you can insert "integrated" hyperlink ways. It looks more esthetic and looks quite practical. (I think there might already be something like this). Is there a way to have this feature on Evernote ? Regards, Nicolas M
  4. PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE: Please develop a product (similar to the discontinued Moleskine Daily Planner), that would allow us paper-calendar/planner lovers to integrate our calendars & schedules with Evernote & Outlook/Calendars/ICal. Here are my specific requested features/options: I would like to be able to write (on paper/old-school) my daily agenda/plan and to-dos on a hard copy daily (hour-by-hour) planner. I want to be able to scan that planner page, and have it sync with Evernote. I then want Evernote to convert that text (via OCR) into digital format - I do not want a scanned image/jpg of my calendar, that does me no good. I then want to have that digital plan uploaded / sync'd into my Outlook calendar (or maybe an Evernote calendar/planner than can be sync'd via the app, or another means like IFTTT or Zapier). I plan on paper, but execute off of digital/Outlook in my case. For this to work, the paper needs to be scannable into Evernote, and it must have an app integration that is OCR friendly. Furthermore, it would need to recognize preprinted dates and time blocks (hours), in order to synchronize with calendars. I want it to pay my bills and clean my house while we're at it... (Kidding... but yes, I realize I'm asking for a lot!) While I'm dreaming big, I would love to see Evernote partner with companies like these - which have easily acquired & quality daily planners (I like the ones that are small - pocket & personal sized, and that have the hourly time slots for appointments and such. Extra bonus if they also have a daily "to do" section.) MOLESKINE DAILY PLANNERS (You once offered this - where did it go? http://www.moleskinerie.com/2014/10/meet-the-moleskine-evernote-planner.html) Molekine's Daily Planner, with small/portable Colour/Color A Month Pocket Planners (#1 Request): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015NG45CE/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 or via Moleskine at https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us/planners/2017-monthly-planners/12-month-color-a-month-planner/p981?ic=fe9MEQ%3D%3D Or even Moleskine's Daily Pocket Planner: https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us/planners/2017-daily-planners/12-month-daily-2017-planner/p1017?ic=WEqrnA%3D%3D They even have them in Peanuts' style: https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us/planners/2017-daily-planners/12-month-limited-edition-peanuts-daily-2017-planner-pocket/p978?ic=WydEOg%3D%3D Really, I'd consider any other quality planner with daily / hourly planning options from Covey, At-A-Glance, Day-Timer, etc. Fellow users - PLEASE take a second to VOTE on this. The more votes it gets, the more likely they are to add this feature. Thanks!
  5. Hello, For quite a while now I've wanted to have lined paper (preferably ruled and indented) as my Evernote note background, mainly because staring at large white spaces on the screen when typing begins to hurt my eyes after a while - plus the lines make everything look that bit neater (in my opinion). It's proved quite tricky and took a bit of repeated testing editing an image to get the spacing right. I've seen the request made for lined backgrounds a few times on here, and after achieving this following two days of playing about, I'd like to share how I did it for anybody who wants it. Just a note that I use Evernote 3.2 on Mac (personal preference), but the following method works on the latest version too (you'll have to use the latest version to get the indent whichever version you use). You'll need to upload the image to your own or somebody else's server . 1) Download the following image 2) Copy the note link that you want lined paper on (right click > copy note link) 3) Connect your account to ENML http://enml-editor.ping13.net/ and paste in the link then hit 'edit' 4) On line 3, which should start with <en note .... etc> , replace that line with the following line: <en-note style="word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space; background-image: url(**insert image URL here**);"> 5) Save the note, go back to your note in Evernote This should make the lines appear. Note that I use Arial 12pt, which allows for the correct spacing between the lines, though you may also get away with Arial 13 (though I haven't tested this). I've tested with Arial 12 to a depth of around 14,000 words, and it retains the spacing perfectly - it's potentially infinitie but I have no need to go beyond that word length. 7) If you indent your writing (Format menu > text) it should go beyond the red vertical rule. This gives me this: Of course, stuff like inserting images throws a spacing spanner in the works and is something I've yet to combat. I assume keeping images a certain height will keep everything nicely spaced.
  6. JustonG

    Custom Paper Rule Width

    I use penultimate all the time daily. However I do not use the paper rule styles because they are too wide for me (even the narrow). I would like simple option to define your own rule width that would allow me take my notes in the small writing that I use.
  7. Brian Rowland

    Mixed Paper Types

    Prior versions allowed a notebook to contain multiple paper types. V6 notebooks change all existing pages when a new paper type is selected. Can i get the old behavior back? My notebooks may need checklists, diagrams, storyboards, etc. It's problematic when my checklist becomes a storyboard. Thanks.
  8. Hi - I have a simple request to assist with handwriting using the Jot Script. I do not like the auto scroll to the left as it always goes faster than I can write and does not take account of when I stop to think. So I click the anchor to stop the scrolling. Then if I use the app in portrait mode, as it seems to have been designed, I need to manually scroll across the page, which is painful. I much prefer writing in landscape mode but have the same problem with manual scrolling across the page. So I divide the page in to 3 columns with 2 hand-drawn vertical lines and then write in each column using landscape mode just scrolling down the page, which is OK. My request is for a paper that will allow me to work in this way without having the draw the 2 vertical lines by hand on each page. Currently I use the graph paper but would prefer to have the lined paper in the 3 columns. As a secondary request, it would be good to have better support for the notebooks in landscape, but I can live without that if I could just get the paper. Thanks Evernote - hope you are reading this Tony
  9. tjpadula

    ios ANSWERED Paper in Evernote

    Hello, I am using penultimate and I want to use a paper that I imported. When you put new paper into penultimate it automatically grays out. I was wondering it is possible to have it not gray out. I have contacted Evernote over a month ago and have not gotten a response. Thanks, Thomas
  10. vurtual

    ios (Archived) Default Paper

    Is it possible to change the default paper for notebooks? I literally never use graph paper, I almost always use narrow ruled with a margin. If it's not a current feature, then this is a feature request!