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  1. I just ran into this with a recent update to Firefox. I mostly use the Outlook web client in Firefox for my email. This week, any action to create a new email stopped working. Click Reply, Forward, or New and Outlook would bring up a new pop-up web page as normal, but nothing gets drawn into it - just get a blank window. I'm not sure why, but if I disable the Evernote Web Clipper add-on, it works, if I enable it, then it doesn't work. Any ideas? I live and die by web clipper and email... HELP! Follow-up: I did a little sloothing and found that the Web Console in Firefox Tools shows an error when the page does not display. I've included both the correct and incorrect versions as attachments.
  2. Using Evernote for email management is great (The Secret Weapon) BUT on a Mac it sucks!!! I can't get my emails into Evernote. The EN Plugin for Mac 2016 Outlook only saves 1 email at a time. Even though I multi-select, only the first saves. I opened a ticket and found out that on a Mac that is true but not true on windows. I was advised to setup a forward rule. My corporation does not allow automatic forwarding and has it turned off on the exchange server. I could setup a client-side rule, but that would mean I am willingly violating policy - NOPE! Does anyone else have a suggestion? I get over 100 a day and saving individually is not an option (plus the clicks and syncing for each step is very time-consuming). I just purchased premium, if I don't find a solution, I will go back to free.
  3. I have the Outlook plugin installed (v16.10) and activated the Evernote plugin in O365. When I use the plugin to create a note from a mail, the tags are not assigned to the note (this works fine in the O365 online version, just not in the local desktop version) Any hints? Thanks Luc
  4. I have 4 of my different webmail email accounts (yahoo/gmail/outlook etc) setup on my MS Outlook (2016) desktop client. So rather than login in to all accounts via a webbrowser, they all come in to the one place/one app...great. From time-to-time I save certain emails over to EN, and to do this I simply use the EN webclipper addon that I added to Outlook a long time ago...however as of today that EN webclipper simply vanished!? Note: I didnt do any updates or the overnight Note: I'm using Windows Home 64bit OS Anybody know anything about this, what might have happened and how to fix???? Interestingly, the EN webclipper icon still/ONLY appears on the ribbon when using/accessing/viewing my Outlook email account, one of the 4 mentioned above. Yet gone when accesing the other email accounts!! weird Cheers Rick
  5. I want to create a page in evernote with contact information and services I offer that includes logos. I want to layout the page so that I can copy the content I need and paste into outlook email and keep the formating. Any thoughts? I have all contacts and do not need to send all as they would not be needed for a specific customer. I can copy all and paste into email and then delete what I don't need but still have the formating issues. I would also like to do this when on the road. Copy from EN IOS and paste into Outlook IOS Thoughts?
  6. The 'Save to Evernote' Outlook plugin works really well and helps to take more workflow out of outlook. However, a small detail would make this workflow sooo much better. When I save an email to Evernote, a link to the email message should be included as a source URL, so I can easily go back to the email if I need to. I also use Todoist and their Outlook plugin does exactly that - something that has proved very valuable. Hope it is possible
  7. Hi, I've been having an issue with Evernote's Outlook 2016 Clipper for the past week. The tags don't appear to sync from the Outlook Clipper to Evernote. Everthing else appears to sync ok (contents of email, title, notebook), but none of the tags are syncing up. I've made sure that I was signed in correctly. I've reinstalled evernote and the outlook clipper. Still doesn't work. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions on what can be done?
  8. I love Evernote's email integrations, and I make frequent use of the Outlook plugin to save email content for future reference or action. It would be great if I could navigate from the note back to the email that created it. This would allow me to save the email to Evernote, add notes and reminders for follow-up, then go straight from the note to the email so I could reply or forward. Here's the process I follow now to accomplish this: Save the email to Evernote via the Outlook plugin*. Add notes and set any necessary reminders on the note. Archive the email. When it's time to take action (i.e. the reminder pops up), I open the note and review the addressing info and sent date. I go into my Outlook archive folder and search for that email. When I find it, I open the email, and reply or forward to take action. This enhancement would remove #5 altogether, and take me directly to the email I'm looking for. *I use the Outlook plugin as an example, but one could theoretically do this with any email platform as long as Evernote is able to record details that allow navigation back to the source.
  9. I have the Outlook app for iOS and I love the feature that picks up the EN reminders and puts them in your calendar. It even has the green EN icon next to the reminder. However, I can't figure out if my desktop version of Outlook can do the same thing? I would love to create an "EN Reminder Calendar" in Outlook that I can overlay with my normal appointment calendar. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  10. Recently upgraded from Evernote to Evernote Having a difficult time clipping my whole Outlook inbox with messages like this: "Sorry, unable to clip more than 250 items at once from the Exchange mailbox" What can I do, as I prefer to clip about 1000 messages at a time?
  11. Outlook Plugin MAC

    Hi, I am using outlook on my mac and would love to see a plugin for my mac to integrate evernote in outlook. Many Thanks, Dan
  12. Hi there The manual of Evernote says we can integrate mail from Outlook. What about G mail? The manual is silent about this matter. if possible, how we can integrate it? I would like to know whether possible or not. Thank you in advance.
  13. I often use the Evernote clipper to take a screen clip of part of my screen so I can send it to clients. I open the resulting clip and try to paste into Outlook. When I do that, It shows up as a .png attachment. To embed it in an email message, I have to right click the image and open it in mspaint, then select all and copy it that way. Then I can paste it as an embedded message. Is there a simpler way to do this?
  14. I'd like to be able to be able to annotate a sentence in Evernote as a task and have that task automatically appear in MS Outlook. I don't care that much about how it is annotated although it would be nice if it was tied to a keyboard shortcut (ie. keyboard shortcut to add a check box before a sentence would result in that task also appearing in MS Outlook). I use MS Outlook to track my tasks, but Evernote for notes. I had been a OneNote user, but felt it was too structured for me. I tried a trial of TaskClone, but was only able to get tasks to be consolidated into a Evernote note and was unable to get it integrated to Outlook? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Dan
  15. Calendar request

    Hi everyone I use the reminder function extensively as part of my GTD use of Evernote. I connect my Evernote reminders to my Outlook calendar. It would be really useful to have an "all day" reminder option as well as specific times in the day so that project reminders do not appear randomly within my feed. Would this be possible please? Or failing that, could there be a default time that remiders are set for if we choose to as at the moment it defaults to the current time? Bw Nigel
  16. Yesterday my work computer running Windows 7 Enterprise was updated to Office 2016 Professional. The Evernote clipper is showing up as an add-on and set to load on start up but the button to actually use is is missing from the ribbon. I've opened Evernote Desktop first and tried rebooting without success. I use this feature frequently to save important information from my emails. Can anyone help?
  17. I have a Microsoft Exchange account, so I am using Microsoft Outlook to interact with this Microsoft Exchange account. I have lots of contacts within Outlook, and many of these contacts have notes typed in the notes field within the contact record. Is there any intelligent way to have each of the outlook contacts that contain notes to become a new Notebook within Evernote, then with a new note in Evernote to contain the notes from Outlook?
  18. I use Windows' Remote Desktop feature to remotely access my desktop PC from my laptop. Each time I log into my desktop PC this way, Outlook 2016 (32-bit) aborts with "Microsoft Outlook has stopped working" and it then restarts. I tracked the issue down to the Outlook COM add-in "Evernote Clipper for Microsoft Outlook" after disabling all add-ins and adding them back a few at a time until the problem evidenced. I'm running the latest version of Evernote ( - 303788) and I have deinstalled and reinstalled Evernote. I've used CCleaner to remove temporary files and registry detritus. My desktop PC is running Windows 10/64-bit, build 14393.693. I've had this problem since Windows was first installed from scratch on a formatted hard drive I have disabled the Evernote Clipper add-in for the time being. Any ideas how to resolve this issue?
  19. Please can the Outlook Email Clippers take the sent date of an email (or the received date if that's easier) and use that for the created date of note containing that email? See, I recently had this brilliant idea to triage my email. I have four main accounts (for various dumb reasons), in Outlook and Gmail/ Yahoo, none of which is likely to get to 'inbox zero' anytime soon. I've made several attempts to do so however, and where it's possible, my old emails have gone into various folders on each account to get them out of immediate view. Giving me emails in four separate folders in various locations. (Although -for the technical- I have IMAPped into all the net-based accounts from Windows Outlook 2013, so they're all available there, though still as separate accounts.) It's not that easy managing multiple folders, searching and sorting etc in Outlook, so I decided that Evernote was the place to resolve this. I'd clip emails from each folder into a new notebook, where they'd be in one place and easily searchable, and I stood a good chance of finding duplicates and eliminating a fair amount of advertising chaff into the bargain I'd lighten the load on all the email address sites (& particularly Outlook!!) which might speed things up a bit. So. The Evernote Clipper will happily transfer dozens of emails into separate notes and the notebook of my choice. But when the note is set up, the created date is "today", not the date on which the email was sent, or when it was received. So there's not much point in sorting emails by date, and I need to get any important information into the title. Life would be so much easier if the Outlook Clipper took an email's send date, or the email client's received date and used that for the created date of the note. Or added it to the title. Side note: Outlook Clipper puts notes directly into my WIndows database. That's a really good feature - if only all clippers worked this way...
  20. Email help please

    I need some help. On occasion I have emails automatically show up in my in Evernote account. It seems that happens when I have Evernote open and Outlook open at the same time. I need to turn this off. I use outlook 2016. Thanks!
  21. I use tags religiously to organize my notes. I love the autocomplete inside Evernote. I wish the Outlook add in had the same behaviour. I can see when it has a (correct) suggestion, but I have to cursor down to get it. If I hit enter I don't get the tag, just the portion I had typed so far. That's all. Thanks, and thanks for the wonderful product. -Ted
  22. Hi, I updated today Evernote. Now I cannot open Outlook. How can I run Outlook without Evernote addon? thank you, Igor .
  23. Currently using evernote on my Samsung S7 edge. It works fantastically with my outlook calender on my phone however any calender entry made through Evernote does NOT update the outlook calender on my windows 10 computer. So, evernote and out look both on the s7 work fine. Outlook s7 syncs with outlook windows 10 fine. Evernote calender entries made on the s7 don't show on the calender on windows 10? Am i missing something obvious? Thanks in advance Max
  24. This goes to the Evernote Developers. You must accept users who do not want any integration with Outlook (or other systems and software, for that matter). Every time Evernote has an update, your Windows-application ask to close Outlook. I do NOT want Evernote to do anything to Outlook. Not now, not ever. Please, you MUST give us an option to use you Evernote Windows Application as a stand alone peace of software. There should be an option we could select, that Evernote would respect this choise in all later updates.
  25. PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE: Please develop a product (similar to the discontinued Moleskine Daily Planner), that would allow us paper-calendar/planner lovers to integrate our calendars & schedules with Evernote & Outlook/Calendars/ICal. Here are my specific requested features/options: I would like to be able to write (on paper/old-school) my daily agenda/plan and to-dos on a hard copy daily (hour-by-hour) planner. I want to be able to scan that planner page, and have it sync with Evernote. I then want Evernote to convert that text (via OCR) into digital format - I do not want a scanned image/jpg of my calendar, that does me no good. I then want to have that digital plan uploaded / sync'd into my Outlook calendar (or maybe an Evernote calendar/planner than can be sync'd via the app, or another means like IFTTT or Zapier). I plan on paper, but execute off of digital/Outlook in my case. For this to work, the paper needs to be scannable into Evernote, and it must have an app integration that is OCR friendly. Furthermore, it would need to recognize preprinted dates and time blocks (hours), in order to synchronize with calendars. I want it to pay my bills and clean my house while we're at it... (Kidding... but yes, I realize I'm asking for a lot!) While I'm dreaming big, I would love to see Evernote partner with companies like these - which have easily acquired & quality daily planners (I like the ones that are small - pocket & personal sized, and that have the hourly time slots for appointments and such. Extra bonus if they also have a daily "to do" section.) MOLESKINE DAILY PLANNERS (You once offered this - where did it go? http://www.moleskinerie.com/2014/10/meet-the-moleskine-evernote-planner.html) Molekine's Daily Planner, with small/portable Colour/Color A Month Pocket Planners (#1 Request): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015NG45CE/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 or via Moleskine at https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us/planners/2017-monthly-planners/12-month-color-a-month-planner/p981?ic=fe9MEQ%3D%3D Or even Moleskine's Daily Pocket Planner: https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us/planners/2017-daily-planners/12-month-daily-2017-planner/p1017?ic=WEqrnA%3D%3D They even have them in Peanuts' style: https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us/planners/2017-daily-planners/12-month-limited-edition-peanuts-daily-2017-planner-pocket/p978?ic=WydEOg%3D%3D Really, I'd consider any other quality planner with daily / hourly planning options from Covey, At-A-Glance, Day-Timer, etc. Fellow users - PLEASE take a second to VOTE on this. The more votes it gets, the more likely they are to add this feature. Thanks!