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Found 19 results

  1. Can you guys incorporate more outline formats such as the alpha numeric style of outlining: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/544/03/ I'm a student who enjoys outlining my lecture notes and medical conditions in Microsoft OneNote. I want to replace OneNote with Evernote because your tagging system is much better. I'm currently using Microsoft OneNote because I can select a cleaner outline formats for note taking. For Example: I. A. B. 1. 2. a. b. C. 1. 2. D. II. A. C. Thank you!!
  2. raphaelaguiar

    A bit of Wiki in Evernote

    We, Humans, have been using cabinets, notebooks, folders, files and notes to store data for long. Why? Because this used to be the only technology we knew for it. However, It's not the natural way our mind deals with information. Our brain is a network rather than a cabinet. We need to quickly associate ideas, thoughts and all kind of information to be productive and creative! EN would become a killer if it allows more flexibility for outlining information. What about becoming more wiki-style, like some past programs (SeoNote, Treepad) or present services such as Confluence and Notion.so? By doing so, Evernote would allow teams to collaborate and share common places (not notes!) which could be actually workplaces or even hyperlinked Knowledge Bases (not a stack of notebooks!). I think this is the future of information management. I really want Evernote to embrace it.
  3. M Akin

    Outlining Gets Confused

    The outlining seems to get confused and I can't get it back to the numbers that it should be. Also, when you indent, shouldn't it give you like A, B, aa, etc? I have tried deleting lines, Adding Lines, Tabbing, Un-tabbing, etc. Please HELP!
  4. Hi All- When I type notes in Evernote using the Ipad and I start numbering my points and then hit space, Evernote automatically turns on the outlining feature. I physically turn it off, but on the next point when the number is typed and I hit the space key, it turns outlining on again. I do not want it to do the outlining. How do I turn off auto outlining?? Thanks. BBland Since typing this topic, Evernote responded with the fix - here is the way to turn off automatic formatting on the Ipad: You can turn off individually each auto formatting by going in Account tab > Settings > Notes > Advanced Settings : lists, checkbox, divider, code block and table
  5. I use evernote a lot for not taking and to-do lists. Virtually everything I do in Evernote is in outline format (bulleted usually), unfortunately there seems to be a lot of formatting issues. Cutting and pasting for one section of the outline to another will often cause a double bulletted outline, or it will add a blank line creating 2 separate outlines that you can't get rid of. Sometimes inserting a line into a pre-existing outline will cause the bullets to disappear on the new line, or disappear if you bring in the indentation. Evernote is such a great program and I would love to see a fix for this.
  6. Kaari@chegg.com

    Change Outline Formatting?

    I'd like to use Evernote to create a typical Outline (used for writing papers etc.) In "real world" outlining I'm used to using a combination of numbers and letters. For example, a subset of #1 would be "a". Is it possible to do this using Evernote? Based on what I know, it seems like you can only either use bullets or numbers.
  7. Noteman55

    Basic Outlining

    Evernote is good at making numbered lists and sub-lists of numbered lists that are also numbered in the same way. For Example: 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 4. I don't know why anyone needs that functionality? Couldn't the sub-list use capital letters instead of numbers? This would allow anyone who is trying to make a basic outline to follow a traditional form without a lot of time spent formatting.
  8. Evernote is great for collecting information, but I find it frustrating that it's so difficult to manipulate and manage information from the app. Since I use Evernote to take notes during classes and meetings, I'm generally torn about when to create a new note vs just adding a new section. The outline quick links added to Google Drive has dramatically improved my ability to compose and iterate on documents in that tool. I'd love to see something similar for Evernote.
  9. Please run MSOneNote or MSWord and try the following in a new note. Type "1. blah blah" Type "2. blah blah blah" Type "3. blee blee blee" now... without using the mouse... press <arrow up> to the "2..." item and hold <Alt>+<Shift> down and press "right arrow" then "up arrow" then "left arrow" to see how easy it is to move outline elements around. This is an amazing time save when brainstorm alone or in a group while sharing a screen. Please add these "Key chords" to your WIndows team to-do list. Thank you. There are many requests for this feature in the forums... its heartbreaking to have MSWord and OneNote beat us on this feature. Thanks for listening.
  10. We have numbering and bullets. It would be way cool to be able to collapse, expand, and move around branches of information a la an outline.
  11. I often have this uneasiness of how my notes look. Often times I just dump thoughts that run through my brain in a note, using tags and Evernote's powerful search function, but is making my OCDness kick in. What are your best practices when you take notes? Are you following a specific outline? a specific style? or also dumping thoughts in a creative or free manner in a note? Please share your best practices. Thank you and appreciate it much!
  12. The ability to create a new table within a cell has been the one deciding feature that is pushing me towards OneNote. I love EN for its clipping ability, but I made the most powerful study guides in OneNote using this feature. It is really causing me serious psychological anguish that I can't use this feature in EN. What use is clipping without the ability to process the information and turn it into a beautiful outline or study guide?? Please give us this feature and my knowledge machine will be complete!!
  13. krugr7

    android The TAB Key

    Hi Evernote, First I would like to say you have an amazing product, and I have temporarily converted from my original OneNote deployments to Evernote. It truly works exceptionally well except in one small regard... ...The TAB Key.... I use outline formats for my notes as I find it easier to keep track of things. Through the Website and Windows client this is fine, as I can use the TAB key to indent to the next lower level and Evernote will automatically put the bullet in a next space appropriately. I will say that the formatting support through OneNote still has some other advantages in this regard as they have more options for font support, bullet layout etc., but we can save that for another discussion. The problem with the android client is that it doesn't recognize the tab key. That being said, yes, I know that most android devices don't even have a tab key to begin, such as my HTC EVO Shift, however my ASUS Transformer does via it's keyboard docking station, and I am sure so does Apple given the various Bluetooth keyboards that are available. The second part of this issue is that when I create an outline format via the web or Windows client, and may have several sub notes and bullets under the main start of the outline, I can view it just as I created it inside the Android client. However if I attempt to "edit" that particular note, all previously created and saved formatting is immediately lost and all lines are shifted back to standard left. I would like to see this small issue corrected at some point. It is my last hold out to fully converting over to Evernote. Regards
  14. Hi. I would like a better outlining, not for notebooks and notes as with Tusk Tools Outliner (is there something similar for Mac-User?) but for the lines of each note. Of course I may indent lines and give them checkboxes (not very comfortable) but I need a list handling way like Circus Ponies NoteBook or OmniOutliner offer, where I can create a hierarchy and take an item, drag it around and drop it between other items. May I expect such a functionality in the near future appearing within Evernote? Or is there a tool around (for Mac) that may enhance Evernote with this? Thank you.
  15. I'm slowly figuring out how Evernote can used in almost everything I do. Something that has been bothering me for awhile is why there is not an option to outline notes with more detail? One has to choose between bullets or numbered which is not enough for those who outline speeches and the like. There is a need for more detailed note taking option, preferably with roman numerals or better yet give the option to the user to create their own multilevel list.
  16. Love Evernote! Keep up the great work. Recent update however (5.9 on Android) removed my hierarchy of tags on my tablet which are now displayed merely alphabetically rather than how I had them grouped. Can you please make this an option to go alpha or groups? My desktop version is still nicely grouped and so much more helpful. Please bring that back to the android version.
  17. Hello, I love the "outline view" in Pages and Microsoft Word. I find seeting up a page with heading, subheading, and point form notes very cumbersome in Evernote, to the point that I thought it might be easier to make an outline in a word processor, and import it in. A different suggestion is for the viewing mode. I know you can have drop down menus in the left bar, but it would be helpful if you could see all the levels at once: Stacks, Notebooks, and Individual notes all in one flow. There does not appear to be an option for that, and there is lots of room for it, even on my little macpro 13" screen. I hope this is helpful!
  18. Christine1325

    windows Evernote Outline View

    I am in the process of importing my bulkiest word files to Evernote from Word. There is one feature of word that i like the most and I am not sure if evernote has it: the outline view. This allows me to organize my notes in different levels. Does evernote has this function or something similar? Thank you! - C
  19. As a writer, I use Evernote for all my notes for writing. I've been waiting patiently for Scrivener to complete their iOS version, but it's very slow going, and they hardly provide any updates on progress. What would we need to use Evernote as a writers tool? 1. Nested stacks. - We need to be able to put stacks (or folders) in stacks. 2. Duplicate notebook names. - Currently you can't create two notebook stacks and have "Outline" as a notebook name in each of them. 3. Outline view - With nested stacks, it would be nice to have an outline view, with "preview text" 4. Manual Sort - Be able to sort notes, sub-stacks manually Yes, I can limp along and use Evernote now, but a few additional features can make the process easier. Here is the layout of what I'd like to be able to do. Great American Novel - Stack Outline - Notebook Section 1 - Note Section 2 - Note Drafts - Notebook Chapter 1 - Note Chapter 2 - Note Characters - Notebook John Doe - Note Jane Doe - Note Notes - Stack Story Ideas - Notebook Note 1 - Note Images - Notebook Image 1 Image 2 Locations - Notebook USA - note Final - Notebook Chapter 1 - Note Chapter 2 - Note Feel free to add to this concept. I know there are a lot of people out there waiting for a great writing tool. Thanks