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Found 87 results

  1. I'm using the latest evernote on OSX. I have a notebook that is in a stack and I want to move it out of that stack. If I try to access the "move notebook" option is is grayed out. See screenshot. How can I do that? Thanks, -hb
  2. What I find irritating is the fact that the text that I set to a monospace font in my notes on a Mac appear with a serif font on my iOS devices. This is also the case with a 'code-block' which is even more irritating. My Android device shows the monospace font as it should be. Would it be too difficult to implement this in the iOS app?
  3. MadeByGrandad

    Temporary workspace (TWS)

    Temporary workspace (TWS) A place to put several Evernote notes at the same time while wanting quick access to them all. Cooking is a good example. Choose the recipes for a meal and put them into the TWS (I suggest add an option to the ‘up-arrow’ send-to tool - ‘workspace....’). This wouldn’t involve any new tags or moving folders. When doing the cooking all the correct recipes would be together in the TWS so that you could skip backwards and forwards without any searching. When the cooking is over, clear the TWS and everything is back where it started. Currently, when selecting recipes, I give each recipe a tag ‘xxx’ and then use a saved search to achieve something similar but not very convenient and the tags have to be reset at the end.
  4. This survey is so poorly designed that I quit at this page: How well do you believe the following solutions perform on each of the criteria relative to other competitors in the market? Please rate them on a scale of 1 to 7, where: It wouldn’t let me continue, nor would it tell me what is wrong. Let me tell you that I really like evernote and use it daily. However, I have no need for you to become Slack, which I have used, and find pointless. You don’t need to replace my email, messaging, word processing, or other functions. Just do what you do, and make it better, faster, more comprehensive. How about voice rec or OCR? Don’t let feature creep destroy a great product. And btw, I do survey design. If you want to do another, I can help be sure it works and doesn’t drive people up a wall. Then i got this crappy response from your robot: "Thank you for reaching out to the Evernote team. Unfortunately, this email is an automated notification, which is unable to receive replies. For all your support requests about our products, please visit https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action and log in with your Evernote credentials to access our support website. Kind Regards, The Evernote Team " If you think “kind regards” makes this more human, you’re missing a bet. Love your product. Sure glad I don’t need support. Ben Delaney Executive Director Long-time Evernote fan (but not of your "support")
  5. When I switch to evernote on my mac, and have a bunch of evernotes open, I then want to find the main window. In the window list, it used to indicate which window was the main window. Now it simply blends in by showing up as the title of the current notebook. Please add an indicator back so it's clear which of the windows is the main window.
  6. It's been almost a year since Apple introduced Handoff to quickly switch devices and view the same item. Evernote is perfectly suited for this feature since it links to notes via URLs; in fact, I've set up a workaround in which I copy links and AirDrop them between devices, but why not simply support Handoff? It would greatly enhance my experience of Evernote and that of many of Evernote's customers, in my opinion. I understand that the staff at Evernote have to make tradeoffs in what they add and support, but my sense is that the implementation is fairly straightforward at this point, unless there's something obvious that I'm forgetting. Hope this is a possibility!
  7. I think encryption is very important. At the moment it is not possible to encrypt notes on a mobile device and the way notes can be encrypted is really complicated. So from my point of view everything stored in evernote must be encrypted directly when it is stored. On all devices. What do you think?
  8. How exactly do tags work in shared notebooks? I am working collaboratively quite often with new users (Who I often make download and use Evernote). Suffice to say I am ussually doing most of the organisation of notes for them, to have some kind of order... The setting are users can: view and edit. I know I can tag notebooks any way I like... 1) Do they see/have access to my tags? Or Am I only one who can see the things I tag? 2) Can they add tags on a shared notebook? And if they add tags on my shared notebooks... Is it only for their eyes? Or do we all have the shared tags they decide to add? Thanks. Need to know this before I give advice for them on using tags to help me organise things systematically...
  9. Hi and greetings to all, if there was a wish list I'd like to add the plea for creating and modifying personal keyboard shortcuts for a lot more functionality than those currently few for general operations. I like my keyboard and I have to use this artificial finger limb (aka "mouse") quite more often in Evernote than I like to, e. g. to copy a note link which I use all the time. Or is there a solution already I simply don't know about? Thanks for any clues and hints and have a great time!
  10. I would like to drag images, including groups of images, from the finder and the mac photos.app into a note in evernote.
  11. fn + rightArrow should scroll to the end of a note in the note's window pane, and fn + leftarrow should scroll to the top. Just like every other mac app, and just like the other windows / panes in evernote. But it does not.
  12. I am trying to edit text in a note, using the Osx Evernote app on Sierra. Most of the buttons are working fine, but the font selecter and font size selector are having no effect. The text is stuck at 14pt helvetica. Is this a bug or am I forgetting to do something? Thanks
  13. The note conflicted often in the latest version between the iOS app and the OSX app. It happened when I opened and edited some text in the iOS app after synchronized from desktop (OSX) version. This is a classic problem from the very early version until now. The iOS app should has some sign to inform user that it is already sync with the server before allow user to edit again.
  14. Hi I'm using EN 5.4.4 on my iMac and try as I might I have so far failed miserably to find where the total note count is displayed as one single, clear number. I'd have expected it to be to the right of the "Notes" icon on the LH pane but it's not there and I just can't find it for the life of me. I've trawled the forums and Google to no avail, other than a posting saying that in EN 5 the missing total note count had returned, but I'm damned if I can find it! Can anyone point me in the direction of the magic number please, it appears on the iOS version just fine. Thanks, Q
  15. Hi All, It seems that the "Check For Updates" option is no longer working after upgrading to EN v5.6. I get the following error when it tries to check for an update: Update Error! An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later. And it only has a "Cancel Update" button on the pop-up. I've attached a screenshot of the error message as well. Evernote Version: 5.6.0 (450741 Direct) OS X Version: 10.9.5 Any help around fixing this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Hi I have a Scansnap IX500 and I am having problems getting it to work correctly with Evernote. I cannot find a way to direct scans to a particular Notebook in Evernote. How do i select which notebook a scan should go to? I tried using the Evernote edition software but this does not seem to work with my (non Evernote edition) scanner. Any help much appreciated.
  17. When I enter a notebook on my iPad, the sorting of notes within a notebook is different than the setting I just made to the same notebook through a different platform (e.g. a PC browser). As a result, I have to continually re-apply my sorting preference as I move from platform to platform while accessing the same notebook. When I select a sorting option, that preference should replicate for the same notebook across all platforms.
  18. So I was recently introduced to Evernote by my boss, and I'm loving it. There's a bit of a learning curve, but with most software there usually is. I've been using it for my work, my hobbies, and now I'm using it to take notes as the secretary of a couple of groups I'm a part of. I generally take my notes on Windows 7 PC I have with me, sync up and then I'll go home where I have an OS X machine. When I'm taking notes on the Windows box, everything looks so crisp and clean and well organized, same story when I go home to my mac. I went to print to a PDF so I could e-mail the meeting notes out to everyone on my Mac at home and the PDF looked just like I expected (WYSIWYG). I had to make a change to the minutes then redo the PDF on my Windows box later and was somewhat horrified to see the PDF generated was massively altered in a Dali-esque way. Text didn't line up with bullet points or check boxes. Underlined text was struck through instead, and tables weren't doing so well either, but it all looked ok on the screen still. Went home and looked on my Mac, and all was well again both on screen and PDF? Anyone know what's going on here? I really don't see it being a Windows vs. Mac thing as they both look the same on screen -- it has to be somewhere in the print rendering. Either way I suppose I can note in windows and always make sure to go back to home to print, but what a pain. I absolutely can not turn in something (professionally at least) that looks like an armature with some newsprint, scissors, and a glue stick put together a report -- that much is for sure. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong though in my ignorance. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Has anyone noticed that the "Date Deleted" column in Evernote for Window's trash bin has been cleared prior to May 29, 2016? I have a few thousand notes in my trash bin and just went in to retrieve something and noticed that the Deleted date is empty on most of them. It would seem some version of Evernote I installed either cleared them or the server did. I am putting this in the Windows forum, but honestly, it could be a Mac or iOS version that did it. I get betas on all 3 platforms. Not the end of the world, but kinda frustrating, and something I hope isn't repeated.
  20. I have the Evernote, Chrome Extension, running Mac OSX 10.9.5. The Remember icon constantly and annoyingly appears in my browser window, when I don't want it there, covering content so I can't read it. The only way I can get it to go away is to refresh the page. Maybe this is a user error and has to do with how sensitive I have my mouse/trackpad, but not finding any solutions or seemingly, anyone else with this issue. Any clues would be helpful!
  21. Hey everyone, So I'm using Skitch as part of my OS X script that basically does the following: upon pressing the hotkey it lets you select an area of the screen (or takes the whole screen, depending on the hotkey), then it opens up Skitch to let you edit it and then it uploads the edited image to Imgur and gives you the direct image link. All in 1 hotkey. I've found Skitch to be the best lightweight image editor out there for OS X but there are a couple of issues right now that are bugging me. I would gladly fix them myself if it was possible to edit the source code. The issues are: 1. When saving (or rather, exporting) the image Skitch always replaces slashes in the image name (example "image_1_01/01/2016") with underscores (becomes "image_1_01_01_2016"). I find it annoying because I always have to click the exact image I've been editing to make Skitch save it with slashes, not underscores. I don't really get why do this if I'm opening the OS-compliant named image with Skitch in the first place. Would it be possible to fix this? 2. When doing an export and pressing 'Enter' to save the image Skitch always asks if I want to replace the image (if I'm saving the edited image with the same name). I wonder if it would be possible to make a checked option if I want to just replace automatically every time I choose the same image name or if I at least could use arrows on the keyboard to move the button focus from 'Cancel' to 'Replace'. I'm sure Skitch developers out there would understand why I want to use keys as much as possible instead of trackpad.
  22. Business card scanning on iOS and sharing on OSX (to contacts app) have a number of problems. Hopefully these can be addressed in a future update. Scanning in iOS: 1. Company name and title fields often not populated 2. Only part of the address shows up in the address field; zeros in the postal code show up as lower case o's. It seems impossible to insert line breaks into the field once populated. 3. Various pieces of information are often left out, but this varies quite a bit from card to card. 4. Phone number categories labeled on the card in spanish (e.g., "directo," "celular" etc.) are not used to classify the numbers properly in Evernote. (I'm using the English version). Share->Save to Contacts in OSX: 5. Only one line of the address field is imported to contacts. Even copying and pasting manually gives poor results. Usually -- but not when copied from Evernote -- OSX Contacts is able to parse addresses pasted into the address field into the proper subfields: street, city, state, etc. I even tried pasting the address into the Contacts notes field first, then editing there before pasting into the Contacts address field.
  23. I've just started using the new Google Drive integration for Mac OSX and when I attach an image from Google Drive it crops the images in the preview it gives. I would much rather it showed the full image. When viewing on Android, the preview shows the full pic, so why does it not on Mac and web too? Also, for pdf attachments the user can right click and select "View as attachment" to stop the pdf preview being shown. It would be good if Google Drive images also had this option.
  24. Mac El Capitan 10.11.5 Issues I'm seeing a lot of issues reported for the 10.11.5 Update to El Capitan: I know of at least 3, and then there is a long list at OS X El Capitan at Apple Support Communities KM Safari Actions that Peter posted Evernote Clipper for both Safari and Chrome El Capitan 10.11.5 update SMB slow (bug) See Search of Apple Support Communities El Capitan Section for "10.11.5" Found 112 topics, many new ones just today. I don't know of any compelling reasons to update to 10.11.5. OS X 10.11.5 El Capitan Update — Released I'm still on 10.11.4, and plan to stay there until these issues are resolved.
  25. Recently bullet points stopped working for me in my usual workflow. I often copy and paste text and links from other sources into bullet lists. So before I could start a bullet list, paste a link, hit enter, the next bullet point appears. Now, whenever I paste in a bullet point and hit enter, then I just get a blank space and bulleting is then completely broken. even without pasting, I can't create a new bullet item unless previous ones exist. I've tried various things to attempt to fix up the list but it remains broken. I saw the Windows thread on bullet points which indicates this feature has a history of problems. The only workaround I have is to create a template list with a bunch of entries as in * x * x * x * x In this case I can replace an "x" by pasting the link and then use the next "x". But this is a PITA when for instance I want an new bullet item between two I've already pasted into as in: * x * x * I already pasted here * And here * x * x Now I'm screwed again. Unless I use the existing x's to create new one's and re-copy and paste those items leaving an entry between for the new item I want to paste. This is not acceptable workflow. Is this a known issue? Is there any known work around/fix for this issue?