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Found 22 results

  1. Dear Evernote Community, We are happy to announce the beta release of our Akreet product. http://beta.akreet.net Akreet is a unique way for user to organize and visualize their Evernotes. Our philosophy is deliver tools that can allow users to get the most out of their own content. We are looking for any and all feedback. Got an idea on how we can better improve the categorizing and visualization experience? Tell us about it, we’ll build it in. A few videos to get your started: What is Akreet? How to Akreet.
  2. I like that the notebook's snippet view has an image thumbnail (if image is loaded). But the image changes based on most recent upload? It would be great if you could determine and lock the image. Use case 1: I have a notebook for all of my clients, that has my discussion notes, crucial profile data, etc. I would like the thumbnail to be my clients' logos. Makes them easier to identify. Use case 2: Put profile picture of a contact. I have notebooks to keep notes on my clients and try to get familiar with them.
  3. To speed iOS workflow after using ScanSnap to import a ton of documents, it would be a big help to be able to swipe right on a note to bring up a list of notebooks to move a note into. Currently swiping left brings up some options, but not swiping right. I like to scan a big stack of papers at home and then use my phone later to sort & organize. But it takes a few extra taps, especially since on iOS you can’t select multiple notes and then move them all at once. swiping right could instead bring up this screen:
  4. Stacks upon Stacks

    Notebook questions

    Hello! I am new to Evernote. Would someone answer a few questions? 1. Is there no ability to create a notebook cover? 2. Is there ability to organize notebooks that are in the stack? 3. What is this "deeper more powerful search" offered in the premium services and how exactly does the search differ using the plus service and the premium service? 4. In creating a notebook, I saw the ability to share it but there was no ability that I saw to make it private. Can I assume then, that it is private by default? 5. Is there no customization of paper in the notebooks? Thank you!
  5. Is there a workaround to getting a tag list? Is using SQL on a copy of the .exb file possible? I've noticed a number of posts on the forum about obtaining a tag list. They seem to dwell on 1) you cannot export or print a tag list in EN and/or 2) it would be a nice feature to have and will you please make it immediately or yesterday. It appears that none of these posts has yielded a definitive answer about a workaround. I have about 3,000 tags. That number is rapidly growing. I access EN two ways: EN for Windows and online in Chrome. I curate the tags in a hierarchy. I am aware that the prevailing consensus seems to be that tags are a superior way to organize one's EN content than notebooks, at least beyond some threshold volume of notes. But it has become tough to organize tags. My tags and their hierarchy are in continual flux as I add notes. I have about 35,000 notes. I continue to add tags and to delete and rearrange them. I am experimenting with the use of "special characters," ie., punctuation characters, to establish various categories. By "curation" I mean inspecting how the tags are organized (naming conventions and hierarchical arrangement) to be sure there is internal consistency. Part of the difficulty in doing so is that: a) there are so many; I can only see a small subset of them at a time; c) lacking an overview, I tend to have several curation and re-organization efforts going on concurrently and/or only partially implemented. d) these curation and re-organization efforts can be in conflict. The whole effort has become analogous to examining an entire landscape sequentially by examining parts of it through the narrow aperture of a drinking straw. But examining things sequentially can never replace simultaneous examination. I want to see all the tags. I need an overview, and to see their hierarchical organization at a glance. I am aware that there is no feature in EN to either print or export tags. Can I extract the tags using SQL? Doing so would not change the actual working file. I could use a copy of my .exb file (Windows platform), perhaps renaming it to a .db, and obtain from that renamed file a list of all of my tags. I recognize it is not good to go into the original backend database file with SQL tools. I would never touch that. It would be helpful to get even just a tag list, regardless of the hierarchical level of each tag. Getting the tags in their hierarchy would be good, though it's not strictly necessary. If you believe that it is infeasible to access the tags in a read-only manner via SQL, please let me know if you are aware of some other option. For example, alternately, is there some third-party software, perhaps analogous to VB for Office, or some macro-like utility of some kind, that would enable me to copy the tags successively, whether from within EN for Windows or EN in my browser, and paste them into MS Word? I am confident that it will be infinitely easier to manage them, once I have them in a word-processing document. I will be able to see the tags and their hierarchical position all at once rapidly, to grok relationships among them, disparities; similar, duplicative labels, etc. Changes to them in a Word doc can then be easily made in the original EN file. I would welcome any suggestions. That said, I do not imagine it would be helpful to question, why do you have so many tags? If you are thinking in those terms, please realize that you may be using EN for entirely different purposes and/or not have as much content. I have about 35,000 notes. Consider that the interrelationships among notes increase enormously as you add new topical areas. I want to track these with the tagging system. Nor do I imagine it would be helpful to ask, how can you use so many notes? Consider that, for the value that I wish to create, I do not need to use them all. Nor is it possible at the moment that I clip them to determine either exactly how I might use them or the likelihood that I will do so. Please realize that the process of capture with EN is often done intuitively, rather than with extensive planning aforethought. In that respect, EN is (or should be) not only a way of managing information. It is also (or should be) a way of managing how to allocate one's limited attention. Likewise, scrolling through a very lengthy tag list in EN for Windows does not support human cognitive strengths and inherent limitations.
  6. I'm trying to organize my notes hierarchically. First I tried with nested folders but it's not possible to do so as Evernote only allows one sub-folder level. After doing a search the answer people gave was to use tags as they are possible to nest this way. Great I thought, then I opened my mobile app, then I discover that it's not possible to get a hierarchical view of your tags on mobile the way you do in the desktop app. You only see Notebooks and their folder structure, you also can only set Notebooks to offline view not a tag. So the question is, how do I get a hierarchical structure and overview on to work on both desktop and mobile?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm really excited to announce an app we have been working extremely hard on for the last year! The app is called Tuskify and can be found at https://www.tuskify.com. Tuskify is currently in beta and is an integration with Evernote that allows you to automate the way you organize your notes. For example if you regularly move notes with all checkboxes complete to your "Done" notebook, we can do that automatically for you. Tuskify allows you to check your notes for specific conditions. These conditions are called "Triggers", and when they occur one or more "Actions" that you specify are performed. In the example above, the trigger is the checkboxes being set to complete and the action is moving the note to the "Done" notebook. The trigger and action above form a "recipe" and a recipe can contain multiple triggers and actions. We are currently looking for a number of beta testers before we go public with this. If you are interested please sign up for a free 7 day trial by visiting Tuskify. We want to make this the best it can be so we want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly, including the cunning ways you found to break it! You can get in touch with us by: - using the Support form - emailing us directly at support@tuskify.com - direct message on this forum - tweeting us @Tuskify We aim to reply to all communication within 2 days, but please keep in mind that further investigation may be required which could take longer. Please be assured that we will reply to everyone's comments. We're excited to hear what you think! N.B. Recipes are run against notes that you create or update. For example, if you add a recipe that looks for notes with the word "testing" in the title, any notes that you then create or update with "testing" in the title will be picked up by this recipe. Time-based recipes are the exception to the above. Rather than being triggered by a created or updated note, these recipes are triggered by the passing of time, such as a reminder on a note becoming due.
  8. I am researching on vacation places. I put all the notes in a Notebook called 2016-02-Vacation. There are hotels, travel, restaurants, places to go... etc. Ideally I would have one note per location with all the information, but as I browse through the web, I found lots of pages related to this place so I captured the useful pages into the notebook. Now I have several notes related to one topic, mixed with other topics in the same notebook. It makes finding the information very difficult in Evernote. I've thought about using tags, but 1) tags are global, having one makes tag list look messy 2) topics usually have long descriptive names (titles). For these reasons tags are unsuitable. I've thought about creating Table of Contents but every time I add a new page, I have to re-generate the ToC. And the pages are still all over the place in the Notebook. And now you have to actually look for the ToC note. Last method is Merging all the notes, but again you can't really add new pages after you've created the merged note. Or are there better ways to organize things?
  9. Hi there, I have tried and stopped using Evernote several times over the years for one simple reason, which is I cannot figure out how to create nested folders, or folders within folders. The system only allows me to create Parent Folder > Child Folders (As Many as I can make) EG. Business Projects > Project 1 What I need to be able to do is Business Projects > Project 1 > Subtopic Folder 1 > Etc I really don't feel like going back to Devonthink Offic Pro, but if this is still a limitations I really cant see how i can continue to use Evernote as a serious tool Thanks for your help.
  10. With my daily usage in Evernote, I need notes to be in order of the header or subject name I get it and not organized by the last edit showing up first. For example, I may have a notebook with 500 notes. Each note is organized by a number. Not this way but simply put, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on. So when I open up a notebook it will display in order regardless of when I made an edit. Is there a way to do this? I really hope so. I know in notebooks it can be organized that way but how bout notes? Thanks for the help!
  11. I am using Evernote more every day. My notes now number over 1,000 and I have started using it for taxes. I agree that tagging can be less frustrating that multiple notebooks and I will try to reduce the number of notebooks I maintain. However, there is one drawback to limited notebooks: sharing. I can email a single note, but I cannot email a collection of tagged notes. I can share an entire notebook. This has been very useful for taxes. I place my secured documents in a shared folder and share that folder with my CPA. It does appear to me that you could load your taxes into a common notebook, tag them "Taxes 2013," and then move them to a temporary notebook for sharing. The main problem I find is too many returned notes when I forget the correct search term. More practice may make perfect, but this is my view. Now, I am using the ScanSnap scanner. It is zero frustration and worth the expense to me, but it does move common document to a common notebook that later needs to be sorted with tags or moved to another notebook. Still, it is the best solution I have found so far. Equipment: MacBook Pro, Evernote Desktop, iPad, iPhone
  12. Hi all, Seasoned evernote user and I'm having major troubles with Evernote on my Mac. I use an older mac laptop runing Mac OS X Lion. I have hundreds of notes to process and desperately need to organize the notes into notebooks. Everytime I uset the "move to notebook" menu command and start typeing a notebook name in the search, Evernote hangs/crashes. Details: Macbook Pro 13" Mac OSX Lion 10.7.5 (supported by evernote version below) Evernote 6.0.1 I am in need of a solution to organize these hundreds of notes, clicking everything with a mouse is insane for a productivity oriented app. I'm loosing faith in Evernote and also looking for an alternative. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. Here is an article for those who need to re-organise their evernote from scratch. Hope it helps! Enjoy!
  14. The handy feature of nesting tags is useless if we don't see the tags nested when we click on the little tag icon in the desktop version (which just shows you a list of tags organized alphabetically). - Show them nested there as well! - Show tags that are nested on the mobile versions (iOS) as well! We're supposed to use tags but when we organize them the organization is all lost when actually using the notes (on the desktop within a notebook as well as on mobile)! Really looking forward to more attention on the organizational part of our external brains and not just on products and markets and brands.... Keep up the good work!
  15. Yes, I realize that color coding of notes has been discussed over & over.......... - BUT - as my EN Notes/notebooks begins to grow, I for one would think it would be beneficial to at the very least, have the ability to color code Stacks.
  16. Hello, please help me with strategy, i can't combine business and personal things on my evernote. I get lost in my notebooks and tags. i cant figure out which logic notebooks and tags to have. I tried 2 methods, please help me out, is there any examlpes of Evernote organization? Thanks
  17. Hey there, is there any way that let me organize Notes as part as a greater story (like the structure of a thesis)? I currently use Evernote Links but I don´t really find it very handy. Another solution that would be probably easier would be folding bulletpoints. Any idea?
  18. I have my tags organised in a hierarchy much like files in windows explorer. It'd be cool if you could mark a tag as a 'placeholder' tag. ie. you can't actually use it when tagging a note, it's just created to make a hierarchy in the tags. Ideally it wouldn't even show up when you start typing the tag name - possibly one advantage of marking it a placeholder. Maybe you could then even allow duplicate tags if they are placeholders. Implementing it, I imagine you'd just have a tickbox in the dialog box that pops up when you create a new tag that you can tick if you want it to be a placeholder
  19. I'm a huge Evernote user and love it for keeping track of details, records, information, etc. But I want to get the most out of it as a room mom this year...I'm my son's second grade room mom. I'd love to share ideas with any of you who are room moms or otherwise organizing activities with Evernote. Thanks! Leslie Godwin
  20. I recently purchased an iPad 3, and I am thrilled at the possibilities to simplify my life as a high school, varsity, cheerleading coach. I do not teach, but I know that there are plenty of teachers who also coach and could benefit from my EN for Coaches tips- I hope! INVENTORY- I recently cleaned out our school equipment lockers. It's my first year running the program, so I wasn't sure where to start. After sorting out all the uniforms and equipment, I realized we were missing some things. I decided to take a picture of each uniform, each set of signs, each set of different pom-poms, each set of warm ups and any other random equipment or supplies and upload them each to a seperate note in Evernote. Next to each picture in the note, I logged how many piecese or sets of each item we have. KEEPING TRACK OF IMPORTANT FORMS- This one is a no-brainer, and a popular use of evernote. After collecting emergency medical forms from 30+ girls, I put them in alphabetical order and then scanned them as one document. I bookmarked each girl's form in Adobe, and then uploaded it into Evernote as a document. I have done the same thing for other important forms. This way I only have to carry around my iPad, instead of stacks of forms. ATTENDANCE- First, I downloaded "Noteshelf", which is a handwriting app that is integrated with Evernote. Then I created my own notebook back ground (explained in the noteshelf app) with each of the girls' names in the first column, and "present", "tardy" and "absent" in the top row. Now I can easily start a new notebook for every event, take attendance, and send the note to Evernote. No more chance of lost pages out of a paper notebook. FORMATIONS/ PLAYS- I also plan to use the handwriting app, Noteshelf, to keep track of all our different formations (other sports could use this to keep track of plays created on the spot). This app works best with a stylus pen. No more will I have to fumble through a large notebook to find a particular formation- I will simply do a quick search in Evernote, and it will pull up. I would imagine I haven't even begun to tap into the possibilities. I would love to hear your ideas on how evernote can take the "office" duties out of coaching to allow more time to coach!
  21. I am looking for some real organization advise. Advise on Evernote organization methods that have evolved overtime as understanding has gone deeper in the same way a craftsman perfects their craft overtime. I love Evernote and it is permeating deeper into my workflows daily. My problem is that my organization strategy is becoming inadequate. I am heavy on notebooks and VERY light on tags, but I am starting to feel the limitations when the note does not neatly fit in one place. I have used a few stacks but that seems weak. Nested tabs seems like the way to move forward with saved searches acting as notebooks when I need them. Please help me gain a deeper understanding and method of use Maybe describing your own failures and what your solution is / was will be helpful. Thanks, Drew
  22. Looking for suggestions on how to best capture ideas, quotes, and major themes while reading/researching non-fiction. While reading non-fiction, I take notes via highlighter. My plan is to go through the book, capturing ideas into Evernote. As a public-speaker, I'm looking to organize the material so that's it is easy to find when putting together a talk. Would you create a seperate notebook for each book? What tags would you use? For example: If you were reading a book on World War 2, you might find an excellent quote on Rommel. You could create a new note and title it "Rommel". Or you could use a tag. I'm not sure what's the best way to do this. Thanks in advance for your suggestions/advice.