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  1. A wish list, I guess. I clip a lot of stories, articles, reviews – for research, or the basis for further work. This involves subsequent organization into overlapping and constantly developing areas of interest. I find myself wanting to be able to do two things: 1. Highlight and annotate text in notes. I know you can do this with pdfs, but I wish I could highlight text selections or add comments to things in notes – much in the way I might use a highlighter in a physical book or notebook, or scribble some comment in the margin. 2. Add the same new tag to multiple notes. My areas of interest overlap. I notice a connection between tag A and tag B. They're separate things, but there's an overarching relationship, so I want to add a tag C. Instead of opening all the notes with tag and tag B singly, and adding the new tag to each of them, I wish I could do this with a single action. Or two actions. Search for notes with tag A, add tag C to every note on the whole list of results. Same with tag B.
  2. Organization Tables - web version - Problem

    Hi. I don't know if this is the right place to post this. If it is not, please tell me where the right place would be. I have created a table in the web versión and I can't find a way move downwards in the document (basically, pressing return and moving downwards and getting out of the table). I'm completely stuck. I usually use the Windows desktop versión which is not allowed at work. I am completely stuck and what I want is extremely basic and I am still unable to figure it out. Basically i need some way to be able to move downwards in the document. Thanks, Gonzalo
  3. Hi. Is there a way to use Evernote that would allow the following: I have multiple apartments that I manage. I want to store data about what square footage the apartment is, date it was painted, the color paint, furnace make/model/size, a floorplan image, etc. How would i set things up in Evernote so that i could easily pull up all the specific info on a particular apartment, but also have the option of printing a specific item of data for ALL the various apartments (like a list of all the furnace filter sizes i should buy at the start of the winter). Here's a simplified example of my data (I actually track many more data items): APT-1 : 500 sq, ft. Trane CB400 furnace, 14x12 filter, serviced 12/2017, [link]. APT-2: 720 sq. Ft. Gibson RS60 furnace, 16x14 filter, serviced 10/2017, [link]. APT-3: 850 sq. Ft. Gibson TL40 13x13 filter, serviced 1/2018, [link]. So when we're working on one apartment, i want to pull up ALL the above data on that one apartment. But other times i want to pull a specific bit of data (like furnace filter size), but for ALL the apartments. Without all the other data in the way, just show Apartment and filter size, for all apartments. Any suggestions? Or is this more a task for a relational database rather than Evernote? Thanks!
  4. This should not be too hard to add. Please, can you make it possible, that I can color code my 1st and 2nd level notebooks. Thank you, Kind Regards
  5. At present, the structural organization of Evernote is in dire need of improvement. Here are the no-brainer features that should be added to Evernote as soon as humanly and technically possible. 1) The contents of every note are organized into sections 2) Every notebook is organized into sub-notebooks 3) Stacks are organized into folders aka meta-stacks. My request basically boils down to adding 3 new structural entities: 1) note sections; 2) sub-notebooks; 3) meta-stacks. If you agree that these features need to be added, please upvote this post. I hope to get an official response from the Evernote Development Team as to whether the abovementioned features are going to be added.
  6. Subfolders

    I REALLY would like to make subfolders in Evernote a thing. I'm an extremely specific person and I like everything to be in subfolders. For example, I'm a photographer and I like to have all of my clients as a separate note. I'd LOVE to be able to have subfolders in my "Clients" notebook for completed, processing, & queued clients. Does anybody else forward this? I think this needs to be a thing.
  7. Sticky Notes

    I often use the sticky notes app on windows to organize and keep track of tasks that I need to accomplish. I used to use Outlook for this, but since they added tagged emails into the task list, it got too cluttered for me to manage. I like to group my tasks in sticky notes, sometimes by customer, and sometimes by "what I need to get done today...". It is freeform enough that it allows me to organize my tasks. I love evernote, and use it a lot. I have tried keeping my tasks in evernote, but it requires that I go find my task notes. So here is my wish: I would like to take a note from Evernote, and flag it as a "sticky note". When I am in windows, I would like to right-click on the tray icon and pick "show sticky notes" and have the notes appear on my desktop (sized and arranged how I last left them). If I am out and about, I can still pull up a note (that has been designated a "sticky note") and edit it, or delete it. This way I still have task management on the go, but have my notes backed up and organized on my desktop.
  8. Evernote is great for collecting information, but I find it frustrating that it's so difficult to manipulate and manage information from the app. Since I use Evernote to take notes during classes and meetings, I'm generally torn about when to create a new note vs just adding a new section. The outline quick links added to Google Drive has dramatically improved my ability to compose and iterate on documents in that tool. I'd love to see something similar for Evernote.
  9. I use the Stacks feature frequently to organize my notebooks, but I would love some alternatives to default alphabetical sorting for stacks and notebooks. It would make it much easier to segment out the different things I use Evernote for and speed the process of finding the exact notes I want or need. It would also be great to have an alternative to the 'most recent first' sorting of notes within notebooks, but this concerns me the least since tagging and search functions are so robust.
  10. Note highlighted

    Hi, I'm sorry for my English, I translated from French to English via Google Translate... So my request is to have the opportunity to highlight a note so that we can better get used to it when working on a big project by immediately recognizing the notes that require our attention and those that seem to be not important in the 'immediate. Here is the illustration of my idea : Please, take into account, Thanks to all the Evernote team for creating such an application, I use it daily and I am very satisfied! ToniCSR
  11. Dear Evernote Community, http://app.akreet.net Akreet is a new unique method for getting the most out of your Evernotes. It focuses on three knowledge organizing techniques to accomplish this: Categorizing Visualizing Reporting Our philosophy is that, only the Evernote user can extract useful knowledge from their own notes. It it is our mission at Akreet to deliver the best tools to help the Evernote users to do so. We are looking for any and all feedback. Got a good Categorizing, Visualizing, or Reporting idea? Tell us about it, we'll build it in. A few videos to get you started: Learn Akreet Video Coming Soon Video
  12. Dear Evernote engineers, I love both Evernote and Onenote but I love Evernote better because of its simplicity and elegance of design. It started out with the elegant idea to help people "remember everything". Despite this, Onenote is full of features and functions for productivity. I find one of the features that makes Onenote very good to use is the levels of organization that it offers. If you could add a further level of organization to Evernote in the form of stack groups, then it should match Onenote in that respect. As I was using Evernote, I often found myself wanting this feature. Thank you for your consideration!
  13. Here is an article I wrote about my workflow as a CIO, which is heavy in Evernote. https://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com/2013/12/my-workflow-as-cio-includes-heavy-use.html
  14. I wish there was a calendar/planner type of system that I could link my to do lists to a specific day and possibly even move them from one day to another. It would be great to incorporate a timer and even alarm clock into the system. To be able to set an alarm for a specific day and time in advance that appears in your evernote calendar would be so cool. And the ability to have a link to a note in your calendar so as you are planning your day and need to pack, you click in your planner and it takes you to your packing list note. Also, could we have a little color? Who couldn't use a little color coding organization in their life?
  15. Does Evernote do this?

    Hello, I am attempting to use Evernote to organize my files and need some help. I am a pastor attempting to catalog and organize my past and future sermons. They are written documents and what I would like to do is highlight quotes, stories, statistics, etc. tag them appropriately, and have them automatically added to a master file of quotes. Is there anyway to tag and organize portions of a document without simply copying and pasting over and over? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks,
  16. Ever since discovering Evernote years ago, it has become an all-pervasive part of my personal and professional computing life. During that time, a feature I have continually felt the lack of (like a missing tooth you can't stop probing at with your tongue) is the ability to pin notes to the top of notebooks. As a writer who dedicates a note for organization on each project, it is a no-brainer. I'm sure would have great value in other fields. I know there are workarounds (the Reminder feature, adding to Shortcuts) and that if every suggestion in this forum were pursued, Evernote would be aiming at replacing every creative, organizational, and communication tool we use (Hey! That's an idea!), but this is such an obviously valuable feature and one I can't help to believe would be relatively easy to implement, that I puzzle at Evernote's neglect to seriously address it. So, Evernote, take a look at the changing landscape: If I Google "Evernote pin a note to top of notebook", I get over 700K results, the overwhelming majority of which (as far as I browsed the pages of results) lead to forums discussing the feature. If I limit the results to the past month, the first page is filled with headlines like "5 Alternatives to Evernote", "9 Promising Replacements for Evernote" or links to MS OneNote. This may seem like a minor issue, Evernote, but please note (!) the competitors at your heels, smelling blood on the trail.
  17. It would be very nice to show notebook next to the note's title (with the respective "View option"), for example as "My notebook | 30/03/2017 | 1 KB". What do you think about it?
  18. Ok, So I am new to evernote and I was searching around for ideas of how to structure my evernote. I wanted to share wihte other new people and receive comments / feedback of how others use. My goal for evernote is mainly to have a core location for my important files such as taxes and other files I store in google drive Examples of using organization in Evernote (Attached is a diagram of how I have my evernote notebacks and stacks set up example, organize by year. The bellow structure is - Stack -- notebook -- Tags _INBOX (Default Notebook) -- All emails and scanned files go here, tag as need then move to appropriate notebook _My-Files (notebook) -- All files with Tags go here if they don't go underneath financial management Notebook Stack -- (Stack) -- Collection of notebooks for taking notes IT Notes (Notebook) -- Random IT notes work related or home go here John Notebook (notebook) -- Where random notes about things will go Work Related (Stack) -- All work related Notebooks and files go here My Work Locations Wife Work Locations zFinancial Management -- Stack ( I start the stack with a "z" because I want the stack at the bottom of all the other stacks Taxes (notebook) -- W2, 1099, 1095, etc... actual tax documents saved in this notebook Expenses (notebook) -- everything below are tags - Anything with the below tag will likely be saved in Expenses Notebook YYYY --- Will tag with the year plus some of the below Receipts Utility bills Medical Receipt Loans Bank Statements Credit Cards Budget Checks Tax Deduction ** NOTE ** Because tags above exist underneath notebooks this is just an example of showing where files would moved if one of those tags are added to it TAGS <<-- What I have so far 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Airlines Wife Backup <<-- I tag attachments with one of these tags letting me know I have the actually attachment backed up online some where such as Gdrive G-Drive G-mail Dropbox ME (my name goes here) Confirmation Number House Items Electronics Invoice-Receipts House A Expenses House B Expenses Kids Johnny Jane June Ginger Organization Notes Photos Receipts Medical Receipt Resumes Taxes Tax Deduction Travel Houses << -- Past houses we have lived in House 1 House 2 House 3 Utility Bills Websites Naming Scheme << -- Still in work Generic YYYY-MM-DD-category-company Documents tied to a person YYYY-MM-DD-Person-File_purpose/category Receipts YYYY-MM-DD-Vendorpurchasedfrom-Item TAGS Search for Notes missing tags -tag:tagname <<< this will show you all files that DONT have that tag name I am about to integrate filethis.com into the above structure but I haven't yet
  19. Problem: I want to organize Evernote in such a way that I have as few root directories as possible, wich minimizes scroling. After using Evernote for an extended period of time I ran in to the problem of having to scroll through my stacks to find the one Im looking for, this is a tedious process on mobile, where searching for the right notebook is not as fast as when using a keyboard. Solution: My solution to the problem is to enable stacking of stacks. Think of it as levels in a bookshelf, where each level represent a different category of books. This would enable you to represent different areas of your life, making the select syncing process easier (say you want to only sync job related notes on your work PC). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visual representation of "Stacks in Stacks" Bold text represents top-level stacks, which represent areas of my life "•" represents Sub-stacks "◦" represents Notebooks ■ represents Notes Education Highschool Grade 1 All notes for this grade Grade 2 All notes for this grade Etc. University Year 1 Math 101 All Notes for this course English 1 All Notes for this course Etc. Year 2 Math 102 All Notes for this course Etc. Certificates Personal Recipes: Vegan Vegetarian Standard Projects TODO Shopping List Receits Etc. Resources Programming C# Links Python (Job) (2017) ([Project Name]) Ect -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please let me know what you think of sub-stacks (Stacks in stacks). What would be a good name for this feature? Shelves? Super-stacks?
  20. Organization Table Size Edit

    Using Evernote Web. Want to make a template table and then insert it repeatedly into various individual notes. I found the tutorial on making and using templates. Good. However, all of the tutorials and how-to's say that when I click on the Grid icon for a table, I'm supposed to see a menu option for Table Properties. I'm not seeing that either with a left or right click. I get only a drop down visual that lets me select a few choices of rows and columns (not many) and no ability to adjust the width of the columns. What am I missing? Thank you.
  21. Another layer of organization

    Currently We can do the following only. binder notebook note I would like to do the following Binder Folder "NEW" Notebook Note There has been to many times where I need 1 more layer of organization. here is a good example. I use evernote for home and work. HOME House Kids Things to do ETC Work (binder) Client name (Folder) client site (Notebook) notes Overall I would like to go 1 more step to stay better organized
  22. until
    Organizing Your Way to Successful 2017 with Evernote (and Evernote Certified Consultant - Dave Rebro) Join us to kick-off 2017 with a practical and tactical way for Business Owners to manage their mind and business documents effectively and efficiently! - Would you love to be organized and stay on task by gathering and consolidating all the business content you need into one place? - Are you maximizing your productivity and working efficiently? - Do you desire more growth in your business, but feel overwhelmed and unorganized in your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routines and practices? - Have you resolved to de-clutter your office and brain in 2017? Organization is a key pillar to inspiring creativity, maintaining clarity, and maximizing productivity for growth in your business. This interactive presentation will combine organizational strategies with the powerful productivity tool ‘Evernote’. This combination will help you get both your business and personal life organized for an even more successful 2017. In this presentation, Dave Rebro (Technology Therapist) will introduce you to the tool he uses to organize and manage his business -- Evernote. Learn organizational strategies that will help you go from productivity frustration and information overwhelm to a streamlined and efficient operation of your business. Dave will also share some of the struggles he faced in his business that forced him to make a big shift in how he stays focused, organizes information, manages client projects and workflows, streamlines critical tasks, and remembers everything with his now ‘digital brain’. - Do you dread looking at the clutter you have on your office desk and computer? - Are you looking to reorganize the way you work in the New Year? If you are interested in reorganizing daily work habits, routines, and processes in 2017, then join us and learn how Evernote can consolidate your work into one centralized modern workspace. To Register For This Event (open to all professionals) -
  23. Is there a workaround to getting a tag list? Is using SQL on a copy of the .exb file possible? I've noticed a number of posts on the forum about obtaining a tag list. They seem to dwell on 1) you cannot export or print a tag list in EN and/or 2) it would be a nice feature to have and will you please make it immediately or yesterday. It appears that none of these posts has yielded a definitive answer about a workaround. I have about 3,000 tags. That number is rapidly growing. I access EN two ways: EN for Windows and online in Chrome. I curate the tags in a hierarchy. I am aware that the prevailing consensus seems to be that tags are a superior way to organize one's EN content than notebooks, at least beyond some threshold volume of notes. But it has become tough to organize tags. My tags and their hierarchy are in continual flux as I add notes. I have about 35,000 notes. I continue to add tags and to delete and rearrange them. I am experimenting with the use of "special characters," ie., punctuation characters, to establish various categories. By "curation" I mean inspecting how the tags are organized (naming conventions and hierarchical arrangement) to be sure there is internal consistency. Part of the difficulty in doing so is that: a) there are so many; I can only see a small subset of them at a time; c) lacking an overview, I tend to have several curation and re-organization efforts going on concurrently and/or only partially implemented. d) these curation and re-organization efforts can be in conflict. The whole effort has become analogous to examining an entire landscape sequentially by examining parts of it through the narrow aperture of a drinking straw. But examining things sequentially can never replace simultaneous examination. I want to see all the tags. I need an overview, and to see their hierarchical organization at a glance. I am aware that there is no feature in EN to either print or export tags. Can I extract the tags using SQL? Doing so would not change the actual working file. I could use a copy of my .exb file (Windows platform), perhaps renaming it to a .db, and obtain from that renamed file a list of all of my tags. I recognize it is not good to go into the original backend database file with SQL tools. I would never touch that. It would be helpful to get even just a tag list, regardless of the hierarchical level of each tag. Getting the tags in their hierarchy would be good, though it's not strictly necessary. If you believe that it is infeasible to access the tags in a read-only manner via SQL, please let me know if you are aware of some other option. For example, alternately, is there some third-party software, perhaps analogous to VB for Office, or some macro-like utility of some kind, that would enable me to copy the tags successively, whether from within EN for Windows or EN in my browser, and paste them into MS Word? I am confident that it will be infinitely easier to manage them, once I have them in a word-processing document. I will be able to see the tags and their hierarchical position all at once rapidly, to grok relationships among them, disparities; similar, duplicative labels, etc. Changes to them in a Word doc can then be easily made in the original EN file. I would welcome any suggestions. That said, I do not imagine it would be helpful to question, why do you have so many tags? If you are thinking in those terms, please realize that you may be using EN for entirely different purposes and/or not have as much content. I have about 35,000 notes. Consider that the interrelationships among notes increase enormously as you add new topical areas. I want to track these with the tagging system. Nor do I imagine it would be helpful to ask, how can you use so many notes? Consider that, for the value that I wish to create, I do not need to use them all. Nor is it possible at the moment that I clip them to determine either exactly how I might use them or the likelihood that I will do so. Please realize that the process of capture with EN is often done intuitively, rather than with extensive planning aforethought. In that respect, EN is (or should be) not only a way of managing information. It is also (or should be) a way of managing how to allocate one's limited attention. Likewise, scrolling through a very lengthy tag list in EN for Windows does not support human cognitive strengths and inherent limitations.
  24. I have some notebooks that I'm going to export because I no longer need them anymore. I'd like to be able to access them online. I have a VPS hosting account on GoDaddy. I know how to install WordPress on my directory but I don't know how HTML websites work for this case. Do you think that exporting some of my notebooks as HTML and upload it on one of my directories would let me see it online? I understand that i would need to create a domain/subdomain, and all that.
  25. dynamic calendar

    First of all, sorry for my grammatical mistakes. In my opinion ,one thing will make a big difference on experience of evernote users: it is the insertion of a calendar. A type of calendar that when you insert a new note and especificate a time,See it weekly or monthly calendar your note,to remember you that you have a important appointment for that day. I think this idea will make a great impact on users,because it will create a dynamic and comfortable environment on program.