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Found 11 results

  1. I think it would be a good idea to have an extra option to sort notes and notebooks by priority or by your choice of the desired order of the notes and notebooks. This would be useful because the order of the notes and notebooks will not change no matter what unless you change your desired order of the notes and notebooks or change the priority setting on them (if you decide to add a priority setting over the desired order of the user). This will add a new noting style for people who like it this way. An example of a priority setting would be similar to tags, but you could only have three options (depending on the number of options/priorities the Evernote team decides to program in the software) and a maximum of 1 option to assign to the notes and notebooks. The options could be A, B and C (with A being the highest priority at the top of the list of notes and notebooks and C being the lowest). The options could also be 1, 2 and 3. This is different from the other system where the user chooses the desired order because the desired order system could just be dragging notes and notebooks to their desired order between the top and bottom of the list of notes and notebooks without assigning a priority to notes and notebooks.
  2. cyanideandwhiskey

    "no services available"

    I used to use a wordservice plugin to put some of my lists in alphabetical order. Yet lately it doesn't seem to work. Whenever I highlight anything in evernote it just says "no services available". They work perfectly with every other product, it's just evernote where they don't. Any idea how to fix this? Or any other way I can put things in alphabetical order?
  3. BryanHasAQuestion

    Higher Ed I need help with tags!

    Hi there! I've had Evernote for a couple of years now, but I really need you guys to help me out here! I'm a French student attending a business school, on a Bachelor's degree and I have had issues organising my notes in Evernote. From what I've read on the internet, it seems that using tags instead of notebooks is the better way to get organised. I am currently following a 3 year course, and I am therefore taking classes that have 3 different levels. I thought of a system of tags that would go like this: Maths Year1 Chapter Sub-Chapter Year 2 Chapter Sub-Chapter Year 3 Chapter Sub-Chapter However, Evernote won't allow me to duplicate tags (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 throughout all the different subject). Does anyone have a piece of advice for me? Thanks in advance!
  4. Muhammad Ali

    Course Organisation

    Hi I'm new to Evernote but I'm looking to use it to organise my course paperwork: course structure details, notes etc. Currently it looks like this. (They won't stay in rows like this) Row 1 is general course information; Row 2 has the module titles and whether they are Phys or Phil and then organised 01-02-... I'll add to these notes each lecture writing the date and the topic and then making notes. These notes will be brief for now and will mainly be for adding links to sites that may help and to make small to do lists. How can I make it so that all to dos from various notes will come up in one search other than writing to do next to each checkbox? Does this seem to be an efficient and organised system? How else can I use Evernote for organisation? Thank you!
  5. DadeliusDazzle

    How to create groups?

    Dear community, I remember seeing an Evernote Screenshot in which the the list of all the notes could be split in "professional" and personal notes. Are there other ways to group notes visually besides creating notebooks or stacks of notebooks? Thanks a lot
  6. Hi Evernoters, I'm a church-based family worker who has been using Evernote since 2008. I use it to store meeting notes, logs of pastoral visits, sermon notes. I also have a resource library notebook of scans, notes, and web clippings on work related topics that, at the time of writing, contains over 1,200 entries. Despite this, I have never gotten my head around how to best use tags. I dabbled in the past but I ended up deleting them all in favour of a prefixing methodology. For example, meetings note titles always follow this format: YYYY MM DD Meeting: [Person/Reason (eg. Staff)]. This is all fine and good for meetings, but for my resources library, it is a bit more complex. Notes on specific biblical books or passages use the following: # Book Ch: Verse (Eg. 01. Genesis 1:1-10). Whereas articles, scans and clippings have a topic prefix (eg. Parenting: [Article title]. Currently, I only have two tags: '.CurrentBook' & '.CurrentSermon'. Long story short, I am not sure if I have posted this in the right place, and I know I'm not your 'usual' Evernote user, but could someone please help me get to grips with tags so that I can make the most of the mountain of notes and resources that I am compiling. Moreover, the larger my library gets the more I can't help but get the feeling that I'm not making the most of Evernote by using tags to link similar notes across notebooks. So yeah, if anyone can help me get my head around how best to use tags I'd be extremely grateful! Thanks in advance. Have a great evening all. Liam
  7. Yu Zhengwen

    other Organising Evernote for Students

    This is my first post, hope I've posted in the correct section. So I've recently gotten into Evernote and its power I am a student. I would like to use Evernote to organise both school and personal stuff. For school, I have subjects like biology, physics, math, etc. Then I do some personal projects like programming and playing with my Raspberry PI, stuff like that. I want to use Evernote to organise them. I did it with a notebook for school and personal then using tags to organise, but I want to have a consistent layout in my task management app, which is Wunderlist, I use it extensively already and most of my tasks are on there. However it only allows me to organise tasks into folders which contains lists and I am unable to replicate my setup in evernote. I would like to be able to find individual projects. (I have many History projects and would like to go to them easily..) I also need a method to archive projects or at least organise the notes by year Can someone give me a suggestion? Thanks
  8. danielstucke

    (Archived) Advice sought

    Hi, Some advice would be welcome. Thinking of investing in Evernote Business but want to be sure it's right for us before investing the finances, and more importantly to begin with the time and effort. I'm a long term user personally and love Evernote Premium. We're a High School with 100+ staff and 800 students. Almost everyone has an iPad. Admin staff have their own PCs. Teachers move from PC to PC. Our existing 'knowledge' is spread over a lot of silos. We have two horribly messy network drives with GBs of documents which stretch over many years. Any sensible file structure has been lost over the years! It's this mess that I really want to tackle first. We use Google Apps. Gmail is used as unofficial storage by most staff. Sending out documents and revisions of documents. Gmail search makes this a better solution than it should be! Google Drive is increasingly used, but not by all. I want a searchable, accessible knowledge storage system. Evernote Business should be perfect for this I think. But we're a school and even at 75% off it's expensive. We'd obviously want some key notebooks with important documentation in it, staff policies, document templates etc.. I'd also like staff to be able to collate resources around topics. A creativity notebook, an iPad notebook, an assessment notebook, data analysis notebook, etc etc.. Again in my head this seems perfect for Evernote Business. Reading through the forums here though I'm getting concerned that this could quickly turn into as big a mess as our current network drives, admittedly with the advantage of being accessible anywhere for our staff and being far more searchable. With no hierarchy and no ability to rename notebooks are we going to quickly end up with hundreds of messy folders where it's hard to find the wheat from the chaff? I'm also thinking of only investing in Business for certain staff who lead teams, then allowing others to use free accounts but to share important notebooks with them. Is this workable or are we going to spend our lives manually sharing folders with staff? Am I also denying the majority of our staff the opportunity to easily share and discover knowledge that might help them in their day job? Students would definitely have to have free accounts. Haven't really thought that through yet as it's not the driving force behind this solution. Such a shame though that an affordable school-wide solution isn't available, would be a great tool for students to have access to. If they do start using Evernote heavily they'll quickly hit the 60Mb limit. It would be the perfect digital portfolio tool for them. Feedback on the staff side of things welcome: 1. In large organisations does it become a disorganised mess of notebooks quickly? 2. Is a mix of Business / Free accounts practical or a logistical nightmare & stymied solution? Thanks
  9. Hi Guys I have been trying to organize my life with evernote. I use it for home as well as work. I recently purchased a new car and thought of keeping records/maintenance/reminders with evernote. Initially I looked at some PC software like CarCare. It is quite good but I dont like the idea of a standalone software though it is tailor-made for that purpose and comes with full functionality like reminders, export to file, etc., Is there a way to get something similar out of EN? I welcome your suggestions and tips. Will be posting my research too. To begin with, I have captured the purchase documents and insurance files using PDFScanner for Android with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and uploaded the same to SugarSync, got Public links to those files and put them in a note under my car's Notebook. S Kumar
  10. Please can we have an option to Copy Stack As.. There's been lots of discussion about templates, and a copied note is always useful as the basis for this; but for more detailed tasks a single note can go on (and on), requiring lots of scrolling to get to relevant information or to add/ edit details. I far prefer a notebook stack with a list of related tasks as separate notebooks under the main project heading. Subsidiary progress and information can be embedded or attached as necessary. Sometime last year Jefito suggested exporting the whole stack and then re-importing to a different notebook I missed that at the time, and have only just been made aware of it via the LinkedIn Evernote Users Group and member Les. The idea looks good, though the whole process needs tidying up with AHK and/ or ENScript.. or a menu option within Evernote. (There's already an applescript, but we only speak Windows around here..) So: once you have your stack set up as a template, all you need do is select the parent and run through a little process that sets up a new parent notebook and installs a copy of the template stack in its new home. Now if only there was a way to set up links between notebooks much more easily I could make the parent notebook my summary control sheet with links to all the subsidiary tasks and developments...
  11. Hi all As some are probably aware, I maintain a shared notebook containing some notes that explain some features of EN and offer some solutions to issues that my not be available in the KB etc. This was something that came about after me realising that there were some unexplained things within EN that needed some "Documentation". I would like to continue with the notebook, and expand the content, so that it is truly useful to those finding it. Right now, it is a little cluttered, and I think that I could try laying it out a bit better. Currently it is listed in order of creation, with the oldest notes at the top, and a contents note contains note links to the rest of the notes. Some issues that I see: - Tags - Since they are not visible when viewing by the web, they aren't as useful as they used to be. - There are only so many ways that I can order the notes, so finding the best way to order them may be an issue. - The "Contents" note is just a long list of note links - How to improve on that? - I am thinking about trying to include more categorisation in my contents/etc note and wonder how to do this. - How to organise it so that it is useful from any way that it is easily viewed in all EN platforms. - I understand that viewing the notebook on iOS may be problematic - though this is not something that I can solve. -- Web issues - Not possible to navigate/scroll through notes. -- iOS Clients - As I understand it, note links do not currently work. Some ideas that I had - Tags - Keep them anyway, for me and those that do link the notebook to their accounts. - Ordering the notes, could be done with newest at the top, and forcing an arbitrary date to the contents note. - Another order could be forced by choosing suitable titles (including numbers etc) - Categorisation - Possibly multiple contents notes, containing the different categories could be included (along with all of the note links in the main contents note. - Possibly include a method for suggestions on topics to include in the notebook. - Possibly include some more platforms that I use (currently windows/web) - Maybe also those that I don't, though would need help including them. This is also, I guess, a way of me trying to gauge how useful the notebook is, and what people would like to see from it. The notebook: https://www.evernote.com/pub/spgscott/evernote-help So, good, bad or indifferent. Let me have it Thanks, Scott