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Found 18 results

  1. For example if I want move up a note towards the top of the notebook stack manually. Is this possible?
  2. How can I order my notebook stacks in the windows desktop app? I've tried renaming the stacks, thinking that they're alphabetical, but the order didn't change. I've tried dragging, but nothing changes about the order. I searched help but found nothing, only about how to sort notes within a notebook. Can't even find anything about how to sort notebooks within a notebook stack.
  3. Hello, I would have liked to know if it was possible, for example in a smart list or in a checklist to sort the items in alphabetical order. It's a lot easier afterwards to navigate. thank you in advance
  4. I am looking for a special character which is sorted after the normal letters. Every special character is ordered before any number or letter. I need a special character to put in front of tags so that when searched they are put in the end of the list of possible hints. Gianluca
  5. cyanideandwhiskey

    "no services available"

    I used to use a wordservice plugin to put some of my lists in alphabetical order. Yet lately it doesn't seem to work. Whenever I highlight anything in evernote it just says "no services available". They work perfectly with every other product, it's just evernote where they don't. Any idea how to fix this? Or any other way I can put things in alphabetical order?
  6. I like on the latest widget the option to have several notes displayed but it's annoying that I have no way to control the ordering of those notes. I believe it uses last modified date. It would be really nice if I could specify the ordering to be something more useful to me. At least it could respect the ordering method used within the main app, but it would be even better if I could independently specify the ordering either from within the main apps settings or at creation time for the widget (which would provide the opportunity to have different widgets with different orderings). Thanks.
  7. Araconan

    About Merging Notes

    So I have two questions regarding merging notes: 1. Is there a way for me to choose the order of the merged notes? For example, if I'm merging two notes, (let's call them A and can I somehow have the merged note display the content from B, before the content from A? So just to further clarify, if note A said "Hello!" and note "B" said "Greetings!", how do I get the merged note to say: Greetings! Hello! Instead of: Hello! Greetings! 2. For some reason, whenever I merge two notes, if say it displayed note A's content first and then note B's, the title of note B is in like really gigantic letters, within a blue box. (See attached image) Is there a way to avoid that? (not display note B's title for example)
  8. Trowser

    Organization of notebooks

    Is there a way to reorganize my notebooks? I have 15-20 notebooks that are alphabetized, but I would like to move them around manually into the order that is most helpful for me.
  9. I sometimes add lots of tags to a specific note that contains lots of worth and use for me. even up to 8-9. I love to do that, because some notes just contain such a load of great information that can be used in different ways. These are important notes, and I'd like to be able to sort and see them in the order of how many tags they have, so I will see the most tagged notes at the top of the list. This would be a cool feature for someone like me who depends on tags a lot rather than notebooks. Thanks
  10. ItsDanielle

    Sorting TO DO lists

    Hi all! Love Evernote! Use it both private as business. Very important for both is the TO DO function! Can't go without it ;-). But...... with all those notes and different TO DO list I lack overview. So who can help me with 2 questions below? 1) How can I make sure my unfinished/unmarked tasks are in the top off the list and the marked are down in one single note? 2) How can I get a total overview of all unfinished/unmarked tasks of ALL notes? So a master view so to speak? This should be the answer according to Evernote but I can't get it to work: list all the notes in your account with unfinished tasks, click inside the search field, select Add search option > Contains, then select 'Incomplete todos' from the list of options. So above does NOT work: who can help me with Q1 and Q2? How can I get a totall overview of ALL outstanding/unmarked/unfinished TO DO items? Thanks!!!!!
  11. Hello, love the Scanable app, it's been a great help with backing up my paperwork! One small issue, though. Ever since the update that sped up the saving of documeever to the camera roll, Scanable never puts the documents in the order they were scanned inside the app. Also, the documents saved to the album that is generated by Scanable will be in a different order than the documents saved in the camera roll. Pictures to show what I'm taking about. Please fix this, as the newest feature to reorder the order of documents is useless to me as the app isn't even saving the current order. So, at the time if writing this post, I didn't have any documents to show examples, so I used my fingers lol. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s34/sh/6e0f6261-17f1-4510-9064-1d1e35a4317e/7aa73f0a294fba3e991964e212a52459
  12. 1 How do I permanently get evernote windows to display my task in a list that is sorted by date due? I keep on having to re-order my list. 2 Can I get evernote to email me when a task is due? 3 Can I integrate evernote reminders with my google calendar? I'm a newbie - thanks!
  13. Hi. I use Evernote as a todo -list, and set a reminder for most of the notes I create. On the Android these are nicely sorted with those notes on the top, which have their reminder date the nearest. I can scroll down my future to see what I have planned. I would like to see this sort order on the Web UI too, with the most urgent reminders on top.
  14. Hello, I noticed that i and many Evernote users create a note for a project, in which we put some sort of summary about the project, links to different documents, sometimes tasks etc. The problem i encounter (and i would guess a lot of others as well) is there is no way to have that note always appear at the top of all other notes. I like to present notes by date (and have them be classified and shown at the top using the category "most recently modified"), and i use tags as project folders. With all this, my main project note quickly gets buried away in the mass of notes i can have in one project. I give it a fake "last modified date" in the future (like 2020) in order for it to appear at the top, but of course, if i modify that note, the date is changed (back to the real date the document was last changed), and soon the note will not appear at the top anymore (as other notes are added to the project). Putting each of those main project notes on the left column as favorites is not a solution for me, as i put there all the tags corresponding to my projects, and control lists (the left column would be far too long). What's more, and don't want to access it faster by using the left column, but i just wish to be able to see my main project note right away when i look at what is in a project (clicking on a tag with the project name). So my question is this : could Evernote build a feature forcing a note to appear at the top of a list ? Thank-you, Shadok (sorry for my bad english, i hope i am clear enough)
  15. Hi, I took pictures of three chapters of a text book in the library and the images were uploaded in the wrong order and some were in landscape orientation. Why did the images change order? Why was i not aware that i had tilted the phone enough to swtich it to landscape mode? There should be a rotate lock on there. This is not the first time it happens but this time it was really annoying because i had to go back and put images in the correct order on my PC, save them as pdf, and put them back in evernote. Is this a bug or did i do something wrong?
  16. If I merge notes, the top note becomes the top note in the merged note. If I have several notes that are in Evernote in a sequence by date, and I merge them, the last note becomes the top note because the notes are sorted most recent first. I have no problem with changing the sort order to make the note order correct before merging the notes, but could someone please consider adding a feature for merging notes that will show a pop-up window that will let us choose the order of the notes being merged? That would be a nice feature.
  17. Here's an example Evernote sorts notes like this: 1. Note titled with 2012.12.05 00:40 2. Note titled with 2012.12.05 23:07 3. Note titled with 2012.12.05 10:48 I expect it sort notes like this: 1. Note titled with 2012.12.05 00:40 2. Note titled with 2012.12.05 10:48 3. Note titled with 2012.12.05 23:07 It puts 00:40 before 23:07 which makes sense since 00:40 is a smaller number than 23:07. But why does it put 23:07 before 10:48 then?
  18. Is there a way to make notes within a Shared notebook sort by something other than the Date Created, newest first? On my desktop Evernote software, I can click the "Notes by" drop down list and choose other sort criteria like Title or Updated and it sticks. But when I share this same notebook with another person (via email link), that person gets the Snippet view by Date Created. Period. Life doesn't happen in an orderly fashion so what the other person sees is a complete jumble without any order. They also don't know what Tags I may or may not have added so unless they are already a diehard Evernote user they wouldn't even know to use the Tag search. I'm also not very good about remembering to add tags. Add me to the list of people who wishes Evernote had a subfolder feature. In the mean time, for this shared Notebook, I finally created a Table of Contents page where I used the Copy Notes Link feature to create a linked outline of everything in the Notebook. A lot of extra work for me. But then after doing all that, when I add new notes, the Table of Contents slides down into the data abyss to be found only by persistence or chance because the newly created notes default to the top of the Shared list. I've also looked for ways of altering the creation date for the TOC note to trick it into being a date in the future but couldn't find a way to change the date. So far the only Shared Notebook order solution that I can see is to either plan ahead and make the TOC note first (I didn't know I would be sharing this one until two months into the project), assuming the sort order can be change to oldest first (doubtful, if the other sort functions don't translate to the Shared version), or re-create my TOC note after each time I add another new note in the Notebook. not! Does anyone know how to make a Shared Notebook show up in some other order than Date Created order for the outside viewers?