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  1. I just passed my four year anniversary of using Evernote, and I passed the 10,000 note mark, so I thought I would take a step back and evaluate what I am doing so that I can optimize my experience. I was hoping I could hear more about what other people are doing in their accounts. Want to take a stab at one or all of these questions? (1) What do you wish that you had done differently over the time you have been using Evernote? (2) What are you doing now? (3) What do you plan to do in the future? ---------- (1) I wish that I wouldn't have dumped so many PDFs into my account (thousands). It would have been MUCH smarter to have stripped the text out of the big ones (books, journal articles, lengthy files), dragged those text files into my account, and saved the PDFs in Dropbox as necessary. Automator (Mac) makes this easy. This would have made all of the content searchable (just like the text in any note), even when offline on the iPad, would have reduced the size of my database by as much as 75%, and might have made all of my searches occur much more quickly. (2) I am pretty pleased with the YYMMDD + keyword method of titling notes. I am using one private notebook and one public stack (some shared notebooks inside). I only have a handful of notes in the shared notebooks. I have no tags. I have not been using templates as much anymore, because I am working with Android, and you cannot edit files with images and the like in them. This has probably been a good thing, as it further reduces the size of notes, and probably speeds things up more to use just plain text. I might add tags, notebooks, and templates back into the mix if the Mac interface picks up some of the features found in Windows (more sorting options, search explanations, etc.). (3) I am starting to focus more on making notes of "notable" things instead of noting everything. Jamie Rubin has got some good advice on going paperless (http://www.jamierubi...s-the-question/), and I think I need to move away from being a "completist" and more towards being a minimalist when it comes to scanning. Up until now, I have literally been putting everything into Evernote, and as cool as that is, I would trade my sense of completeness any day for faster searches and a smaller database. On that note (pun intended), I may delete a bunch of the PDFs and images I have in my account. It feels like a lobotomy of sorts, but it may just be the way to go (jbenson, for example, keeps his database lean by not putting photos in it). I will give it some more thought. Looking forward to hearing how other people optimize their Evernote experiences!