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Found 45 results

  1. Hi, I like Evernote very much. Its friendly and the UI is awesome but being limited to only 60 Mb/month on the FREE version is a HUGE down factor compared to OneNote which is TOTALLY FREE and there is NO limit on the amount of uploads and the size of notes in OneNote. So, what do you all think of the biggest difference between onenote and evernote from your perspective? I'm not saying to make it free because its an awesome handy app but saying that on the free version they should increase from 60 mb only to something a bit bigger than that. What do you all think?
  2. patriciabuoncristiani

    Sync OneNote with Evernote

    I have just purchased a MS Surface and would like to use the stylus handwriting option for my notes. I can only use the stylus ion OneNote so is there any way to sync OneNote notes into Evernote?
  3. Hi - I'm in the process of switching TO EverNote from Microsoft Office 365's OneNote. I use it on a MAC so there isn't an "export" function, but I can access the cloud drive with the onenote files on it. How can I pull the two notebooks I have over there to migrate them into EverNote? Thanks in advance for any specific assistance. William Avon
  4. Hi, I imported a lot of notes from OneNote. Now all text lines in these notes have a kind of restricted length. When I create a new note in EverNote, the text of a long line extends to (and/or beyond) the right side of the window. I tried to change the text to unformatted, but to no avail.
  5. Slim1950

    Other Importing from Onenote

    Is it possible to import from Onenote to Evernote?
  6. Today I tried to import some notes from OneNote into Evernote and it is not working. It says Importing, gets a 1, and then stops. I tried with various OneNote notebooks, but is not importing. I felt like this worked a few months ago. Can anyone help me restore this feature?
  7. ONENOTE2013とEVERNOTEを使い分けて利用させていただいています。 ONENOTE上で画像をコピーして、貼り付けると、以下のような問題が発生します。 ・時々以前貼り付けた画像になってしまう。(頻繁) ・Evernoteを再起動すると治る場合もあれば、治らない場合もある。 ・その間違った画像を開くと、貼り付けたかった画像が表示される場合もあるし、以前の画像が開く場合がある。 ・それを修正しようとして、正しい画像を貼り付けると、以前貼り付けた画像も一緒に変わってしまう場合が時々ある。 なお、ONENOTE上でjpgをファイルとして出力して貼り付ければ問題は発生しません。 しかし、画像数が多い場合は、かなり面倒になってしまうので、根本的にこのような問題を発生させない方法はありますでしょうか? また、このような状態になった場合の、効果的な修正方法はありますでしょうか? ※Windows 10 Home 最新状態。 ※OneNoteとEverNoteも最新状態です。
  8. Howdy, EN Power Users: I have read a consistently growing number of threads expressing that EN is increasing in calousness towards its subscriber base... causing some of it core supporters and power users to call it "enough." https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/65693-moderation-and-member-leveling-changes-to-the-forum/page-2?locale=enhttps://discussion.evernote.com/topic/56066-six-points-to-avoid-me-and-others-switching-to-onenote/page-2#entry298468https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/25230-alternatives-to-evernote From the time you've taken to research, which applications are you finding to be the most VIABLE replacements or alternatives to EN for Power Users? (Links would be appreciated.) Most of us have witnessed poorly managed companies drive an exceptional product or service into the ground... and in this case it would directly affect EN users. I use EN to run my business (Win + Android)... so quality, stability and user-friendliness are critical... would prefer to avoid a Titanic mishap well before entering the ice field. Thank you in advance for a prompt and detailed response. Alan
  9. I experience the following problem with clippings.io and Evernote. I have my Kindle highlights in clippings.io. Clippings.io has an export feature to Evernote. The highlights are exported to EverNote and everythings seems OK (see screenshot). But when I use them in another program, I get problems with the titles of the pages going missing. F.r. in OneNote for my notebooks, I import it with the EverNote Importer from Microsoft. In OneNote the titles of the pages are missing (see screenshot). When I add a note with title manually and import it, the title of the page appears. I think it has something to do with the format of the title in the export process of clippings.io. But the code to get the title of the page be created from the books title seems to be OK: var book = new Note { NotebookGuid = _notebookGuid, Title = bookTitle, Attributes = new NoteAttributes { SourceURL = "http://www.clippings.io", SourceApplication = "http://www.clippings.io", Source = "http://www.clippings.io", Author = "http://www.clippings.io" }, Content = bookText }; Can anyone help? Best, Adrian
  10. As title, I have created about 20 notes in OneNote that I want to import them to Evernote. Each OneNote note contains a pdf files, and some screen capture image. I used the Evernote import function found in the Windows Client (version : Import --> Microsoft OneNote. Things are working smoothly, and a local notebook is created with all the imported notes inside. I browsed through the imported notes, the screen capture image is imported successfully, but some of the PDF were not import, only the pdf filename is found in the note (e.g. <>), I tried restarting Evernote and those pages still have their pdf files missing. Anyone experienced similar thing before? Thanks!
  11. Hello. There is a bug during import of OneNote notebooks featuring notes with PDF attachments. The screenshots here tell the story. In OneNote when you insert a PDF it includes not just the PDF file itself (which can be re-extracted) but also an inline rendered version. This is an incredibly useful way to organize PDFs, since you get the best of both worlds. You can see a preview inline, and know that if you ever need to get the original PDF back out again in the future it's right there. I'm hedging my bets on OneNote by making sure I can get back to Evernote some day if I ever need or want to, and today Evernote will not retain the embedded PDF. It only retains the inline rendered version. Without Evernote's ability to keep the original .PDF available converting back will be painful or impossible. I have hundreds and hundreds of PDFs embedded this way so manually extracting them before converting back to Evernote is not viable. Please find a way to preserve PDF files during OneNote import. This issue has also been discussed on this forum thread. Everynote Skipping Some of the Attachment in Onenote During Import
  12. Migrate/Export Evernote to OneNote Tool Just learned about this tool from Lifehacker. Haven't tried it, so I can't comment on its worthyness, but if you need to move your notes from Evernote to OneNote, this might be helpful. From the Lifehacker article: Note the migration tool works ONLY on Windows.
  13. Dear Evernote engineers, I love both Evernote and Onenote but I love Evernote better because of its simplicity and elegance of design. It started out with the elegant idea to help people "remember everything". Despite this, Onenote is full of features and functions for productivity. I find one of the features that makes Onenote very good to use is the levels of organization that it offers. If you could add a further level of organization to Evernote in the form of stack groups, then it should match Onenote in that respect. As I was using Evernote, I often found myself wanting this feature. Thank you for your consideration!
  14. I'm a Mac user, but wanted to import notes from Onenote into Evernote. That feature doesn't exist in the Mac version, but does in the Windows version. So in Windows 10 in Parallel's Desktop on my Mac I installed both Evernote and the Onenote desktop version. After taking its own good time Onenote synced with the cloud. Evernote synced very quickly. Then I did the import of the notebook I wanted from Onenote. That also seemed to work fine and 77 notes were imported into Evernote. But Evernote does not seem to be syncing them to the cloud so they can be synced to my Mac desktop. Some points: 1. Immediately after the import was completed, a message came up saying the import was successful and that the notes had been imported to a local notebook. It asked me if I wanted it to be a synchronized notebook and I clicked yes. After that, I check the notebook properties, and it said it was a synchronized notebook. But it didn't sync. 2. So I create a new notebook called "Onenote Import" and moved the imported notes into that notebook. That also says it's a synchronized notebook. 3. I've clicked the Sync curly arrow indicator and it seems to go through some syncing motions. But nothing from that notebook is showing up at evernote.com or in my Mac Evernote. So I think it's really not syncing. Any suggestions?
  15. Ingy

    K-12 Evernote vs. OneNote

    Our municipality/township is about to decide the what all our schools should use: PC or Chromebooks. The main argument for choosing PC and O365 is OneNote. I’ve not used either OneNote or Evernote, but to me it looks like Evernote is far behind OneNote in many areas. Like for instance organizing your stuff colorcoded and OCR-extracting. I was so happy about the announcement of Google Drive integration, but I can’t find the Evernote App in the Chromebook store so now I’m disappointed. And then I read this thread and became discouraged: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66103-alternatives-to-en-discussion What are your experience with using OneNote and Evernote in K-12?
  16. Okay, so I would like to export all my notes/notebooks. The only problem is I can't do it from the web interface? Am I missing something? I know you can do it from the desktop app but I cannot even run the program (see my other discussion) Can I request to have my notes exported? Thanks guys, Tommy Johnson
  17. There are two basic ways to get a copy of a screenshot into Evernote. I do this all the time when documenting stuff and I NEVER want it in a new note, but always inline where I am typing. Here is how I can do it: Get what I want on the screen Right-click the EN icon on the task bar, select Clip Screenshot Drag to get what I want Go to my @Inbox notebook and get the note Cut the image out of the new note Delete the new note Find my note I was in Find my place in the note CTRL-V Or, I just discovered this today: Get what I want on the screen Press the Win-Shift-S key (Win10) or Win-S (Win7) if OneNote is installed, and it is. Drag to get what I want Click back to my note on Evernote CTRL-V Delete all of the notes OneNote has created this way at the end of the day. The beauty of this is, in step 3 for OneNote, it creates a note and puts the image on the clipboard. If Evernote did the same, I'd be golden. I'd actually prefer a setting where Evernote would just clip to the clipboard and not bother with a new note.
  18. I've been an EN user since 2008. But about a year ago, after getting a nice shiny Surface 3 tablet, I thought I'd give onenote a shot. I was still using EN for all my personal stuff - capturing receipts etc, but thought it might be nice to use ON for work. The trouble is, I actually do most of my work on my mac. This is where I started to quickly realize the folly of moving from EN to ON, particular in the case of a mac user, but many of these frustrations are also on the Windows version of ON. So for those thinking about switching from EN to OneNote, here are some of the issues you might deal with. In Onenote: 1. You can't sort pages automatically. In EN you can sort to your heart's content on date, size, created, name... 2. In the Mac version of Onenote, you can't create tags. You can use pre-made tags. 3. In the windows version, as far as I can tell you can't create tags on the fly - like when you create a note. You have to make them and assign an icon to them. It's about 20 steps. 4. Searching for tags is not intuitive. While EN has a single search bar, ON has different places for searching. 5. You can make a note a subpage in ON, but when you move the parent page, the subpage doesn't move with it. Put another way in ON subpage means "indent". 6. You can't customize the layout very much. 7. You can now use the pen on EN to "ink" notes. Even for Surface 3 models. 8. I don't think you can merge notes in ON. 9. The apps for ON are, for want of a better word "chunky". There seems to be a lot of real estate wasted. 10. You can change the width of the various page elements in ON for mac. So if you have long note names, you won't be able to see the whole name. And here's where ON wins: You can customize the heck out of your note - fonts, colors, layout etc - it works very nicely with other MS office products. If you like making nice looking notes, then ON is much better than ENs more rudimentary functions. Thankfully, EN for windows has a very nice and easy to use import function to import ON notes. No such function exists on the Mac version though. I am not an obsessive EN user, but I've learned the hard way that it's the little details that I missed. Just my 2 cents...
  19. A number of people in our office use note taking software (EverNote, OneNote, Google Docs). As you may know, these products allow users to save notes to cloud accounts set up by the user. This creates a security issue for us – if someone leaves we need to make sure that notes taken during their employment at the company stay in our possession. I would like people to store work related notes on a Partners controlled platform. Hence the following questions: 1. Can we set up EverNote to save to a cloud storage service we control? e.g. Dropbox 2. If so, is this feature only available to the pay-version of the app? 3. (optional) What are the top 5 features of EverNote that make it preferable to competitors (e.g., OnNote)?
  20. I want to switch from Onenote to Evernote. When I copy notes to the clipboard and paste into evernote, I only get a PNG, not pure text. If I make an intermediate step over a text editor, it works. This is very tedious. Where could the error be? Please excuse my bad english
  21. Hi, I'm trying to import notes from OneNote (version 17.7070.57821.0) that comes with Win 10 but Evernote says "OneNote notes cannot be imported at this time. To import notes from OneNote, you must have OneNote version 2007 or later installed on your computer". Could someone help me out please? Best,
  22. A little cheeky to post in Evernote's forum, even under the Third Party Applications section, but lots of folks have an interest in OneNote as well as Evernote.. Check out the latest information - The Microsoft Office team has announced today the upcoming launch of its first-ever Learn OneNote Conference, a six-days online event that will be open to everyone looking to master the popular note-taking tool. The conference will feature 21 pre-recorded videos of OneNote experts from all over the world who will share a whole range of different use cases as well as their best tips and tricks: http://winbeta.org/news/onenote-is-holding-a-free-online-conference-beginning-november-12th-its-first-ever
  23. I love EN, but there is one single feature that OneNote has that makes me seriously consider switching. ITs the fact that you can write anywhere on the page. Not limited like it is in traditional word processing. You write one paragraph here, another there. Then you can drag them around as if cutting and pasting them on a piece of paper. This would be a tremendous upgrade for me.
  24. Hi, I was a OneNote user for few years. I was doing all good with it for whatever purposes I was using it but then problem started with "signing in" once I had to change my password with Microsoft account and it took away peace from my life. I had to look for other ways and I came to know about Evernote. It took my breath away what I found in Evernote. First attraction was, it is user friendly and then many other wonderful features which comes so handy unlike OneNote, one of the greatest which I must mention is using EverNote in android is so much easier than OneNote which takes longer time to load pages. So, overwhelmed by it's first look, I started my honeymoon with EverNote for quite a while and then I wake up from Evernote dream, really. Anyways, instead of going to describe those stories, I will straight put forward 2 requests to add in Evernote. 1. 3/4 layer of folders (notebooks) to add under the notebooks. Example: Name of one notebook is, "Resources". Then under that notebook I want to create another notebooks named, "Audios", "Videos" "PDF", "Texts". Upto this is already existed in current EverNote. What I want is the ability to add the next layers of Notebooks under each of those Note books. Such as, under "Audios", I would now like to add "English Audios", "Arabic Audios" etc. Then after that I want to add more notebooks under these notebooks. For example, Under "English Audios", I would now like to add notebooks "Mr X" , "Mr. Y". I hope this clears what I need. 2. After the 4th layer of Notebooks in a far left pane. Now I am adding notes under "Mr X" notebooks. Say, I have 200 notes under that notebook. What I further want is, categories those 200 notes into 10 groups under a title for each. Then here is the most important one. I want to be able to expand or collapse those notes that I put under 10 groups using a pull down menu. So, when I collapse those groups, I can only see the main groups by their title, (by doing this, individual notes are not appeared in my eyes to distract me). Then, this is a bonus request though, If possible adding another layer of grouping under those groups of Notes which already contains 20 notes under each. I want to group it further with a collapsible and expandable menu. As for it's location, this is the second pane in the evernote. I hope I made it clear. I would really would look forward for these features to be added in EverNote, so that I can get peace in life again and therefore, I won't go back to OneNote often to try if the password problem is solved or not. Because Once I get that problem solved, I will surely go back to OneNote. But I also promise, if EverNote solves me with these 2 features that I requested I will continuously be using EverNote and I will be a great advocate for Evernote InShaaAllah. Thank you so much guys for developing such a great app. I already owe too much gratitude to you all.
  25. Since the update to 6.9, I can´t use the web clipper in Chrome, within Onedrive. When a pdf is displayed, the "save to evernote" won't show up. I have to manually invoke the web clipper, but still: - Can´t input tags; - Can't change the note's name - Can´t save It was working previously.. Could it be something changed in Onedrive? Can anyone reproduce the problem? Thanks