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  1. Notebook Sharing Failure

    I want to share a notebook but have been unable to. It’s my first attempt to do sharing. I created the shared notebook, populated it with some notes, and invited my colleague from within the notebook in EN for Windows, but he can’t see the notebook. BTW: I’m a premium user on a PC. He has a free account and works on a Mac. By some unknown, completely unmemorable series of actions I took, heaven only knows, I seem to have been able to get us to share EN “workchat emails," if that's what you call them But that’s as far as we’ve gotten. Other key information: I'm fairly saavy with computers. My colleague is not. His capacity to tolerate computer frustration is lower. He has this quaint idea: "I will use my computer to do useful things." He has not endured enough frustration to realize that this a goal to which he may aspire, but that he must soldier on regardless. So, there is the risk of souring a relationship and opportunity to work together that hangs in the balance. Also, too: I have brown hair. My colleague is bald. The whole experience has been the brown leading the bald. At the rate it is going, it will soon become the bald leading the bald, if you catch my meaning, if you get my drift. Why should people have to stumble around with something as basic as sharing functionality? I ask this not to sound grumpy. Consider: The EN folks in Deadwood City, CA continue to presume a level of computing sophistication among EN users that, as Will Rogers said, “just ain’t so.” EN’s own tacit working knowledge about how to use the app is anything but obvious to many of their users. I would appreciate any guidance and links to possible solutions.
  2. I'm not sure this is possible (I couldn't figure out how), to receive notifications for updates (edits, added files) for a given notebook I'm sharing (or within a notebook someone has chosen to share with me). I see that I can make reminders to myself (or chat to others), but it really would be helpful in my case at least. As a teacher, I like to receive notifications when a student has altered a notebook (esp. ones that they created). Is that at all possible, desirable?
  3. Team notifications

    Hi guys. I'm sharing a notebook with my partner, but the problem is she didn't get any notifications when I edit the note. Neither do I. Just wanted to ask, is there some function for this team notifications?
  4. Would love for there to be the option to set a notification if a shared note is changed by another user. i.e. staff changes a note and I need to make sure they didn't ***** up the note, I want an email or pop up notice of the change so I can reverse the change if needed easily without having to sift through editions to find where the error by staff was made. I'm currently refusing to allow editing privileges to staff, because I've had issues in the past with them changing things they shouldn't -- this would allow me to monitor changes and assess as needed till I know they can be trusted not to mess something up!
  5. I wanted to let everyone know that our SureNotifier service is now out of beta and into official release. Thank you to those forum members who participated in beta testing and provided us with valuable feedback - we really appreciate it! For those not familiar with it: in a nutshell, SureNotifier notifies you via email and mobile push notification whenever your shared notes change. You can choose which notes to monitor, and choose how often to be notified. SureNotifier works with both Evernote Business and personal shared notes. It lets you define groups of Evernote notebooks or tags, called Notification Groups. For each of these groups, you can say how you want to receive notifications and how often. For example, you may have an important project that uses three different notebooks, so you could choose to be notified of changes in these notebooks by push notification on an hourly basis. You may also have some other notebooks containing general reference material, so you could choose to get notified about changes to those notes via email once a week. SureNotifier also brings together on one screen on your mobile device a list of the Evernote notes in each of your Notification Groups, with the most recently changed notes at the top. This lets you focus on what’s recently changed among your most important notes, and with one click, open the note directly in Evernote.
  6. Cannot remove notification

    The EverNote icon on my iPhone 5S permanently shows a red circle with a figure 2 in it located at the top right-hand corner of the icon, yet no notifications are showing when I open up the app'. But I cannot remove the notification on the icon! Can someone please advise how I do this as its very annoying? Please see screenshot attached. Thanks in advance and regards.
  7. Clipped item notification symbol

    I'm using Chrome on a MacBook (latest OS) When I use Clearly, and clip an item with the embedded clipper within Clearly, a checkmark appears after the item is clipped. However, when I use the standard Evernote web clip tool, after returning to the tab I can see no discernible clue that the item has been clipped. Often I can't remember if I clipped it or not, so I clip it again, resulting in duplicate clips. This is a pain, especially since Evernote does not have a convenient de-duping feature.
  8. Hello, Currently, Reminders are not really reminding me, because they appear and disappear quickly and I don't notice them. I am using the Windows client, I don't know about other clients, but I think all Evernote apps should have the options that I'm about to suggest. Suggestions to improve Reminders: Add option to play a notification sound Add option to choose a style of reminder notification, maybe the notification can be configured to be a large window that appears containing the entire Note or something like that Display Remaining time until the Reminder date, for example 5 days remaining or 3 hours remaining Reoccurring reminders: add an option to specify that I should be reminded every X times, for example remind me every day, or every couple of hours etc... These features are simple and they can be implemented in a short time. Hopefully they will be added in the next Evernote update.
  9. Hello, I am using Evernote in my company. I have a few shared notebooks and I want to be aware of any changes made or various additions to any shared notebook or note. A simple email mentioning that "user X has modified a note" (or a notebook) would be sufficient. Does anyone know how may I receive notifications for any shared notebook or note? Thanks in advance.
  10. Today we're releasing a public beta of SureNotifier for Evernote Business: a service that keeps track of and notifies you of what notes have been changed within your Business account. Now you can always know when your colleagues are updating notes that are of interest to you. You'll know who changed each note, and when. The basic service is free for all Evernote Business users. To sign up or get more information, please visit www.surenotifier.com.
  11. I’m a long time premium user of Evernote for Mac, iPad, iPhone and I’m mostly happy with it. It’s a great time saver. But SHARING is a cumbersome process. Sorry. (It may be not a problem to share one or two notebooks. But even this is confusing for first time users I’m sending notifications to.) I have a lot of notebooks to share with different people. There the hassle begins. 1) No sharing of stacks? Are you kidding me? I have to share 10 notebooks often. I can tell you this is not a joy. 2) In EN for Mac v. 6.4 there is no sign in the notebook list to see which notebooks I’m sharing. 3) When I share 10 notebooks with a teammate on one day she/he gets 10 notifications. I understand why he/she is angry. Why can’t I combine all this to ONE notification? 4) Well, I understand why my teammate has to „accept“ the sharing of a given notebook. But there should be an option to eliminate this hurdle. Why? Because it would be a big time saver. AND it would remove a source of error. (It happens all the time that a teammate is like: „This notebook? I don’t have it in my Evernote. You didn’t share it.“ (Which I did.) You know, people are lazy by nature. They skip these notifications often.) 5) PLEASE give us back a list of all shared notes/notebooks like in the early days of Evernote. It would be so much easier to check and change the sharing options. 6) To make everything more confusing you introduced Chat. I understand, why you love this. BTW I don’t. Before Chat in EN I didn’t miss it. We have a lot of ways to communicate with teammates nowadays. We didn’t need Chat in Evernote to survive. It is just one more hurdle. For example: When I just want to send (not share) a given note by email and I klick on „Sharing“ I end up in Chat. Then a journey starts through the menus to find the one for emailing. Next example: When I share a notebook it’s not intuitively clear what will happen: ‚Will she/he get an email or a chat message? Or both? Should I better phone him/her to point her/him to this notification?‘ I suggest: Let’s keep it simple-Just send an email only with a big button „Accept invitation to this notebook“. Done. Did I mention that we cant’t delete the chat notifications in Evernote? So we are never shure: ‚Did I accept this one already or not?' Again, sharing in the early days of Evernote was a joy to use. It’s not anymore. I hope it will change.
  12. All my clients get notebooks, and they all buy premium - We used to get points, now I dont get anything.... back to notifications, I dont get anything. It doesn't even show in the notification button up top that changes have been made....My client is pissed, cause we handle a lot for them, and it's changes hourly sometimes, and they have to keep checking it manually on their phones/web/app. I've not had notifications on my iPhone for a long time, even in beta, which I've addressed. so ya any help would be rad!
  13. I'm not receiving notifications on my iPhone for the reminders I create using the web interface. I just receive the notifications of the reminders I create or setup on the iPhone. Anyone else is experiencing this? Is this an expected behaviour?
  14. For some reason I an getting reminders from Evernote at about 5:20 every morning on my cell phone. Really annoying. Is there a way to make this reminder appear later Thanks
  15. Hi, Love the app but would really benefit from notifications when another user makes a change to a not or notebook. Is that feature available in the Premium version? Thanks! ("Question" not Qusetion )
  16. Updated to EN 6.0.5. Have a few notebooks that were shared with another account. Shared note update notifications no longer working. Satelite dish lights up if share settings are changed at either site (leave sharing, start new sharing) but it does not when original user makes a change to a shared note or a note inside a shared notebook. No notifications whatsoever to the other user. I clicked on "Leave Notebook…" for a few of these and restarted sharing from the other count using the new "Work Chat" settings (which I find deplorable, btw). Sharing goes ok (they appear back in the first account). But no notifications whatsoever appear when the other user makes changes. This feature is imoprtant to my workflow. It used to work brilliantly in the previous version. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks! C
  17. Finally!!! XNOTIFICATIONS!!! Available right now with a 10 day trial period. Our application provides alerts for any new or changed notes within any notebooks you specify. It is quite an app! Please check it out at www.xnotifications.com. If you use shared notebooks this app is great! Be notified of any changes when a colleague, friend or family member makes changes to your shares. And if all of this was not enough, we have provided the ability to forward out those notes you are monitoring to email. So YES, you can now get your content, from the best information capturing tool in the world, into your favorite web service, like your ticketing system. Please download and install it. Test it and provide us feedback. Thank you very much. You may email info@xnotifications.com for support. We will respond within 24hrs.
  18. Hi everyone. We are new to the Evernote forums. We would like to receive feedback on one of our new apps we have developed over the last 2 years. It's called Xnotifications, and you can sign up and download the trial at http://download.xnotifications.com/download.htm. Any feedback would be appreciated. . What does it do you might be asking? First off, it's a desktop app for Windows. When connected to your Evernote account, it allows you to choose which notebooks you would like to monitor for notifications of any new notes created in said notebook. Also, in the settings menu, you will see that you can enter the destination email addresses to forward the note to any platform that you choose. For example: A note was created by me that had information regarding service work, parts and time tracking etc. When Xnotifications sees this note come into the monitored notebook I chose, it not only notifies via pop-up style dialog box, it also automatically sends the note into our ticketing and billing system!! Eliminating steps and always able to stay in good ol' Evernote, the best information capturing software on the planet! If your office is already using Evernote, Xnotifications can be setup as a private in-office notification system. Just share a notebook, install Xnotifications and monitor the share for any new notes. Enough for now. Thank you in advance for any feedback. Xnotifications email: info@xnotifications.com We will respond to any feedback within 24hrs or sooner. Thanks
  19. I have seen a video on youtube showing an Evernote widget displayed in IOS 8's Notifications panel. I have IOS 8 on my iphone and my Evernote is up to date, but the widget doesn't display.
  20. How can I get Notifications?

    How can I get notifications that a team member has edited a note? This is critical!!!! Please help
  21. Hello. I use Evernote and loves it - very very useful app. I will like to make one suggestion that to me will add a bit of bite to this already well done and developed app. I would love to see a feature where one can link friend(s) to a particular Notebookor Note. This way, a notification/alerts can be sent to persons linked to that Notebook when new Notes are added or amendments made to an existing Note, or postit/anotations can be added to photos or to other contents in a Note Notifications will pop up via the Evernote sytems tray icon on PC, and in the same way BBM, WhatsApp etc notifications show up on Mobile devices. This will allow Evernote users to share and collaborate on Notebooks/Notes making this wonderful app even more powerful. My fiance and I are using Evernote to plan our wedding, it would be wonderful if we could share one Notebook, getting notifications/alerts/messages as we collaborate on wedding plans. Ooo, I get excited just thinking about that being a possibility .
  22. I share a notebook at work. Is there anyway to have a notification show up on the status bar of android or iPhones when note is created or updated in the shared notebook?
  23. Hi I love the notification function, but.... Please let the user set a different or no notification sound! Right now it is just using the default notification sound, but I want to hear if I am getting a SMS, an Outlook reminder or an Evernote reminder! And as I read around on the forums, some just want a visual reminder and no sound. No, turning off the notifications is no good, as that will switch them all off Possible workaround (cumbersome, but may work): set specific notification sounds for all the "other" apps and let Evernote as the only app using the default (only works if all your other apps let you choose a specific sound). Clunky and not Evernote worthy! Thanks!
  24. web Reminders not working for me

    Hi! I am having difficulty getting reminders to work for me at all. I connect with Evernote via the web and also have the Evernote app installed on my iPhone. When I set a reminder for a specific date and time in the future, and the date and time elapses, nothing happens. I do not receive any kind of notification to look at the reminder in question. Nothing when I log into Evernote on the web, other than the standing list of scheduled reminders to the left of the open note, and no kind of pop up or push reminder on my phone. I have also set the web application to send me a reminder email, and I do not receive any email either. Can anyone help me to figure out what is going wrong? Thanks so much!