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Found 37 results

  1. I would like the ability to disable the notification you get when you move a note into a shared notebook. All of my notebooks are shared so when I am sorting the new notes I scan in (daily), I get this notification every single time I want to re-organize my notes. "You are moving a note out of [Notebook] to [Notebook]. People may gain or lose access."
  2. If a user accidentally hits the "Copy selection" shortcut, the "Clipboard capture failed" dialog pops-up. I would like an option (or default) for this to be an Action Center notification instead.
  3. IT would be wonderful to have a notification when someone has updated the shared notebook or they can see the reminders set. They can have the option to subscribe to this or not.
  4. Bruno Costacurta

    Reminder notification on Android ?

    Hello, is it possible to receive a notification on Android for an Evernote note with reminder ? I receive such notification on workstation and a daily resume of reminders via email, but nothing on my Android smartphone when the Reminder is due. However all notifications are enabled for Evernote app under my Android v7.0 Thanks for attention and any clue Bye
  5. Hi, Often times I clip articles that I didn't realize I had already clipped. It would be handy to: 1.) Be notified that this URL has already been clipped 2.) Show us a count of how many duplicates of those URLs we have in my Evernote 3.) Allow us to delete them IF there are no additional texts/markups that we added ourselves (e.g. if it's just an unaltered article clip) 4.) Show or allow us to see or compare what if any differences there are between the articles At a macro level, I'd like to be able to run this across all of my notes and help clean out unmodified duplicates. Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Hello there Reminders on the desktop clients (at least I know about windows) are lacking some sort of notification, that is clearly visible when it matters. I mean, what is the point of setting up a time critcal reminder (since you have the option to do so) and not have it notify you in any useful way, when you are working at your desktop. Therefore I am suggesting some kind of notification that will stay visible until you deal with it. I would see several ways how this might be implemented (of course you should be able to turn it on or off). A Popup you have to click to remove it or a new menu option on the left where all reminders are visible and when one of the times is reached, the option turns red or something. or some other clearly visible way. Thanks and kind regards, Leu
  7. How do I create a notification on the Android Status Bar (like in ColorNote - "Pin to status bar")???
  8. After sharing a notebook with someone and one of us updated the content of that notebook we should get some type of email/notification letting us know that someone has updated the notebook with new content or changes something?
  9. Leesburg

    Collaboration Alerts

    Hi All, I've been trying to get colleagues to collaborate with me via EverNote for ages. They're finally doing it, a little. I've shared notebooks with them. They can edit and invite; they care add and modify notes within the shared notebooks. The little notifications 'bell' icon on my Mac client turns blue when one of my colleagues adds a note. This was easily missed, btw. Part of collaboration, I want them each to provide their own comments on articles one of us clips from the web. As is, if I look for the notification 'bell' icon changing color, I'll see when one has added a new note. However, I created a second basic EverNote account to see things from their perspective, and further test things out. In doing so, I used this 'other' basic account to modify a note that had been created by my premium account. I've seen no indication of this change in the notification 'bell' icon. Is there something I'm missing? This seems an extremely important kind of collaboration feature (alerts when colleague has changed a shared note). Please advise me as to how I can be alerted when my colleagues modify an existing, shared note. Also, I'm currently the only premium account; they are 'basic' accounts until they're hooked. I mentions this because my interest spans the user experience of two different Evernote account types. Thanks, Eirik
  10. montedyo

    Notification for reminders

    After setting up a reminder on Evernote Web, is it possible to choose a method of notification?
  11. I am sure many would appreciate the option to know when notes have been added to a shared notebook. that is all. this is a feature request.
  12. I use work chat to communicate with my employee. When I receive a chat back from her, I don't hear any sound? Is there a way to turn on sound?
  13. François @Fanfan54T

    ANSWERED Not notifying when it's time for reminder

    Hello, I love Evernote Web (using it on Google Chrome for Windows 10, HTML5 notifications enabled) A few minutes before, I was using Evernote Web normally, I created a note and clicked on the alarm icon to set a reminder. I set a time/deadline for it, and a small popup asked me where I wanted to be notified : smartphone, PC or email. I misclicked on the smartphone option and it asked me to make sure the Evernote app is installed on my phone in order to receive reminders. Finally, I'm really interested in being notified in Evernote Web, but the popup never appeared again. What would Evernote Web say if I clicked on the "PC/desktop" button in the popup. Does Evernote Web support HTML5 notifications? (I've a free account and I had to delete Evernote for Windows in order to have only two devices : Android (my phone) and iOS (my school iPad), that's why I use Evernote Web on my PC now) Thank you for your reply Have a nice day!
  14. Evernote needs setting for unique notification ringtone rather than using the default. I want to be able to distinguish Evernote reminders from other events.
  15. When you tap "Show Less" on the iOS 10 notification panel, would it be possible to show no notes or the "Recent Notes Here" line – and just show the new note icons? That would be a big help! Thanks.
  16. I know that Evernote syncs and refreshes regularly, which I can see when I have the app open. But is there a way to receive notifications when a shared note is edited by another user? Desktop, email, anything that would prompt a user to go check the app? In Google docs, you can receive notifications when something is changed, and I can't figure out similar functionality in Evernote.
  17. When I pressed notification button in widget I have small window with one line for enter notification text and one line to select notebook. And a very small button for set notification date in first tab, and to set notification time in second tab. It's too much annoying taps need to use this great notifications every day and each time when I need remember something in some future time! Please move date and time pickers to first window to allow set date and time right after tap on widget's button, with a notification text in single window!
  18. I typically share notes via URL. Is there a way i can get a notification when that note is viewed via the URL? Thank You
  19. Ghadeer Abbas

    Reminder Notification

    I love using EN. Its a simple yet reliable application. However i was wondering in the does the reminder notification have any sound to play? I find it very weird that whenever there is a reminder it comes silently at the bottom of my screen and fades away. Most of the times i am busy doing imp stuff and i miss on the reminder notification.If there is a sound played along with that it would be nice.I find Microsoft outlook reminders very handy in this case.
  20. Hi, So I curate links on a daily basis into a single, shared notebook. I go through a bunch of links I gathered through various means, chose to open some of them, and then webclip them w/ tags, comments, etc. to a specific Evernote notebook which is shared with one person. The objective of this effort is double: to archive relevant documents, and to share them at the same time. I add links daily. I was wondering how the notification system works? Does the person receive an email notification each and every time a single link is added? Would it be possible to set up a notification system that would send an email with a summary of what has changed in the notebook during the day, or the week (I’m thinking of using IFTTT for this). Any ideas, tips, will be appreciated. Thanks!
  21. using evernote 6.0.6 on macbook pro running 10.10.1 yosemite. Evernote notifications not working at all. Changes appear in shared notes but no notifications are shown for those changes pls help i have tried: 1. restarting evernote/mac 2. reinstalling evernote 3. older versions of evernote nothing worked Edit - Notifications for changes made by others appear only for notes which i own Edit - Notifications have gone crazy. Any changes i make to my own notes appear in notifications as changes made by someone else with whom the notes are shared
  22. Hi there ! Short: Would like to stop notifications about updates to Evernote, while app is disabled, uninstalled, forced stopped. Screen Caps Attached. I have a Tab S 10.5, Android 4.4.2 I do not use or want to use Evernote on my tablet. Longer version: I uninstalled all updates, disabled the application, force stopped it, cleared cache, documents, etc, and I still get reminders every 2-3 days about updates. Is there any way to stop these "update available" on an application that I have no intention of installing / using ? Please do not send me to Samsung, please do not suggest rooting. But if I must ... There must be a civilized way to stop the notification, and there must be more civilized ways to push EN on people. Evernote must know about this and there has to be a way to stop this nonsense update notification. I really don't care about EN whatsoever. Stop pestering me !!! Much appreciated !
  23. Vinicius Sezanosky

    Issue in the notification bar

    Hello, Why the reminders disappear from the notification bar after clicking onto it to see more information? Shouldn't it disappear only when swiping to the right? One more thing, When will a calendar view of appointments become available? Thank you. Vinicius Sezanosky Brazil
  24. Is there a way to enable notifications for shared notebooks??
  25. It would be great to have a list of my reminders for today as the notification center widget. Any plans for that?