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Found 338 results

  1. For example if I want move up a note towards the top of the notebook stack manually. Is this possible?
  2. Since a couple weeks, I've experienced getting a blank Notes list, but if you click in the white space, Notes appear, so they are definitely there - just not showing. I've encountered it mainly in lists of Notes that are a result of a search. Anyone else having this issue? I got Version 7.0.3. I'll post a screenshot the next time it happens again.
  3. Suggestion Box Submission It is nice to keep the most Updated notes at the top of the Notebook in Snippet View, but it would be really nice to push-pin the most important Note to the top ... and all the updated ones continue to jockey for the top under it. The most important notes may not be updated that often mostly as a point of reference. Thanks.
  4. Is there a way to "pin" a note to the top of a notebook. My notes sort by most recent edit which I love. But I would like to have one note stay at the top, like TOC or summary. Any ideas?
  5. Please let us select the thumbnail picture shown in the note previews. I read the forum and I saw there is an annoying work around, but that's why I'm requesting this feature for real. Something like: • right click the image and select "Use this as Preview image" (I believe this should be the easiest to implement) • right click the note preview and select "Pick a thumbnail" that leads to a small selection of the images available inside that note • right click the image and set a priority that overrides the current priority These are just ideas, but any of those would be amazing so we have decent control over the thumbnail pic!
  6. I have over 300 notes that I had in Mac’s Address Book, and a friend helped me massage and clean up, finally getting them into Apple’s spreadsheet program, Numbers. Figured that was the end of the hassle: I’d exported data from Excel using CSV probably a half-dozen times since 1992 into various environments and programs for data storage, for mailing lists, mostly. But wrong: Number records don’t export directly - 2nd tier Apple support confirmed this. So how do I get these 300+ notes into Evernote? Want to preserve of course the Notebook they’re in, their title, body, and formatting (if possible).
  7. When you enable the tabbed view inside Evernote, it would be more useful for the tabs to display the name of the specific 'note' you're working on, rather than the name of the Notebook. This is especially useful where you're working on multiple notes within the same notebook (that you've split across various tabs). As in the example below, you can see that both tabs display "All Notes" and "Diary" however its the same case if I was working on two different notes in say the same notebook "Diary" This can get a bit confusing, because if they both display the same name, you have to then click on each of the tabs to find out which one it was that you were working on. My recommendation is to essentially display the name of the Note, or you can show the path of the note i.e. Diary > 12102017 just to make this feature that bit more useful (just like how we currently have it when you open a note in a new window). The tabbed view becomes less useful if you have a number of notebooks and notes inside them that you might be working on at the same time and therefore harder to manage. I've also attached a screenshot of what the "open in a new window" looks like.
  8. Is there a way to rearrange the position of a merged note? If you have a pg1 & pg2 which pg do you click on first in order to have pg1 on top in the merged note?
  9. Hi, ‘I created my notes and notebooks in Penultimate...and then synched with Evernote. I’d like to keep my notes and notebooks in Penultimate can I get them out of Evernote and in imported back in Penultimate ? thx!
  10. Is it possible to lose a Note by mis typing the pass phrase? I've got a Note encrypted with a lot of numbers, addresses and so forth. Usually when I open it I am prompted to enter a passphrase with a reminder hint. Due to clumsiness I mistyped the passphrase. It seems to have overwritten the Note with the mistyped characters. Is it possible to get the original Note restored? What is the procedure for reverting to a Note of say two days ago?
  11. I have a problem where when I copy or clip a note from a web page that it sometimes has inconsistent line formatting, especially annoying for recipes. I tried using the remove formatting and simplify formatting options, but neither works. Does anyone have any suggestions? The only solution I could find to this problem was to copy out the entire note into notepad delete the note and recreate it and past the text in from notepad.
  12. I'm using Evernote on iPhone and Windows laptop. The problem is that I lost 3 notes during last few days. When I open some random note either on phone or laptop, I see the content of another note, so the previous information fully disappeared. I don't have function of history of notes and I checked web-version of Evernote. What can I do to prevent such a problem in future and can I restore my notes if I didn't make export of notes before?
  13. Hello, 3 questions: 1. I created my 9 notebooks in Penultimate and then they synced to Evernote ... and when I go to Evernote I see all of the notebooks with notes but I can’t update the notes ..... how do I update notes in Evernote??? 2. Although I can see all of the notebooks in Evernote I still only see some of the notebooks in Penultimate...why is that? 3. How can I assign noteS in Penultimate to notebooks in Evernote or Penultimate? thank you in advance !1
  14. At present, the structural organization of Evernote is in dire need of improvement. Here are the no-brainer features that should be added to Evernote as soon as humanly and technically possible. 1) The contents of every note are organized into sections 2) Every notebook is organized into sub-notebooks 3) Stacks are organized into folders aka meta-stacks. My request basically boils down to adding 3 new structural entities: 1) note sections; 2) sub-notebooks; 3) meta-stacks. If you agree that these features need to be added, please upvote this post. I hope to get an official response from the Evernote Development Team as to whether the abovementioned features are going to be added.
  15. The ability to merge Notes on Android Wouldbe useful. I don't have access to internet on a computer yet use my Android all the time.
  16. I have been using Evernote (basic/free edition) on my Android phone for some time. I am hoping to save my notes, delete those that I no longer refer to regularly, and continue using Evernote. The instructions I've found for download have you do it from the desktop app and I am now being prompted to upgrade so I can use evernote on multiple devices. How can I export my notes (preferably to my computer) without an upgrade? If I unsync my android and begin using the computer as my Evernote device, will my notes be saved there?
  17. I find very often that lots of new notes in a notebook will use the same tags as the first note in the notebook... It would be so fast and easy to be able to copy the tags from the first note and paste (or share) the tags to the new notes as they are created and added to the folder. Please add this feature!
  18. Hi, I noticed a few problem in version (306921) that really need to get sorted. First when I click on the snippet of a certain note it takes much longer than in previous version to load and show the note. The second problem is with the icons of an attachments which look bigger (look at the printscreen below). I also noticed that pdf-s are now only able to be shown as attachments, not sure if this is an error or just premium option from now on. It would be nice if you guys sort this problems ASAP. Thanks and have a nice day!
  19. There used to be a thumbnail displayed next to a note whith handwritten notes - a verry cute visual help - it no longer exists. Can you make sure this works again ? Thank you...
  20. phillip.ellis

    Notes not showing in notebooks

    I recently opened my Evernote, and my evernote shows that I have 6 notes in one of the notebook folders. However when i click on the folder it only shows one note and not the list of notes in the folder. What am I doing wrong?! Many thanks. Phill
  21. ScottMNelson

    Notes duplicating in FireFox

    every so often while working on some notes in firefox, the notes do not appear to save if I switch from one note to another, and when I scroll the list on the left, I start to see 5 or 6 copies of the same note. It did it again today for the 6th or 7th time on 2 notes I have edited. Also, I went to the site to open a bug report and there is not a direct link to actually open a support ticket, even though it shows 'open a ticket'. Weird...
  22. Hello! First off, I love Evernote. Thank you for everything you do. One (huge) pain point I have while using Evernote is working around only being able to have one note open at a time. On web, it's easy enough to work around by opening Evernote in multiple browser tabs, but on a desktop client, there's not even a workaround. I don't know anyone, including myself, who sits on one note at a time while doing serious work. Currently, with no back button and no option to view more than one note at a time, I find myself often avoiding even going back into Evernote to look for something, or navigate within it. This would be a game changer! Thanks, Adam
  23. Dear Community I can't see the encryption option anymore - it's disappeared from the drop-down menu when I right-click on the Internet-based interface and also disappeared from the interface on my iPhone. Also in both interfaces, I can't any more previously encrypted text. Is it a temporary bug or a permanent loss of functionality? Thanks in advance for your assistance!
  24. I was feeling frustrated by EN's lack of support for colors for text in the app, so after checking around the forums for a bit, I realized I could just make my own note with colored text and share it as a way for anyone who wants to get some colored text into their notes to reap the rewards of my small effort. I realize it's not perfect yet, I just threw it together real quick. But theoretically one can go to my note on my my postach.io blog and copy some colored letters/numbers and use them on any platform. Cheers everyone.
  25. Hi Is there a resource I can be directed to that explains which images are displayed in the Notes list on the left depending upon what kind of clip is chosen, i.e. Article, Simplified Article, etc.? If a page has many different images, which one does Evernote choose to display in the list? I use Evernote for recipes and, for many of my Notes, the images don't match to the recipe because its choosing what appears like a random image from the page. Some of my notes display a gray placeholder instead of an image. This started to be a problem within the last few months, I didnt have this problem in the past. Thank you for any help you can provide.