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  1. Read-Only Option

    Please make a option for only read the note. I don’t want to allow me to make changes when I accidentally click. Please add this feature (only read option) There was a lot of demand for it. This is a long-awaited request.
  2. Feature Request

    You should add in a feature that allows you to pin a certain note to the top of the notebook if you wanted. This would allow the user to keep a template or certain key notes that they want to have handy at the top of the scroll. Thanks!
  3. Hiding Notes

    I would like to be able to keep some old notes but 'hide' them so they aren't included in searches, etc. Is there a way to do that? I have them all organized in notebooks under a specific stack that starts with "z ..." so I don't have to see them when I'm looking at my current notebooks. However, whenever I do searches or sort notes, they come up. There are a lot of them so I don't think I can export and then re-import when needed without going over the monthly data limit. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!
  4. Handwritten Notes

    I would like to see different paper types for handwritten notes. I don't really like the dotty one. Also please could you make it possible to convert handwritten text to typewritten text. GoodNotes 4 can do it. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/goodnotes-4/id778658393?platform=ipad&preserveScrollPosition=true#platform/ipad
  5. It’s nice that if one holds down the backspace delete button for a few seconds it goes faster. Problem is, that it can be too fast, deleting text I want to keep. Evernote needs an undo button or some way to undo the last bits accidentally deleted. Plus the choices within your support ticket fields are too limited.
  6. If I downgrade from Premium back to Basic, what happens to my notes that are a larger size than the Basic program allows? Do I lose them completely (do they disappear)? Do they remain in my Notebooks and are just inaccessible to me? How does that work? Are there other changes of which I should be aware?
  7. I need a foolproof way of sharing notes with clients who are probably not Evernote users and may use Mac, Windows, Android phone or iOS without being very techie. My attempts to share notes (over the years) always run into problems -- generally the recipient can't see the note, or finds it too much hassle to open it. I have tried most ways of sending links to Evernotes and having public shared notebooks. Is there a FOOLPROOF way of sharing so that any recipient with a browser can read the note?
  8. Can't add tags while using web

    Can't add tags while using web Given the "not responding" problems using the Windows app, I'm exploring using Evernote on the web. Help https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314388 says "At the top right of the note, click inside the 'New tag...' field at the top of the note, then enter your tag(s), or select an existing tag." However, when I click "New tag ..." nothing happens. Screenshot below. Any ideas?
  9. Hi Evernote team, I just formatted my computer (the Windows partition), but left my EN database untouched at some path at D:\application-data\Evernote. I launched EN without reinstalling (the program was still there at D:\programs\Evernote), and it asked me to log in. I logged in to my account, so EN started syncing my notes. To prevent EN from downloading all my stuff from servers, I changed the database location to D:\application-data\Evernote. To my surprise, and without any prompt, EN replaced my entire database with the "fresh" one, which is strictly newer, and from the same account, but only has a single notebook with a single note it could sync (in the little interval between launching the app and changing the database path), instead of the loads of notes, notebooks and tags I've created. Furthermore, EN synced after that, so my web content was also wiped clean. I know I have a basic account, because it fits my workflow well. I've been considering upgrading, but then this happens. I still have a chance of recovering my database from another laptop, which I can't access right now. For good measure, I disabled all my devices from the webapp. My question is: How can I make sure that my laptop's database won't be wiped clean when I log in on that computer? Maybe I just need to back it up, touch the files and let them be synced again. Will try when I can access that computer. I would like to ask for some warning before the overwriting occurs. Sure, I could have legit gone offline and ditched all my notes. Then, on sync, EN would have rightfully wiped them. But then again, the "blank slate" database had been just generated from scratch, automatically. It didn't have any history in common with the thousands-notes-database that was silently deleted. Moreover, trying to recover the deleted files through file recovery software proved impossible, since the blank database overwrote the files with the same names (which is understandable). Thank you all for your support. Besides this mishap (which I hope to solve), I truly believe EN is an excellent tool.
  10. Hello everyone! So I've just recently decided to use Evernote as my go-to option for note-taking in class, and up until last week, everything was running smoothly, no hiccups at all. Never had such a great experience taking notes and I feel more organized than ever before. As I got to class today and decided to load up my notes, I encountered a problem. I can see my various notes in their appropriate notebooks, with the last time they were edited and their title, but once I click on one, the body doesn't show up, with a blank page showing up instead. Interestingly enough, I cannot add any text to the document nor do anything as a matter of fact. Notes can be created and the title can be changed but that seems to be all I can do. I've restarted my computer (Chromebook) several times, making sure it was up to date to no avail. I also looked up on the forums to find solutions and verified I was online and everything checked out. Now, this is where I got completely lost: I opened the iOS app and everything seems to be find on it (notes can be accessed and modified without a problem). I also went to the computer lab to check and the web version of Evernote also works perfectly fine on the desktop, so this means the problem is directly related to the web version working on Chrome OS. Thank you and have a nice day, Romi15
  11. notes

    good morning - my notes are blanc!!! any ideas? please help - needed!!!
  12. HELP: Notes blank, Content not viewable

    When I click on Notes, it shows blank on the main screen. If I try to make a new note, I cannot type anything except the Header. Please tell me how to fix this as soon as possible as my workfiles are stuck in this. Attached Screenshot for reference
  13. Issue with the notes

    Hi, I don't have a premium account. I don't know where to report this issue. This is critical. Only the title of the note appear on the page. The actual content is not shown. Although on the sidebar, the actual content are there but truncated. Please see attachment file.
  14. Can't handwrite directly onto notes Hi there, I'm trying to use my lenovo x1 yoga stylus to write directly onto a note. I've tried using the paperclip, but there is no option to select the pen. The only option is to attach a file. I've enabled handwriting in the toolbar but it opens a new note where I can handwrite - although this cannot be integrated within a typed note. my question is: how can I incorporate handwritten and type notes into one note? Thank you!
  15. I wanted to add a note to my Evernote and I created the note + I can see the title, but I cannot write anything and when I click on other titles, I cannot see the notes or click to write something new. It doesn't work. I see the titles plus the text, well, as much as I can see on a preview on the side but when I click, there is nothing there, except the title. It works perfectly on my phone, but not on my laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Tanja
  16. Using the web-based interface, the default view isNotes, which are a mishmash and chaotic. Could it be possible to use Notebooks as the default view, which is the main form of organization available on Evernote?
  17. When I'm working with two notes and I'm comparing I like to jump back and forth between the two notes. My notes contain a lot of images and text so the notes can get a bit lengthy. It's really inconvenient to be jumped all the way back to the top of the note and lose my place. It'd be nice if we could toggle this feature on and off. I've looked it up and seen many workarounds (people suggesting adding little bookmark words that you can search with the finder or just make shorter notes), but these seem inconvenient.
  18. My note which was password protected for years suddenly lost. The only thing left behind is the title of the note with no content. The most interesting part is how on earth, a password protected notes suddenly becomes password-less. I was on a free plan and in order to report and get support from Evernote I had to upgrade to a paid plan (Plus). It's been more than 48 hours and I did not get any response yet. Today, I sent my second message and still waiting!!! I am already upset due to my lost notes and even worse very frustrated that support is not taking care of this urgent matter. Am I missing something here?
  19. Reference to another note

    Is there a way to put in one note a reference of another note. And when clicked, that reference to send me to that referenced note? (ex: like when we create a table of contents)
  20. I'm using Evernote on iPhone and Windows laptop. The problem is that I lost 3 notes during last few days. When I open some random note either on phone or laptop, I see the content of another note, so the previous information fully disappeared. I don't have function of history of notes and I checked web-version of Evernote. What can I do to prevent such a problem in future and can I restore my notes if I didn't make export of notes before?
  21. Hello Everyone, after using Evernote for over 4 years (professional and private), I had to make the decision to stop using it as from 2018. I live and work in Europe, and lately there has just been too much trouble with all the data protection laws, customers, data compatibility, missing features, etc that I decided to switch to a different solution for my work-related stuff. My question is: How long does it take for all the data I send to the Evernote servers over the years using the Evernote clients and/or Evernote web interface to be completly and permanently deleted? I know that Evernote support keeps telling users "when you move a note to the trash and then remove it from the trash, the note ist gone, and we can't restore it". That might be correct, but there are more people working at Evernote than support staff - what about admins and other IT staff? I expect Evernote made backups of their my data, and if they did, then my data probably won't be deleted immediately after i remove it from the trash, right? How long until the last backup that contained my (unencrypted!!) data is deleted?? I DO NOT ask how to delete my notes (I already did), but I need a legally binding statement of the exact date (or at least the end of a timeframe) to comply with local laws. Since I canceled my subscription in December support either won't answer my requests anymore, or they are very slow. Regards SK
  22. The only way I can view my notes is to double click on the snippet for a new screen or( control enter). I have been away for six months and don't remember it being this cumbersome. Am I missing something?
  23. Hi, I am about to use Evernote for my personal and work. And I have some queries: 1) How secure and private are my confidential notes in Evernote? 2) Can any Evernote employee access and see my confidential notes? I know people can see my notes and things only if I give access to them but here I am talking about Evernote employees. 3) Is there any way to prevent Evernote from auto-saving into the cloud and make Evernote to save the notes on my PC? Thanks in advance. Guddu
  24. I search for a term and it doesn't find all the instances of that term, and I know because I manually find what I know is there, and sure enough it didn't bring that up in the search results. The term could be inside a note or the title of a note and it doesn't bring it up. For example searching for the name "Jung", and the search result only brings up one note where I have quotes by Carl Jung, and I know I have more than that, so i find the others manually, and there they are. I've not had this problem before with Evernote, is it a bug in the new version? I can't contact them because I only have the free version. Evernote: Version 6.13.1 MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
  25. Note body not loading

    The body of notes not loading in right hand viewing pane. List of notes loads fine in left hand pane and title of note loads in right hand pane but no body and can't enter new text in the note. This has been happening intermittently for several days. Help or solution much appreciated. Linux Mint 18.1/Cinnamon 3.2.7 desktop/Pale Moon browser