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Found 207 results

  1. I am using Evernote 7.0.3 on a Mac. I can't figure out how to move a notebook from one stack to another. Right-clicking on a notebook does not have a move option. Dragging a notebook also does nothing. In the menubar I can find "Move Note" but not "Move Notebook". Help!
  2. A thing that's been bothering me in this great service ever since I started using it 2 years ago, is that it is not possible to set a sorting order for a specific notebook. To me this seems very basic, so I was very disappointed that it's still not available in the new beta. I mean, am I the only one who wants my receipts ordered by date and my recipes ordered by title? My family photos ordered by date and my art photos ordered by title? I do sincerely hope this can be implemented!! Once again, thanks for the great software.
  3. http://www.harmonenterprises.com/blog/organize-evernote-notebooks Thought I'd throw some chum in the water for the relentless notebook sharks. I'm one of those taggers who uses very few notebooks, based on access (local, synchronized, shared, offline), not content, but I have to admit that Harmon makes a compelling argument, especially since tag organization cannot currently be viewed on all platforms.
  4. Thomas Bui

    Pin notes to the top of notebook

    I have a lot of notebooks, and In each notebook, I have a lot of notes. But in some notebooks, I have some important note and need update them every day. So I want to pin them to the top of the note list when opening a notebook. Currently, I use reminder feature to keep a note on top. Thanks.
  5. MikeHeath

    Merge Penultimate Notebooks

    I want to merge whole notebooks and move pages from one notebook to another one. Can I do this in Penultimate?
  6. Christine T

    How to create Stacks in Evernote Web?

    I am trying to create stacks in Evernote Web. The instructions say to simply drag one notebook on top of another to create a stack. But I am unable to drag any notebook. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I am an organization freak, and not being able to do this is driving me nuts! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  7. It would be nice to be able to link to a tag, notebook, stack, and/or saved search within a note. I know you can make TOC notes on search results, but if new notes matching the search used are added, they are not automatically included in the TOC note. I think It would be nice to have a note that can guide me to related notebooks, topics, saved searches, or tags if I choose to do so. I would just expect the link to take me to the list view I linked to.
  8. Hello, 3 questions: 1. I created my 9 notebooks in Penultimate and then they synced to Evernote ... and when I go to Evernote I see all of the notebooks with notes but I can’t update the notes ..... how do I update notes in Evernote??? 2. Although I can see all of the notebooks in Evernote I still only see some of the notebooks in Penultimate...why is that? 3. How can I assign noteS in Penultimate to notebooks in Evernote or Penultimate? thank you in advance !1
  9. At present, the structural organization of Evernote is in dire need of improvement. Here are the no-brainer features that should be added to Evernote as soon as humanly and technically possible. 1) The contents of every note are organized into sections 2) Every notebook is organized into sub-notebooks 3) Stacks are organized into folders aka meta-stacks. My request basically boils down to adding 3 new structural entities: 1) note sections; 2) sub-notebooks; 3) meta-stacks. If you agree that these features need to be added, please upvote this post. I hope to get an official response from the Evernote Development Team as to whether the abovementioned features are going to be added.
  10. It would be great if there was a way to Subtitle under Titles in Notebooks. Subtitles under subtitles as many times as needed would be great!
  11. I have a large number of Notebooks (100+, one for each client I work with) and am constantly jumping between them on a daily basis. On the sidebar, I have to scroll up/down to find the notebook I'm after. I'd like to be able to just click into the sidebar on any random notebook and start typing and have the sidebar scroll and highlight the closest match. Just like you can on a folder list in Windows/MacOS. It would make life sooooo much easier. A keyboard shortcut to move the active screen area to that sidebar to begin typing would be nice as well.
  12. Hi y'all, Our development team is currently investigating an issue where the notebooks list is not loading within the Evernote Web Clipper in Safari and Chrome. If you're experiencing this issue, please submit a support request with the following information: If this is occurring in Safari: Send the activity logs from the Web Clipper: 1. Open Safari and click the Evernote Web Clipper icon in the toolbar 2. Select Options 3. Scroll down to Error logs and click View Logs 4. Copy/Paste the log information into a text file 5. Attach the text file in your ticket submission If this is occurring in Chrome: Send the complex log from the Developer Console: 1. In Chrome, enter chrome://extensions/ in the address bar 2. Enable Developer mode 3. Find Evernote Clipper 4. Click on the link background.html 5. Open the Console tab in the newly opened window 6. In the main browser, try to open the Clipper and load notebooks. 7. Return to background.html window and send us the Console contents in your ticket submission Thank you for your patience while our Technical Support Team and development team work together to help get this resolved.
  13. PLEASE give users an option to view their notebooks in multi columns like you used to. This single column is inefficient. Give us a choice of how we want to view our notebooks. You give us this option with our notes. Please do the same with notebooks. Thanks!
  14. I am proposing using Evernote as an LMS of sorts; to provide guided notes and rich class materials, and encourage students to have digital notes for future reference. I want to create a notebook for each student; this way I can see if they are taking effective notes and ease the submission of assignments (we have only 20 students per term maximum). So I am wondering; if you share a notebook with a student, can you effectively "turn over" the notebook to the student so that it is theirs to have at the end of the term? It would help me by not bumping into the notebook limits over time. Thanks!
  15. For the love of all things organized, please let us duplcate notebook names. I have... Work Stack > Notes > Projects > To Dos Personal Stack > Personal Notes > Personal Projects > Personal To Dos The problem with this is that shortcuts get cut off and, being dyslexic and not wanting too many words to skim through, I use 'personal' to produce a unique notebook name but as a pre-fix so I can ignore it. Can you just wrap the notbook UI with whatever we call it and on the back end identify it as <stack>:<notebook> or something? Obviously you can keep the restriction of unique stack names but we're using those as groupings and notebooks as subgroupings. Let subgroups have unique names please!
  16. I know this has been a recurrent subject: many people ask about syncing in two different computers. My issue with this matter—which I think hasn't been talked about yet—is why can't we select which notebooks to sync on each computer. For example: I have a home pc with more space than I can use, and I have a notebook which I use at college. I'd like to have access to certain notes in this particular notebook, but I don't want to download everything in there (it hasn't got that much space, and is also shared by many members of the family). Moreover, I'd there are many notes which I need for a particular lesson or group discussion or for a particular class, and once that's over, I wouldn't have any immediate need for such notes; i'd still like to keep it on my main computer at home, for further reference and so on, but I wouldn't need it on my day to day at college. Is there a particular reason why we can't get a feature like that? or am I the only one who thinks this is something useful?
  17. Using Tags as Pseudo Notebooks (pNB) [Note: At the urging of another user, I have started a new topic for this subject. I posted the below originally in Jan 2016. I am in the process of rewriting, fine-tuning this article, but for now the below is a copy of my original post at Using Tags as Pseudo Notebooks . The basic design of pNB has not changed.] My knowledge of how to use Tags continues to evolve. This has been largely due to limitations Evernote has placed on Notebooks. So, the question is: How does one make the best use of the tool they have? Notebooks (NB) are limited to 250. Tags are virtually unlimited at 100,000. Tags can have a hierarchical structure of Parent Tag / Child Tag, much like the folders that you see on your computer. So, if we can model NBs as Tags, then we can effectively have unlimited NBs and sub-NBs. One of the most appealing features of Notebooks (and folders) is how they visually appear. But what if we can do the same visual layout with Tags? Stay tuned to learn how. I use tags in two fundamentally different ways: Pseudo Notebooks -- use in place of where you would normally use a notebook. This includes sub-notebooks. Note Categorization -- traditional use of tags to categorize the entity, which can have multiple tags. Can be used across Notebooks, or in this case, across pseudo NBs. Using Tags as Pseudo Notebooks Tags can be organized in hierarchies (meaning Parent-Child relationship). So we can achieve the appearance of Notebooks and sub-notebooks, Without going into a lot of detail at this point, I have created a number of Tags which serve as pseudo Notebooks. Note that all of the pseudo NBs, actually tags, all have a prefix of ".NB.", which makes it easy to identify which tags are pseudo NBs, and will cause them to appear at the top of the Tag list. You can, of course, use any prefix that works for you. One great advantage of using tags as pseudo NBs, is that you can assign multiple pseudo NBs to the same Note. Can't do that with actual NBs. Each Note can belong to only one NB. So this allows me, for example, to assign multiple pseudo NBs of .NB.IT, .NB.Business, and .NB.Personal to the same Note, which is the asset record for a new Mac, used in both business and personal activities. Now when I search or filter on any of the 3 pseudo NBs it will find the asset record of my Mac. I now have all of my pseudo NBs that appear at the top of my Tag list, and the pseudo NBs can, and do, have sub-pseudo NBs. Here's an example: As a result, I now have a need for ONLY 3 main Notebooks, plus any Notebooks needed for sharing or mobile offline use: Please feel free to post any questions or comments. EDIT: Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 12:36:27 PM CST For more discussion on pseudo notebooks, see Using Tags as Pseudo Notebooks (original post) Do you find lots of notebooks or notebook stacks useful?
  18. Hello When I started with evernote, I didn't study well how to organize notebooks and tags. So i did it a little bit spontaneous, as much people do. As a result, i have a lot of unusefull tags and i have notebooks who should be tags. After a few months i understand I have to reorganize my notebooks and tags. I have a lott of notes and a lot of tags, when i must do this, note by note and tag by tag this is impossible for me. For the notebooks, it is not a problem since it is easy to take all the notes in a notebook and put it in another notebook.in one action. But for the tags it is a big problem. It should be possible to give a same tag to many notes in one action and not note by note. It should also be usefull to delete many tags with one move or to give many tags the same name in one move. It should be a great help for me if someone has tips for me, how to do this, thanks for answering, Tony
  19. I think a glaring absence is the ability to put stacks inside of stacks. I would to have a "Work" stack that I can then add another stack underneath like "Personnel" with Notebooks inside that stack. I know you can nest things deeper on tags, but it's not nearly as convenient or efficient. Some of my notebooks need to be stacked inside of a stack.
  20. In 2014 I asked for the ability to generate a list of notebooks each user has joined in an Evernote Business account. Has this come to fruition yet? My original request stemmed from staff changes, and setting up the "new person" with the same notebooks their predecessor had. Now, I'm shuffling corporate employees' access with multiple Evernote Business accounts. This would really be helpful. Perhaps an add on to the admin console? Has anyone found a way around this?
  21. antitech

    More than 256 notebooks needed

    I have need of more than the limit of 256 notebooks at top level. Any plans to increase this limit without going to a business account?
  22. I want also to put one note into multiple notebooks. I have reviewed previous discussion on this, and the general advice is to use tags. Getting beyond the multiple issues associated with tags (taxonomy gets really complicated with multiple tags over a period of time), having one note in multiple notebooks simplifies sharing, such as a public notebook and a private one. Hope you can consider doing this, just as photo sharing sites allow one pix to be associated with multiple albums!! Nick
  23. I have been looking around for this, but I have not found the info I want. I have been using Evernote quite extensively and I just changed jobs from consulting to a job with a single company. I use Evernote to track everything in my life from work stuff, to a second business to personal data. I can image life without it. Until recently I have been consulting with several companies and I have separate notebooks for many of the things I did for them. I want to use Evernote in my new full time job, but I do not want my personal notebooks and my past client notebooks to sync to my new company computer. Is there a way to do that? I definitely do not want some of my notes from the other clients to appear on my new computer. The only way I have figured this out so far is to create a new account and share the relevant notebooks from my personal account. Is there another way, I think Evernote is valuable and I will spend my own money on setting up a second account as long as it is needed, but if there is a cheaper way I would like to do that. Thanks, Scott
  24. scubadiver

    Other Scubadiver

    Hi, When I am asked to join a notebook, what security risks am I opening myself up to? Am I truly just joining that notebook? or do I give others who also have access to that notebook access to other information about my Evernote account? Or about me? Thanks
  25. I am a recent evernote beginner due to my part time job as a personal assistant. My boss has been sharing notebooks with me which up until this point has been very easy and accessible. In our most recent share exchange he shared a notebook with an microsoft excel attachment. He has a macbook and I have a dell pc. I am easily able to access the note and open the excel attachment. Upon opening, I open and after disabling the feature that says enable editing I am able to freely edit within the document. He says that his old assistant (another mac user) was able to edit click save and those changes were saved and translated into evernote. When I do, however, it allows me to make the changes and save; however, once exited, the changes are not reflected in evernote. In fact, once I click save I get a pop up saying "Document Title is read only. To save a copy, click OK, then give the woorkbook a new name in the save as dialog box." I need to forgo. I need to find a solution to make it not merely read only but editable so that I can click and it updates the changes to reflect in the notebook without have to delete the attachment in the notebook and upload a second attachment. Is there any way for me to open one of his shared notes and associated attachment by simply opening, editing, and saving? He does not want me to open, edit, and upload a new and second attachment. Any help/guidance would be beyond greatly appreciated!!!