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Found 271 results

  1. Hi everyone, Every time I create a new notebook it automatically shares it with girlfriend, even though I choose "private" when creating. This means I have to into the share options and change it from public to private every time I make a note if I dont want it shared with my GF. Thats frustrating enough, but she also get an email saying ive shared when i havnt. Its very confusing and irritating Ive tried to find a setting that deals with this, but with no joy. I dont recall ever choosing the option TBH. Has anyone had similar and able to help me out? Thanks in advance!! Best Joel
  2. I use Evernote Business and it is the the center of my workflow. Everything I do is captured/archived by Evernote. The other day, I was comparing numerous notes, some of them were housed in a different notebook. It wasn't possible to open each note I wanted to compare in a separate window. What would have really streamlined my task was if I could open each notebook in its own window. Then I could better peruse through the notes.
  3. Is there any simple way to make a copy of an entire Notebook from time to time, just to have a time-stamped backup for disaster recovery?
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there is any way of printing out an entire notebook rather than having to print each note off individually ? Many thank
  5. Hi I use Evernote to collaborate with colleagues in remote locations. One of our colleagues started a notebook that we all use, but now she no longer works with us. How can I transfer the ownership of this notebook to my own account?
  6. Deleting notes, fine. Works great and goes into the trash like it's supposed to. Does anyone know how to delete the Notebooks via the web, or even the iphone Evernote app? I have a bunch of " conflicting ...." & useless notebooks that I can't get rid of or drag to the trash, and the delete option ends up not being available in the edit menu.With a lot of them, it's just a useless note, in a notebook. I can delete the note in there fine, but the notebook still exists. It's really just starting to look cluttered. Many mess... much annoying.
  7. It would be nice to have the ability to clip articles into multiple notebooks. I often find that I may be bookmarking an article that is about both javascript and web design. I have two separate notebooks for these topics (javascript and web design) and would like for the bookmark to show up in both of them.
  8. I am a paid user and have many Notebooks. I have notebooks that relate to my hobbies as well as my career. On laptops that I bring to work, I only want my business-related notebooks to replicate. After installing Evernote on a new computer, is there a way to tell it what notebooks I would want on that computer? Thanks!
  9. Regarding Evernote of win and mac, when I move a note to the other notebook, I often mistake, I mean, I often incorrectly move the note to a notebook which is not what I want. So I have a request: I want that before moving a note to another notebook, confirmation message will be shown, Or I want the selection of selection: about before moving a note to another book, a confirmation message will be displayed, or not. And if possible, I am happy if you kindly change the spec also with android(smartphone/tablet) and iOS(iPhone/iPad). Thanks!
  10. I'm using Evernote exclusively on the web. I have number of notebooks, each with a bunch of notes. Problem: Today I tried to move a note from one notebook to another. When I click on the notebook selector for the note, all the notebooks show up. But as I scroll down through the notebooks, suddenly most of them disappear from the list. Problem: When I search for the notebook, it gives me no results. Partial work-around: I can access the notebook I am looking for by using the down-arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar for the list - it lets me scroll through the list without crashing. Very weird. Problem: I did try to submit a ticket for this, but Evernote's ticketing interface appears to be broken, or at least I did not find any way to access the ticketing interface, if it exists. "Contact Support" was a dead end. "Very sad," to coin a phrase. :-)
  11. Is there a way to reorganize my notebooks? I have 15-20 notebooks that are alphabetized, but I would like to move them around manually into the order that is most helpful for me.
  12. Currently EN only allows sharing at the notebook level. This greatly limits the functionality for those of us who use stacks, because it prevents us from sharing our hierarchical structure, and all context is lost. For instance, let's say I want to share: Project 1 (stack) - Tasks - Notes project 2 (stack) - Tasks - Notes All the users us going to see is four notebooks, two named tasks and two named notes, they won't be able to see which project they are stacked under. All context is lost. And I have to share every single notebook. And before someone tells me how I can use a workaround , I know I could but I don't want to use a cumbersome workaround, I'd really like to see this added as a feature. Thanks
  13. I'd like to be able to sticky a card to the top of a notebook, yes I can create a tag and use that to find the card, however it would be helpful to have a index or title card at the top of my notebooks to find something quickly that is in the notebook without have to search. It'd be one click to the card versus having to type what I'm looking for and then goto the card. Use case: I have a list of websites that I need to review weekly. Sticky card links to the individual cards on those sites, I like having the over all card as I can type quick notes so I know where I am with this task and then quickly goto the site card for the detailed information. Keeps my notes much cleaner. (Feel free to merge this if it's already out there, couldn't find it with a quick search of the forum.)
  14. Hello, I would like to suggest an option to create unique image names for HTML export [ notebook Export as multiple Web Pages (.html) ] If I export an entire notebook to import into an ebook (using Sigil for example) the images that are exported are not unique - which is not supported by epub (for example) eBook format. The eBooks have a single images directory, so there can be only one image named Image.png which leads to incorrect overwritten image names. The last exported image is referenced by all the other eBook "Chapters" = not good. In general it would be better to have some kind of symantic meaning instead of just Image.png, Image [1].png, Image [2].png etc. - either a unique hash or based on the note title? Not to mention spaces in the image file names I love Evernote, but this is a real show-stopper for eBook development and a real pain to rename the many images and edit the HTML files to match. Thank you for your consideration, John Steele
  15. Hi, One of my notebooks disappeared! It is a local notebook, and probably my only local notebook. (I didn't learn the meaning of a notebook being "local" after creating it and finding it doesn't sync with my other devices.) I am not sure when this happened, because I used that to take notes a year ago and stopped updating it for about as long. My guess is it is gone with some Evernote version updates. Is there a way to retrieve my notebook? Thanks,
  16. Hi How many notes can I create in a Notebook folder as a Basic user? Statues bar of Evernote (PC) shows me 91 of 149 (until now I add my notes and writeting this message here!). My speed is 256kb! and seems is not a good idea to put all notes in a Notebook. Guess I will be face with some problem like slowness. I think I'd better create some Notebooks and divide my notes among them. (my notes are web pages mostly). Is it a good plan to reserve a Notebook for just 50 web pages? (each web page are 2 pages on A4 paper, not too long). Thank you
  17. I am a everyday user of EN. I have several note to archive and support my family lifestyle. I also use a Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook for my job. So EN's ability to use different online notebooks, tags, etc, are perfect for how I use it. The post is to highlight two of my most important feature requests. 1. If I can search for my handwritten notes, I want to be able to copy and paste the text elsewhere. I understand that it wouldn't be perfect OCR all of the time, but this is the biggest 'missing piece' for me in Evernote. I keep so many Moleskine captured pages that not being able to copy the information is turning me away from spending the time and effort to capture it in the first place. 2. The ability to edit and tag Moleskine Notebook captures. When using the widget, or the quick launch for taking pictures directly into a new note, I am often frustrated with the ability to provide the note a title and tags before I have to save it. I launch the camera from a the widget or the quick launch 3D Touch option and once the image is captured, I can save or delete it. I can even add more pictures, but I cannot add a title to the note or tags until I have saved it, the reopened it to provide edits. Please develop an option here to rectifié the extra steps presently needed which at end to negate any "quick" aspect to the EN photo capture. I have my ideas on how to make this look, but I'd rather see a feature to support my request rather than wait for the perfect one. Pete I use Evernote on the following: iPhone 6S Plus and iPad Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and a PC running Windows 7 (yes that is the work computer).
  18. Currently, there is a "hack" for notes that allows you to arrange them in any order you choose, with a super intuitive drag-and-drop. PLEASE make this a standard feature! The 'hack' allows you to take all notes in a notebook (or as many as you so choose), drop them in a reminder, and BAM, the order you want them is is stickied to the top of the notebook and editable at will. This allows the ultimate flexibility, especially for notebooks, because it sometimes people don't want 'INBOX' above 'PROJECTS' and below 'HOME.' Using renaming hacks is not intuitive, and makes thisng difficulty every time you add a new notebook. Drag and drop is super intuitive AND already available in other programs! (Like OneNote and ToDoIst). Please make it happen!
  19. Title says it all! When I change a notebook from Private to Public - does that mean the Notebook is made available to search engines? I want to share a notebook with class members but some of the material is special things our professor has shared with us. Am I exposing her information to being indexed by Google or other search engines?
  20. Higher Ed

    Hi there! I've had Evernote for a couple of years now, but I really need you guys to help me out here! I'm a French student attending a business school, on a Bachelor's degree and I have had issues organising my notes in Evernote. From what I've read on the internet, it seems that using tags instead of notebooks is the better way to get organised. I am currently following a 3 year course, and I am therefore taking classes that have 3 different levels. I thought of a system of tags that would go like this: Maths Year1 Chapter Sub-Chapter Year 2 Chapter Sub-Chapter Year 3 Chapter Sub-Chapter However, Evernote won't allow me to duplicate tags (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 throughout all the different subject). Does anyone have a piece of advice for me? Thanks in advance!
  21. My brother and I run a business. We live in separate cities. I'm on Mac, he's on Windows. Q1: What plan(s) can we select if we want to share a repository for scanned documents, and have text recognition within PDFs? Q2: Do we both have to buy the Plus or Premium? Q3: I've been an Evernote free-version user for year. What happens to my existing notebooks that I do not want to share? Can I specify settings that would allow me to share one or more notebooks to a single user? Thanks!
  22. Hello everybody, is there any way to hyperlink to a notebook out of a note? Hope that anybody can contribute an idea. Thanks for your help.
  23. It isn't a new idea, but it is a wishlist item. Please allow us to exclude a notebook from our search with a -notebook type search term. And if that is impossible, then provide a way to tag notes automatically with the notebook name. I need to exclude a notebook from a search. I most always do, multiple times/day. Since I can't do that, all the notes within those notebooks have a tag with the notebook name. I can't type -notebook recipes when searching for an article that appeared in The Onion, but I can sure type -tag:recipes to filter out 2,000 notes. It takes some housekeeping to ensure that all notes within a notebook also includes the notebook tag. Not all notebooks require it, but I have at least 4 that do; that is 4 notebooks that interfere too much with most searches such that I have to tag all the notes within them: recipes, woodworking, work and film. And yes, I need these notebooks because they are shared. I got rid of all my notebooks except for 4 shared ones and 2 that I use daily. I prefer to use tags. But I don't like having to do two things to so many notes (move them to the notebook and tag them with the notebook name).
  24. How can I order my notebook stacks in the windows desktop app? I've tried renaming the stacks, thinking that they're alphabetical, but the order didn't change. I've tried dragging, but nothing changes about the order. I searched help but found nothing, only about how to sort notes within a notebook. Can't even find anything about how to sort notebooks within a notebook stack.
  25. As I am using my Evernote on two different ways, I like to configure the way my notes are showing for me. But as I really only want Evernote on my cellphone (android) show me just the part of the content I have, I can't get it to work for me. Here is how I keep it: I have 3 notebooks: 1. GTD - the notebook I send every not to by default, and that I need to see what is needed to be taken care of. 2. Active - the notebook I keep notes that I have tagged, but still is in the process of a change. Here I have set dates for the follow-up. 3. Archive - the notebook where I send all my notes at the end of the day after finishing all the work with them. On my cellphone, I only want to see the notes that are on my GTD-notebook, since that is where I need to take my action when out in the field. But every time I open the Evernote for android, I get all the notes lined up, sorted from the newest and then getting older. And this would also include notes I have worked with and sent to my archive perhaps earlier that morning. Now to scroll down many notes in order to find some note I have not worked on and need to take a look at now is not efficient. So are there a possibility to make the App for Android not showing other notebooks than the one I need?