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  1. Hi. I get this annoying modal dialog in the current iOS app now every time I move a note to a shared notebook. Guys -- I know this is a shared notebook. I created it. I shared it. I even know what it means to share something with someone. Please quit treating me like an infant. At least give me the ability to turn this off (if it exists, I can't find it in settings). Very few things in life should ever cause a modal dialog, and this isn't one of them. Thank you.
  2. Does Spaces permit membership of notes and notebooks by users who are external to an Evernote Business account? When moving notebooks and notes from "Business", do existing share attributes (e.g. shares with organizational members and shares with external members) export to Spaces?
  3. sharing problem

    Hi, So i have 2 evernote accounts. 1 on personal and one on my work email. I wanted to share a notebook on my work account to my personal but with edit permissions. There is no share icon on my work evernote but on my personal one i can share the workbook via workchat Any ideas? personal work
  4. I am just starting to use Evernote. When I first got the program with my computer Win 8.1), I played around with creating a notebook and writing a couple of notes. Now that I am trying to set up the program more seriously, I find I cannot delete that folder. While traveling last week, I used my Win 10 laptop to create a new folder and put my notes in it. Unfortunately, I do not have a smart phone. I also do not have access to high speed internet (yes, it still happens in rural areas!). So here is where my problem starts. I tried copying my notebook to Evernote on my desktop. I found a way to move the database over and the notebook does show up on my desktop, although the notebook name is greyed out, and I have access to the notes in the folder. However, the original notebook is still there and Evernote is using that as the default folder. I cannot delete that folder (probably because it is set as the default). Evernote will not let me change the default folder, either. The new folder I copied over is greyed out on the panel and does not show up at all as a choice for default folder. I've hit the sync button hoping the notebook would then show up on my Evernote webpage but it doesn't do that. (By the way, does sync work between 2 computers or only computer and phone??) Since I can access my notes from the new notebook, this is not a big deal but I guess I just like things neat and not having stuff clutter up my work space that I don't need any more. Any suggestions on how to get rid of that old notebook and get Evernote to recognize my new notebook as the default? Thank you.
  5. Hi everybody, I'm about to unshare a notebook I used to share with a colleague. Inside this notebook we both created notes. I'd like to know: 1. will the notes created by my colleague be still there once I unshare the notebook? in other words: will they become "only mine" once I unshare? 2. will I be able to share again the notebook in the future? 3. is there any other point I should care of before unsharing the notebook in order to not lose data? Thank you for your replies. Have a nice day Daniele
  6. Hi, im wondering, last month I very much when over my 60mb limit immediately as i moved an offline notebook into a sync notebook, so is there anyway I can find out the size of it before I make this decision, as Right-Click > Properties does not tell me?
  7. first time I see a notebook greyed out in Evernote for Windows (8.1). Right-clicking, the dialog tells me it's a local notebook... How'd that happen that it doesn't sync with my other devices (iphone and ipad), and how do I fix it? Many thanks
  8. IT would be wonderful to have a notification when someone has updated the shared notebook or they can see the reminders set. They can have the option to subscribe to this or not.
  9. I just had to rebuild my EN Windows database and again found it very annoying, that color codes for notebooks and tags are not backed up and synced across different devices. I took my almost half aan hour to rebuild the color code for my note organization. Another disadvantage here is that one can only apply a style to one notebook / tag at a time.
  10. My professor is attempting to share a notebook with me but I keep getting the error message "Can't open the notebook. You may need permissions to access this notebook or the owner may have deleted it." Well the owner didn't delete it and my professor already selected permissions to allow me to view and edit the notebook, however, it still won't let me open it. I can't get in touch with customer chat because they're never online. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks! Evernote_6.8.7.6387_20180116.log
  11. This should not be too hard to add. Please, can you make it possible, that I can color code my 1st and 2nd level notebooks. Thank you, Kind Regards
  12. Hello. I'd like to say that I didn't appreciate too much the change on the user experience when selecting the Notebook for a note. (Version 7.15) Before, it showed last used notebooks, but not anymore. Besides that, current screen takes a long time to load so user has to wait before being able to make any choice. I currently have 185 notebooks grouped under 15 notebook groups.
  13. Hi all I've had a quick search of the forum but wasn't able to find what I needed. I am an Evernote Plus member. I have created a Notebook that contains various notes, all catalogued by a series of tags. I've just shared the Notebook with my supervisor but she's not able to sort the individual notes by the tags, which was the whole point of doing it this way. Is there a workaround for this or have I wasted a colossal amount of time? At the moment I've given her my login details so that she can see all of the tags but this is obviously not an ideal situation. Thanks Sione
  14. I've been so lost ever since the update that deleted the grid view for notebooks. Please bring it back! If you agree, please comment and let's be heard.
  15. You use the search box to find a specific note and you have that note on the screen. It would be great if you could now right-click the note and click "Go to Notebook" or similar, whereby the notebook would be made visible and focused in the left-hand navigation bar (this is for Windows, but something similar for other devices). As it is now, you have to to right click the top of the left-hand navigation bar + click "Find Notebook", then type in the notebook name from the note - too many steps for something that should just be a click away.
  16. it would be perfect if I could create a new notebook in the sidebar by right click on a notebook staple. I alway try to do it...
  17. I'am premium user since 2010 and i have enough with the 250 limit for notebook ! (remember something like 640kb should be enough).
  18. Counters using numbers can be added for all menus in Main Menu, also counters in title bars. The Reminders in blue text above all notes is still handy, but upon entering the app, there are times where I just want to see my reminders as its own menu settings with other options for reminders as its own entity. Please see screetshots for examples:
  19. How to create notes in notebooks

    Hi, I was unable to find how to link bunch of notes to a stack. Currently I am a basic user and I wanted to maintain 2 Notebooks - 1 for work and other for personal. Problem is I can able to create a stack in Work section where as I was unable to create in personal folder.But I saw some pictures where people are using multiple folder structures in their evernote. Any help would be highly appreciated. Attaching the images for easy understading. If you see here there are multiple folders under Prasad Chitti I can create and multiple notes too. where in My personal I can't create another folder. Please assist.
  20. enter new notebook

    I go to page to enter new notebook and it is greyed out. I therefore can not enter new notebook. how to correct this.
  21. Hi, I have recently updated Evernote on my Mac, and it changed the display of my Notebooks to top to bottom lists. I would like to have the display back to the Masonry display, which allowed me to better see my different Notebooks. Is there a way to do this? Thank you
  22. I would like very much if each notebook would have the option for notebook specific filtering in the columns. Some notebooks I want to show tags, some I dont. Some notebooks I want to sort by date updated, some by name, etc.
  23. When you enable the tabbed view inside Evernote, it would be more useful for the tabs to display the name of the specific 'note' you're working on, rather than the name of the Notebook. This is especially useful where you're working on multiple notes within the same notebook (that you've split across various tabs). As in the example below, you can see that both tabs display "All Notes" and "Diary" however its the same case if I was working on two different notes in say the same notebook "Diary" This can get a bit confusing, because if they both display the same name, you have to then click on each of the tabs to find out which one it was that you were working on. My recommendation is to essentially display the name of the Note, or you can show the path of the note i.e. Diary > 12102017 just to make this feature that bit more useful (just like how we currently have it when you open a note in a new window). The tabbed view becomes less useful if you have a number of notebooks and notes inside them that you might be working on at the same time and therefore harder to manage. I've also attached a screenshot of what the "open in a new window" looks like.
  24. Notebook Sorting

    Individual notebook sorting is a must! Currently, I spend too much time sorting over and over a notebook every time I switch back and forth to it--very inefficient.
  25. Hi, The list notebook view is extremely bad. I can just go use Asana or MS Notes if I wanted this view. The best part about notebooks is to visually see notebooks and have them stacked. This is a major step back. Please allow to revert back. Thanks