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  1. Hello all! I recently released EverExport, an open-source note export client written in Scala. The goal is to simplify working with the Evernote SDK and abstract away some of the more... confusing API methods. The client is cross-compiled to JavaScript using Scala.js, so you can also use the client from JavaScript! You can install it through NPM: npm install everexport Here is a JS example that shows how to list all notebooks in a user's account and then list all notes in the first notebook: const everexport = require('everexport') const token = "YOUR_EVERNOTE_TOKEN" const exporter = new everexport.EverExport(token, true) // Second parameter is sandbox = [true/false] // Fetch all notebooks in user's account exporter.listNotebooks() // Then fetch all notes in *first* notebook .then(notebooks => { const n = notebooks[0] return exporter.exportNotebook(n.guid) }) // Then display each note's title and creation time .then(notes => { notes.forEach(note => { console.log('Title: ' + note.title + ', Created on: ' + note.created) }); }) Let me know if you have any questions and/or suggestions!
  2. Hi , I would like if Evernote have feature to back up or export notes to word or .doc extenstion in computer . For I know it is still not possible to do it in evernote now , isn't it ? Thank you for your consideration .
  3. Hi , I have used Premium plus and I upload some picture to the note and there is a notification that my note is exceeding note max size. I have search how much size does the maximum size for plus and premium but I can't find it . Is there Anyone can help or know about this this ? I would appreciate your answer and Thank you
  4. Note history

    Hi members, I have a basic account, and for the first time I changed one note by mistake and I need to recover the original note. Is there is any way to get the original using the basic account? Thanks in advance Pedro
  5. Please consider what would appear to be a very simple and easy-to-do request. When I am organizing EVERNOTE using my GTD principles, I want to store my completed GTD lists in a NOTEBOOK entitled "GTD DONE". Being the simpleton that I am, I often go several days and forget to do this to my daily GTD lists. It would be super if I could move the first note to the "GTD DONE" notebook and then simply enter the next GTD note and use a hotkey/keyboard shortcut to do the same thing over and over. I know that the feature exists - on the NOTE menu pulldown. But its too many steps. If it was a hotkey - it'd be so much easier. Just a thought. Thanks for reading. 73, Larry
  6. You use the search box to find a specific note and you have that note on the screen. It would be great if you could now right-click the note and click "Go to Notebook" or similar, whereby the notebook would be made visible and focused in the left-hand navigation bar (this is for Windows, but something similar for other devices). As it is now, you have to to right click the top of the left-hand navigation bar + click "Find Notebook", then type in the notebook name from the note - too many steps for something that should just be a click away.
  7. When on the general interface of evernote you have an overview of alle notebooks and notes.Is there a way of directly viewing :a/ If a note is shared. b/ To who a note is shared with. Without having to dig in to the note itself. This way you would have a quick overview of shared notes and to whom they are shared to.. Nico
  8. note + tags for books

    hi everyone, i need some advise, i would like to take memos fore several books i'm reading and i want to make myself some note per page, and every note to give tags what would be the most elegant way to do it i think opening a new memo for every note is not so useful...
  9. Hi, I have the newest free evernote version for mac (Version 6.12.3). Whenever I am typing in a note, especially if the note is a business card from scannable, the cursor keeps jumping to the start of the tab or note or any other area I am typing in. It has been driving me crazy. I saw a similar post that had solution for the problem, however, it was related to windows. I cannot work-out a way to fix this. Do you have any ideas?
  10. Hi, I switch from one note to another many times in a short period of time. Each time I open a note, it leeds me to the upper part, so I have to scroll down or use key commands (my notes are long ones) to write a new line. I find this is not convenient at all. Is there any way in the settings to go straight to the lower part of a note when opening it? I would really appreciate your help. Best
  11. New Note won't open

    Since updating EN I am unable to start a new note. I've tried Ctrl-N, the "New Note" icon in the upper left of the screen, or the File drop-down. A window flashes onto the screen in response to all these efforts but disappears in less than a second later. I tried running Sync, then I tried shutting EN down and was warned that would disable 'Clipping Functions", whatever that means, then I tried rebooting all to no avail. I only recently had my IT service scan my system for issues and they found none so I don't think I'm dealing with a virus or malware. PS I just discovered what was going on! Every time I tried to open a New Note it got Minimized to my Taskbar, where I found several blank New Notes. How do I make EV open a New Note on my screen instead of Minimized on my Taskbar?
  12. Hello, After spending quite a while working on a note, I was editing a table when a strange glitch happened. I was typing some text within a box in the table and the text became surrounded by it's own box, as shown in the clip below: I then closed the note thinking the error would resolve upon re-opening. I then tried to access the note again to find that the entire content of the note had been deleted. Pressing 'undo' did nothing. I had copied the table prior to closing the note and so I was able to take the screenshot afterwards; however, the remainder of the note (several hrs of work) was gone. Not found in trash. Tried checking online account and same - blank note. Can't find the rest of the note by searching my other notes. This has happened to me previously as well, and I just sucked it up and re-typed the note thinking it was a one off. I don't have the paid account so can't access the "history" feature to try and restore. Any chance of restoring from my activity log or something? Is it worthwhile trying to submit this to Evernote? Anyone else have this problem? Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi, I installed a desktop app on Win7 32b, and my text in notes is displayed incorrectly. I couldn't read one word from a note. However, It works correctly in a browser, a mobile app, and another laptop. Please see screenshots. I can recognize text only on a large zoom (screenshot 3). I use the last version of Evernote_6.7.4.5741
  14. I think we should be able to have notes in our stacks not just notebooks. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  15. Note missing

    Hello. I use Evernote for my work as a market researcher. Sometimes I have to work in the street on different countries, where I don't have internet conection/wifi all the time. I worked all day on a note, arrived at my hotel room, catched a (poor) WIFI and intend to share the note to my e-mail (so I can have a backup, as I always do). As I was doing so, Evernote sent me a message "You don't have access to this note", and then the note dissappeared. I looked for it on the deleted items, on the Evernote Web and it's not there. The WIFI signal was poor, so maybe it didn't synched, but why it dissappeared completely?. I'm using the Free Version. Also, there's no support chat nor e-mail where I can get help.
  16. Hi, In Evernote, when I share a notebook with "View Only" Privileges, I have noticed that an external user can export all of the notes (please see attached screenshot). At this level (view only) the user should not be able to Mass download the notes, and all other related functions should be limited to an absolute minimum, i.e. there should not be a possibility to export or download if not in the most primitive way which is a brutal screenshot or save as an html page from the browser. This is a point that a prospect made to me during a presentation... Hope this helps make E/N even better Sante
  17. Adjusting print result ?

    Hello ! So, I used web clipper for some of my notes in my notebook, some I did on my own, and as a result when I select some of my notes in order to print them the images are sometimes cropped weirdly on 2 separate pages, or text is literally croped in half . Is there any way to adjust the print results to what i would like it to look like ? EDIT : And some of the pictures have blank Strips like this : https://gyazo.com/fbd7a79b4cc09b29f628910ac7030b8b
  18. I started using evernote and want to ask here before I dump this app. I wrote a note with like 10 lines of text. For some reason its only showing the first two lines of my note and the only way I can see the rest is if I use arrow keys and move down the text. But even then it still only shows 2 lines...How can I fix this?
  19. I have spent WAY WAY too much time on this and accidentally deleted my largest note. This is incredibly frustrating and I can't believe I have to go to a forum for this. But here goes: How do you delete a reminder? I accidentally created 2 reminders and now I have this fungus of a reminder on the left side of my window. I have tried unchecking, checking, right clicking, etc. Why they heck can't I just select and delete it? I'm enclosing a screen shot in case it helps. This is mac client version 6.11.1 Thanks!
  20. can't email a note

    I'm using Evernote Version 6.11.1 (455061 App Store) on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.11.6. I have been trying to Share an email from Evernote, without any luck whatsoever. The note is one page, with a simple table that contains two columns, one jpeg in the left column, and some text (less than a page) in the right column. Every time I try, the app hangs and I have to Force Quit. Any suggestions about how to fix the problem? Addresses: to — only 2. Do you need them? Size: jpeg is 1.5MB.
  21. Would like to extend your fast note process. With a shortcut a single windows which displays 1 line for writing a note, in which you can use # for giving this note the right notebook and + for giving the note the right tags and ^ for setting a reminder on the right date. After you pressed # or + an autocompletion let you easily find the right notebooks and tags. So, a possible one-line command would look like this: #mynotebook +evernote +forum +request ^06-29 Write a note in the evernote forum to get the feature for 1-line notes No, its not my idea. I am using the tool of doit.im besides evernote, because of this fast and easy 1-line note feature. Do u like it as well?
  22. "Smart" Tags

    Hello. I am just curious why the tagging functions between a Macbook Pro , and an iPad Pro version of Evernote are different? For example - an EN Tag by name of "Personal Car". On the Macbook, I have to write (if not select) "specifically" the tag word-per-word, letter-per-letter, whereas with iPad pro I only have to write the tag on the note "car" so the device itself remembers the Tag "Personal Car". Correct me if I am wrong but our ICT Staff mentioned this term as - Metadata.
  23. until
    HELLO COLLEGE FRESHMEN AND PARENTS !!!!!!!! You can register here https://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=35468892412 and here is my Evernote link. http://evernote.grsm.io/cc_ptrevenen It is not quite back to school time, but soon enough, you will be shopping for your college student. What if I could show you a FREE way for them and you to save money? Over the next 2 to 4 years, how much will you spend on the following: paper, pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, etc. not to mention all the taxes you will pay too? What if they had all of their important documents, notes, pictures, videos, and other attachments all in one place? Evernote uses 3 levels of security on all of their notes. In just 8 years, it has gathered more than 200 million users! Evernote is in thirty-one languages. Honestly, I can't imagine my life now without it. Part 1: Overview of Evernote You will learn about the basics: Overview Setup Evernote Notebooks and notes, tags, reminders, do lists, and much much more. Evernote web clipper(one of my favorite tools) Scannable and Skitch Evernote apps page Learn to save everything in one place and powerful search tools. Learn the many uses of Evernote (even now about 7 years later, I still use Evernote everyday for everyday needs). Part 2: Workshop and Ice Cream Social After showing you many of the great features and benefits of Evernote, we will all create an Evernote account. Why? Because doing is much more fun and interesting than watching. Making or creating your own notes and notebooks is the best part of Evernote. Through discussion, we will create a solutions notebook that we can all share. Once you know the basics on your laptop we will download the Evernote app and then I can show you some amazing features there too! Finally, to finish up, we will have an ice cream bar with all kinds of goodies. I can’t wait to meet all of you, and show you just how much Evernote can change your life. Currently, I have 20 seats available for this training. So, please register early, and remember, it is FREE and first come first serve. For the training, please bring your own laptop, phone or tablet or all 3. If you want to know more about me, check out profile Organizer Description below. Please use my link to register for your Evernote account. http://evernote.grsm.io/cc_ptrevenen Evernote has several levels, I am just asking that you sign up for the FREE version, if you want to upgrade later, great. I also want you to know that ECC's like myself do make a commission on paid Evernote accounts. The truth is this, companies like Evernote are changing the work world in the 21st Century and are here to stay.
  24. Hi, I am very new or relatively new to Evernote. I would like to know if I could read my notes with other applications.
  25. Hi there, It is very frustrating when I create a new note (in a notebook with many notes) and the note snippet does not appear in the sidebar -- instead, I must either scroll or search to view the note snippet. The user should automatically be taken to the note snippet in the sidebar once created. I hope this makes sense! It would make duplicating or moving the note MUCH easier.