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Found 21 results

  1. cmariegiles

    Calendar View

    Hi Guys! I would really be interested in a month-by-month calendar view to see all the notes I created. Is this a feature the evernote team is thinking about adding in the future? It would be so helpful in getting an extra visual handle on all the notes I've made and when they were created. Many thanks, Christina
  2. Raoní Teixeira

    Projeto Evernote paper?

    Fala galera, nem sei se é aqui que posta, me corrijam por favor. Eu sou um usuário intenso do evernote, mas não gosto de utilizar ele no pc/smartphone, eu gosto mesmo é de guardar nota no papel, tipo Woody Allen. Esses aparelhos eletrônicos me distraem e acabo perdendo o foco muito fácil do assunto, sim sou igual a galera aí toda, ansioso, mal do século. Então para me manter focado nas tarefas eu anoto no papel, assim eu deixo o celular e pc de lado para anotar minhas ideias. Mas eu fiquei pensando: "Ainda gasto com a merda da 3M, que é caro pra raio, pra comprar post-its" Aí eu me pergunto: "Porque a Evernote não lança uma linha de postit, sei lá, digital talvez enviando um board eletronico, ou então postits mais baratos, envia uns 100 por mês, que é a média que eu gasto ou quem sabe até descontos de uns 60% na 3M que é a marca que a gente mais usa, e coloca como bônus de quem assinar Evernote Premium" Aí sim eu assino o evernote premium! O que vocês acham? Ps.: se der certo quero aquele 1%
  3. I've been using Evernote for a very long time and as time goes by I have seen many new features implemented making this tool we all move, more and more usefull for our life, being business or personal memo, memory notes and so on. I could not trade Evernote for anything. Evernote manage your business, your medical documents, your best ideas for that book you are writing... And many if not, all of those activities requires a money variable, being the fundings you need to manage to get that project runing or maybe managing a groceries monthly list that is usually requiring a budget and so on, would be nice to have the possibility to add financial records with a simple "money Tracker" addition. it's a chaos to add your expenses or earnings on those diferent variables just by typing the numbers on a note. I've been using third party app for all of that. But none is posible to be integrated or sync to Evernote si it ends up being anoying to Match each thing with each spends. I suggest. Since there is a huge community who deal with money on a daily basis that would be greatly beneficial to have such tool. Just like notes, photos, or audio entries, it could be a "income/expenses" entry, maybe a $ symbol that let us add (positive or negative) balance to our money, adding the entry to. Each specific books or maybe just a separate money tracker feature (if per book is more complicated). I don't know. A money tracker for us, Plus and Premium would really improve and enhance the quality tools we already have at hand. If you like this idea, please Vote this up. This could be a really usefull tool for everyone.
  4. Evernote, Please expedite the updated 3D Touch support. In particular: - view reminders from 3D Touch on the home screen launch. - 3D Touch vice long press for the new note options - 3D Touch within a note results in an "insert" function for photos or sketch (to be embedded where touched)
  5. sudhir.personal

    'Selective-Sync' for Windows PC

    Hi, I had started a thread very long back for selective sync for evernote desktop client but I couldn't find it again here. So I am starting this new thread. I use Evernote for Everything that happens in my life and utilize all its features its been several months I stopped using all other cloud storage providers. The Only BIG PROBLEM I'm facing with evernote is the lack of Selective-Sync for Evernote Desktop client for Windows OS. I think there was a thread for mac as well I am not sure if anyone started for Windows OS. We also have same problem and I don't want all my stuff downloaded to computer eating all my storage. I'd like bring this one more time. I've STOPPED using evernote desktop for this only reason. Please make this high priority before this issue impacts all users of evernote. Hi All other evernote users please vote up on this topic if you are facing same problem so Evernote can prioritize a fix for this. Thanks, Sudhir.
  6. gabrielsprudencio@hotmail.

    dynamic calendar

    First of all, sorry for my grammatical mistakes. In my opinion ,one thing will make a big difference on experience of evernote users: it is the insertion of a calendar. A type of calendar that when you insert a new note and especificate a time,See it weekly or monthly calendar your note,to remember you that you have a important appointment for that day. I think this idea will make a great impact on users,because it will create a dynamic and comfortable environment on program.
  7. In Firefox at least, many icons are dark gray. It would be so nice to have the Evernote Clipper icon green again There are 5 related icons that I arrange in a group on the address bar. It's a bit inefficient to need to scan them to find the Evernote icon. Green would be so much more natural and improve brand recognition as well.
  8. For a 1-sentence note, I open a new note and then type in the lower pane. For all other notes, I prefer to open a new window whose width is set at a "comfortable" line length. In that case, I need to click "New Note", and then double-click the title in order to open that note in a new window. This current "Topic Details" window is a good example of how difficult it is to read long lines of text :-) I would like to see a user-configurable option to open all new notes either (a) as in the current default, or (b) directly in a new window.
  9. evsmitty

    Keyboard function

    I accidently tap on my ipad with using penultimate and the keyboard popped up. I was wondering if that is a function that can be used with this app? If so, how can I do it again?
  10. Is there a way to add code such as $>this code block right here it would be super useful since I store my programming notes in here. I don't want to change the font size and indent everytime. If this isn't available please add this on. I know many others would benefit. Also, if you guys could team up with Beaker Notebook since they have the coding version of this. If you could collaborate with them it would be HUGE!
  11. Hello all, I don't believe this is a feature, but it would be great if Evernote added a function- if you start writing something very similar to another note, the other note pops up and asks if you already wrote about this topic/info. I sometimes write a note that I have made in the past, not a lot, but it happens. I could do a quick search first about the topic; although, an automated reminder would be a nice add-on. Best, -Alex
  12. Hi, Me and my team want to make a new app using the Evernote API, since it is the best sharing algorithms out there. We do have some questions: -How much is Evernote implicated in the process? How about royalties? -Do our users need to have an Evernote account? -Is the API very secure? Thank you very much! BioNotes
  13. Hi guys, i'm having trouble with evernote. Everything has been working fine for 2-3 months but right now i am unable to create new notes. The upload limit reached pop up prompts me to upgrade even though i am well within the upload limit. If it is important i just came off Evernote Premium, cause i am not intending to use it much for the month of Dec (holidays!). Hope it gets resolved so i can confidently support evernote in 2015 as a premium user. Thanks
  14. felubra

    Tips for the new UI

    Hi Guys, Here are some points that I hope the developing team improve: Allow users to add paragraph margin, or at least include some paragraph margin at all - the paragraphs are too stuck, and you need to add blank lines to separate them (this is far from natural).Add support to citationsAllow users to select more than one note and do operations with them. Deleting various notes is painful in the new interface, because if the notes that you are deleting are at the bottom of the notebook list of notes, you have to navigate all way down to those notes after each deletion - after each operation, you're back in the beggining of the list.
  15. Rockinsane

    Open note(s) in a new window

    Hello! I have the web beta evernote now, and I'd like to know how we can open multiple notes in separate windows. It's very useful for me at work. We could do it in the version before, so I'm curious to know if this is still available and also where it is, I haven't found it. Sorry if this question has already been asked; but didn't found anything on the web for this. I use mac AND pc. Thank you in advance PS - sorry for my english !
  16. cardiac

    mac (Archived) Archive Feature

    Hey would it be possible to implement an "Archive" feature for Evernote notebooks? There are several that I would like to hold onto just in case, though perhaps just for nostalgia, but I simply do not want to look at them when I'm going through more active notebooks. An alternative would be a more customizable way to organize notebooks themselves. Either of these would be awesome. Finally, I pay for this, why the hell do I have a post limitation? That's absurd.
  17. Hi, I am an avid Evernote user and find it great for not only managing work but also play, with it acting as a social management tool (similar to a business CRM). However it has its limitations at present, and i wanted to know whether Evernote would be able develop added functionality along the lines of: - Notes to be viewed in a visual timeline? - Notes to be viewed in calendar format? - Actions to be added to notes that can be viewed in a separate list for managing "to dos"? I personally would find these enhancements extremely useful and would like to know in this forum whether people agree or have other ideas that could assist in making the tool even better! bdh
  18. I put a 9mb pdf in my evernote, and then open it directly in evernote by preview. Then I annotate it, just highlight a line, and quit preview. And I find my monthly quota lose 9mb. Evernote is not syncing only the highlight part but syncing it as a whole new pdf. Why won't you only sync the increment part like dropbox?
  19. Hi, I would really like a quick way to create a new, blank/empty note for general thoughts/ideas. Especially when I am browsing the web I might be thinking of something (or many things!) and I'd like to quickly jot those down. I read in one of these discussion posts on here about right-clicking and then choosing new note. This then loads the evernote web interface. What I would prefer is a simple one hit button in the browser (similar to, for example the Chrome Notetpad extension) where the notes are very quickly synced up to evernote. Is there something like this around? I also spotted Diigo are looking to do something with their Quick Note tool which too is along the right lines... but no dice on the sync to evernote yet cheers Baronne
  20. Just wondering. I am thinking getting a new phone soon and I have my eye on the Samsung Galaxy Note. With all the fancy-schmancy things the Galaxy Note and it's S-Pen can do, I was wondering if Evernote will be have any tricks up it's sleeve for the new capabilities of the phablet. Any guesses or responses from Evernote staff, just for fun?
  21. Has anyone been using the Android app, "Caroline"? ( Found here: http://devcup.everno...s/8744-caroline ). It's in Beta, so it's free to download there for the moment. I will probably charge for it on the Google Play marketplace after the Evernote Devcup competition ends, and after it's completely polished and improved on. It's an app that allows you to tell Caroline to remember something on the fly. She'll use your Evernote account to organize your thoughts for you, and show them to you whenever you like. I received a couple of suggestions on making it better, and would love to get some more feedback and critisisms on it. For instance, one suggestion I received was to give Caroline the ability to create lists without having to press record on every item (I've been working on it, but it's a Google-related issue I can't get around at the moment). I'd really appreciate any and all critisisms! Thanks in advance! ~ James