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Found 14 results

  1. Hello! I'm trying Evernote as a means to document my banjo-related activities, if someone could have a look and perhaps make suggestions, that'd be great. Thanks!...THBanjo.
  2. Hey guys, im a Premium user now for a while and love Evernote. But im also a music collector and want to save my music on my Evernote Account. I thought it might not be a problem to save MY own songs on MY Evernote account. is there any way that i can violate any terms of Evernote if i do so? I already informed myself on the Evernote page but couldn't get any real results. Is it illegal if i store my Mp3s on my Evernote account without sharing my files with anyone else? Will anyone go through my account and would i have to face charges? Would be shocked, if that was the case.
  3. Hi, I was wondering as to whether the theme music used in the Evernote videos like this one was specifically composed for Evernote. I really like it and have tried to identify it using certain music recognition apps but haven't been able to identify it just yet. Does anyone know what music it is? I really didn't know in which forum to make this post so please excuse me.
  4. Infinite Identity

    ios Enhanced Audio Quality Option

    Hello! First of all, just want to say I love Evernote and have been using it everyday since I downloaded it on my iPhone. Thank you for developing such a high quality product! I play music professionally, and would REALLY love an option to increase the Audio Recording Quality. Like a "Default", "Better", "Best" setting. That way, it would be much more convenient to keep my work in one place, rather than recording and importing from another app. Convenience is the main reason I use Evernote- I'd be willing to upgrade to Premium for this feature! Thanks for listening!
  5. Okay, I'm new to the forum thing, but i have to post this one.... I'm a songwriter, and I write ALL of my songs in evernote. So naturally as a songwriter I have hundreds of partially written songs in my evernote. What would be great to have is an indicator in the note to let me know how far along the song is (in reference to being finished). What I mean is I'd love to be able to flag the song at 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% (for complete). This way I can prioritize which songs I should be working on at the moment. Obviously if I have a song that is 75% done, I would work on that one, rather than the 25% done song. Make sense? If you guys could make this happen that'd be a big help to myself and probably thousands of others who use evernote for the same purpose. Thanks!
  6. Here is an article I wrote on how I am using Evernote to store my sheet music tablature for my new mountain dulcimer. I would be interested to hear how others are finding Evernote helps with their music and any tips they have learned while doing it.
  7. For the past two years, I've been running a business of teaching private lessons to aspiring young percussionists in the school district that I graduated from. It's an enriching experience to give back to students that are in the same position that I was only a few years ago and it's just one more way to keep music running through my veins. To me, teaching (at it's initial stages) is simply a form of emulation with a dash of experimentation. When you're uncomfortable or unsure about what to do, you pull from your past experiences, all the while looking for new ways to approach issues. When I began teaching lessons, I taught each lesson in a fashion that was extremely resemblant of how my lessons were taught to me, but I started noticing a recurring trend. During each lesson, I would write comments and assignments in a student's notebook and send them on their merry way. Next week's lessons would result in one the following outcomes: The student would bring their notebook. The student would forget to bring their notebook. Two options. A 50% chance of a positive outcome. However, this chance, when mixed and matched on a weekly basis started to lead to a lot of disorganization. The student would bring their notebook. I could reference things we covered the previous week. The next note in the notebook would be in chronological order. The student would forget to bring their notebook. I would have a vague idea about what I told the student the previous week but ultimately have to guess. The next note was written on a loose leaf sheet of paper. The next note in the notebook would not be in chronological order. This meant that halfway through the semester, some notes were in the notebook, some were lost, and others were at home. When I took private lessons, I always had my notebook on me; I never even considered that this could be an issue! Not to mention that this disorganization also made it more difficult for parents to be involved in their child's lessons. As a result of all of this, I transitioned to using Evernote to teach private lessons this year. Using bit.ly and Evernote public shared notebooks, I've made a unique URL for every student with the following format: bit.ly/firstnamelastnamelessons Not only is this extremely easy to remember, it's extremely convenient to use. I have the URL, the student has the URL and the parent has the URL. All of us can view the lesson notes at the same time and all of us have a shared responsibility in using the notes. I can better track a student's progress throughout the year and remind myself of trouble spots to hit each lesson. Parents can question and encourage their child during their practice time. Students can reference my notes and their assignments from anywhere at any time. I'm also now able to be more versatile than ever during lessons. I can take notes on paper, then snap a picture and upload it. I can use an app called DocScanner to turn pictures of music into print-ready PDFs. I can also type out notes on my laptop, and if the battery dies, finish typing on my phone. I realize that my use of Evernote is nothing special or extraordinary, but I must say that the decision to move lesson notes to an entirely digital format has been successful and has saved me from tons of frustration. While some problems will never change (such as not ever looking at the notes), I believe the most important issues have been solved and as a result, I will be able to serve my students even better. If you work with students in a one-on-one environment, I highly recommend making the switch.
  8. myself

    mobile learning Evernote Music

    As said in the title I want to suggest that the makers of Evernote should make another application called Evernote Music. In Evernote Music I have six suggestion of what would happen the application. Feature #1: The first feature of Evernote Music is already available in Evernote today. The feature is being able to take a picture of some sheet music ( either printed out on paper or a virtual copy in the computer) and the picture would be stored within Evernote. Feature #2: As a continuation from feature #1, the second feature would be the the pictures stored could be transformed into a program that the pictures would be made into a virtual copy that has the exact same notes, rests, dynamics, accidentals, excreta. And on this virtual copy use can use it to scroll and look at the music. Feature #3: Also a feature of this virtual copy (instead of just being able to look at the music and play it on and instrument of your choice) Evernote Music would be able to play the notes, rests, dynamics, accidentals, excreta with perfection. With an addition to this action in the settings you could be able to choose which instruments to use when the notes are played. I would like at the least these instruments to be able to choose: trombone, tuba, flute, piano, violin, bass, and trumpet. Feature #4: This feature is is the exact opposite of feature #3. In this feature the user would be able to play notes on an instrument and a program would be able to hear the notes and rests and would place the notes and rests onto a musical staff. plus the program would add accidentals if needed. The only problem I see is that the hearing of the instrument would have to be turned on and off manually and if wanted multiple instrument then they would need to play one at a time. Feature #5: This feature is about using feature #2 in that the user could be able to edit the notes, rests, dynamics, accidentals, excreta. In case of feature #4 messes up then the user could be able to change the problem. Feature #6: This feature is really simple to instal and use I would think. This feature is to be able to use a metronome. If Evernote Music uses a metronome that is able to change the beats of the metronome. Thank you for reading my ideas for a new Evernote app ideas and if you make Evernote Music a real app I hope you use all listed features in the description. Also please reply listing your opinions, what other instruments should be included, and suggestions for new features. With Evernote Music student can use it to help get the rhythm, right note, and can experiment with different rhythms.
  9. I´m a song writer and I need to be able to work fast and send stuff directly from evernote to my colleagues and friends. The app is great for viewing sound directly on the area where lyrics is annotated, but with the current .amr quality it is next to impossible to hear anything, especially if someone is speaking low. So I made a little A-B test. I first recorded a bit of music directly through itunes out on my macbook, then just through the computer-microphone into the computer again. I did this first through Evernote Mac Application, the desktop, then through my android phone running evernote, latest version. At last I re-recorded the same audio through an audio app with the AAC codec in .m4a files. Settings used in the audio app: AAC / .m4a Bitrate: 24kbps & 48kbps Samplerate: 32khz & 44.1khz (32000hz, slightly under CD-quality for the 24kbps file, 44100hz for the one with 48kbps samplerate) Mono Here are all the files for everyone to judge for themselves: Evernote Desktop - MAC: http://cl.ly/210m1c2a2B1V Evernote Android - HTC Phone: http://cl.ly/0b3s12222v1g M4A / AAC - 24 kbps: http://cl.ly/3J3s3A003n3W M4A / AAC - 48 kbps: http://cl.ly/36250V0I0J3k Here you can clearly hear the same sound source for all the sound, although the sound source, the microphone, on the audio recording app on the Mac and the Evernote Mac App is better than the one on the phone. So I included a file recorded through the Easy Voice Recorder app for Android. This app is super simple and uses M4A/AAC to capture sound, with 48 kbps. Download here: Easy Voice Recorder - free version - AAC/M4A - 48 kbps: http://cl.ly/420L36112c08 My personal view is that the Easy Voice Recorder is the best of these. But the microphone position was a bit more angled directly towards the sound source, so this is a bit unfair. For completely normalized versions (to clearly hear everything loudly, not direct originals) ... ... click here to download (ZIP): (these sound files are the same recordings, but normalized in new versions through a music conversion application, for the ease of listening to them at the same volume) http://cl.ly/0C443e3o2e1g Here you will clearly hear the difference. Hope you get something out of this and what could be, easily, if the evernote team would consider changing the app a bit, or just give the user an option to adjust the setting.¨¨ I really hope you do, cause I´m hooked on your app and love sound next to text - and would gladly not have my recordings in 10 places if I dont have to... /Anders
  10. Timothy Payne

    other Music Uses

    Hey Everyone! I'm a musician and I was wondering how others used Evernote for musical purposes? I'd like some suggestions or ideas on how to use Evernote for my musical studies.
  11. Hi people! As most of you musicians out there probably have noticed there is no friggin way to get cross-platform monofonts in evernote between say Ipad and the Mac. Yes I know, there is a monofont available on the desktop versions but this isn't shown when synced or even crashes the ipad app (!!). I assume most of you just put up with not using monofonts trying to line up the chords as good as possible with the normal arial font. First of all this isn't very nice for musicians and second, even worse, is that the spaces change between the Ipad version and the Desktop version so what looks reasonably ok on Ipad looks all wrong at the desktop version and you're ready to just pull your hair out in anger. I've tried a number of ideas and solutions and think I came up with THE best solution until monofont support finds it's way into the mobile versions OR at least the spacing looks the same between platforms. What you do to get cross-platform monofont support between Ipad, Mac and probably PC (haven't tested) is this: Create a new note Go to a website with some sample text with the Courier New font, for example: http://web.mit.edu/jmorzins/www/fonts.html Copy a sample of courier new text (CMD-C or Ctrl-C) Go into the newly created note in Evernote and paste this sample. Follow this by an Enter and you can start writing your music in peace with a true monofont. (remember to delete the pasted sample at the top of the note) When you sync this note to the ipad it WILL be both displayed and EDIT correctly in monofont (feel free to scream right out in surprise and relief!) When you have done this a few times you'll have notes at the top of your list featuring the font so you don't need to go to the website but can simply take a sample from your own notes. The reason you have to do this is because Courier New isn't selectable by default in the font picker in Evernote. There IS ANOTHER MONOFONT available, do not use this, it will crash your ipad app completely, needing it to be reinstalled to work again. Assuming you want to start the note on the Ipad rather than the desktop the way to go is similar: Either open an old note and copy a sample of courier new text or go to the website using safari and copy the sample there. Paste this sample in a new note and continue writing your music below this. When syncing the note it will look exactly the same on the desktop client. So, as you see, a very similar to the approach above. (You copy and paste by tapping or holding and using the select, copy and paste buttons on Ipad) Now a word of warning: The android version of evernote DOES NOT handle things as expected. You can easily view notes using Courier new correctly, but if you start editing the note it will be converted to the standard arial font ***** UP ALL SPACING. If you still edit it and save it the note will be screwed up. DON'T PANIC! Just open the smashed-and-burned note in the desktop app and paste a sample of Courier new into it at the bottom of the note. Now copy the entire note (apart from the sample) and head back to right below the sample. Now go into Edit -> Paste without formatting. Your note will magically be fixed and you can delete the broken copy above aswell as the sample text. DO NOTE however that whatever work you did while within the Android client will now be spaced differently so that needs some fixing but the rest of the note is saved. Now a note to the Evernote crew: MUSICIANS NEEDS MONOFONT CAPABILITY THAT WORKS CROSSPLATFORM. What is otherwise the use for us to sync between a million devices? We need exact chords and Evernote is just horrible in this aspect. Hopefully a hardworking musicians will soon sneak into your headquarter stealing all form of media players. Maybe a few weeks in silence will make you re-prioritize our requests If I were you I'd pin this topic but it's up to you
  12. hypermonkey1984

    other Songwriting!

    Evernote is absolutely perfect for songwriting. I use it each and every time that I write a song. Lyrics: just type out the text Melody, harmony, rhythm etc: just make an audio recording note Guitar chord shapes: I have an iOS app called reverse chord finder. (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reverse-chord-finder-pro-inverse/id379856345?mt=8) It's only $10 but there's a free lite version as well. This app lets you "type" in chord shapes on piano, guitar, ukulele, bass etc. Just press the keys/frets and it'll tell you the name of the chord. No music theory necessary (though music theory is always helpful. ) Sometimes I have a very specific chord that I want to play with a very odd inversion or fingering. So what I do is I type out the chord that I want then I take an iOS screenshot (simply hold down the lock button and then press the home button). Then I go to evernote and add a picture. I choose the screenshot that i just took. Now within the span of a few minutes I have lyrics, melody, harmony, rhythm, and even chord voicings all in one easy to find place. This way of songwriting is especially helpful because the moment of inspiration can leave you in the blink of an eye. Before evernote I was lucky if I wrote a new song every few months. But now I have times where I have a new idea sometimes every day for weeks. I am literally writing songs faster than I kno what to do with them! I love evernote.
  13. boazcat

    other Evernote in Band

    I'm really enjoying Evernote and look forward to learning more about it. I'm already sharing YouTube videos another resources with my students. Here is the main reason I wanted to use it: I use playing tests as an assessment tool for my students. We do some in class, but have a weekly assignment that they complete at home. Last year they emailed the songs to me which worked pretty well. With Evernote, I'm having each student share their notebook with me and they record their test right into a note that I can hear. No more formatting issues with Apple vs Android and no more "lost" emails. My question: Is there a way to organize the shared folders list from my end? Right now it is just a big long list of their usernames. Anyway to make it easier to navigate? Thanks! Michael
  14. There's a query at the end of all this, if you have the patience to read on.. My latest brainwave has been to try out Evernote as a media manager. Like Food, but with Music and Film. To explain: I have, as part of my archive of a misspent life, a copiously random collection of acetate (I think), vinyl, cassette tape, reel-to-reel, VHS, CD and DVDs, not to mention MP3/4, AVI, MOV and miscellaneous other file formats. I also have a few 'media manager' databases that list some of the above with a bewildering number of extra fields for genre, producer, inside leg, and other terms relevant to their specialist content. I haven't found one yet that deals with all media types, and there are glaring gaps in some records where the data is not available, or I've been too lazy to type it in. Despite considerable innovation on the part of my various software providers, there's no easy way to enter a new item either - you fill in all the details in the database, or you select a match (if there's one available) from the thousands of language and media options that apply for that media. What I want to do is have one place where I can think "I want to see a Spielberg Film.." or "What Django tracks can I play.." and check out what I have available. The 'easy entry' part comes with the DVD cover or the sleeve notes - scan (or photograph, for LP's and boxes) the documentation that was wrapped around the media, and you necessarily have all the data that are available for that specific item. The limit on note sizes means I won't be storing any movies or DVDs, but I can at least add a code or confirm the name under which the item is filed, so I can walk right to it. I'm just in the testing phase at the moment, and I ran into one small glitch - a recent addition to the 33 items in there now was Tom Cruise in Mission Impractical 4 (sorry - not my choice of film!) which is a 3MB JPG of the DVD cover. There's lots of design in the cover, and so far I can't 'find' that item by any normal search - 'mission' or 'cruise' etc. (If you're still with me, thanks; you've arrived at the punchline:) So - query for any peeps who Know About This Stuff - is there any limit on size for an OCR'd JPG? Any known limits for text rotation or colouring? TC's name forinstance is in white text on a dark brown/black background. (If Evernote doesn't yet parse pics of your typical two-page and a spine DVD cover (with explosion graphics) please can this be logged as a feature request!) It could also be that the OCR gnomes haven't done their job yet, so I'll retry in a day or two.. If all this works I'll have the most convenient means to index my collection, and for most purposes I can probably box or sell lots of the items after digitising the cover and transferring the content to MP4. All of my stuff -including the items I've forgotten about- will be available to family and friends, and there will be even more free shelf space around the Casa del Gaz. All of the above, of course, is subject to Finagle's Law of Copious Free Time - something about the faster you move, the less of it you seem to have - so I'll put this in my 'someday' folder for now...