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Found 6 results

  1. I wish there was a way to update the reminder date on a multiple-note selection set. I use evernote to manage a LOT of work tasks using reminders. Once a group of notes didn't get finished or I have to wait for something else to happen to work on them again, it would be MUCH handier to select multiple notes and set a new reminder date for the group!! Thanks, James
  2. It would be nice to have the ability to clip articles into multiple notebooks. I often find that I may be bookmarking an article that is about both javascript and web design. I have two separate notebooks for these topics (javascript and web design) and would like for the bookmark to show up in both of them.
  3. I was organising my notebook the other day, and this new Mac app (inclusive iPad iPhone Web app for that matter) does not allow multi-selection of notebook in the "Notebook" view anymore... Would really like that back...
  4. I got a fatal error with public release when I tried the same operation that has been fatal erroring me since 4.6 started: 1. in the note list, the middle pane, click on a note 2. scroll down the pane past the bottom, shift click on a note. So far, so good, this is a standard windows multi-select sequence and Evernote selects the notes and brings up the merge dialog in the main window. 3. Click merge: Fatal error. From that point on, starting Evernote always gives a fatal error. I have to uninstall using Revo and also delete all the local files. Reinstall evernote and things are fine except that it takes a long time to rebuild the data base, as in hours. In my case I have a calendar notebook, with one entry for each day. I want to select all the notes from December and merge them into a single note to reduce clutter. The click, shift-click method is the obvious way to do this, much better than CTL-clicking each one. Thanks, Brandon Smith
  5. Hey all. Loving Evernote, I've been an avid user for almost a year now, almost 2500 notes and going strong! One thing I've found today though, when I select multiple notes, it hangs! It definitely didn't do this before as I've done this before to then merge notes and it worked fine. I did do an update the other day, I'm thinking that must have caused this glitch. Anyone else had this problem? Cheers, Derek.
  6. I am unable to assign more than one Tag to a multiple selection in EN Mac Version 3.1.1 (248775). First, could you please post detailed instructions on how to assign multiple tags using the Multi-Select UI. I expect that it would work just like assigning tags in the Note Tags field, but it does not. When I start typing the first tag, it behaves like the normal assign tags, with EN providing an autocomplete, drop-down list of matching tags. After I hit ENTER to select/assign the tag and I start typing the 2nd tag, it starts behaving badly: No autocomplete No dropdown list Each character I type is shown twice Questions about Assigning Tags via the Multi-select UI What tags are initially displayed? How do I unassign tags to the selection? After I start typing/assigning tags, how do I cancel? I really don't like the way the Multi-select Assign Tags works. I much prefer the original method provided in En Win via the Assign Tags dialog (CTR+ALT+T) Sorry to say I told you so, but after all this effort on the Multi-Select UI that is a duplicate of right-click, it still doesn't work and is still draining resources. IMO it would have been much better to simply implement the EN Win Assign Tags dialog since you already had the design and implementation details. All you needed to do is adapt it to the Mac.