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Found 25 results

  1. For example if I want move up a note towards the top of the notebook stack manually. Is this possible?
  2. I'm using the latest evernote on OSX. I have a notebook that is in a stack and I want to move it out of that stack. If I try to access the "move notebook" option is is grayed out. See screenshot. How can I do that? Thanks, -hb
  3. Annoying nag adds additional steps and time to what is supposed to be a productivity app. Please bring a setting to dismiss such a warning and other warnings. Some power users don't want to see this. Yes, yes, I'm not an idiot - I actually know what I'm doing. Thanks!
  4. I'm a massive evernote fan, and use it on my home Mac, an Android phone and my Windows PC at work. One thing I'd love is if tag handling could be improved in EN for Mac. If I want to move tags around in the hierarchy, or rename them, I have to go into the Tags view on the Mac and do it from there. It'd be great if I could drag and drop right from the tree hierarchy in the left-hand side bar just like in EN for Windows. And if I could right-click a tag and rename it from there too. Apart from that minor annoyance, the app is amazing so keep up the good work! PS. Love the new Web clipper too, much more robust than the previous version.
  5. Regarding Evernote of win and mac, when I move a note to the other notebook, I often mistake, I mean, I often incorrectly move the note to a notebook which is not what I want. So I have a request: I want that before moving a note to another notebook, confirmation message will be shown, Or I want the selection of selection: about before moving a note to another book, a confirmation message will be displayed, or not. And if possible, I am happy if you kindly change the spec also with android(smartphone/tablet) and iOS(iPhone/iPad). Thanks!
  6. When we Move or Copy a note from one Notebook to another, only three notebooks are presented as Recent options. Personally, I think there should be 10 or 12 instead of 3! Thanks for considering this suggestion, John
  7. dawna

    move note to shared notebook

    When using the web version of Evernote I don't seem to be able to move a note into a Shared notebook. The Shared notebooks all appear in grey and have a lock beside them. In the application itself I can move the notes freely between shared and non-shared. Why is there this limitation on the web?
  8. I have too many notes in my notebooks which I want to organize. However, I don't see an option that lets me select/mark multiple notes at once and then perform some common action like moving,deleting or adding a common tag. Can this be implemented at the earliest please? If there is some hack around this to get it done then it'd be of great help if someone could share it. Thanks!
  9. How do you move a shared not in the new hub? I have a basic account and a client shares her notes with me. Once an item is actioned it is then moved to a different notebook. I cannot right click, or drag, or change the notebook at the top of the note. I really do not like the new hub because I can no longer move multiple notes at once.
  10. I tried rebooting my computer and logging in again. When I right click on a personal notebook, there is no option to move the notebook to business. I thought I would try to select all the notes in the Notebook but cannot seem to figure out how to do that either. The whole purpose of getting the business account is to move notebooks there and collaborate on them but will have to cancel business account if I can't move notebooks from personal.
  11. In the Windows client, the "Note" > "Move to Notebook..." option is grayed out and not responding to keyboard commands or mouse click. I can still move notes through every other method I know: Right-clicking the note in the note list.Clicking the notebook dropdown indicator above the note itself.Popping the note out into it's own window (<ctrl>+<Enter>). Keyboard commands work. I've tried syncing & restarting. Also checked for updates (none found: version This is not preventing me from doing what I want to do, but at this point my keyboard habits are pretty fixed so this keeps throwing me out of my "zone". I'm a creature of habits, *some* of which are not even bad for me. If anyone has a way to fix this I'd appreciate it.
  12. how to do i put an "imported note" from my History back into another folder? thanks!
  13. I broke the screen on my Samsung S4 and replaced it with a new S4. I downloaded Evernote and logged in to my account but couldn't find a way to restore my notes. I checked my PC and it too had the new version of Evernote and assumed I was a first timer. It didn't have any of my notes. I couldn't find any data files on the PC that looked like Evernote data either. I can access my old phone by plugging it into my PC. Using Windows Explorer, I found my notes there under /com.evernote/files/user-####/notes. Is there some way to retrieve these?
  14. Moving a PDF between notes could be easier. I don't expect it should work as it does on desktop, and it doesn't work on iOS either, however, Android could be able to do that easy via download download folder and re-attaching of the PDF. I can download a PDF from a note to "Download" folder in my Home directory. When I try to attach it, the Download folder is not listed as one of the option in left pane shortcuts and it doesn't show up in the list of available options to attach from. Evernote shows gallery, recent, Google drive and all kinds of folders..., but it doesn't display the Download folder. I have to go to "internal storage" and browse to Download folder to get to the PDF. Please list Download folder in the list of shortcuts to be able attach PDFs faster. Thanks.
  15. lblume06

    Export Data

    I need to export all Evernote data from one account to another. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks for your help!
  16. I am a huge fan of ever note. I have been using it for business and personal stuff. I decided that instead of sharing all my inbox stuff with my office staff. I would like to have a separate account and put all my life stuff into that account which of course includes the last few years of stuff already organized in stake located under a personal tree. Also : Just say someone who has everything on Evernote like me : Perhaps from there kids 1rst grade assignments though the 12th grade. That kid wants to have his own account and would like a organized copy to take along with him which might have car info , licenses, insurance, banking, etc etc . There should be a way to easily duplicate or move all together those notes. Its a great hook for Evernote...Yet to my dismay, Not available not as a easy move the whole stack option. I cannot believe the limitation that other than exporting single notes ( I am still not sure if it is even searchable without tags... Ouch! Yes...I learned by a Evernote tech guy that it cannot be done except for moving individual notes! I had such promise that this was going to be my lives keepsake for everything paper!! Someone will copy this concept enough and make it forward thinking . One other of a 100 's of examples I could think of, that would make this useful. We have a small business I have personal and my business all in stacks organized for taxes etc as well as personal. Say I want to sell the business ? And I want to break out last 5 years of all business receipts exedra and give new owner in an organize way... Everything without giving up my copy? I could go on and on ... Frustrated in az!! ( Shame on Evernote!
  17. I love Evernote and use it daily at work and at home. Unfortunately when I started I created a single notebook in which all of my notes reside. I did create lots of tags to organize them but now I would like to segregate them into new notebooks. I have created a Home and a Work notebook but when I move all of the notes in a tag, as suggested in other topics, the notes are added to the new notebook but the tags and notes also stay in the old notebook. How do I move them entirely from the old notebook to the new, so that they are no longer in the old?
  18. I'm just nervously sitting through a period of inactivity while my laptop recreates my database - I moved to a new laptop a while ago and had some problems, so I need to remove and reinstall everything. Since I've recommended that to a number of other people in the past, I figure it's karma coming back to bite me in the apps. I took all the necessary precautions - exported notes, backed up the current database, brewed coffee; and then did the deed a couple of days ago. It's taking a while, because Evernote is notoriously slow with this process, I have a lot of notes and because I realised I made a mistake at one point and had to start again. Today. So I'm looking at a lack of Evernote for the next 48 hours at least, while we catch back up again. While I'm sitting here, staring at my desktop, I wondered. Why is it that I can now see snippets, thumbnails and notes in full, while Evernote is still chugging along with the sync? Apparently each note is downloaded and displayed in full for my convenience, even though I'm currently missing 90% of the database and searches would be pretty pointless. I don't plan on adding anything to Evernote either until my note count is back to normal - I can't check whether I already have a note on any given topic, and I don't want to take the chance of interrupting (or slowing) the sync with any other activity at all until it's done. So why the eye-candy? Evernote is obviously doing all its housekeeping in the background and will be ready for action when - eventually - the sync is done. I'd like to suggest an alternative. Dear Developers, Please can you look at a way of allowing someone who is reinstalling or moving their application the option of downloading their database like a normal download file in one hit (if they wish) along with the latest installation package. The download could happen in the background, over a day or two, without requiring that I keep Evernote active on my system or even have it installed at that point. Once I have my install package and the database I can connect everything up and get going. A sync would still be necessary because I might have changed notes online or via another client; but it would be a normal 'update' sync rather than a mega-install. I'm sure there might be operational downsides for Evernote, but from my current client-side view it sure as heck would improve the user experience when reinstalling or moving the app to another computer. Just a suggestion...
  19. I am trying to move my 7500+ notes to a new MAC Book Pro (almost 4gig worth). I am trying to restore from my exported notes file (.enex) but when I do, and the computer syncs, I have duplicates of every note + some triplicate. Is there a more efficient method? I have SLOW internet, and to sync from the internet would be painful. HELP!
  20. Hi, When I paste a copied image (let's say, from Windows Photo Viewer), first it looks ok on my note, but if I drag it around, for instance, to the middle of a paragraph, then the pasted image will show as a placeholder image, and gerenerally won't work anymore. It seems to also loose it's file extension because, if I click on it, it asks me for a program to open it (if a select paint, for instance) it will open ok. Such moved images export ok (still not inline, just the placeholder) on an exported (html) note, but they do'nt seem to work when the note is synchronized to the web or to mobile. This just seems to happen when I drag the pasted content. Any clues on what maybe happening, or is it a bug? Thanks, Paulo.
  21. My computer is slowly dying... New one will be here in 1-6 days. I have >1000 notes, only about 150 of which are online. What is the easiest way to migrate/move these notes to my new computer when it arrives?
  22. When I move a note from one notebook to another via Applescript, I see the new location in the notebook popup of of moved note. Also the number of notes in the notebook pane changes accordingly. But when I select the destination notebook in the notebook pane, the moved note is not there. Instead it still shows up in the original notebook. This cannot be fixed with a sync or a shutdown/restart of the client. In the web interface, the note is displayed in the correct notebook after a sync. Would be nice, if you could fix this and/or give me a workaround how to update the client's notes index manually if possible. Pete
  23. I have been using Move app for the past 2 months with big success and I would like to integrate the location information from Move to Evernote. This is the cool part! So when I look up a note I could find where I was before I made the note and where I went after the note. Move app + Evernote = Time machine I think Evernote should just buy Move app team so the intergration will be smooth I have more ideas how evernote could benefit more and maybe I will write them later..
  24. I often use alt-n and alt-v to quickly move a note to another notebook. When I do so -- or when I simply use Note | Move -- I eventually have a pick list of the five latest notebooks I moved notes to. However, I frequently move notes to seven or eight different notebooks, and it would be handy to have, say, 10 notebooks in the pick list. Related: that list is cleared each time Evernote is closed, but I would like it to be available all the time. Is there a way to make these features happen -- with a registry hack, perhaps?
  25. One part of my work is to set up a workflow for my clients and organize their administration/documents. Part of their administration are paper invoices, receipts, etc. I'll scan them, save them to Evernote where they automatically go to my own inbox (I can't set a shared notebook as the default notebook - not even temporarily). I'm able to copy 1 note from my inbox to a shared notebook, but selecting more than 1 note makes the shared notebooks grey in the drop down menu and leaves me unable to copy more than 1. Moving to a shared notebook is not even possible with 1 note. I now have 29 notes sitting in my own inbox which I'll now have to copy 1 by 1 (!) to that shared notebook. Not very efficient it seems...