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Found 62 results

  1. I love to share notebooks, but without a notification that the shared notebook has been updated (either by a new note created in the notebook OR an edit to an existing note), the shared notebooks lose a significant amount of their usefulness and utility. I've seen this suggestion posted a couple of times in this forum, and I hope that maybe this post will gain some traction unlike the others. I've seen at least one suggestion for a 3rd party workaround, but this really should be a native feature of the software, especially for paid users such as myself. Strangely, one of the features that I like about Evernote is how streamlined it is, and the lack of superfluous notifications like many apps bombard you with. However, in this one instance, notifications would be very welcome! If my teammate makes an edit to a notebook, a popup in Windows or my phone would let me know to review their edits. I was an early adopter of Evernote, and this is really my biggest complaint about the software. Please correct this glaring omission! Thanks!
  2. Dear Evernote Community, We are happy to announce the beta release of our Akreet product. http://beta.akreet.net Akreet is a unique way for user to organize and visualize their Evernotes. Our philosophy is deliver tools that can allow users to get the most out of their own content. We are looking for any and all feedback. Got an idea on how we can better improve the categorizing and visualization experience? Tell us about it, we’ll build it in. A few videos to get your started: What is Akreet? How to Akreet.
  3. At present in the Android app, notebooks can be downloaded for offline use, but they can only be saved in internal storage. Allowing the offline notebooks to be moved to an SD card would make this feature much more relevant/useful.
  4. I save a lot of articles I find on the web with the Evernote Clipper and clip them as a Simplified Article. It would be super awesome if the mobile Evernote app would display the Simplified Article in white text over a black background in full screen on your mobile device... a la Pocket [http://getpocket.com] [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ideashower.readitlater.pro] I would like to read my articles in on the Evernote app as if I was reading an eReader... like how Pocket has done. Hope Evernote can make this happen!!! Thanks!
  5. Adding word count to Evernote Android/iOS app will help Evernote keep users who would otherwise use other apps because of the lack of this simple yet essential feature on Evernote. All kinds of writers depend on this feature! Journalists, content writers, students with writing assignments, short story writers, novelists, and so on. Add word count to Evernote Android/iOS app please. It's 2015!
  6. I would like to organize my notes better with colors. The biggest thing that makes my organizing hard is that I cannot select the color for the text I enter by mobile. It would be an enormous advantage for me and help me to take all my texts to Evernote instead of Google Notes
  7. [Writing on behalf of a client] When he shares a note with a non-Evernote-User, they get sent to a web page which displays the title, text, attachments very nicely on mobile. When sharing a notebook with a non-user (for a group trip), they get sent to the Evernote website in a browser on mobile. Not easy to read (tiny text) and a pain to go between individual notes. Is there a way to make this a more user-friendly format? Would be an easy win to possibly get new users if sharing a Notebook was formatted beautifully for non-users. They'd be impressed with their Evernote savvy friend and want to be able to do the same.
  8. Hey all, I've been trying out Evernote as a platform for GTD via The Secret Weapon. I'm enjoying it greatly so far, however the mobile apps all lack the ability to sort notes by tag. Preferably, any view that displays notes would be able to sort them by tag in symbol, number, alpha order - both ascending and descending. This is a pivotal feature for TSW users and without it, I have to fumble through menus, and end up spending more time trying to review my notes than reviewing my notes. Thanks!
  9. I really would like to be able to manage multiple attachments in a single note, moving files between notes and so on, when I'm using Evernote on my iPad or on my Android phone. I guess there are workarounds for this, but it would me amazing to have a flexible system which would let you copy and paste files between notes, or move attachments inside the same note, for instance.
  10. It would be really nice to be able to move and drag checklist items inside a note page so you can change the order. The second half of that would be- if you check off an item in that checklist, the item should automatically move to the bottom of the list.
  11. Amigos, de tempo pra cá, venho desfrutando dos recursos do Evernote e tornando minha vida mais simples e produtiva. Esses dias, pensei numa forma de compartilhar documentos com clientes. Sempre que um cliente nosso nos solicita uma cotação, temos que abrir um doc do Word e fazer isso, depois imprimimos em PDF e o enviamos. Isso, de um tempo pra cá, vem tomando muito o tempo, pois sempre é necessário que façamos isso através do PC. A forma de criar e compartilhar uma proposta comercial pelo Evernote esta nos dando um resultado sem tamanho. Economia de tempo e mais comodidade para que recebe a informação. Colocamos a mesma proposta, que estava no Word, em uma nota do Evernote. Segue abaixo o link para que vejam que simples, porém, está dando um resultado gigantesco. Tempo hoje é dinheiro, não é? Fazemos a altração de valor nesta proposta pelo celular e apenas compartilhamos o link público com o cliente. Legal, não é? Segue link modelo: https://www.evernote.com/l/AIo0XV5Fah9Hx6J9hnBPN3jWvzy_kLWCxi0 Quem tiver outras ideias semelhantes a esta, serão bem aceitas. Abraços. Erico F.
  12. I use evernote on my laptop and iPhone 6S and have a default Notebook "action pending". I use it for to-do items and have over 1000 notes in there. When I am away from home, and have a few minutes, I like to sort them out on my iPhone, and like to start at the bottom. However, to get there I have to do about 25 swipes if they are sorted by 'Date Created'. It would be great to have a feature to quickly jump to the bottom of the list.
  13. In addition to another request - when I am waiting in line or for an appointment to begin, I go through my "action pending" EN Notebook, and delete completed notes or move them to appropriate folders. It would be great see how many notes I have in the notebook I am in, so after 5 or 10 minutes has passed, I can get an idea of how many notes I've dealt with and it would give me a sense of how many I've tackled. This could be optionally controlled by an on/off in the settings. Maybe you could move the Notebook name to the left and add the number of the notes in it to the right in the mobile version?
  14. Hello everyone, We are switching to Evernote Business for all the positives that Evernote brings. I am running in to an issue - how do I sync my existing Outlook contacts with Evernote Mobile so that I can use my Outlook contacts as the "Send to" in the chat feature? Anything helps - thanks everyone!
  15. Hi I wish to download the app to my cell. I went to Google shop and the app ask for fee. As premium, can I download it for free? How? Thanks Sharona
  16. Davidesieb

    Unlimited sketch area

    Hi, I've been told (months ago) that it may come in a future update; I can't understand why the sketch area (the dotted background area displayed for handwritten notes or sketches on a note) is limited to the screen size; it would be so convenient to have it limitless; to be able to "zoom out" and start writing/sketching anywhere; it would be so useful for big meeting notes, giant sketches, etc... Can someone tell me when this must-have feature is likely to come? Thanks! David
  17. I've noticed that when using Safari on iOS, if I try to send a Google AMP-enabled page to EN via safari's send-to function, the clip note in EN doesn't work properly. For those who are unfamiliar with AMP (accelerated mobile pages), it is a proprietary Google technology designed to speed up pages on mobile. AMP sites are linked to from Google search results. Ideally, Google would allow people to opt out of AMP because it breaks several things (including emailing links from safari; the emailed link is the google AMP link, not the actual page link, etc). But as of yet, there is currently no way to opt out of AMP. Can EN be updated so the Google AMP pages clip properly? In the meantime, I've started using another search engine provider on mobile.
  18. On a recent update the android app has started naming all pictures taken "picture". This results in a situation where by it's not functionally possible to drag and drop single images out of the desktop app onto your computer; as after the first you will get a same filename error and have to manually rename each image after it's been dragged out of the app. I understand that you can export all attachments and it will put a number sequence after each but if I've got 10 images in the note but I only want to grab a couple this is also needlessly time consuming.
  19. Brian Flick

    Business Cards

    Here's a couple of items that would be nice for business cards. Right now the only way to create a business card, is to use evernote mobile and "scan" a business card. create a new note as type business card "scan" from a jpg or other picture already on your pc/phone
  20. I set to sync notes on iphone only with wifi. 1. Type something on iphone. 2. Sync on iphone when wifi is enabled. 3. Sync on desktop and show no updates. 4. Inputs on iphone are lost, overwritten with that on desktop. WHY?
  21. looking to add new tags while clipping with the Evernote Clipper on mobile
  22. The chrome extension Chrontabs allows you to set it so web pages open based on time/day. This works decent for me to open specific Evernote notes, but the webview is heavy on resources and many of us are mobile quite often. What's a current streamlined workflow to get recurring reminders for specific notes on iOS? Please discuss
  23. I have tried recently the Swipes add on for Evernote but I didn´t like the integration. It would be great if we could swipe our tasks/sentences in each note like Swipes is doing but inside Evernote and not inside their app. Evernote team, I think the future is going this way, don´t you think?
  24. I started Evernote on my Iphone6 and I just realized that the email I used has an error in the spelling, so it's non-existent. I would like to sync with my web version, but of course can't do that now. Short of deleting and reinstalling, is there an option to correct the email I used? I have several weeks' worth of notes I would hate to have to redo.... Thank you
  25. Hello everybody! I am trying to learn to use Evernote for my blogging needs and one of the needs is to take notes of articles (mostly in the internet) and save the notes and the links on the Evernote. However it sounds so easy, the problem is this; I'm mainly working on mobile/tablet, and that is sort of really annoying kerfuffle to switch between two apps to read the article and take notes. So annoying - in fact - that I have written the notes on actual post-it-notes to avoid killing my home button from iPad. But like many of you know, those post-it's tend to get lost quite easily. So I was thinking what sort of third-party applications could help me out? I already checked out pairing Instapaper and Evernote via IFTTT (save underlined text as note-recipe), but the problem arises, when I have more than one underlining creating multiple notes from same article. I know this is bit harping on the issue, because it's almost what I am looking for, but it just doesn't work exactly how I want, so I was wondering if there is some solution to save all the notes at once, so I don't have to edit them in to one afterwards in Evernote.