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Found 17 results

  1. phillip.ellis

    Notes not showing in notebooks

    I recently opened my Evernote, and my evernote shows that I have 6 notes in one of the notebook folders. However when i click on the folder it only shows one note and not the list of notes in the folder. What am I doing wrong?! Many thanks. Phill
  2. epcliff

    Issue with the notes

    Hi, I don't have a premium account. I don't know where to report this issue. This is critical. Only the title of the note appear on the page. The actual content is not shown. Although on the sidebar, the actual content are there but truncated. Please see attachment file.
  3. Recently my computer crashed and I lost the last three year's worth of notes in Evernote Mac. Older notes were unaffected, and any new notes I create or old notes I sync work fine too. Fortunately, all of my notes still appear in Evernote for web browser and on my other devices. This leads me to believe the local database on my Mac has been corrupted and needs to be rebuilt from the online copy. I have tried the following to no effect: Syncing repeatedly Restarting Evernote Updating Evernote Restarting my computer Presumably Evernote still refers to the same corrupted database. I have read several descriptions for how to do a complete uninstall/reinstall of both Evernote and the database, however this seems overkill and involves some complicated steps that I am not totally comfortable with. Is there any way to force Evernote to rebuild its database from the online version? Evernote_455673_2017-11-08_edit.txt
  4. Heather Boyd

    Missing Notes

    Unusual (for me) situation: I just downloaded Evernote to a new phone two weeks ago, after years of using Evernote. Two notes that I have worked last night (one being two weeks old; one being new) disappeared sometime in the past day. They are not in trash. I have no history option (basic membership). They are not appearing on the app nor on the web from a desk top. There is no trace of them anywhere. A couple of 'test' notes that I created today are available (on my app and on the web), so in general syncing and saving is working fine. Really mystified.
  5. I have Evernote running across 4 devices: my Android phone, Android tablet, Windows 7 work laptop and Windows 10 home computer. The desktop app on my Windows 10 home computer has not retained any notes before December 2015. All other devices have the earlier notes, Evernote Web also has the earlier notes. New notes are synced across all devices, including the Windows 10 PC. I re-installed Evernote on my home PC and that did not solve the problem. How can I solve the problem? Thank, Dan
  6. Good morning, I restored a computer completely from a time machine backup that is about 3 weeks old. After the restoration, HUNDREDS of my local notes are without content. They include notes that have attachments, notes that are text only, new, old, recently updated, not recently updated. There is no rhyme or reason to which notes are blank and which aren't. They appear in the notes lists along with all of the other notes, and they still have titles (some have thumbnails of a generic pdf, if there was a pdf, but not all that had a pdf do) but when I click to view them or when I open them, they are utterly blank. They don't have the usual "click here to edit"; it's as though that entire section had been cut out. It can't be edited, and it can't be viewed. I've left it run for days, I've tried everything you could imagine (moving the notes, deleting all of the other notes (offline, of course) to see if they would eventually index (and then re-restored the time machine backup again after that), I've searched the library/.../ accounts/... folder that usually contains the attachments have have had no luck. I am terrified that I will not be able to recover these notes. Some of them are extremely important to me. So far I've lost hours trying anything I could imagine and searching forums, but I would be fine losing another dozen hours if it means getting my notes back. I've searched for the missing pdfs using the finder's search in the library in the hopes that would point me to the location of the other missing notes, but nothing. It's like they never existed... except they clearly did, as their titles are still there. I could use any help those of you with experience with this could provide to try to recover these notes. Thank you for any help you can provide,Mary
  7. I have Evernote ? on Mac OS X 10.9.5 (13F34) The menu shows, but no menu entry for open a notebook, new notebook, new note or open existing note. There is an about Evernote in the File menu but it doesn't come up either. I downloaded the version that was latest about a week ago to fix this problem but that didn't help. All the parent menus are there but all the options appear to be grayed out. I checked all my desktops and they are not hidden that I can find. Does anyone have a process to leave the notes but remove all the prefs and start over? I do not know the latest time I synched so I don't want to rely on the cloud for my notes unless absolutely necessary. One more thing if I try and access new note or anything from keyboard shortcuts, the machine beeps like it is an invalid action.
  8. Noticed that my desktop keeps syncing forever. Have some 6000+ notes which is not much. When I start the sync, it just won't stop. Additionally noted that my desktop EN is missing some notes. The tag list on the left pane shows tag counts, but the list of notes does not agree. Checked this on EN web and the missing note was there all along. Just does not show up in desktop. Anyone? Regards Juha
  9. The old icon popped up saying an update was available and would I like to restart now or later. With 30 minutes to my next meeting I said "what the heck" and went for it. When the updated version came up, all my notes were missing... hundreds of them. Fortunately I still see them online. Unfortunately much of my work is offline. I've tried to sync several times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my mac and still no luck. Sent an email to support a few days ago and no word back. Any one else encounter this? Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated: ) Thanks!
  10. The old icon popped up saying an update was available and would I like to restart now or later. With 30 minutes to my next meeting I said "what the heck" and went for it. When the updated version came up, all my notes were missing... hundreds of them. Fortunately I still see them online. Unfortunately much of my work is offline. I've tried to sync several times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my mac and still no luck. Sent an email to support a few days ago and no word back. Any one else encounter this? Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated: ) Thanks!
  11. JoshEvern

    Lost notes

    Hi, I asked about this a while ago and have had no success since. I have sent in two enquiries to evernote support and have had no feedback. I'm assuming they simply cannot help. I updated my evernote on my S3 a few months ago and upon logging in again only some of my notes (some only half) were there. The rest were just the note titles (but remained empty). I logged in online and find that there are only about a 1/3 of my notes there. The ones with just the note titles are missing completely. I would just like to know if there is any hope of retrieving those missing notes (that are an accumulation of years of note taking) or are they lost forever? I.e. is there by any chance some locally based storage on the phone in which a file can be retrieved? Or could I roll back my evernote to that previous version? Thank you, anyone who can shed light on this for me Attached is my log logs.zip New Text Document (2).txt
  12. I just upgraded from a Note 2 to a Note 3 yesterday. When I launch Evernote, all of my Notes are missing. I don't know how to get my new phone to see my notes.
  13. I used Evernote to write a long (very important) letter. I closed Evernote and believe I manually synced it first. (I ALWAYS try to sync before I close it because I've had syncing issues before, so I trust that I also did this time.) When I opened the note a few minutes later, all the text was GONE. In its place was the title of the note, which was underlined as if it was a hyperlink. Initially I thought that the link would take me to the note. No such luck. It didn't take me anywhere. Does anyone know why this occurred? I sent an email to Evernote support about 3-4 weeks ago and have not heard back. Not uncommon. I'm having a hard time trusting Evernote because I've lost several notes over the past year.
  14. sean_evernote_user

    mac Evernote is messed up lately

    I've been using evernote since many years and it's become sort of an integral part of my life now. I am a writer so you can imagine how important it is for me. Since the last few days, I have lost 4 important notes, part of my book, from evernote without a clue and without any warnings. The 1st time it happened, I was aghast....because I often write at any hour whenever inspiration strikes me and been doing this for years and evernote always flawlessly synced my mac to my iPad to my android phone, never had any issue. But out of the blue, suddenly, I had an entire chapter missing. I synced, the way i always did, but the sync didn't seem to effect anything on the ipad. I thought maybe they have introduced a cron job sort of queue and it will eventually happen. But the next day it went missing from the mac too. I checked the web, now that told me an entirely different story. Evernote on my mac, ipad and web seem to be existing in totally different worlds. None of them would reflect even the formatting changes or the sequence of notes (sorted by last modified) similarly. The web version didn't even SHOW the note i have been working on since the last MONTH in the notes list. And yes, it did say 'last synced 2 days back'. I checked on the forums and found many people have been facing this issue with almost no satisfactory responses from the support staff. Just users discussing with each other mostly irrelevant stuff, older users trying to talk ***** to new users about how to post in the forums and posting manners and all but no real solution. Mostly egoistic *****. I read about a few users raising support ticket and getting replies like "sorry for the inconvenience", and suggestions of some things (which I was doing right anyway) for future notes. But no way to recover the notes they have lost. Basically I saw a lot of incoherent replies with an underlying tone that there's nothing wrong with evernote, and the users must be doing something wrong, without specifying what. Typical response of an app developer when they've got millions of users and a few of them facing issues doesn't really matter to them, or their numbers. I am hereby concluding that evernote does have a bug or an issue which they haven't acknowledged or informed about and it's become an unreliable app to use if you value your ideas and notes. When I lost my notes, and I've checked everywhere, on all platforms, they are truly gone, there was absolutely no warning, no indication, no alert about any sync not happening, note not being saved etc etc. which is quite bad. I guess it's time to find an alternative. As a writer, there's nothing more important to me than the ideas that note down assuming they will be there when i wake up the next morning. If I cannot have that basic assurance, it's an app not worth looking at. It was good while it lasted.
  15. Hello everyone. I have a serious problem! For the last year my Evernote for Sony Vaio has not syncronized. The other day I tried to solve the problem by following some of the suggested steps on evernotes webside. I've tried them all. There is no problem with my internet connection, I've tried to restart my computer, upgraded to the latest version of Evernote and I'm not working offline. After I downloaded the latest version of evernote I restarted the desktop and signed out locally. Then when I had to log in again nothing happened. A message appeared: couldn't connect to the server - it says that I have to be online before the first syncronization will succeed. I AM ONLINE!!! I'm so frustrated because all the unsynced files/notes on my desktop is obviously not to find online. Why can't I log in to evernote on my desktop locally? Will I ever get my notes back?? Please help me if you can. Heres an activity log:
  16. Hello! I have been scouring the EN forums for a solution to the issue that I am experiencing. I have tried the solutions listed but none align exactly with my set of circumstances. I would like to start out by saying that I am a huge fan of Evernote! I have been using it since it first started and don't know what I would do without it. I am now both a Premium and Business user. Here is my situation. I use ENB on a laptop and a desktop. I rarely use the desktop and enter all of my notes onto the laptop. Yesterday a very large cup of juice spilled into my laptop bag and right into my laptop. Not a good combination. I was able to use the hard drive and now have it attached to my surface pro tablet. I set up ENB on my tablet and it went about syncing. When looking at what synced I am missing notes from the last several days. My last notes are from 1/22/14 and I did enter notes this week. I looked on the web and the notes are not there. So thinking that they may not have synced for some reasonI tried pointing ENB to the Evernote file that is on the drive from my laptop - located in user\app data\local\Evernote. I still do not see the missing notes. Any further suggestions? I did try searching for a pending folder as noted in a forum response with no luck. Thank you in advance.
  17. Hi, I have browsed most discussions here related to missing notes. I tried to follow instructions to uninstall/reinstall EN, as well as to wipe local EN data store. None seemed to have worked. Here's the story. I have EN the free version installed on my mac (Mac air 2013, Mavericks), two windows 7 computers, an android 4.2 phone and and iPad 2 running iOS6. I almost exclusively use the mac to edit and review notes, and very occasionally I would use one windows 7 PC to do some light editing and mostly viewing. I almost never use mobile devices to do editing. Currently I have about 30+ notes in 5 notebooks. About a week ago, my mac EN started crashing often as soon as my mac came out of sleep mode. It was running a rather recent 5.x.x version. So I got around the crashing by making sure I always exiting EN (cmd-Q) before I close the lid on the mac and relaunch it when I open the lid. Yesterday, when I was editing two study notes, I noticed shortly after I reviewed some other notes, the two notes disappeared from the mac EN. I frantically tried to exit and relaunch to no avail. Then I followed what I can find here related to missing notes and attempted to wipe ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.* ~/Library/Preferences/com.evernote.* etc. Then I tried to remove EN and reinstall the latest 5.4.3 before resync. None of these steps worked for me. I ended up losing two study notes out of the 12 notes in this particular notebook. Wanted to point out I still have all the notes on the EN web, the one windows 7 PC EN, and on the android phone. So I guess the integrity problem is local to my mac. Please let me know what other information I should post and how I can get the missing notes back to the mac. Thank you!