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Found 19 results

  1. Hi - I'm in the process of switching TO EverNote from Microsoft Office 365's OneNote. I use it on a MAC so there isn't an "export" function, but I can access the cloud drive with the onenote files on it. How can I pull the two notebooks I have over there to migrate them into EverNote? Thanks in advance for any specific assistance. William Avon
  2. I do most of my schoolwork on Evernote, but when I submit my final work I either have to 1. Submit the report as an independent docx. file OR 2. Print it out, which also means using Microsoft Word Most people use Microsoft office and that's the sad reality. So it's crucial for me that ordered/numbered lists and photos are properly copied and pasted into Microsoft Word. Other formatting features aren't much of a problem; it's always the lists and images that mess up. Moreover, if I'm using my default font in Evernote, when I paste to Word I'd like the content to be formatted in default Word font. In Evernote, Helvetica 18pt is not big, but in Word it's gigantic and I have to reformat everything back to Times New Roman 12pt. The tables are not too big of a problem, but default Evernote tables are different from default Word tables, which is also somewhat irritating. Seriously, the biggest reason why I'm considering using OneNote is because the formatting doesn't get messed up when I paste to Word. Sure, when I know in advance that I'll have to print a lab report or something, I'll start writing it in Word. But sometimes teachers change their mind at the last moment and tell us to print out that note that we took during class (which I obviously took in Evernote) ASAP. And I print it out via Evernote...all the fonts are too big for printing and I can't fix that because Evernote isn't built for printing. Microsoft Word is. TL; DR 1. Formatting shouldn't be messed up when copying between Evernote and Microsoft Ofice (esp. Word). 2. Ordered/Unordered list and images are the biggest problems. 3. Default font/table style are also too different.
  3. PLEASE add the option to prevent the redundant popup window that appears after we have clipped an email. I posted a jpg showing the three steps that must currently be taken to clip an email - it should be shorter/easier and more customizable. For me, the purpose of the email clipper is to clip/save an email into a certain folder for quick and easy action/follow up/review at a later date. At present, there are three steps (which isn't exactly quick or streamlined): Clip the "save to Evernote" button in the top toolbar (I'm using Outlook 2016/Office 365 on Windows 7 Pro for reference). - See Image/Step #1 in gif. Select/approve the notebook to save the clip to, with the option to add tags or remarks. - See image/Step #2 in gif. (THIS IS WHERE THE PROCESS SHOULD END.) Then we get a third/unwanted step when yet another window pops up. To close it, we have to pause our process/flow to close the window. Sounds nit picky, and it is, but I want the option to disable or skip this step altogether. - See image/Step #3 in gif. Please see the attached gif if my request is not clear. Fellow users - PLEASE take a second to VOTE on this. The more votes it gets, the more likely they are to add this feature. Thanks!
  4. Hi I use Windows Ink Workspace a lot on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 device. It's a very handy way to quickly make simple sketches. I'm not able to do this in Evernote. So I have two questions: When will Evernote will be more like Onenote when it comes to making sketches? Devices are ready and made for this nowadays. I can not share my Windows Ink Workspace sketch to Evernote when I click the Share button, even though I installed the Evernote app. I have to Copy/Paste it. Can Evernote create this Share To function, or make Microsoft put it on their To Do list? Best regards, Roderick
  5. APenNameAndThatA

    Is Evernote Going Broke?

    When I download PDF's onto my iPhone, I like to sync them. A window comes up with space for a title and tags, and a button called <save>. I press save and go on with my browsing. But the PDF does not always sync. Recently, to try and fix this, I reinstalled Evernote, waited for the PDF to fully download, put in a title and a tag, and waited to give Evernote time to save/sync the PDF. No dice. 12 hours later, the attachments come up empty on the iPhone, on the PC, AND on the web client. I can't even check the cloud/version on my iPhone. And this from a company that has a section for feature requests? From a company that is supposed to "never forget". It never remembers. I read on a testing site that Evernote had laid off lots of staff in Europe. ? how true or not. Now, tell me, if a company is NOT going broke, will it's product not work while it inquires about new features AND has its old features not working, basic features not available, and rumors that it is laying off staff? I HATE Microsoft, but...
  6. Annoyed User

    Camera attachment BRICKS devices

    After 2 or more years of using the paid version of this app, I cancelled my subscription. Why? Because the app causes errors across my devices, I load to capture a document that I need for my business, the first shot sometimes works... But by the second shot.... My phone is in boot loader, repeat boot loader, the phone could have 100% battery and still not restart, if you have less than 50% battery then you dare not use the app as it my phone needs a PC connection to be restored/ restarted. So is it your device? NO... My poor phone has undergone testing and flashing on numerous occasions, I swapped to iphone... same problem, iPad... Same problem, LG latest phone... Same problem, latest Microsoft... Same problem, brand new tablet with only Evernote installed... Same problem. This app has something seriously wrong with the code, I am very disappointed that the time has come to purge Evernote from all my systems, recall all devices within the business, flash them and find an alternative for our business needs. Since I ended my subscription I find that Evernote does not offer Support to FREE customers, they didn't pay attention to any of my correspondence while I was a member and this is a shame. 2 Years ago I was immensely satisfied with all its great features, which I'm going to miss... But like the rest of the world, I need my devices and apps working correctly. If someone can suggest an alternative vendor that has customer support, I am looking to be able to scan a document and view it across the business, possibly something compatible with Dropbox. Thanks
  7. ZorbaGarp

    Using with Surface Book

    Have been a devoted user of Evernote desktop while using Chrome for web browsing. My work replaced my laptop with a Surface Book and it seems that I am going to need to switch to One Note and Edge to make optimal use of the Surface's touch and pen tools. I don't want to! Any ideas for how to optimally integrate Evernote into my Surface workflow?
  8. A little cheeky to post in Evernote's forum, even under the Third Party Applications section, but lots of folks have an interest in OneNote as well as Evernote.. Check out the latest information - The Microsoft Office team has announced today the upcoming launch of its first-ever Learn OneNote Conference, a six-days online event that will be open to everyone looking to master the popular note-taking tool. The conference will feature 21 pre-recorded videos of OneNote experts from all over the world who will share a whole range of different use cases as well as their best tips and tricks: http://winbeta.org/news/onenote-is-holding-a-free-online-conference-beginning-november-12th-its-first-ever
  9. Microsoft Adds Evernote Add-in to Outlook Wow! This really surprised me. I would never have thought that Microsoft would have an official Evernote Add-in, that is in direct competition with MS OneNote. See New Outlook partner add-ins at blogs.office.com
  10. I have many long MS Word documents that I drag and drop into Evernote so they will be searchable. When I search for words I know are within those documents, the search results bring the notes up, but it does not take me directly to the place within the Word document where that word that I searched for occurs. I have to scroll through the Word document itself to find the occurrence. And even then the searched-for word is not highlighted or boxed as with search results for other types of notes. This gets frustrating as many of these documents are 50 pages or so long. Is this just something I have to deal with or is it fixable?
  11. kstender

    Outlook 2013 Add-in

    My Evernote recently updated and I seem to have lost the ability to save emails directly from Outlook to Evernote with the new version. I have read some of the related posts and tried to download the add-in again, but I keep getting an error message since I have a newer version of Evernote. Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.
  12. There's an elephant in the room and I'm going to describe it. I've been using Evernote religiously for about 3 years and do all my notes, reminders, todo's etc with it. The main reason I'm so into it is because I switch devices and platforms ALOT. But you know what? Honestly, I feel like Evernote SUCKS compared to OneNote in terms of actual usability. I used OneNote a long time ago. I don't remember what version it was maybe 2003 or 2007... all I remember is that it was the BEES KNEES! I could add anything to anywhere. I could click on a point and just start typing, I could do all these different fonts quickly, I could make all types of lists. I could shove in media, and link things to other things. I could make any note look just how I wanted. When I switched to EverNote, everything was a struggle. I couldn't put stuff where I wanted. Tables and lists, were a struggle and felt so limited. Taking notes in University was HARD. When the instructor would diagram stuff it was a computer science challenge to get it to look similar in my EverNote note. So before everyone comes to the EverNote defence here. I'm not saying EverNote is no good as a product. I can get a lot done. And I understand a lot of people have specific uses and don't need a lot of features that OneNote would beat EverNote at. BUT, I feel like EverNote has known about OneNote for such a long time, EverNote has been almost king of the hill for such a long time. Why can't you just duplicate the best of OneNote so we can do all the same things? Please. Why do people even have to make the EverNote vs. OneNote comparison anymore? Just jack their best features and blow them out of the water...
  13. Literally nothing Evernote works on my new surface pro 3. The app in the windows store won't let me log in. Ever. I can download and log in to the desktop version, but Evernote can't retrieve my archived work. What's the deal? Can I fix this somehow or is it just a faulty product?
  14. gazumped

    Microsoft Sway

    New kid on the block - MS "Sway" - I assume in terms of moving people in a preferred direction. Something like Powerpoint without slides. Nice concept site and Beta invites. Not an Evernote replacement, but might be a nice way to organise output into a professional package... Microsoft Sway
  15. I just got a Microsoft Surface 2 (RT) tablet, and installed the Evernote Touch Windows app. It allows me to sign into my account, but won't sync any of my other notes, (I have 6,000+). I've tried to unistall and re-install, give it time, etc. The sync stays at 0% and doesn't react when I hit the sync button itself. Am I missing something or is something else amiss? I love Evernote and use it for everything from work, school, everything, so I really need this sorted out. Any suggestions would be welcome!!
  16. When I add a Word Document to an Evernote note by dragging it and dropping it onto the Evernote icon, the note simply shows the name of the document and the size, with the option to quick view the document or download it. In the past, my documents have shown the name at the top of the note, then shown the actual document within the note. It is frustrating now to have to click the view button to view the document and am wondering why this is happening now. I cannot find any setting for it in preferences and my best guess is Evernote is trying to save memory space. Has anyone else experienced this or have an explanation/fix for this? Thank you! NOW: BEFORE:
  17. Greetings, Has anyone found an alternate to Quickoffice for the iPad with regard to editing office documents that are embedded into notes. Previously Quckoffice had a feature to link your EN account into it's cloud services area and then you could browse notebooks and open word documents right from the app. This was nice because there was no "round trip" needed within iOS. When you saved it, the document just saved right into the note. This was perfect for my workflow as I do store a lot of MS Word docs in Evernote notes. Well.. Then Google purchased Quickoffice and mucked everything up. Now the only cloud service that's offered to link is Google Drive. While GDrive is a nice service it doesn't replace EN and I want to keep using my existing workflow. My question to the users here is has anyone found an app that functions similar to the way Quickoffice used to work? Thanks in advance. Tom
  18. Hiya- I was wondering if there is any way to open MS OneNote docs in Evernote. Every time I try, it just comes up as an attachment in evernote that wants to open up in onenote (wihich this computer doesn't have). I'm trying to download my OneNote notebook from DropBox to my boyfriend's computer which doesn't have OneNote. Help please?