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Found 17 results

  1. Can QR codes be added to documents to include metadata for Evernote scans. (Similar to products like Rocketbook) Use case: Scan a paper-printed notepad containing a QR code that when scanned with Evernote will associate metadata contained in the QR code to the extracted PDF image of the page content Examples of metadata included in QR code: Notebook: assign the scan to a specific notebook Tag: tag the scan ie "paper_notes" Date: assign the scan to a specific date / time Questions Can this be accomplished with the current version of Evernote and if not, can this be accomplished via a custom app and the Evernote API.
  2. JErnestGo

    "Smart" Tags

    Hello. I am just curious why the tagging functions between a Macbook Pro , and an iPad Pro version of Evernote are different? For example - an EN Tag by name of "Personal Car". On the Macbook, I have to write (if not select) "specifically" the tag word-per-word, letter-per-letter, whereas with iPad pro I only have to write the tag on the note "car" so the device itself remembers the Tag "Personal Car". Correct me if I am wrong but our ICT Staff mentioned this term as - Metadata.
  3. Use its OCR capability to identify that a note is a statement, - Then to identify and add to meta-data the vendor\bank and identify the statement date and also the date range of the statement,
  4. I have some notes that contain (for example) only a PDF file. Is there a way to find only these notes and add the tag "PDF" to all of them (using f.e. the desktop version of Evernote on Windows or MacOSX) I would also like to do the same with notes that contain a .jpeg, .png or .gif file. Besides that I think It'll be great to find all notes that contain a URL in the metadata, this would allow users to add a tag based on the source of a note that was created with the webclipper by clipping a file from a certain domain (f.e. a jpeg file from the facebook CDN "fbcdn" or a file from Twitter's CDN aka "twimg") Suggestions? TYIA!
  5. Hi, Sometimes i find myself pasting a bunch of URLs into a link for future reference. Would be great if Evernote could automatically grab the title (<H1>\<title>) of the page and populate it next to the URL, or maybe provide a small screenshot in of the page(maybe in the "context area"). Thanks, Roy
  6. I have a scenario and I'm trying to find the best way Evernote can help me. I am preparing for a trial and I plan to put all the trial exhibits in a notebook in Evernote so I can quickly bring them up during trial. (The tagging, searching, and note-taking features in Evernote are valuable for this.) I typically name my notes "YYYY-MM-DD <title>" so I can view them chronologically. But the exhibit numbers (the number by which the court will refer to the documents) are not ordered chronologically. My question is: once I have my exhibits in Evernote arranged chronologically, is there a way I could also search by their given exhibit numbers? For example: 3. 2000-12-31 Email 1. 2001-01-01 Agreement 2. 2001-01-02 Note I'd like to be able to alternately see this list in order of their exhibit numbers and in chronological order. Seems I would need to add a new field for this, but it does not seem this option is available. I've heard someone mention the possibility of editing the "Created Date" but I don't know if or how that's possible. Best I've come up with is to generate a Table of Contents and manually sort it by exhibit number and maintain it separate from the main list, which is an extra layer of ongoing document management I'd like to avoid. Any ideas?
  7. I just noticed a difference in search behavior between Macintosh and Windows and and I'd like to know what folks think about this. I have a saved search called "Daily Review." The search is: [updated:day -tag:call] (the call tag is to filter out phone call records, which come in thanks to IFTTT) On Windows this usually shows fewer notes than on Mac. When I look at the note metadata, I see that on Windows, notes only have a modified timestamp if I actually modified them, while on Mac (and Android FWIW), the modified timestamp appears to be assumed equal to the created timestamp. Here's a screenshot from Windows to illustrate: If I didn't have that call tag, I could change my search to [any: created:day updated:day], but adding in the call tag doesn't work: [any: created:day updated:day -tag:call] returns lots that aren't from today, and that's as expected given the search grammar. Any thoughts on how to approach this?
  8. 現在仕様によれば、データ保存をSDカードに指定していても、ファイル数が2万を超える私の環境では数GBあるメタデータが内部記憶領域を圧迫しています。速度は犠牲になってもよいので、メタデータもSDカードに保存するオプションは指定できないものでしょうか?
  9. I recently started to create a mind map for each of my project notebooks in Evernote in order to organise the 'meta-level' information ("data about data") and relational contained in the notes. I would like to suggest that the ability to create simple mindmaps in evernote is built it. Even better if each node on the mind map refers to a note. Secondly what other ways are they apart from tags / notebooks of structuring the 'meta-level' information about things stored in evernote.
  10. I wonder if someone can help me please? I've been using EN successfully with my Mac and ScanSnap to scan and import a large number of paper documents. (I use Hazel to send to Evernote from my "Scanned Documents" folder.) I'm not sure how this has happened but a number of files have been re-sent to EN and are now duplicated notes. Others have yet to be sent to EN. It's got messy. I need to do an audit so that i can compare the files sent to EN with the contents of my scanned documents folder to check for both duplicates and files not yet sent. The easy answer (I thought) would be to sort the notes in EN according to the PDF filename, allowing me to rapidly spot duplicates and to compare with my folder contents. But I can't see how this is possible. Is it just me? I can't compare note titles with stored files because I've renamed most of them as they are imported to make them meaningful and indexable. Each note bears the filename and note title prominently when viewed, but is it impossible to see just a list of underlying attachments i.e. filenames? Failing that, does anyone know of a utility that would do this? Or otherwise have an idea how best to approach this problem? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  11. Evernote has an own camera tool, the little icon in the quick note window on home screen. I can take images and get a new note instantly. Also a place screen is shown in the new note. BUT using this image in other applications, all Exif and GPS info is removed! What happens: when taking an image with Evernote cam, I use my account also to save the snapshot directy to my iPad /iPhone camera roll (account->note editor). I also may send it via e-mail to my account and import the image to the camera roll. Or drag image to my mac desktop. But in every way the image infos are not available! Enclosed you find 4 screenshots of my photo app on iPad. One image made with Evernote cam (without infos) and one image made with iPad/iPhone cam (with all infos included...) Now I'm not able to use images (made with Evernote cam) for further work in Lightroom, iPhoto or Aperture- when I want to look for camera data and/or GPS... So it's not so perfect to use Evernote when you are a photographer!
  12. Hello together, since i installed Evernote V5 on Windows i wonder if it is possible to edit Metadate via Mass Editing. Is this possible? How can i do that? I mean such things like Author, Geodata and so on. Keywords is no Problem, i can do it after marking some notes but there seems to be no way for other Metadata.
  13. I've looked at a couple of different threads around this, and the responses have been helpful, but ultimately the answers don't fit my use-case. I'm a scientist, and I use EN as a virtual lab notebook to store protocols, data, conference notes etc. The one thing missing is the ability to manage the thousands of pdfs of scientific literature that I need. Many other tools for this exist (like Papers2 and mendeley), but using multiple applications and trying to keep them sync'd is a pain, especially as I'm getting ready to write my thesis and already have to keep track of way too much. I'm not asking for a full-featured library manager like Mendeley, but at a bare minimum, I need to be able to access and do advanced searches in the metadata that's pulled down in pdfs. For instance, if I download a paper published in Science in 2008 by John Smith, I can search for "smith 2008 science." Evernote can find text inside pdfs, but it will return any document or note that has "smith," "2008," and "science" somewhere in the note, regardless of where it appears. Since many of my papers have probably been authored by Smith, or will reference him, and the references for almost all of my papers likely contain Science and 2008 somewhere, searches for these key details will be more or less useless. What I need is to be able to search for "Date:2008, Author:smith, Journal:science" or something and have it return only papers published in science in 2008 that has smith as an author. Those parameters exist in the metadata attached to scientific papers, but EN doesn't seem to know how to read it/search for it. Populating tags with this sort of data doesn't seem feasible, since for the above example I'd need to include "Author:John Smith, Author:Smith, Author: Smith J" all for the same paper, and most papers have many authors, middle initials etc. I know the functionality is possible, since other software is capable of it, but it doesn't currently seem possible in evernote.
  14. Although Evernote currently offers rich formatting options for text notes, there is no way to mark text regions as headings, subheadings, content, quotes, etc. I understand that most users probably format text by selecting text areas and fiddling with every little detail to demarcate content, but this is akin to banging rocks in a cave. It requires the user to: Come up with their own formatting convention (font size, style, colour, and other stylistic attributes) and memorize this Go through 3 or 4 steps just to format one line of text as a heading - click "font family", select, click "size", select, etc. Repeat step 2 for every stylized element in the document when editing a note originally composed on a smartphone, since there is no way to select font family, size, and the like on smartphones Given how onerous this is, some users don't bother with rich formatting at all and just use Markdown for all their notes. Of course, Evernote can't parse Markdown, so reading notes harkens back to reading on a monochrome 1974 teletype. I'm sure hipsters love this. LaTeX within Evernote would be nice. But you know what would be 100x better? Implementing text markup. If I could select a text region and mark it as a "heading", with all style info associated with the "heading" section applied automatically, I'd be one happy penguin. Make it a premium feature if you wish. I'll gladly pay for that.
  15. I currently keep most of photos and videos organised in Picasa, but I'm looking into moving at least some of the most important ones to Evernote because it's just going to make them easier to access. I'd like to add some of my photos and vids (at least about couple thousands) to Evernote and it's important that their metadata such as created date is retained so I could sort and review them by date. Is there any way to do it? I know I can just import them from a folder and then manually edit created date of each note, one by one, but that's not practical. I could edit hundreds of notes manually if I absolutely have to, but not thousands. It would be very nice to automate the process. I mean files already have created date so there should be some way to automatically add it to Notes as created dates.
  16. techlectics

    mac (Archived) Adding Metadata Tags

    I have thousands of files in numerous directories on my Mac, tagged with the Tags software that uses the OpenMeta standard. I also have hundreds of notes and snippets in Evernote that are tagged with Evernote tags. Is it possible to view the Evernote tags in my Tags browser along with my OpenMeta tags. As it is now I have to look for tags in both places. I discovered that I can OpenMeta tag individual notes in Evernote but this means having to tag each note twice, once with OpenMeta tags and again with Evernote tags.