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  1. Markdown request

    Evernote has a really long list how users can capture all pieces of information but there is something missing... This is a markdown support. If the markdown support would be added like in Ulysses, iA Writer or my favorite from free apps: Typora some people won't need other apps anymore. This is possibly the easiest way to edit text without any distractions. It should be an optional feature for enable in settings. I think there should be options to either import the markdown files created in other applications, not only creating them in Evernote. Please check this suggestions and add it if you can. Thank you in advance and have a good day!
  2. Markdown is a great way of formatting text as it was intended to be convertable into HTML and yet be easy to read. It makes note taking a lot more fluid as you don't have to move a mouse to format. Evernote already has the "---" markdown for horizontal rules. So I don't think it would be too hard to implement "*" for italics and "_" for bold. Also, "-" for bullet lists should be easy to do as well since there is the option to use "*" for bullet lists. However this clash would mean that it would have to be specified whether or not markdown is to be used when making the note. I would use Evernote a lot more if there was support for markdown as it would mean note-taking on my mobile would be a whole lot easier.
  3. 早くマークダウンに対応してほしいです。 あと、シンタックスハイライトにも対応してほしいです。 プログラマがスニペットを保存したり、コードのメモを残せるようにしてほしいです。 please markdown and syntax highlight (evernoteのサポートから要望はこちらにとあったので、フォーラムの説明とかあまり読まずに書き込んでいます。このような要望を書く場ではなかったらごめんなさい)
  4. This extension is much like the Sublime Text one.
  5. After a bit of Googling, I am unable to find any official documentation regarding hotkeys or any other sort of convenient formatting for the new web product. Mainly what I'm looking for is an easy way to use Header styles for organization without having to manually change font-size, font-color, or any other manual change that would have to be remembered to keep it consistent across notes and time. Whether this is through something like Markdown or some in-house method doesn't matter: so long as it's possible. This is in part a bit of a revival of a past request from the old product forums:
  6. Does Evernote have any plans to do as follows in some near and not far far away distant future? Allow to write sections in HTML or Markdown, and have the viewer interpret/render the section - look at Confluence's wiki product, it has the beauty to have plugins that allow to render whenever their own editor falls short, so people can format their text in more suitable ways. Proper code blocks with color coding according to type of context - simply look at how many only web editors support for multiple language code format: json, javascript, bash, perl, ruby, C++, C#, java, python, Go... - it is not just a code block it allows to format the the code in the proper color code (examples http://collabedit.com/ or https://jsfiddle.net/). 3rd party plugins that allow evernote to expand its capabilities - this is specially useful so Evernote's features can grow without always putting demands on the dev team. Anyone can tell me which of these are already available on the product? Thank you .
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to copy and paste text out from evernote. I want to copy the markdown syntax (especially the code block) but I couldn't find a way to do so. Can anyone point me to the right direction? Andrew
  8. markdown support in evernote

    cause customer cannot easily use the foo-text editor to not beautiful style notes. why not evernote support markdown ? this is very good idea ,hope the product owner think over it !!! thks
  9. I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm creating a little python application you can use to backup your entire evernote. Basically it opens a little dialog with all your notebooks, ask yuo for a local directory and you can choose wich notebooks to exports. The application will create a directory with the notebook title, an md file for every note in that directory and if the notes has attachments the app will create a directory with all the attachments inside it. This dir will have the name of the note. I would like to hear your opinions: 1- do you think it could be a useful application? It is for me, but I don't know if someone else could find it useful. 2- do you know if there is already something around doing quite the same things? and, maybe for the future, if you want to try it, let me know! Thank you! David
  11. If Evernote's team think this will be so hard, just look at this application be reference: https://leanote.com/ It able to styling the text with markdown: The normal rich text editor also able to apply predefined styles to texts:
  12. I see that there have been multiple posts about Evernote and Markdown, some fairly long, but not much in the way of actual movement in that direction by the Evernote team. I totally understand the concern that most people don't know what markdown is (valid) and probably don't want to learn (maybe..it's pretty easy AND useful), not to mention the underlying changes it would require in Evernote's back-end, compatibility with existing notes, etc. A long time Evernote user (#169,158 according to them, and Pro for nearly all of it) I've always felt that the one thing Evernote did worst of all, was it's actual writing. It's syncing and sharing are fantastic, but making a note look good is time consuming, and sometimes I need my notes to look nice. Even predefined styles (Header 1, Header 2, etc) like what One Note does would make it easier. Markdown really solves the problem though, and has lots of other benefits. Anyway, if you aren't fully and overwhelmingly invested in Evernote, check out Leanote (leanote.org, demo at https://leanote.com) It looks and works very nearly the same, but fully supports markdown (including tables, TOC, code blocks, and I think syntax highlighting); file attachments, sharing...all the best stuff from Evernote. One of it's best features is that you have two buttons for starting a new note: New Note, or New Markdown Note. The New Note choice gets you a rich-text editor (more complete than Evernote's) while the other obviously gets you a markdown editor. Another winning thing: multiple nested notebooks can have the same damned name. So I can have a notebook named "receipts" inside "2015" and "2014" and "2016" notebooks without conflict, something EN still hasn't managed to pull off. Oh, and a great "Note Nav" button in every note that creates an automatic table of contents using headers/subheaders as topics, both in markdown and rich text. I just found it yesterday, and I'm seriously considering running it on my own server (it's open-source) and positioning it to eventually replace EN. The biggest drawback right now: small development team, so it's fragile to someone dropping off, and much of it's documentation is in Chinese without English translation. Probably NOT a good alternative if you can't run it on your own server, data hosted in China and all that... EN should give these guys a call and see about integrating their ideas. I'd (keep) paying for an Evernote that worked like Leanote does.
  13. Hi all, I made a simple service to let you write Markdown notes on your local machine or mobile phone, using your preferred text editor, and have it synced via Dropbox to Evernote: https://notes.giggy.com It's very lightweight atm. One-way syncing only. No tags. No sub-folders. I can add these things later if enough people are interested... Why? I really like Evernote. But I don't like the interface to Evernote. As a coder, I like the interface to Atom, Sublime Text, and iTerm. I love writing in a plain text editor with Markdown format. Markdown is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, Evernote doesn't let me use markdown. I like to write a lot of notes and Evernote isn't the most convenient thing to pull up. Sometimes I like to write very long notes and Evernote gets laggy. I don't like to rely on a third party service to hold all my content, so it's nice to have a local copy of everything. And... I was curious about AWS Lambda and needed a good test project. I couldn't find the solution I wanted (which was so simple, I couldn't believe somebody didn't do it already...), so I created a free service to write in markdown and have it synced to Evernote. You can use any text editor to write markdown on your local machine (Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio, Notepad), save it into a linked Dropbox folder, and it will appear as a properly formatted note in Evernote within a few seconds. I also use the Jottings app on my iPhone to link to the same dropbox folder so that notes from my phone can also appear on my computer desktop and Evernote. Works great for me! If you have feedback, let me know. Thanks! Travis
  14. Hello Evernauts, Your new workspace for Evernote is MATCHA 3 Smoothie Each week, while you do what you do best, we are on the mission to develop the perfect workspace for you. We constantly develop, test and evaluate new features for MATCHA 3. We also play our favourite game ... Squash'a'Bug... a lot lately. Thanks to you, we can find and squash a lot of them very quickly. Please, keep posting those bug reports. Your feedback on MATCHA 3 is awesome. We try to implement all those great features you request as fast as possible. But... we value quality more than quantity, so over the course of last week we focussed our efforts on the requests sent to us by our current Matcha v2.0 users. With build 680 we add: four themes in light and dark modethree new fontsa smooth font size selectoran improved settings formand some other nifty new features. What else is new? NEW BLOG We are launching our new blog today. There are still some tweaks to be made, but you can already read our first post Introducing a Refreshing Matcha Smoothie MATCHA 3 beta Release Note Our way of showing you what is inside our pipeline and what has been already accomplished. This post is constantly updated. If you have any questions about MATCHA 3 please do not hesitate to get in touch. What is MATCHA 3 (Smoothie)? MATCHA 3 (Smoothie) is the workspace that connects your Evernote, Dropbox, iCloud, and Wunderlist accounts and lets you publish your notes to your Wordpress and Tumblr blogs. Features: Sync all your Evernote stacks, notebooks and notes. You can choose stacks and notebooks you want to show in Matcha.Responsive editor based on Markdown.Create heading, list, paragraph, quote and caption.Create beautiful collage of your photos.Create and edit table.Drag and drop text and photo around your document.Light and dark color theme.Customizable colors and typography (Planned).Word and character count.3 layouts to work on your iPad: Home + documents pane, documents pane + editor and full screen editor.One touch publishing to Wordpress, Tumblr and Twitter (Experimental).Add Dropbox account to sync Matcha with your Dropbox files.Enable iCloud to create and store your documents in iCloud.Manage your tasks in Wunderlist (Experimental).Sign up for the public beta, today! Who we are MATCHA 3 Smoothie is build by InterAre in Jakarta. Our CEO and head of development is Johanes Sung @firstmistake Enrico Nahler is our Community Manager and will answer all of your questions and feedback. @enriconahler Support We will react to your feedback within 24 hours (depending on the amount of requests it could be, that sometimes it will take up to 48 hours) Let us know what you think and if you have any comments or suggestions, post below! We are looking forward to welcoming you as beta testers to MATCHA 3. Write on! Enrico Community Manager Some more Screenshots
  15. I would like to file a dedicated feature request for (GitHub-flavoured) Markdown support. Personally, the most important feature for me is saving snippets of code without having to manually apply a monospaced font every single time.
  16. Marxico - 素晴らしい

    Evernote のプレゼンテーションを使用してプロジェクターに表示すると文字が小さく読みづらい。 また、数式を LaTex 表記にできないものか? Markdown 表記できれば解決と思ってグーグルで検索して Marxico を見つけた。Evernote に特化されている Web-base markdown editorである。 使い始めたがよくわからないので困っていたところ、同じ Web-base markdown editor である StackEdit を見つけ使ってみた。 こちらは Dropbox や Google drive と同期できるようになっている。 ディレクトリとファイル名で管理ができる。自分にとってわかりやすい。 Evernote の場合、ノートブックとノート(タイトル)で管理されている。この管理が自分にとってわかりにくい。 Marxico で作って 同期したノートは Evernote で編集できず、Marxico で編集することになる。 ノートブックへ移動する方法?タグの付け方は?タイトルの付け方?Welcome to Marxico https://marxi.co ### Dancing with Evernote を読みながら試行しています。 情報の交換をお願いします。
  17. The package: EVND (Ever Notedown) So this is a plugin for Atom Editor by Github that acts like an alternate editor for the Evernote Mac Client. Basically it extends Atom's Markdown editing capacities with features like LaTeX/MathJax equation editing, TOC, footnotes, image insertion via pasting, etc. And it communicates with the Evernote Mac Client via AppleScript so it can do things like creating/updating notes (as rendered HTML), import notes from Evernote and convert to Markdown formats, etc. I initially wrote this for my own use, and over the course of about a year, it has become increasingly…complicated. And I’m guessing that other people might find some use with this, so I thought I’d share. (And if there are developers out there interested in this project, that wuold be great -- it's open source under MIT license). I’ve been using EVND to write my notes, but I don’t have the time or means to do more serious tests, hence I can only say the status is “Works For Me”. Since it uses AppleScript, so obviously it's OSX only. But as Evernote has similar scriptibility for OSX and Windows, so it should be very easy to extend it to support Windows, if there are developers out there interested in doing so. Demo 1 (Overview, creating notes from Atom/EVND and send to Evernote): http://i.imgur.com/fPmoN2F.gifvDemo 2 (Text formating with shortcut keys - bold, italics, highlight, underline, etc.): http://i.imgur.com/6FLTdjh.gifDemo 3 (Update note content, tags, etc. and push the changes to Evernote): http://i.imgur.com/zN5Ey8P.gifDemo 4 (Create note in Evernote, import to Atom/EVND with notelink and convert the content to Markdown, featuring lists, functioning Checkboxes, etc.): http://i.imgur.com/g6bZzN0.gifDemo 5 (Create note in Evenote, search in Atom/EVND with query string and import the target note and convert to Markdown, featuring image attachments): http://i.imgur.com/PbUf1Ss.gifDemo 6 (For a EVND & Evernote syncd note, annotate the image attachments in Evernote, and sync the changes back to EVND): http://i.imgur.com/nQVkv4H.gifMore to come...More demos (as gif animation): http://imgur.com/a/UCVGi Some features: OS X only (See Installation and Status section for more info)Local note editing: This plugin works by communicating with the Evernote OSX Client via AppleScript, so all the work is done on your local machine, no authorization required.2-way editing (…ish): (1) Edit notes in EVND or in Evernote, and sync changes… to some extend; (2) Import notes from Evernote and convert to Markdown format.Evenote meta info: notebook and tagsImages and Attachments: (1) Pasting, drag-and-drop, markdown syntax, etc.; (2) 2-way sync (get changes/annotations made in Evernote)Functioning TOC (table of contents) and footnotes: Clickable links even in Evernote client!LaTeX Mathematical Expressions with MathJax (and user-defined Macros)Icon fonts and emojisAll the regular Github-Flavored-Markdown features (links, lists, tables, etc.)Quick notes from selected text: code snippets, etc.Configurable themes for markdown rendering: Several markdown rendering themes are available to choose, you can also edit the stylesheets yourself.Auto backup and version control (with GIT)Sort & search notesExport well-formated HTMLsEnhanced Markdown editing experience in AtomSupports inline-HTML syntax highlightingSyncronized scrolling and tab switching of editor and preview panelShortcut keys for formatting text (bold, italics, udnerline, highlights, blockquotes, etc.) Please read this shared Evernote note for more info (it's best viewed in the Evernote Mac Client, you can use "Save to Evernote").
  18. It would be really awesome if you could take simple notes with quick, quip-like formatting. The current editor is really heavy and slow to use since most of my use cases are simple and quick note taking, not producing heavily formatted Word-like documents. Basic and consistent header formats like H1 H2 H3, etc.
  19. Do you use Sublime Text 3 for your coding/editing and would love to use it to edit Evernote notes? This plugin is for you! https://packagecontrol.io/packages/Evernote Sublime Text 3 is a popular text editor. This plugin allows you to work with your Evernote notes using the convenient Markdown notation. It features: Conversion from and to Markdown: open your note in Sublime Text as a Markdown document, save it to get it converted back to rich textList/Search/Create/Upload notes from within Sublime TextUpload/List/Open Attachments Any feedback welcome!
  20. Is there any chance of Evernote having native Markdown support? I'm willing to upgrade to the premium service to get this feature. In the forums I've found several markdown apps that sync with Evernote. That is how I've been handling the problem. But I spend about 40% of my time on the mobile version of Evernote. Most of the external editors don't work on my mobile devices (except maybe Byword?). This also means I can't share work notes with Evernote. The formatting is important, and the current Evernote editor has really bad formatting issues (The first page of the forum is filled with issues I've experienced). From copying and pasting from other sources incorrectly, having to copy/paste from my own note to keep the format constant, to having the format not show up in the top toolbar. These are all issues that can be solved with Markdown. So I'm wondering if Evernote has any plans on adding this feature, and if so, when it might happen.
  21. The ability to use markdown native in the App.
  22. mac Markdown support?

    A few years ago I asked evernote support about adding markdown support to the desktop clients, they said it was planned but didn't have an ETA. Are there any plans for Markdown editing? - If so, how can we help test and get this into production? - If not, how can we request it?
  23. Highlights is a Mac utility for extracting PDF annotations and converting them to portable formats (Markdown, HTML) or archiving them in Evernote. When you open a PDF in Highlights the highlighted text, comments and image selections are extracted. If it is a journal article, the app fetches metadata for it automatically and embeds it in the PDF. You can then open the neatly formatted highlights in Evernote directly as regular notes (ENML-files). This way, you can have a PDF library on disk and an easily searchable summarized archive in Evernote. Highlights can also be used for working with PDFs and notes in sync. You can highlight text and select images in the PDF, have them extracted in real-time and then add comments to the extracted highlights and have them synced back to the PDF as PDF comments. To simplify literature reviews, Highlights will lookup references you underline in the PDF and link them if possible. For more information check out the website highlightsapp.net. The app is available in the Mac App Store for 9.99$, but I have some promo codes to share with you, so grab them while their hot: http://tokn.co/4q8bpq6c http://tokn.co/3nszfkjxhttp://tokn.co/cjbgyx2whttp://tokn.co/psu68yq2http://tokn.co/r2zct9u9
  24. Marxico is a delicate Markdown editor for Evernote. With reliable storage and sync powered by Evernote, Marxico offers greate writing experience. Versatile - supporting code highlight & LaTex, inserting images by all means.Exquisite - neat but powerful editor, featuring offline docs, shortcuts, live previewSophisticated - deeply integrated with Evernote, supporting notebook & tags, two-way bind editing.Visit the website http://marxi.co , or download the offline Chrome App!
  25. Using Markdown with Evernote

    For those of you who are keen on Markdown as a way of formatting text, blog posts, web pages, etc I've just written a post on Three ways to use Markdown with Evernote. I hope it's useful. -- Cheers Mark www.todohack.com