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Found 11 results

  1. It's nice to have some help to move files around, and maybe rename them, archive them, maybe even create a reading (or a review) list. I normally suggest Belvedere for this task, which is an old-ish app based on an AHK script that mainly used to move files from one location (usually my scanner destination folder) into an Import folder appropriate to the name of the file. Basically it filed my edited scanning for me. Seems like there's a new sheriff in town however. I just found DropIt! (The exclamation point is entirely me - sorry..) "Drop a group of different files and folders on the floating DropIt image and it sorts them to defined destination folders, compresses or extracts them, opens them with associated programs or performs other defined actions." (From the website) It will: If (my) Evernote is to be believed, I actually knew about this app in 2011, but I only installed and used it in anger a few days ago. I don't even recall who gave me the link now (sorry again) but I just dropped about 100 files into the icon on my desktop and for each new file type was asked (effectively) "what should I do with this?". PDF files over a certain size can go direct to a cloud drive now - and I'll see whether I can add a 'packing list' to attach to a note so I know exactly what is where. Other files with keywords in the title can go to my default notebook import folder, or to my local notebook 'receipts' folder, or to... wherever. I'm proceeding slowly to minimise unexpected outcomes, but it's very easy to script actions at my beginner level, and the app is clearly capable of a great deal more. I'd definitely suggest having a look at it - it took ages to get through the initial list - though I've had live assistants that would have taken longer to get the system in their head - but the next time I drop a bunch of files I just have to deal with a few new queries. My progress towards Worlds Laziest Man is already on target for this year
  2. Hi, I want to do some clean up for my old notes (My notes are taking a lot of spaces). Because we don't have the "auto-remove feature for Trash" and we cannot search notes in Trash, I have to delete my notes manually in Trash, which wastes a lot of time. For Apple Notes, notes are searchable even in Trash, and notes in Trash will be auto-removed after 30days, and will be completely removed from iCloud from the next 40days. It is very convenient, we don't have to search for notes in Trash to delete manually (for e.g. look for notes in Trash which is older than 30days). I hope Evernote can implement some features to easier remove old notes to save spaces.
  3. Here is an article I wrote about my workflow as a CIO, which is heavy in Evernote. https://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com/2013/12/my-workflow-as-cio-includes-heavy-use.html
  4. I've been using Evernote for a very long time and as time goes by I have seen many new features implemented making this tool we all move, more and more usefull for our life, being business or personal memo, memory notes and so on. I could not trade Evernote for anything. Evernote manage your business, your medical documents, your best ideas for that book you are writing... And many if not, all of those activities requires a money variable, being the fundings you need to manage to get that project runing or maybe managing a groceries monthly list that is usually requiring a budget and so on, would be nice to have the possibility to add financial records with a simple "money Tracker" addition. it's a chaos to add your expenses or earnings on those diferent variables just by typing the numbers on a note. I've been using third party app for all of that. But none is posible to be integrated or sync to Evernote si it ends up being anoying to Match each thing with each spends. I suggest. Since there is a huge community who deal with money on a daily basis that would be greatly beneficial to have such tool. Just like notes, photos, or audio entries, it could be a "income/expenses" entry, maybe a $ symbol that let us add (positive or negative) balance to our money, adding the entry to. Each specific books or maybe just a separate money tracker feature (if per book is more complicated). I don't know. A money tracker for us, Plus and Premium would really improve and enhance the quality tools we already have at hand. If you like this idea, please Vote this up. This could be a really usefull tool for everyone.
  5. Evernote COO Is Leaving by End of Year Reported by http://techcrunch.com/ As it says in the song: "Another one bites the dust". Changes in executives at Evernote continue. I don't know Ms. Kozlowski, but I wish her well. I haven't seen any influence by her on the Evernote product, other than the recent pricing model changes. But who knows what goes on internally. I don't know what to expect as a result, except that it is another signal that Evernote is changing. For better or worse? Don't know yet, except I do like what the new CEO has written, changing the focus back to Evernote's core product. Your thoughts?
  6. Hi there, I have tried and stopped using Evernote several times over the years for one simple reason, which is I cannot figure out how to create nested folders, or folders within folders. The system only allows me to create Parent Folder > Child Folders (As Many as I can make) EG. Business Projects > Project 1 What I need to be able to do is Business Projects > Project 1 > Subtopic Folder 1 > Etc I really don't feel like going back to Devonthink Offic Pro, but if this is still a limitations I really cant see how i can continue to use Evernote as a serious tool Thanks for your help.
  7. Hello to everyone, I rely heavily on a lot of tagging and changing of tags in my custom-made task-management system in Evernote. However, the navigation of tags and the existing methods to assign and remove tags to and from notes has some inconveniences in both Windows and Mac. A few requests are: WindowsI like how, in Evernote for Mac, tags are like characters in a text between which the cursor can move like between letters in a text, and removing tags is as simple as 'Backspace' or 'Delete'. The keyboard-only navigation for tags is a lot less intuitive and efficient in Evernote for WindowsMacBeing able to change tag names by right-clicking on them in the note window or in the tag list in the side bar. Now this is only possible in the complete tag-view, which is very inconvenient if you want to do a lot of quick tag reorganisationsBothRemove tags from a note by middle-clicking it, just like closing tabs in a browser.Remove tags by dragging them off the tag bar of the note window.Double-clicking a tag at the top of a note brings you right to list view of all notes with that tag.Would it be possible to add one or more of these features in a future release? Does anyone know ways to perform one of the above suggestions right now (maybe using external applications like AutoHotKey)? Kind regards, Daniel
  8. In my Food Notebook, I use single tags such as Bruschetta-Crostone-Crouton Dumpling-Croquette Custard-Flan-PannaCotta Turnover-Calzone-Boureka-Empanada-Pastie Pie-Tart-Crostata-Clafoutis-Galette because I don't care which particular term is used in the actual recipe, the results are pretty darn similar. So if I'm searching for some type of pie, I'll select the "Pie-Tart-Crostata-Clafoutis-Galette" tag. And when I'm adding tags, I just need to remember that the tag starts with "pie". Years ago I learned not to abbreviate because I would never remember the abbreviations. BUT, tags this long are difficult to manipulate. You can add one or two and then Evernote sends you off on a complicated add tag function. How do others manage tags? P.S. I've just learned if I rename "Task-ToDo" with "Task.ToDo" I'll be able to search on either word.
  9. Hi, I've been elected to be the knowledge management manager for a small professional organization in NYC. OUr main objective is to connect young professionals with common interests and goals. The organization has been in existence for over 4 years, we've made great contacts, and have held several events. the drawback is lacking a centralize place to store all this information, make it accessible to our executive team, but with the long-term plans of allowing other members to participate. now that we are done with the background information, I'm curious to know if anyone has used Evernote as a knowledge management system?
  10. I am a big fan of Evernote since the first time I met this app and now I have hundreds of notes. Nowdays I find it's trickier to figure out the notes previously from such a big data tank. I suggest to use another management of tags and notes, just like libraries or folder management under windows. For instance, I have tag "A" for a bunch of notes, but actually I have some sub-categories like "A1" "A2" "A3", etc. However, only tag "A" could be reached. Maybe some guys would say you could just search "A1" for these notes. While for one thing it's a bit tricky to remember all categories under "A", for another what happens if there are two orders or even more sub-categories? If the tags are like the libraries or folder under pc, they could be much more efficient and better managed.
  11. Stuart.P

    organization Sharing Notebooks

    Hey there, just a newbie to Evernote and really enjoying it so far! I've got a couple quick questions for anybody out there who knows... I've been looking at the notebook sharing functions and it sparked my interest for a possible work application. Basically I'm a free user at this point, but I'd love to start paying for the service if it would give me the functionality I'm looking for. At work, I engage with several other managers on about twelve projects a year. During those projects, we always come up with various ways of keeping track of our to-do lists and marking them as "To-Do," "In progress," "Follow-up," and "Signed off" (or done). The most common way of doing this is by use of flipchart, but the idea of everyone being able to install evernote onto their cell phones and computers in order to keep track just sounds amazing to me. Especially being able to update between the phones or computers instantly, that's the kicker. I'd love to be able to sell this to the team, but I'd need a couple more details in order to see this happen. 1. When you share a notebook, is it viewable in the Evernote apps? (Can the people I share it with access the notebook via their phone/tablet app?) 2. If I went premium, would everyone else need premium also in order to modify the notebook, or just me? 3. Is there a good way of assigning priority, progress, responsibility, timeline, etc to notes (as a task management tool) while keeping all parameters completely optional? I can think of some good uses for tags here - you could use tags easily for progress maintenance, responsibility assignment, etc. However, priority assignment and timeline management seem trickier to maintain with tag use. Unless you can search for tags identified as dates/times and look only for those before/after a certain timeline? Can the search function be used to sort priorities through tags? Doesn't seem as intuitive as some sort of inherent feature for these functions which I'm not seeing at this point. I see the potential there? I guess I'm wondering if there's some whole new world out there when/if I switch to subscription service. Or perhaps there would be a better solution out there. Who's got some thoughts on the subject?