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Found 28 results

  1. I want to have certain incoming emails automatically redirected into Evernote. I know how to Create rules to do this but I don’t know how to get them in a specific notebook that way, it redirects to my default notebook. In order to do this I have to be able to change the subject of my mail when setting the rule for this automated action. This is not possible in gmail or Apple mailclient. Solution?
  2. Hi, I'm using evernote for project organization (sic ) So every mail I sent to a client went bcc to my evernote account. But what I'm really missing is the From:, To:, and Date: header information of the mail: from which of my accounts did I sent the mail to whom and when? Evernote picks already the Subject: mail header and put it in the title of the note. So it should be easy to pick the other header information and put them in the body of the note. These days I sent the mail to the client, go to the Sent folder and forward the mail to evernote. That's not productive! Regards, Carsten.
  3. Since few week I am having this problem: when I forward a mail to my evernote account from gmail I face this problem: 1. I can see the correct new note with the mail text and attachments in the web interface 2. In the desktop client a new note is created (with the title of the mail subject) but the note is empty: NO mail text, NO attachments Note that I can a small preview of the mail in the snippet column. Any hints? Windows10, client 6.7.5 Thanks, Gianluca
  4. Hi there! Just updated evernote to latest version...And...Login form always ask for email and password everytime i wanna login. I'd like to insert only the password every time i want to login (it's not remembering the email account anymore like in previous version did) Please note that i don't want a sort of autologin, i'd like to find already typed my email account when i start evernote and type only my pwd. any hint? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I love sending stuff from my email to Evernote and I have many notes that I like to keep frequently updated. I prefer to annotate updates at the top of the note, that way when I check the notes at the end of the day, I scroll top to bottom in order to get a chronological view of whatever I'm annotating. It would save me countless hours to be able to append to the top of the note by sending emails to evernote as the day goes along. It could be done inside the topic of the email message as simply as follows: [Title of note] ![optional date for reminder] @[notebook] #[tag] +top or [Title of note] ![optional date for reminder] @[notebook] #[tag] ++ The simplest of time savers. Thanks.
  6. pedrocerda@espaciovital.cl

    Como Actualizar dirección de correo electrónico

    Estimados: Por la presente les pido su ayuda. Requiero cambiar mi nombre de usuario, que es mi dirección de mail antigua, pero cuando intento hacerlo y pongo la nueva, el programa me dice que esa cuenta ya está en uso!!! Claro está que ambas direcciones de correo son mías, por lo que no comprendo por qué hace eso. Si me pueden ayudar con esto, se los agradecería profundamente.
  7. Hi, I have a question regarding communication between Evernote and Outlook 2015 for Mac. Is it possible to transfer meeting invitations to Evernote so you can use them for meeting notes? I did this with a scrip "Send to Evernote" when using outlook 2011 for Mac. //BR Tony
  8. Danilo65

    Mails lost

    Mails sent from my Android device to my premiun evernote address are received in part, many are lost. Some ideas? Mails are sent via Macrodroid app. This il the log. Sometimes I get, sometimes not. Not this time [2016-02-02 17:03:22] - Email was sent to: danimuraxxxxx@m.evernote.com [2016-02-02 17:03:20] - Uploading to Email [2016-02-02 17:03:20] - Upload Service created [2016-02-02 17:03:20] - Invoking Macro: 050 Connesso WiFi [2016-02-02 17:03:20] - TESTING MACRO:050 Connesso WiFi
  9. I like to retain sent messages on mail server (Gmail) and in Apple Mail. When I share a Note from Evernote via email, I will sometimes, but not always, receive a cc copy and it will show up as sent Mail. I've probably set it to cc me. However, when I delete the cc copy in the inbox, the sent mail copy will sometimes vanish and sometimes not. Also, if I don't cc myself, I will sometimes see the email in my sent folder but not always. I'm sure some of the above differences are "operator error" but I don't think all. Would someone explain to me how Evernote handles sent mail and how to achieve what I'm aiming for... Just the sent mail in the sent mail folder. Thanks much.
  10. Hi, I am trying to 'print' emails as a PDF and send to Evernote as a way of archiving old emails. In Mac Mail, I select the emails I want and try to Print. When the Print dialog comes up I select the option to 'send PDF to Evernote'. It has worked a few times for emails I selected but for one set of emails I select it just 'hangs' - the Print dialog comes up but when I select 'send PDF to Evernote' it does not do anything. In the Mail App the dialog box telling me it is processing the emails is still there (normally this disappears when the Print dialog comes up). Even if I try to cancel or select another print option e.g. print to PDF, nothing happens. The option to Quit Mail is also greyed out. I have waited a long time hoping it was just very slow but nothing happens even if I leave it for over an hour. The only way out seems to be to 'Force Quit' Mail. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? and know of a fix? I am using the 6.0.13 version of Evernote, running on latest version of OS X 10.10.3
  11. Hello all, I have dabbled in Evernote since 2012 but decided to take it to "the next level" after watching "The Secret Weapon". Is this a good place to start in term of getting "organized" by the way? It seems like the site hasn't been updated in awhile. At any rate, it seemed good so I am trying to follow instructions. I have installed Evermail but notice that it only partially moves my selected email over to evernote from OS X MAIL (running Yosemite). First I tried to just move all 954 messages over (highlight the messages is mac mail) and it moved about 10. It was not completely obvious in which 10 it moved either. Then I tried to move 20 and it moved about 8. I have the Premium Version of Evernote and the paid version of Evermail. I have tried "resynching" after some time to see if the messages are the "on the way" and more appear after a few seconds sometimes but then no more. I wonder if anyone has experienced this before and might have a solution or ideas. I've sent a ticket off to Evermail yesterday but haven't heard back just yet. It seems like there was a chwungasoft forum at some point but the link to that was broken - 404 error. Hmm. CK2
  12. I recently learned about the possibility to send an email to Evernote as a note, but as far as I can see, there is no way to have an email to be sent in a specific notebook. Yammer solves this issue by adding extensions to the email address for groups and I am sure Evernote can implement something similar for notebooks. Let's assume that the email address to send an email to my Evernote is xxxxxx@evernote.com. To have my email to be added to my notebook called "My Notebook", I would easily send the email to xxxxxx+mynotebook@evernote.com. At least this is how it is implemented in Yammer and I think it will work with Evernote too. I think it is an important feature because if you send a lot of emails with important information to Evernote, having to categorize them manually may be overwhelming. Thanks, Deniz
  13. I would like to have a function: send mails via windows-Mail-Client (i.e. Thunderbird). I want to use my own windows client, so I can choose my own email-From
  14. Helo everyone, I was wondering if and how would one automate the process of importing certain emails from Apple Mail into Evernote. My idea is to import, for example, all Apple Store receipts as individual notes into Evernote, but I wasn't able to figure out a way to do it. I mean, not the ones I already have in my inbox, but the ones to come. Some sort of automation to do this. Maybe it's right in front of my eyes and i just can't see it. I thought I could do it with IFTTT, but no. Then I went into Automator, but wasn't able to figure out if this was doable. I mean, I can just manually drag every new receipt from Mail into Evernote, but if this were to happen automatically, it would be awesome. I figure this must involve some sort of filtering or something like that, but I just can't think of a way. Maybe someone already cracked this one and has a system that does this. Would you mind sharing it? Thank you so much. Rui
  15. Maybe I am missing something simple, but I cannot figure out an easy one-step way to copy an email into Evernote, and the manual is no help (it refers to using the Safari bookmarklet for some reason). Things that should work, but don't, are dragging an email to Evernote from Mail, right clicking on selected text inside mail and using a service there to capture the selection. The only thing that works right now is selecting text, copying it, and then pasting as a new note. Isn't there a better way??? If there isn't please add any of the above to the feature requests for the Mac version. Thanks for any tips about this!
  16. Hi everyone! I just decided to give a try to EverNote. I've registered from the box in EverNote home page with my main mail; I was assigned with a username generated from my mail... that I don't really liked. I've tried to change it, but I wasn't able to. So, I've deleted the account and created a new one using the registration form, where I can set my username and email; I've used a second mail account, since the main one, even if the account was cancelled, can't be used. Than, after the registration, I've tried to change the mail, but this is still not possible due to tha fact that my mail account is still related to the deleted account. What to do? How can I set my main mail account for EverNote? Thanks for the support MIX
  17. Hello everyone, Can anyone help? How can I save an email from MAIL (mac app) strait to EVERNOTE? I can not believe there is no other way to save an email from the mac client MAIL to EVERNOTE with out having to actually send (by hitting the transfer button) an email to the EVERNOTE's dedicated account email. There must be a simplest and more direct way. I tried dragging the email strait from MAIL to EVERNOTE but I get an error message (see attachment). I've been searching all over the web but I can't find any solutions. Does anyone know of a solution? Thanks for the help.
  18. Hello. I have set a mail-forwarding from my mail-account (gmail.com) to my evernote-account.But after using it a while I angrily noticed that some mails must have been lost in the last time because they have sent to my e-mail account (gmail.com), forwarded to my evernote mail-address but never arrived to my evernote-account. So I have lost them! Now I have tried to reproduce and isolate the problem and I found one reason for this:Every time when an incoming e-mail contains a link to http://xhamster.com/movies/... at any place in the text or history then evernote drops this mail. This is only an example to reproduce the problem and could also also be true for other links or content. Gmail.com has sent this mails to evernote but evernote seems to drop it (as spam?). I have made a german support ticket (#93821) and they told me to reinstall evernote. I think they have not even read my request. After that they suggesed me to change my evernote mail-address. What the hell is this for a support? If this is a spam-filter then it should be much more intelligent or switched off. In my opinion a spam-filter is not necessary at this place because you can easily change your evernote mail-address (and in my case, gmail has already a very good spam filter). Otherwise the mail-forwarding to evernote is a risk of data loss and you shoud not offer it. I hope that this is only a bug and you can fix it to ensure that all incoming mails do arrive in evernote and no one is lost anymore. Marcel.
  19. I would like to use multiple mail addresses for sharing notes. I am using EN for private and business purposes, so it would be great to be able to share notes via different addresses depending on their content.
  20. Hi --- Firstly ... I LOVE Evernote to bits, and regularly email things to my Evernote account but today it seems to have stopped working. I have tried sending from a) my samsung phone/gmail b ) my windows laptop/work email c) my mac/yahoo email and nothing arrived since early this morning I have created new notes on evernote on a) samsung, b ) windows/web c) mac evernote app and everything has arrived in all evernote places, so synching is fine. And, when I've cc'd other emails on the notes to Evernote the mails have arrived at the other email addresses, but not at evernote. I'm at a loss to think what can be the problem ????? PS I have made sure to check ALL notelogs not just my inbasket in case they had for some reason automatically filed. Has anyone got any ideas??
  21. 自分のevernoteのノートブックから会社のevernoteにメールでノートを送ったのですが 一向に会社のevernoteに反映されません。 以前はこのやり方でノートをメールすることができましたのですが どうしたらできますでしょうか? アドレスは間違っていないことはなんども確認しましたし 携帯の画像などをメールで送った時は反映されましたので 会社のアカウントがすべてのメールでの追加を拒否してるとは思えません。 どなたかアドバイスお願いいたします。
  22. Evernote's AppleScript dictionary supports creating a new note using content from a specified URL. This doesn't seem to work for the "message://" URLs that Apple's Mail.app generates. The following AppleScript statement produces a "missing value" result, and no note is created: create note from url "message://%3CCAGun10aWWduhKdEYUjtKZj1-zSZmZUV7YUS1S18NKLOxvbFTpA@mail.gmail.com%3E" title "My Note Title" notebook "My Notebook" tags {"my tag"}To see one of these URLs, drag a message from Mail.app into a TextExit window. Then ctrl-click on the link and select "edit link" to see it. Daring Fireball has a good explanation of this URL scheme: http://daringfireball.net/2007/12/message_urls_leopard_mail Here's a simple AppleScript handler that will return the URL for a message: on get_Message_URL(a_Message) -- adapted from Gruber: http://daringfireball.net/2007/12/message_urls_leopard_mail tell application "Mail"to set the_URL to "message://%3C" & a_Message's message id & "%3E" return the_URL end get_Message_URLIt would be very nice if this could be made to work! (First step might be to figure out what value it is that AppleScript says is missing.) A very similar "create note with text" statement works fine.
  23. I have a problem which is probably more to do with our school's Exchange mail server setup or perhaps MailMarshall SQM than with Evernote: when I send email from within Evernote to my school account it is not delivered. If I send it from within Evernote to any other account (e.g. @me.com, @gmail.com) it is delivered. Has anyone else experienced this and / or is there a solution?
  24. The Windows version of Evernote comes with a clipper for Outlook. Does anyone know what other local E-mail clients Evernote supports with a clipper? -- roschler
  25. I've set up a rule in mail.app so that whenever mail comes from a certain address it's forwarded to my EN account. The forwarding works perfectly, however, these emails that I forward are full of links. When they arrive in my EN notebook, the email is in plain text and the links are gone. Is there any way to preserve these or are all EN notes only available in plain text? Thanks in advance, Martin