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Found 28 results

  1. JMichaelTX

    Dark Theme/Dark Mode

    ATTN: @Evernote: ( @Chantal Leonard, @Johnathan Hebert, @Jason Miller ) : Please ensure that when you update EN Mac to be compatible with macOS Mojave, that you support the great new Dark Mode. This is truly a great advance of the Mac UI, making it much easier on the eyes to view the Mac screen, not just during the night, but at all hours. A dark screen is much less harmful. Thanks.
  2. Last night I noticed that the number of notes I have across different devices do not match. I don't have any local notebooks, all synced across all devices. My work iPhone showed 10,918 notes while my personal iPhone showed the correct number of notes at 11,044. My iMac Evernote app showed 10,979 while online Evernote showed the correct 11,044 notes which is also correct on my work PC and my home PC. I sometimes notice a note missing from one device, but I wasn't aware of this kind of discrepancy especially on my iMac and work iPhone. Screenshots are taken after a sync to make sure everything was up to date. Any ideas?
  3. I’m trying to install the software for my Evernote Edition ScanSnap, and the installer fails right away. I get an error message that says "Unable to locate the installer package." Is there a workaround to get this working? Or is there an update on the way that fixes this? Also, am I the only person with this problem? I can’t be the only one with the latest edition of macOS and this device, but I haven’t seen anyone else complaining about this issue. For what it's worth, this is what I heard back from ScanSnap when I wrote in to them: "It is installed from Evernote's website instead, but at this time, it is not supported on 10.13 yet. I do not know when the update is supposed to release - https://evernote.com/scansnap Engineering is still working on resolving bugs."
  4. Hi, I ran in a strange bug today. I'm quite new to evernote so that is the first time I have this bug, but I clipped a recipe on the chrome extension (mac os) and it show correctly on the Mac app: But it does not show correctly on mobile (android) and on the web app: Am I doing something wrong here ? If I modify the note and android (or web app) then it sync with the wrong formating on the mac app after .. I've created a manual list (separate note) and it work fine. I'm out of idea. Did some research, some are having issue, but now one talk about web clipping... Thanks
  5. 맥OS용 앱으로 에버노트를 사용중인데, 몇 주전부터 갑자기 일부 키워드에 대해 검색이 안되네요. 일부는 키워드 검색이 되는데, 포스트 기간에 따라 달라지는건지 규칙은 발견하지 못했습니다. 에버노트 웹사이트에서는 검색이 잘 됩니다.
  6. Jurriaan

    Search field

    Hi, when I want to search in a specific notebook, the name of the notebook almost completely fills the search field. Can you make the search field wider? Thank you.
  7. Hi all, I've just updated to Mac beta 6.13.1 Beta 1 (455772 Direct) and the app no longer displays any windows. The app launches, the menu bar appears, but there are no windows and most of the menus are greyed out (notably the File and Window menus). I'm kind of stuck. Anyone else seen this, or have any ideas? Thanks, S.
  8. I gave up on OneNote for various reasons and am trying as best I can to do class presentations in Evernote. But I still have problems with sections of the notes having small text when presented on my iPad (via projector). On my Mac I set the default font to 24 point. I figured that ought to do it. But when I sync, there are many sections of text on the iPad which end up formatted as the smallest font size. For those sections I need to manually select them and from the formatting icon choose the largest font instead. Is there a way of simplifying this?
  9. On the Mac client, typing in the tags field produces an autocomplete list. In contrast, on the iOS client, the same typing produces a search result list. Would be great if the Mac client behaved like the iOS client. For example, if I have a tag "work.consulting.client.companyabc", I can access this tag in the iOS app by typing "client". On the Mac client, it does not display.
  10. Last night I edited a class presentation on my Mac. After finishing I waited a bit and made sure it look ok on my iPad. So far so good. I'm on the train now headed for class and I thought of something I wanted to add, so opened the iOS app on my iPhone, waited until it looked like the note had synced, and added a picture. When I was done I scanned through the note, saw some old content and a "conflict" warning. The content is all there but it's sort of scrambled and I'll have to edit it in my iPad after I arrive. Isn't there some way of avoiding these kinds of sync problem?
  11. When searching in the content of all notes and then going to one of found notes it would be very helpful if arrows (navigation bar) for moving to previous/next search result within the text or PDF note itself would appear immediately after opening the note and replace bar with 4 icons for inserting images, audio etc. in the note. Right know (and it works only on iPad) I have to click three dots in upper right corner to invoke menu, where I click „Search in Note“ and then click „Cancel“ to see search results navigation bar. That works only on iPad. On iPhone and MacOS I have to scroll through whole note to find all occurrences of the searched word, if there are any. Search results navigation bar should show number of occurrences of the word in text or PDF. Obviously, if I search the notes I want that all the time while in search mode. That goes for iOS and macOS version as well.
  12. I would like to drag images, including groups of images, from the finder and the mac photos.app into a note in evernote.
  13. fn + rightArrow should scroll to the end of a note in the note's window pane, and fn + leftarrow should scroll to the top. Just like every other mac app, and just like the other windows / panes in evernote. But it does not.
  14. CCAAG

    Chrome Clipped YouTube videos

    Previously, clipping YouTube videos resulted in saving the note in rich text; now, it does not. Using either Safari or Google Chrome on macOS yields the same results. I'm having difficulty in figuring out why the formatting isn't transferred over… Is anyone else experiencing this issue as well? Does anyone have a solution? This is how the YouTube video appears in the Google Chrome Web Clipper (with rich text formatting): And here's the clipped note in the app (with plain text formatting):
  15. Hi support team. When trying to clip a screenshot from a google maps page I get a black shot. (Screenshotting it with the built in MacOS screenshot function works like a charm though.) Clipping it in article mode results in a garbled grab.
  16. Following recommendations published here, I use uBlock Origin so webclipper version 6.9.3 will work ... but it does not work MacOs 10.10.5 + Firefox 50.0.2
  17. Oi gente. Uso o Evernote para macOS Sierra 10.12 (tenho um MacBook Air). Contudo, há algum tempinho, surgiu um defeito (bug): o app Evernote carrega sozinho quando ligo o computador. A opção "Abrir o Evernote quando eu entrar em meu computador" está DESABILITADA, mas ele ignora essa configuração, e abre assim mesmo quando ligo o computador! Uso a versão mais atualizada, tanto do Evernote quanto do macOS. Esse defeito surgiu com a atualização anterior do Evernote. Quando saiu a atualização atual, achei que o problema seria corrigido, mas não foi. É só comigo que acontece isso???
  18. evansc22

    MacOS "Remind me of this"

    I can open a note on the iPhone and use Siri to "remind me of this". It will put a link in the built-in iOS Reminders app to the Evernote note. Love this feature, however, now that MacOS Sierra has Siri built it, I'm wondering if the "remind me of this" feature will come to the Mac. Right now, Siri responds with "I can not remind you about the app". I know EN has built in reminders. I use EN reminders in a different way (longer term tickler file). Would love to know if this feature is coming!
  19. Hadi Ravanbakhsh

    Annotating Two Documents

    When you want to annotate a document (on macOS), if you click on the original note window, the annotation window just vanishes. This prevents you from annotating two documents (possibly from two notes) at the same time. This is a really fundamental feature and I can't believe that Evernote does not let you do this. Please, make the annotation window like a normal window so that one can annotate multiple documents at the same time.
  20. Has anyone noticed that the "Date Deleted" column in Evernote for Window's trash bin has been cleared prior to May 29, 2016? I have a few thousand notes in my trash bin and just went in to retrieve something and noticed that the Deleted date is empty on most of them. It would seem some version of Evernote I installed either cleared them or the server did. I am putting this in the Windows forum, but honestly, it could be a Mac or iOS version that did it. I get betas on all 3 platforms. Not the end of the world, but kinda frustrating, and something I hope isn't repeated.
  21. I've been using Evernote for years, but only started using the macOS client late last year. I created a notebook in the local macOS client, synchronized, then tried to drag it into a previously existing stack. It wouldn't work. No error, just no option to create the stack when I dragged the notebook over the stack and let go. There appears to be no right-click option on a notebook to add it to a stack, nor any menu option to create stacks. I logged into Evernote Web and dragged the notebook into the stack I wanted and was done in 5 seconds. Is this a macOS bug? Surely this can't be a missing feature....?
  22. I personally would love it if the next round of upgrades was to get feature parity among the desktop platforms. For example: Things Windows has but macOS doesn't Indent/Outdent icons on the toolbar (even this web forum has those!) Import folders Ability to merge notes in the order selected instead of the order last modified. 3 Reminder fields to add in List View Ability to put shortcuts across the top where they are always visible instead of the left pane where they can vanish off screen Things macOS has but Windows doesn't easy access to saved searches in the search bar Easily create saved search from the search bar after executing a search Ability to show hits in PDF files (I know the reason for this, but I am say'n it anyway! :-) ) Ability to copy files from Windows Explorer and Paste with a shortcut key Ability to remove tags with the cursor key when in the tag area of a note without having to grab the mouse and hit that teeny tiny x next to the tag. A rock'n database that never forces the UI to stop responding Ability to see reminder notes in List view I am sure there are others, but the key is, these are two insanely powerful platforms and there is no reason (other than the PDF thing above) both cannot both do everything the other can, even if the UI might be a bit different in how it is executed. Not asking for any of this on iOS or Android - I fully get those platforms are different - though they should be roughly equivalent to each other) I don't know about anyone else, but I'd prefer these be addressed before one. single. new. feature. is released.
  23. Note that this issue seems to impact both desktop platforms (Windows and macOS) as well as both Chrome and Safari. With some sites where I want to clip the PDF to Evernote using the black box that pops up in the lower right, the PDF isn't clipped, just a "PrintDownload.action" attachment. I won't upload the attachment because they aren't empty and might have account or other sensitive info in them. See the image though of what these look like. Off the top of my head, I know this happens with statements from Verizon Wireless and Capital One 360. Instead, I have to download the PDF, the copy it back into Evernote. No doubt these companies are doing something besides just displaying the PDF in the browswer like many other sites do. It is much more common though with banks. Any ideas to resolve? keyword: EHUnresolved
  24. I'm Using Evernote on a MacBookPro (Yosemite), which happens to have Fusion with and installed Windows virtual machine. Even when Fusion is not running (i.e., no windows virtual machines are running) Evernote seems to want to run links in a Windows operating system. Meaning if I create a link in a note that links to a valid email address, when I click the link rather than launching the native MacOS email program Evernote instead boots one of my Windows OS's. I don't see anything in settings to turn this behavior off. Help!
  25. Ralph Begleiter

    Evernote splashscreen

    As a long fan and member of Evernote, I'd like to request the ability to turn off the animated splashscreen upon startup. Makes me dizzy as the panels swim past my eyes, and, for that reason, slows my login. I'd also welcome a color-chooser tool in the toolbar at the top of every note (alongside the other formatting tools already there), rather than having to wait for the Apple chooser to be invoked. Even better would be the ability to "customize toolbar" as most other Mac applications allow. Thanks