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  1. Evernote for Mac 6.13.2 Beta 1

    Hello Everyone, As the new Mac product manager, I'm excited to release version 6.13.2 Beta 1. The release addresses issues encountered by some users in the areas of multiple accounts, sharing, and sync. You can download it here, or check for updates to get the latest. Thanks, Jason and the rest of the Mac team Release Notes for 6.13.2: - A fix to include the title when printing notes - A fix for an issue where a small number of users are unable to login after deleting auth information from their keychain - A fix for an issue where the note list sometimes does not appear on macOS High Sierra - A fix to reenable the sharing of public notebooks - A fix for a sync issue where some notes are missing after doing a fresh install - Fixes for several intermittent crashes including when launching the app and adding another account - Improvements to the search box with more space for entering keywords and filters
  2. When I search inside a note and I have multiple results, only the left arrow shows - see screenshot. Evernote Version 6.12.3 (455520 Direct) on El Capitan.
  3. I see a little horizontal blue line underneath the modification date on some notes in various lengthts. It looks like a progress bar. See screenshots. What is this? Evernote Version 6.12.3 (455520 Direct) on El Capitan
  4. Sharing notes difficult

    I am finding sharing notes difficult for some reason. To send a shareable link, I have to copy it from the dialogue and email it separately, for some reason. Having tested the link that arrives, it opens for me fine in iOS, but not in MacOS. I get a blank Google search page. A good reason to use Evernote is easy sharing of notes. A good reason not to use Evernote is if sharing notes is unreliable. Cannot afford for client to have ANY difficulty with a share... Any wisdom or suggestions on this?
  5. All menus grayed out

    When I start Evernote, all my menus are grayed out and there is no "notes" window. The menu bar still allows me to capture screen shots on my Mac, but after that, nothing. Even clicking on Preferences doesn't bring up anything. Any ideas?
  6. I recently upgraded from Firefox 56.x to Firefox Quantum (57.0.1), and the web clipper icon is no longer is showing in the toolbar. Other extension icons are there, and Evernote is still functional -- I can bring up the Note Taker with Ctrl-Cmd-N, and the notes are properly saved to Evernote -- but without that icon, there's no way to get to the clipper itself. Where did the icon go, and how do I get it back? I'm using a MacBook Pro running Yosemite 10.10.5. Thanks, -Kevin
  7. Ever since the newest update to Evernote, all of my dashes ("-") are changing to bullet point lists. I DESPISE THIS. Using dashes in my lists has just been something that I've done my whole life, and this makes it incredibly annoying to have to use bullet points or double dashes just to make a list. If I wanted bullet points, I would simply select them in the formatting section. I imagine my one complaint will not make this change, but I need to make my grievances clear.
  8. Hi, I used to be able to share Local Notes via email until updating to Evernote for Mac 6.13.1. I used to right click on the note in column/list of snippets, which brought up the contextual menu. I then selected Sharing, More Sharing and Email a Copy, which brought up a mail window and allowed me to send a copy of the Local Note. I did this countless times despite the note being a Local Note. When seeking help on this, I was told that this function never existed. Really? Was it some kind of fluke in my case? Am I the only person who was able to do this? I have had Local Notes that have remained private for almost a year, and yet I used to email myself and a few others copies of the Local notes each time I updated them. I would be glad to hear of other people's experiences with this
  9. problem with cut/copy/paste

    often, when a cut/copy/past commang is issued, Mac Client slowdown and sometime it freez itself
  10. Annotating PDF's

    Is there any way to annotate a PDF without having to jump back to the first page of the document? Whenever I hit the annotate button when I'm deep in my document I get shunted back to the beginning necessitating my finding my way back to the original page I wanted to annotate. Which makes the tool not useful for me being that I function primarily with pdfs. Am I missing something? Gregory
  11. I've downloaded and installed Evernote_RELEASE_6.13.1_455785.dmg on an OSX high sierra MacBook Air. After logging in: No notes are showing after September 2013, so I created a new note on another device and this showed, so I have one note in Dec 2017 My notes from the last 4 years are still visible online and other devices I have re-installed evernote 3 times including rebooting after removal and before installing again. How do I view the last 4 years of notes? Sheamus
  12. Evernote starts afresh almost every time

    For the last week or so, almost every time I fire up the Evernote app on my MacBook it thinks I'm starting it for the first time. My screen layout goes back to default and all the intro boxes showing me around the interface pop up again. (Yes, Evernote, I know I can connect to Google Drive; you have told me that ten times today alone). It's not breaking the app, but it's pretty annoying. This has persisted through multiple reboots. Any ideas? Evernote 6.13.1 Mac OS 10.13.1
  13. Feature Requests

    Hi, Been a long time EN user / quiver. Just some stuff off the top of my head if some of these features already exist please let me know thanks. ability to rename your note book from any menu instead of having to go back into the notebooks section nesting depth increase for notebooks Drag and drop notebooks from the side menu much like quiver allow true text boxes with code markup, ie python etc. Or like slack where doing ``` text ``` will make a text block with mark up content block indent
  14. Hi, I have some problems with search in actually Mac Version. When I search an item on Iphone version appear many notes. With the same item the search on Mac version doesn't returns any note. Can you help me? Thank you
  15. Can't contact Evernote & problem with search

    Hi, I want to speak to Evernote support, but I can't seem to open a ticket: the contact support screen shows no option to actually create a ticket, plus the online chat (which should be available at this time of day) is unavailable. My issue is that the search function has stopped working. No matter what search terms I used or which notebooks I search, it receives no results. The search is really an important function for the way I use Evernote so hoping to get this fixed ASAP. If anyone on the forum can help or Evernote support can create me a ticket that would be great. Thanks, Helen
  16. Hi, in Evernote for Mac v6.13.1 (and I think in some earlier version as well) I noticed that the Clipper Tool started to add new images always to the top. I reverted to v6.11 in which images are always added below. The tool usually can be started by pressing ^⌘N and a new image can be added by pressing ^⌘C. Using ^⌘C in v6.11 adds the images to the bottom, which is my desired action, while in later versions images are always added to the top, wherever the curser was. For reference I added a screenshot of the clipper window that opens with ^⌘N. Any chance I can control this with an option in settings? If not, can the original functionality be restored in future versions or at least added as an option in settings, please?
  17. I'm running Sierra (10.12.6) and EN 6.13.1 (App Store). I have a note I created in 2015 that contains a table, with each cell containing the name and address of people I sent xmas cards to that year. I want to print this note out and check off each name as I send them cards this year. When I press Cmd+P or select File>Print Note, the print preview is blank! When I select to print the note to pdf and open that, it is blank! But the table is there! I can select it and manipulate it. I searched the forum but did not find an exact description of this issue. What I can do is copy and paste the table into Word and print that out, but -- really?? Seriously?? What can I do to get Evernote to recognize the table and print it out? (It prints out other notes, even notes with formatting, just fine.)
  18. During the capture of the image from the screen, frames fall, the mouse moves with a delay as if low fps. Could you fix it? This program cannot load the computer so much.
  19. I've been using Evernote for several months now and was pleased with its capability. The Evernote App on my Mac wanted to update to the newest version 6.13.1 - now it won't open. I can't access my Evernote account through the Evernote app, I have to go through the website. Please help.
  20. Few feature I could share with you after using this app extensively on my mobile and mac: Please add a feature to lock notes. Add more text editing features like a word processor (auto capatalization of first letter in a sentence, paragraphs etc). that will make it an extensively usable app to even write letters Etc. An option to make date as the default note heading. this feature shall be usable when someone is in a habit of writing a diary and don’t want to give unnecessary heading to their daily entries. Or there can be an option to create a notebook that has got Journaling features as auto dates/ time etc. (i use a separate app for it and would prefer to use evernote app with these added features). Adding a sub categorisation under a notebook (not saying to copy one note on that, but if that can be done it will be great), this can be optional, currently i am using the tags feature, but they are common, i have made specific tags for specific notebook. adding this feature that tags can be made that are specific to the notebook and able to categorise notes as per the tags shall also get the job done in a great manner (rather better than the one note option of sub categories). One last thing plz add smilies to the desktop/mac app
  21. remove tags from multiple notes

    I'm using Evernote for GTD. When I finish a task it represents a single note with multiple associated tags. I'd like to be able to drag completed notes into a notebook called "Completed" and then remove all tags from that note. It would be nice to do that as a batch. So, each day I could go into the "Completed" notebook, selected all the notes and have all tags associations deleted from those notes. Hope that is clear. I've searched and cannot find an answer. I realize I could just delete the notes but I'd like to track what I've accomplished.
  22. How can I login into Skitch with my Evernote account, which I create with google account? It seems that Skitch doesn't know anything about my Evernote account by Google. That way I can't log in.
  23. How do I change the default font color in a table? I've tried different things, and I can certainly change the color of text, but the bullet point keeps appearing in some default sort of color (see image below).
  24. evernote wont show any windows

    Evernote opened, it shows it's name in the menu bar with two items - "Evernote" and "Edit", both are working... but this is it... no notes, no any window, no even a hint where and what could be. version 6.1.3
  25. My Evernote is repeatedly crashing. I even downloaded the software again and reinstalled it. Can someone tell me where to get the version before this? I hope the company is aware of this issue and fixes it.