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Found 9,968 results

  1. For the second time in a year, Evernote's search (Mac Desktop version) has begun to fail to return results that turn up when searching in the mobile or Web version. This problem usually manifests for me after an update or a reinstall (I just scrapped 6.14 beta 2 and reinstalled my last "favorite" version, 6.11). Anyway, my guess is that something breaks during the build of the Full Text Search index. I know how to locate the option to recreate the full text search index in the (hidden) Troubleshooting menu, but I find the process to be somewhat cryptic. For one thing, I don't know how long the "recreation" process is supposed to take. I have a lot of notes (upwards of 20,000) so I can appreciate that it'll take "some time," but... is it a ten-minute process? An hour? 24 hours? Do I need to leave the computer on overnight? Do I need to adjust the power management settings so it doesn't go to sleep? Will the Activity Log give me a sense as to when it is done? Also: how long should I wait before trying it anew? If I wait an hour and search still isn't working, should I just start over? And does that "undo" the work that I've already done? And at what point do I need to stop relying on this particular tool and instead scrape everything and just reinstall, hoping for a correct search indexing from a new installation? I've posted some of these questions before in other threads, but thought it might warrant a standalone thread, especially if others needed help with this arcane command.
  2. Hello folks, Evernote for Mac 7.6 Beta 3 is now available. You can download it here. This release is mainly focused on crashes and dark mode refinements. Please keep the feedback coming our way. Enjoy! 7.6 Beta 3 Improvements and fixes: More Dark Mode refinement in many areas of the application Accessibility fixes Many crash fixes Note canvas enables dark mode automatically based on System Preferences settings, but you still have the option to overwrite it in Evernote's preferences. Now you can export notes again by dragging them out of the note list. Known issues: Spotlight search results are not populating for Mojave users Context hasn't had dark mode applied yet.
  3. George Dyke

    AppleScript + Reminders

    Hi! I'm not new to Evernote, but new to the forum, and new to AppleScripts. I am seeing AppleScripts could be quite powerful in helping me automate a couple of my more routine work flows. I have managed to get an AppleScript running to assign and unassign tags to a note, and to move it to a new notebook. However, what I'd like to do now is to set the reminder on a given note to 'Tomorrow' as a part of the AppleScript. Here's my current AppleScript - And here's the output I'm getting when I run it - I have read several other threads where people describe a similar problem. However, having gleaned all I can from those threads (and a number of other spots on the internet), I can't quite crack this one. To the point where I'm not sure if this is even possible...? I note that the formatting of the date in the error message is a bit odd. And perhaps this is causing an issue. However, I can't see any obvious way to get AppleScript to output the date in any other formats. (Besides some hideous hacks that manually assemble a date string - but seems like it should be easier.) I have played around with as date, as string, as text, but none of them seem to help. I have tried applying the date directly as (current date), or calculating the myRemind variable as per the above and the message basically remains the same. I also played around with setting 'reminder time' vs. 'reminder order', but also no luck. And tried changing the 'modification date' field to see if that made a difference. And also trying 'date string' to get only the day part of it, and not the time. But none of those paths seemed to win. I feel like I'm close above, but missing some small point. And would welcome any suggestions, links (with working part or whole solutions), and/or some better documentation of the expected date format on the one hand, and how to get that from (current date) on the other. Some configuration infomration - OS X 10.11.5, and Evernote 6.6.1. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. George
  4. I reported this bug to tech support a couple of weeks ago and so far no resolution. When I try to drag an unannotated screenshot from Skitch to another application, or just to a finder window, one of two things happens: Skitch crashes, or The previous screenshot is dragged instead of the one I just took. Anyone else seeing this?
  5. I would like to make the following feature request, the ability to view and edit the Evernote markup of a note. As you can see from the attached example, I was recently doing some research on Node.js and storing that information within Evernote. When I copy and paste information from various sources, I find indentation and other formatting can be hard to re-format. In the attached example, you can see this with the first code snippet which is indented. I had no way to adjust this indenting, even though the rest of the formatting looked great. Another example can be seen in the white on grey reversed text. I could not find a way in Evernote to remove this grey background and easily reformat this text. Of course, I could have pasted this is with "Paste and Match Style" but I wanted to retain most of the look (as in the code examples) but just apply some tweaking. As an alternative, maybe you could consider an option we see in applications such as Microsoft Word, which allow Copy Formatting via a paintbrush style tool. This formatting can then be applied to other areas of the document? Thank you for the consideration of this feature request. I am a huge Evernote fan as Premium subscriber. I would love to do a testimonial for you if that would ever be appropriate. All the best, Greg Paskal
  6. Robin_P

    Printing & Margins

    I can say for certainty (having just tried) that this works in windows 10 but not on Mac OS X. Please can this feature be added to the Mac version?
  7. Myersfilm

    New Photos App w/Evernote

    Just discovered that once you've installed the new Photos Application, you can no longer drag and drop photos saved via iPhoto or Photos directly into a note in Evernote. I attempted to drag two photos from the app into a previously created note, but there's no addition. I can use the share button to add them to Evernote, they'll just have to be in a new note.
  8. Recent premium user after using evernote free for 4 years and just ran into this issue where I used the evernote app for OSX and created a fairly lengthy note full of bulleted lists with varying degrees of indentation in sub-headings. All looked good and formatted to my liking, but as soon as I opened this note in the web browser (from a Linux machine where there is no evernote app) the whole indentation levels were lost. It went from something like: foo bar baz za za gabor to foo bar baz za za gabor Hoping there is a solution or workaround for this as a new premium user (less than a week) I am terribly unhappy and bitter that this simple issue is undermining the simplest usecase I had for evernote which motivated me to pay.
  9. Ridiculously simple feature that makes ALL the difference when reading notes on phone. It's insane how fundamental this is, yet Evernote has not included this. It's in every other editor except Evernote. Like I stated in the title, this has been requested six years ago. You're about to lose a customer over a ridiculously small problem. If I don't see this in the next update I'm switching to any other app, the reason being 100% just because I need adjustable line spacing. Simpler than simple solution to a substantial problem.
  10. When annotating a PDF that is embedded in a note, the highlight option only provides access to free-hand highlighting. This results in messy highlights and doesn't really fulfill the needs of the tool. Is there any way to simply highlight text that has been selected?
  11. Rich Collyer

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    DARK MODE is here If you are on macOS Mojave, you will be able to enable Dark Mode. There is a known issue with Drag and Drop, but it will be fixed in the next Beta build. To download the beta, go HERE
  12. How can I disable this systematic warning ? "Change access. You are moving a note into "[NotebookName]". People this notebook is shared with will gain access to the note." Since the last version, every time I move a note to a shared notebook, I get this message. Only way to dismiss it is to click on "Move". Since I clip my notes first in my inbox, and then move them to whichever notebook is relevant - and all of my notebooks are shared, I get this warning literally all the time. This is both useless and annoying. It should have been pretty simple and pretty obvious to add a checkbox "don't warn again for this notebook". I'm a plus member with OSX + evernote 7.0.3.
  13. Fundamentally, Evernote is a note-taking app. That is, it's for writing stuff down quickly and ensuring this tedious process is as enjoyable as possible. I feel the note taking experience is what set Evernote apart in the beginning, but over time, it has now been pushed to the back and forgotten. To be frank, the experience of writing notes in Evernote is generations behind other note-taking apps. Bear and Ulysses are two great examples of an experience of note taking that is enjoyable and intuitive. A big reason for this is that they allow for preset text styling using H1, H2, H3, etc. Having this alone will drastically make the experience better on Evernote. I'm sick of highlighting text, navigating to colours and font size, etc. to change headings. Then having to go through that all again for the next heading. Feature Request: I would seriously love font styling on the Evernote app.
  14. Alberto7

    Evernote for 10.11.6

    Hi guys:) Where can I download Evernote for OS X EL CAPITAN 10.11.6? I find only for 10.12 Thank you!
  15. I have a notebook that is full of simplified articles that I've saved through the web clipper, and which I need to read and annotate for work. I want to export them all as PDFs. I've highlighted them all and gone to File > Print Notes, and used the system dialogue to select SAVE AS PDF, but the resulting PDFs are all "untitled.pdf" instead of each one being "[note title].pdf." This seems like an OBVIOUS bug. This isn't an OS-mandated behavior, because, using the same print dialogue, I can save PDFs that preserve the original file name from Word documents and that use the title of a Chrome tab as the PDF filename. Given how many of these articles there are, and given how many I will need to repeat this process with in the future, I am not interested in printing and manually renaming each note individually. Anyone else able to replicate this problem, either with a single note or a bunch of notes? And any known solutions? And if not, any other web clipper tools that do as good a job of simplifying articles like Evernote but have more predictable PDF printing behavior? I'm running Evernote 7.0.3 on MacOS 10.13.3.
  16. I've got 400+ notes in Apple Mail.app. What's the easiest way to import these into Evernote? I tried the Import... feature, but this wouldn't let me select my notes mailbox, even after I tried to Archive the Notes mailbox. Thanks!
  17. A recent update moved icons from the header bar. Users want the choice of which icons appear. This is currently a feature on the Windows platform
  18. Hi there, I hope someone could help me on this. Strangely on this forum, I was not able to 'search' for formatting, simply because I don't see a 'search' dialog box. Only the 'Google site search' is available. Anyway, after typing in 40 lines of texts, they look like a big chunk of cake. Can someone please direct me on how to space them out between paragraphs, especially after the 'hard enters'? I have attached a screenshot. Thank you. Nick
  19. since upgrading to 7.0.1. I can no longer show only current reminders (instead of the complete reminder list) on top of the note list. the option to do so exists in the reminders menu, it's just broken. would be really helpful if the basics kept working after these upgrades - continuously (re-)introducing bugs with upgrades (e.g. blank list view) is pretty annoying and a sign of issues with quality management.
  20. Rich Collyer

    Evernote for Mac 7.5

    Improvements: * We’ve cleaned up the More Options menu (“…”) so it’s easier to find the actions you use most. * To make upgrading effortless, we added a button to the toolbar. We promise it won’t bite, but don’t worry, you can always remove it if you’d prefer. * Since we recently changed our appearance (does this color make our sidebar look big?), we tweaked our background colors to match. Fixes: * We fixed a problem where you wouldn’t see a note snippet if the note hadn’t synced properly. * If you had more than one line of text highlighted when you tried to remove a link, all the links in the note would disappear. We’ll admit, that was taking things too far. * Now and then, loading web views would cause a crash, but we fixed that. * Sometimes, annotating a PDF would cause a crash, which was a big fail. * The app would sometimes crash when checking for updates. Since updates are healthy, we put a stop to that. * Pasting into a numbered or bulleted list would remove the list text between any images. This was less than ideal, but on the bright side, we fixed it. * The app was forgetting your Shared with Me column widths after you closed it, which is probably not what you expected. * Shared notebooks weren’t showing up in your Shared with Me list. And notebooks deserve love too. * Triple-clicking one line of copy pasted in front of text on another line would break the list. But that’s a thing of the past. * If you added Japanese characters to a bulleted list, the formatting would look weird, which was unfortunate. * If you had 2-byte characters in a table (for example, Chinese or Japanese characters), adding a bullet point would break the table. And only WWE wrestlers should be allowed to break tables. * Underlining couldn’t be removed from text in a table, which wasn’t helpful. * Turning bold text off then pasting something into a list would turn bold back on. We really like bold, but that’s taking things too far. * If you pasted bulleted lists separated by paragraphs from Word into Evernote, the gaps would disappear. You could say it was a big mess. * Pasting data from Excel into Evernote needed a table upgrade, but there was no way for you to do it. That was an embarrassing oversight on our part. * Pasting text into Evernote from a coding text editor messed up the formatting, but it should be smooth sailing now. * Occasionally, changes you made to a note, including moving it to a different notebook, wouldn’t sync. Things should be back to normal now though. * Occasionally, dragging a note from a space to the trash folder would cause the app to crash, but that’s no more.
  21. With the latest update, I am no longer able to create a global shortcut (I used CMD o) to open note in a new window. Also the shortcut cmd+L used to bring you to the note title and highlight the current title, so you could just start typing. Now it brings you to the end of the current title, so you still end up using the mouse to highlight. Lastly, when I move one note to a new notebook, the next note inline needs to be clicked on before I can start using shortcut keys (this didn't need to happen in the last version). In general, I am very frustrated by this new version and wish I still had the last version of evernote.
  22. Nick L.

    Mac 7.6 Beta 2

    Hello Beta testers, Evernote for Mac 7.6 Beta 2 is now available. You can download it here. This release is mainly focused on crashes and dark mode refinements. Please keep the feedback coming our way. Enjoy! 7.6 Beta 2 Improvements: Dark Mode refinement in many areas of the application Note canvas enables dark mode automatically based on System Preferences settings, but you still have the option to overwrite it in Evernote's preferences. Now you can export notes again by dragging them out of the note list. Known issues: Title field is showing a darker shade background color for Mojave users in light mode. Contextual menu shows "EnApplicationServiceMenuItemTitle" instead of "Add to Evernote" Quick switcher still needs some dark mode tweaks
  23. When annotating a PDF in Evernote 6.9, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to continue annotating a PDF that was previously annotated. Is anyone else seeing this problem?
  24. Hi, I've been desperately trawling google and haven't seen anyone else having this problem, some insight into what I'm doing wrong would be great! So I have a notebook with a series of notes in order, and when I am editing one, every now and then it will suddenly jump so I am abruptly viewing the first one in the list no matter which one I am editing. This was annoying in itself but today I noticed that the first note in the list has since been overwritten to have the same content as the note I was editing yesterday. And it is only half filled, as if it were overwritten with the content that was on the other note at the point in time at which I was editing it. How do I stop Evernote doing this? It's ruined a note I worked very hard on, and I don't think I can recover the lost work.
  25. Daniel K B

    Double Spacing issues

    Spacing is really important to me, so my notes don't look to visually clustered. So I double space a lot between my notes sometimes, almost like in poetry. For some reason, whenever my evernote syncs, the double spacing I had between lines jumps and cramps so it is single line spacing again. I tried putting double spaces between my lines again, but it keeps jumping back to single line spacing when I sync. Please fix. - Daniel