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Found 10 results

  1. Using A & B as replacement names for my notes... Text from "Note A" has been overwritten by text from "Note B". All i did was make changes to Note B. I didn't copy anything from Note B, and did not paste anything from Note B into Note A. But now, Note A has all the text that was in Note B, and it has erased all of my text that I had in the original Note A. I have NO clue why this has happened, and it sucks because Note A has been a really important Note that I have been maintaining for the past 2 years. Does anyone know how to help get the original notes back? This seems to be a
  2. Guest


    ALCON...ALL CONCERNED Would someone PLS Help... Was writting along & clicked on the font size tab when my ENTIRE Note DISAPEARED in front of my eyes...! Does anyone know HOW to bring it back or do I need to re write it...?!? IsmaelTirado7@Hotmail.com
  3. Hi, I would like to kindly ask you for your help. In my Evernote account I had some notes locked with text encryption. 2 days ago, when trying to input the password, it didn't want to unlock the text (the password was correct – I tried it several times), so I just closed the application. Now there is no lock shown, so I can not access my notes (which are very important for my work - 5 years of information stored and personal info). I was using online Evernote. No access is available on the desktop version, too. This is how the lock looks like on other notes. Please kindly l
  4. hi all I would appreciate anyone's help at the moment I am using evernote for some years now. Today I decided to log in with my google account for the first time (before that just logged on with a password). Sadly enough I lost all my notes. I understand I created unintentionally a new account, though when I follow the help orders (un clicking google sign in, logging out than signing with my password) nothing changes. is there anything else I can do?
  5. Hi, 2 days ago my phone was stolen, and the person who did it, delete all my notes of my evernote account and also from trash, so is there any posibility to restore to a last point , or get all my notes back because it was not me? thanks
  6. So I've been working on a piece of writing for a few months now, and I usually allow automatic updates for apps on my computer as it has never caused any problem before. I open my computer to see that Evernote has updated, and that TWO THIRDS OF MY PIECE HAS DISAPPEARED. It's not in the trash folder, and I even went to Evernote online to check there and it's gone?!? I've lost countless hours of work. I've tried syncing it multiple times, and it's just not there? It says that I last updated that note in February, and I was working on it just last week (April). I've lost all my work from that pe
  7. I have had Evernote basic for years. I have a key note that now comes up only with the name of the file underlined as if it was a link to go somewhere, but the notes that I have stored in this folder for the past several years are completely missing. I have tried without success to restore a backup of my computer and I have searched for days to find someway to get an email out to Evernote for help, but I have not found a way to contact them. I would just like my note restored as I desperately need the information. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. I forgot my password, created a new one, logged in and all of my notes are gone! It looks like a brand new account. I've tried logging in with both my username and my email address. I have no other possible accounts that I could have accidentally created a new one. I don't go back and forth between devices I only use it on my desktop downloaded evernote. I did log in on evernote web when I reset my password and then logged out and back in on my desktop to see what was going on because I was trying to add evernote to trello and none of my notes would show up. I have my desktop set to autosync a
  9. Hi, friends! Sorry for my English. Some time I used iphone but after switched to Android. At the time of changing phone, all the notes were in evernote and I have seen them on Android. Some time after I erased iphone, of evernote on android began to disappear notes. I lost very important notes. I have a basic account. Connected devices are only two - it's an old iphone and current Android. Does exist any possibility to recover the lost notes?
  10. This is the 3rd time now that I lost notes! I am NOT a premium customer, but I don't see that should make a difference. The scary thing is that God knows WHAT else I have lost. I have hundreds of notes now. Does anyone have this experience or know how to recapture the data off a Mac? I tried going into Time machine, but have no idea where the data is kept. Notes History is not something I can access as a non premium user. HELP
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