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Found 82 results

  1. Hi! I got a new iPhone, and when I went to setup Evernote, it said I would need to upgrade because I had two linked accounts (my desktop evernote, and my other phone). I thought I could get rid of the other phone, as I had just installed everything on my new phone. So I did. However, I signed into my desktop, and found that it hadn't synced with my old phone in some time. So everything's still on my old phne and I'd like to sync that up to my desktop, then take it off again and put my new phone on. How do I do this? I've looked in several places on both the phone and desktop app, and I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks, Amanda
  2. I can't login on Mac os 10.13.4 - I have an evernote business account, I deleted skitch, installed evernote and reinstalled skitch - I can login to evernote no issues but still can't login to skitch. Any ideas? Tried without the proxy, still get the same error message every time of "no internet connection" (everything else works so I defo have a connection!)
  3. Hello - it drives me crazy that as a paying customer (for many years), I have to go to the Evernote web address and then click "Sign in" because the landing page login is for new users. It seems like the emphasis is on new users, not paying customers. Maybe consider changing the Evernote.com landing page to accommodate those users that are already giving you money, instead of users who may or may not ever pay for your service.
  4. there are two ways to log into Evernote: the regular login way google login when i send a message to my Evernote account, i can't find it unless i log in with Google. the thing is, Google's notebooks, notes, etc, are all emails, not my notes. please, someone, help me.
  5. Hi All, We often see threads/posts from users indicating that they have lost access to their Evernote Account, and are trying to regain that access. This can occur for a myriad of reasons, but generally the issues are related to a user losing or forgetting their password, losing the ability to access Two-Factor Authentication verification, or they lose access to the email address tied to their Evernote Account. Given the nature of these types of access issues, users will need to open a support ticket in order to address the issue and regain access to their Evernote Account. The reason for this is that only our customer support team has access to the tools necessary to make changes to an Evernote Account. Additionally, users may need to provide information that we do not want to make publicly visible in the discussion forums. To open a support ticket, go here. You will be prompted to login to your Evernote Account, but if you do not have your login credentials available, click on Continue as guest. From the What can we help you with? dropdown menu, select the ‘My Account’ category. From the Select a topic dropdown menu, select the type of issue you’re encountering. Once you have selected the topic, you should see the option to submit a support ticket at the bottom of the page. The button looks like this: Once you have submitted the ticket, one of our support agents will reach out to you to further assist you with the issue you’re encountering.
  6. Hi I use a Google Login for my EverNote account. On my Kindle Fire this doesn't seem to be supported. Is there a workaround? I was thinking of setting up a second account (with username and password) and sharing my other account with it.
  7. How can I change my login e-mail address? I try logging in with my current email address, but Evernote keeps saying that my new e-mail has already been used, can't change. What can I do?
  8. I'm finally at the point where I can't take it anymore, and am seriously considering leaving Evernote because of (what I realize is) a trivial matter... Why in the ever-lovin' heck do you require me to jump through so many damn hoops just to log in??? Follow along: I'm at my laptop, I want to jot down some ideas, so point my web browser to "evernote.com" That page loads - Lots of pictures, and other good info - most of it trying to get me to upgrade from my free service (I get it - you want to make money). As a user for the site/service you'd expect I could just log-in from the front page. Wrong! I now need to click "Log in". The Log In page loads... Thankfully, my user name is there, so I don't have to type that. But, there's no where to put my password. OK... So, I click "Continue". The page drops down, and now, I can put in my password. My browser is set up to remember this, so it's already in the field. NOW I can log in!!! I click "Sign In". The page finally loads, and I can click "+" to start a new note. Let's count the clicks it takes from idea to adding a note: Clicking in my browser's address bar Clicking on "Log In" (Sometimes) clicking in the "Enter email address or username" field Clicking "Continue" (Sometimes) clicking in the "Password" field Clicking the "Submit" button Clicking the "+ (New Note)" button This is a GUI ergonomic nightmare for such a simple task. I hope it can be fixed. I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets driven bonkers by this. Clearly, there's got to be a better way to streamline this... The easiest being letting me put in my username and password at the evernote.com home page, it'd be great if they're "remembered" there (at my option)... Kind of like how just about every other log-in page on the internet works. Better yet... When I decide I want to type out an email, and I go to my gmail page, I just type in gmail.com in the address bar, I'm "remembered", and it goes straight to my inbox... I click "compose" and BAM!!!! I'm typing the email!! Would be great if Evernote made it just as easy to start a new note. Any chance it can get fixed?
  9. I just got an email 1 hour ago (so 7:50am Pacific, Feb 26), alerting me that someone logged in to my account on Feb 22 at 21:35UTC. That is four days ago! Most services I use that give me email alerts asking if it was me come within minutes, often seconds. This needs to be fixed, or gotten rid of. I don't recall what I was doing Thursday and whether or not I used a different PC to log into Evernote. I use a number of PCs at work, so it is entirely possible.
  10. I updated my Evernote account password via web account management and now my notes won't sync from the Windows PC client software. It's like different Evernote security/authentication servers are in use, and the sync between them is not working, or working abnormally slowly. Or a flag got set on my account because two different sets of passwords don't match. I don't know what the real deal is. The only way I can sign into the Windows PC client software is with my old password. When I try to use the new password, I am told it's an invalid password. I have logged out of everything Evernote multiple times on both my phone and the Windows client software. I can get into my web account management portal, I can access my notes in the Windows PC client. I just cannot make sync work now that my password has changed. Do I need to revert back to my old password? I would prefer not, but if that's what I have to do to get it to work, please let me know.
  11. I created my Evernote account by logging in with my Google account. When I try to login to Evernote inside of the Scannable app, it does not accept my gmail address and password as my Evernote credentials (I use a password keeper so there isn't a possibility that I'm entering the password incorrectly). There isn't any option in Scannable to link through Google either. If my gmail account and password are somehow not my Evernote user name and password, what the heck is? I'm not interested in resetting the password since it's literally working everywhere but Scannable.
  12. Hi, "You have been logged out of Evernote"....sigh. Ok - I get the security reason for logging you out every so often - although 30 days seems a little quick to me - but I can deal with that - I'll log back in ok fair enough...my password's saved in Chrome anyway. BUT - what really infuriates me is that once you've logged back in - do you go back to the note you were editing before? No...you go back to a default view of all of your notes. Why? I use Chrome and generally have lots of tabs open - with lots of different Evernote notes open when I'm working on multiple things. It's my 'in progress' stuff - I keep all the tabs open on the things I'm working on. I tell Chrome to re-open with all the tabs that I had open when I closed it - so I close Chrome when I shut my laptop down, and re-open Chrome when I turn it back on again - and there's all my work and notes again as they were. Fine.... except when Evernote decides I need to log in again - and then I just have 10 'you have logged out of evernote' tabs. I log into each one - and they all just go back to the list of notes. Great. Can Evernote be updated to maintain the current note when you've logged out and logged back in again please? The URL must have the note name/ID in it - as you can re-open a tab in a browser and it normally ends up back to the same note - so why does the 'logout / login' process not keep that part of the URL and put you back where you were? Anyone else find this infuriating? I'm using Chrome (Version 61.0.3163.79 (Official Build) (32-bit)) on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 on a Lenovo laptop - and mainly access Evernote through web - but also on the iPhone app.
  13. This week, i started getting security alerts upon opening my desktop version of the app this page requires a secure connection which includes server authentication. the certificate issuer for this site is untrusted or unknown. do you wish to proceed? i uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It wont even let me log it now, what is the deal with this rando error
  14. JimGribbin

    Loggedd out

    If I walk away from my computer too long, I come back to find a message telling me I've been logged out. This is fine, I expect this, but it gives me no way to log back in...Just ways to sign up for a new account. I generally spend several minutes trying to get back to a login page/prompt.
  15. Hi there! Just updated evernote to latest version...And...Login form always ask for email and password everytime i wanna login. I'd like to insert only the password every time i want to login (it's not remembering the email account anymore like in previous version did) Please note that i don't want a sort of autologin, i'd like to find already typed my email account when i start evernote and type only my pwd. any hint? Thanks
  16. I use Evernote on shared computers, with family and co-workers. I need to force a sign in whenever Evernote is started, otherwise I am exposing my private notes to anyone that can launch Evernote. This has always been possible for me until I just updated Evernote. There used to be a tick box on the Sign in form that said "Stay signed in". By leaving that tick box blank, you were forced to login each time you started Evernote. Now that tick box is gone. It would be nice to know why, but that is not my real question. I know you can click on the username and select Sign out xxx. But that is not what I want. If you shut down evernote by right-clicking in the system tray then Quit Evernote without first signing out, you can just restart the application and you are right back in, no sign in required. Also if you close the window with windows X button, the application is still running, visible in the system tray. You can forget it is even running, then shut down windows. After restart, again you can get straight in with no sign in. How can I force Sign in after each time Evernote is shutdown, without having to manually sign out first?
  17. GambaJo

    Firefox Can't log in

    I can't login in Evernote web clipper 6.9.3 and Firefox 50. When I type in my credentials and press login, I get the message "unknown error".
  18. I am using Web Clipper 6.10.1(35f63f9)/11.00.926 on Chrome 54.0.2840.99 m and Windows 7 Pro 64.. Every time I look up from my work Web Clipper has that familiar red dot. But actually now that I have click on it to get the above version number it is once again logged in... I am confused this is very different behavior than in the past
  19. Hi. After installing latest version (Windows) I've tried several times to start Evernote by clicking on its icon - but it just showed an error windows saying that I need to have active internet connection to login. But I'm surely online. I've attached a logfile. From it I can assume that Evernote just can't connect to its server. Any solutions on this? AppLog_2013-07-01.txt
  20. Kerryn Howell

    Change email address

    Hi Community, I'm reaching out to you because I I have found it impossible to receive help from Evernote Support. My problem is stated below I changed my email address just over 2 years ago because we changed our business name I wished to update my Evernote account settings to reflect the new email address I was unable to change the email address in my account settings to the new email address. It just wouldn't process the request I started a new Evernote account with the new email address as a solution All my devices automatically opened the old account, so i just continued using the old account. Plus I have a lot of content on there Additionally now, the old account can't edit to my new email address because there is an account (my new one) with the same email address The old account is ineffective at communicating with Evernote because all responses are sent to the old email address which is now inactive I had a glimmer of hope once I tried communicating with Evernote via their FB Page. Someone called Dorothy responded with some great solution ideas Dorothy's suggestion: Login to new account - shut down/deactivate new account - login to old account - change email address now there is no competing email address from new account - problem should be resolved Dorothy also picked up that I had 2 support tickets from July 2016 and February 2017. No one ever responded to these tickets Problem: Every time I attempt to open the new account to follow these instructions I receive a red pop up stating that the new account has been deactivated and would I like to reactivate it? There is no action for reactivating so I am stopped at this point Can anyone offer any solutions for me? Any help will be gratefully accepted.
  21. scottmccracken

    mac Evernote Won't Stay Signed In

    My goal is to have Evernote save my username and password and automatically log me in every time I start up the mac version of the app. Seems easy enough, the first time I fire up the application I enter my username / password and check the "stay signed in" checkbox. After a successful login I then shut Evernote down. The problem is every time I start a new session with Evernote it pops up the login screen, even though I asked it to stay signed in. Subsequently I find myself rarely using the app because I don't want to enter in my password each time. I tried deleting the app and re-installing it to no avail. This is not a problem for Evernote on my iPhone. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks in advance.
  22. somethingsomething

    No log in button on homepage

    There is no log in button on the home page. And it does not navigate to my note page even if I'm logged in (ticked remember me for 30 days). In order to log in, I have to click on create an account, then scroll to the bottom to click on the small green log in text. This is just very redundant and silly UI design.
  23. All, I'm currently on the free plan, and the email address I am using to login will be deactivated soon so I need to change my login email address. I used the Google Login factor, and I'm trying to change the email address, I get the "Verify your Email" when I type in the new email address for login, and I go click Verify in the email, and when I try to log in with the new email it says it can't find the acount, but I can still sign in with my old/current email address. Any thoughts on how I can change the email address?
  24. I have the option for Evernote to "Open At Login" unchecked, but the application still opens every time I restart/relogin to my computer. I tried enabling the feature by checking it, to see if functionality was reversed by accident, but it still opens. The toggle does nothing. Would love to see a fix for this!
  25. ana.ti@oulook.com

    Login com e-mail já criado

    Boa tarde. Gostaria de uma ajuda. Comecei a usar o evernote e na hora em que fiz login escrevi meu e-mail errado e não me atentei, criei cadernos e já me organizei inteira dentro do evernote para usá-lo no meu trabalho (com o e-mail escrito errado) e quando decidi verificá-lo no meu celular e fui fazer o login com o e-mail correto ele criou uma conta em branco. Não demorou para eu perceber o que eu tinha feito e cancelei a conta com o e-mail correto a fim de trocar o e-mail da conta errada para ficar tudo certo. Só que... agora o evernote diz que a conta com o e-mail correto já existe (mesmo que deletada), acredito que por alguma política de possível reativação. E assim fico presa eternamente em uma conta com e-mail errado. Me ajudem por favor? Vi que o suporte da evernote é pela comunidade, então vim expor toda a minha problemática. Obrigada.