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Found 34 results

  1. Laughingchance

    Syncing from Livescribe+

    Hi, as a newbie I'm hoping someone can help. I've started using Evernote again after quite a few years of not touching it. The main reason is that I've just bought a Livescribe 3 pen and am loving it so far. However, when it syncs the contents from the Livescribe+ app, on several occasions it has created a duplicate notebook within Evernote. So I have my Notebook 1 with all my notes in it - I go to a meeting and take a few pages of notes. When I sync this with Evernote it has either created a new "Notebook 1[2]" and put all content in there, OR, today it created a new "Notebook1[2" with just the new notes from the meeting. I then have to move them all into the real notebook and delete the duplicate one. It doesn't always do this - sometimes it works just fine, adding the new notes to the existing notebook. I'm hoping someone else has seen this behaviour and has found a way to prevent it. Thanks, Jack.]
  2. So My Livescribe Wifi pen is dying a slow, painful death. I want to be able to hand write my notes on paper, add audio when necessary and have them, (hopefully), automatically sync to EN. What are my alternatives, if any, when my pen finally dies? I'm an Android user FYI. Thanks.
  3. Hi there, I have my Livescribe 3 Pen connected to both my ipad and iphone and take notes in meetings with audio. When I am syncing to Evernote the audio doesn't seem to be syncing. Pages are coming across fine. A notification on the evernote page appears "Download this PDF to your computer and go to www.livescribe.com/player". I was under the impression the audio synced to Evernote automatically?
  4. My math instructor has uploaded livescribe recordings in Evernote. I asked for "permission to access" and she granted it but I still cannot access. I've tried different browsers, different computers, updating my browser. Any suggestions?
  5. スマートペンの購入を考えています。 Smart Penを使用してEvernoteに手書きのメモを同期させたいのですがエヴァノートは、どのスマートペンにも対応してますか? 後どのノートやメモでも対応できるのでしょうか? それもと専用のノートが必要ですか? まだアメリカのサイトで確認したのでわからないのですが、スマートペンの機能は日本語に、対応してますか? 返信よろしくお願いします。
  6. The recent Evernote update (Mac 6.0) took away the ability to tag notes generated by Livescribe pens. In the past, we were able to tag Livescribe notes, but not edit them directly. Now with the update, no tags will stick and it says that "This note was created in another application. To edit this note, open it in the app where it was created." The problem is that the Livescribe-Evernote partnership means that Evernote is the only way that Livescribe Sky users can access the content on our pens. There is no other software for Sky users. I contacted Livescribe about the problem and received the following response: "Unfortunately, you will need to contact Evernote support to fix this issue: https://evernote.com/contact/support/ " Has anyone else encountered this and found a workaround? Thanks, Tad
  7. I am having a problem with uploading my notes from LiveScribe+. When uploaded to Evernote a wrong date is coming up, some 4 years in the future. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  8. Hi, I recently purchased a Livescribe Pen, and it's supposed to come with a free trial for Evernote Premium. I thought I purposely did NOT activate the free trial, because I wanted to wait till I had time to test out all the features. Now, I just received an alert saying that I only had 7 days left on my free trial. So, I went in and tried to access a few of the features, specifically, the context feature, where it shows me how my notes are relevant to web based content. I can't seem to find this feature, and I'm inclined to think my free trial, while it has been ticking away, isn't actually activated. Amanda
  9. Hello there! I just started using Evernote and love it. I'm having trouble with pencast integration in Evernote. I put the file there fine, but I can't play the audio or interact with the pencast in any way without it opening the whole PDF. While in Evernote, it says "To hear and play this pencast PDF on your computer, click here to get the latest version of Adobe Reader." When I click it, it just opens the PDF and I can play it fine. Why is this? I have the latest version of Adobe Reader - I've checked and double checked, and even reinstalled it. Could it be my pen (I have an Echo Smartpen)? I've contacted EN support about this but they're flummoxed. Any tips on what I can do to fix it? Thanks!
  10. I'm an avid Livescribe user and recently switched to the Sky version which synchs xclusively to Evernote. Each Livescribe notebook page appears as a separate Evernote note. Often I want to gather several pages together and print them to a single PDF as meeting notes. Evernote for Windows is awesome of this, just select the pages in the list view and hit File\Print. Unfortunately, with my Livescribe notes, It's rare that a group of 2 or more pages will print in the correct order. I've tried sorting by by Created and unclicking Reverse Order. It makes sense that this would work, but the creation time stamps don't seem to be driven by when the pages were written in Livescribe. It would be ideal if their were a way to order a group of pages before printing.
  11. What I am trying to do is scroll through slides following along with my lecture and attach the audio either from a dedicated bluetooth mic or a cell phone with a compatible mic app that I can place at the front of the class. 1. Is it possible to use Evernote to attach audio to specific slides automatically as I scroll through them, or does each slide need to be imported individually? 2. What microphone is best to use at the front of the class, a cell phone or dedicated bluetooth? 3. Can I also use a livescribe sky or echo to simultaneously attach additional written notes and diagrams to the slides? I am asking these questions because I am trying to choose between evernote and a livescribe or sonocent auto notetaker. As far as I can see the sonocent system would be perfect for attaching audio to slides. So far I can not see if evernote can do this. However I like the integration with livescribe Sky that is available with evernote, but there is the limitation of using the pens mic or the headset and I do not know if it will pickup good audio from the lecturer at the front of the class. Any advice or insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hi. I have been using a Livescribe 3 for a few months. The app sends automatically everything I write or draw to my Evernote account. It works really well ! The only thing with which I am still struggling is Evernote's OCR. Evernote recognizes a lot of my words, but very few proper nouns, and apparently no complete expressions... As a result, so far, impossible to retrieve a note via a codename or a project name... The results on the Livescribe app are much much more relevant... Does anyone know if it is possible to parameter Livescribe and/or Evernote in order to get better results when searching handwritten notes on Evernote ? Charles Paris France
  13. How do I sign up for the free Evernote Premium with purchase of Livescribe smartpen? The Evernote web site indicates that they are offering 1 year of premium service if a Livescribe smartpen is purchased before tomorrow 4/30. I've purchased the pen, but do not see how to sign up for the premium service.
  14. Does syncing via Penultimate or the Livescribe pen/moleskin combo get counted towards your monthly upload limit? I'm hoping the answer is no.
  15. Hi there. I've just upgraded to Evernote for Windows 5 and am dealing with what I believe to be a fairly serious feature regression for Livescribe pen users. Earlier versions of Evernote displayed a full-page image of a synced Livescribe notebook page provided Everynote's "Note Panel" (and the Everynote app window) was sized sufficiently. With 5.0, it now seems only the top two-thirds of the Livescribe page image is shown even when there's sufficient screen real estate to show the entire LiveScribe page. In order see the full page one must now click on the page image which then launches the browser and loads the full page from Livescribe.com This extra-step dramatically limits the efficiency of reviewing and tagging synced Livescribe pages. Is there a way to view the full Livescribe notebook page within the Evernote 5.0 app? I'm hoping it's just a configuration setting I'm missing. Many thanks. - Sean p.s. if the above is not clear, I can share screenshots attached.
  16. Hi, I am just discovering Evernote, so I know very little and have lots of questions. I am a teacher and use Livescribe to record notes for my students. Livescribe has both visual writing going on along with a recorded voice explanation. I want to upload these Livescribe Pencasts, (PDFs) so my students could access them using a PC, a Mac, an I phone, an I-pad, an Android phone, a Samsung, or any other device. Would Evernote allow me to do this? Thanks for your help!
  17. Does anyone know if evernote is working to allow editing of livescribe handwritten notes in evernote? I have the Sky WiFi pen and you cannot use livescribe desktop, only evernote. However, when you want to edit the notes, lets say highlight something on the page, you can do nothing except read the page and add tags.
  18. Hi I've been having a hard look at this combination, in particular how it might work for incorporating handwritten notes into Evernote and having them indexed and efficiently searchable. As part of the process I did some practical trials of different approaches and the outcomes may be of interest to those working out their own workflows. The opinions expressed apply purely to my own approach to the issues and are not intended to be the answers for everyone! I wrote this up as an Evernote note, the link is below: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s295/sh/bb3d6095-7d18-4740-ab19-9840b7cdc327/b2b70536c1a365cedfb7da07cce1330c Q
  19. Just updated Windows to 5.0.2 and my Livescribe pages are cut off at the bottom. I can see the top part of my notes but not the bottom as the frame is too small for the page it is trying to display
  20. I am using a Sky Livescribe pen and syncing my notes to EN. The problem is the bottom of the pages are getting cut off while being displayed. There is writing there and when I click and drag the note the little thumbnail shows there is text there. But I can't see it when I am just looking at the note in EN. Has anyone else come across this problem? Thanks
  21. When are we going to get the ability to export Livescribe pen notes as PDF's or better yet, into text like you used to be able to do with the MyScript plugin. There is no workaround with this since Livescribe starting using Evernote for their note archives a year ago. I want to export the notes in a format OTHER than HTML which is useless in this environment. I need a PDF or at worse case, and Image so it can me shared easier.
  22. I have been using Evernote for a year now, since moving over with my Live Scribe Sky Pen. The OCR in evernote is good for searching handwritten notes, but when am I going to be able to export those notes as text! This was something was was in LiveScribe thru the MyScript plug-in. When Can I get that done in Evernote! Also, when can I export my notes as PDF's or just images to be processed further. HTML export is not what I'm looking for! I'm pulling my hair out on process workflow here since moving into the Evernote Ecosystem. Any help is appreciated!
  23. I gave my wife a livescribe sky, which was working fine until yesterday, when she took part in an important professional meeting but... she can't sync her audio notes to evernote. the image is there, the audio is not. this will have serious professional consequences, since she was counting on the smartpen to register everything and then later share it with her bosses. so... I went through your support pages and nothing worked so far. I deleted the evernote files, I re-authorized the app, I even tried to sync with another evernote account... in vain. the weird thing is: if I create a new note with audio, it works fine. is there a way to re-sync everything? is there a way to get this infou out of my smartpen? her job is at risk and I don't know what to do
  24. Is it possible to unlock pages you create by Skypen in Evernote? All my Skypen pages are locked so I can't change the title page to something more meaningful and searchable. And I can't even add tags. Right now my Evernote is telling me that I need to go to my Livescribe account/app to modify anything, which totally defeats the point of using Evernote as the go-to app for everything.
  25. I upgraded from an Echo Livescribe pen to a Wifi Sky pen. The Sky pen is not compatible with Livescribe Desktop, but may use Livescribe Helper to transfer notes. Why am I unable to transfer my Notebooks from my Livescribe Desktop to Evernote? I have the "Connector" configured correctly and I have been able to send a test email to my Evernote email address, but not my Notebooks. Please HELP!