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Found 28 results

  1. andy stoker

    text disappears while editing.

    I have version 6.0.16 on a MAc using OS10.7.5. Recently I noticed that if I edit text in a note, as soon as I type within a sentence the rest of the text to the right is highlighted, then deletes. This makes is virtually impossible to edit notes now! Also, if I do a hard return, I cannot reverse it with a delete key. My laptop Evernote 6.0.8 does not do this. Is this a known problem?
  2. Hi all, When I modify the line of the note, for example to insert a character and correct a typo, Evernote selects the whole line. Therefore, when I click another key, the selected text is deleted. Not sure if my explanation is clear. 1- Let's say that I have this text 'Hello fend, how are you? (enter)' 2- I want to correct 'fend' and write friend. I put the mouse pointer after 'f' 3- I type 'r' 4- Evernote automatically selects 'end, how are you?' till the (enter) 5- I type 'i' and, of course, I delete 'end, how are you?' and write 'i' instead. As you can imagine, it is very annoying. I am using Evernote Version 6.0.16 in a Mac 10.7.5. Thanks!!!! R.
  3. wizzzard

    Automated edit function

    Cannot for the life of me figure out how to get out of this edit mode where anytime I go back and edit existing text, the remaining part of the sentence is automatically highlighted and deleted with the next keystroke. I assume the solution to this is glaringly obvious and I'm an idiot, but it's making writing in Evernote a nightmare. Am I in some sort of special editing mode? A parallel universe where this is a desirable function? Please help. Thank you.
  4. hi..i have been experiencing something strange the past few days whenever i am editing a note...as i type in new info, or edit current content, the note highlights a portion of text and then w my next keystroke it deletes itself...needless to say this is a huge annoyance...i am able to use command Z to recover the text but each time i edit, it does it again...i have tried twice to reinstall the app and it still happens...HELP!!!
  5. Recently, when I use the desktop app for Evernote on my Mac (laptop), every time I try to write something between previously typed words or sentences (i.e. edit existing text), Evernote just randomly select a group of words, and then overwrites my new typed words/sentences on top of the randomly selected sentences. This is very frustrating when you are editing your work. Any idea why this is happening, and how to solve it? THanks,
  6. I have been using Evernote for years now and I feel like this is new thing. When typing and editing in a middle of a sentence soon as i hit one key on the keyboard it selects the rest of my sentence leading me to type over and lose what was there. This is a horrible horrible feature since I am always going back editing and adding on to my evernotes. Is there a setting or something for me to turn this off?
  7. I'm on a Mac with OSX 10.7.9. I'm using the latest version of Evernote for the desktop, 6.0.16. Something new has just starting happening in the last two or three days. When I try to edit a note and put the insertion point where I want to type, typing just one character immediately selects from the insertion point to the end of the current paragraph. Typing another character then, of course, replaces all the selected text with that next character. I've never seen anything like it. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any ideas about how to correct it?
  8. When editing a note if I place the cursor in the middle of a word then backspace ('Delete' on MacBook) to remove a letter the entire paragraph from the cursor to the end of the paragraph becomes selected. It is then deleted if I hit another key.
  9. OS X 10.7.5 Lion It seems since installation of EN 6.0.10 When I hit the return key the page scrolls down. Workaround: move problematic text to a new page, work on it there. I doesn't exhibit the problem. Perhaps it's associated with the length of document, IDK. Thanks, Craig
  10. timmyo1977

    Version too old

    I am getting this error message since upgrading to latest evernote version- your local evernote data is being managed by a newer version of Evernote. Please use the latest version. Mac os X 10.7.5. Help please!
  11. Hi all, Seasoned evernote user and I'm having major troubles with Evernote on my Mac. I use an older mac laptop runing Mac OS X Lion. I have hundreds of notes to process and desperately need to organize the notes into notebooks. Everytime I uset the "move to notebook" menu command and start typeing a notebook name in the search, Evernote hangs/crashes. Details: Macbook Pro 13" Mac OSX Lion 10.7.5 (supported by evernote version below) Evernote 6.0.1 I am in need of a solution to organize these hundreds of notes, clicking everything with a mouse is insane for a productivity oriented app. I'm loosing faith in Evernote and also looking for an alternative. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Recently I have encountered a problem with Evernote's Chrome Web Clipper. When I clip on the clipper icon only a small white box appears and nothing else shows up. Also when I go to the options for the Web Clipper it is just blank form with no text on it (like in the screenshot below). I have tried deleting and reinstalling the extension hoping it was just a small problem with the previous installation. However, that doesn't seem to work either, I still encounter the same problem. I also have the Safari version of Web Clipper and it seems to work just as fine. I am really stuck here can anyone help me? FYI I have Google Chrome 16.0.912.41 beta and Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2
  13. mac os lion(10.8.3)で最新ver(5.0.7)を使用しています。 個人的な嗜好で、ほぼキーボードのみで操作しています。 そこで、下記のようなショートカットキーはあるでしょうか? また、ない場合、今後追加を検討いただけませんでしょうか。 ■アクティブカーソルの移動(ノートリスト表示時) ・ノートリスト→ノートエディター内 (現在は代用として:編集したいノートを選択 → ⌘L(タイトル編集) → [tab]) 一般的なイメージでは、[enter]押せばエディターに移動しそうですが… ・ノートエディター内→ノートリスト (現在は代用として:⌘J(ノートブックに移動) → 今開いているノートブックを選択 → [enter]) 現在は1ステップ多いと感じています。 よろしくお願い致します。
  14. Anyone running Mac Lion 10.7.5 having Any Issues with FireFox 19 (FF19) & Evernote Clipper or Clearly? I am now VERY cautious before I upgrade FF on my Mac because in the past the FF upgrade has often broken Evernote Clipper and/or Clearly. I did a Google search, and found NO issues, but I just want to make sure. In fact I found this EN Forum post that stated that FF19 actually solved some EN Clipper issues. Thanks for your feedback.
  15. Hi I have a Macbook Pro 4GB 2008 running Lion 10.7.5 Evernote 5 When I open Evernote it automatically goes to Full Screen. I can't get out of full screen mode. The window opens I see the Menu options for Evernote at the top of the screen. They slide off to the left (via apple magic) and I'm able to access my notes but not perform any of the Tope File Menu options because they do not appear when I move my cursor/mouse/trackpad to them. I've tried to click the minimize arrow when it briefly appears but this does no good. The program goes to full screen and the screen with Menu options has moved away to the right and I can't access it. I can't figure this out and it's driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Ok, its me again. I have the base model Macbook Pro Retina with Mountain Lion and Evernote 3.3 After I minimize Evernote from full screen or go back to the desktop, there are several new untitled notes opened in their own window... The longer I am in full screen the more new notes I find left on the desktop. Kindof like owning a ferret and finding presents all over the house.... Hope this information is helpful. I LOVE Evernote and find it indispensable. --- although not nearly as bad as my constant crashing,,,it would be nice to have this fixed too.. Thanks guys!!!
  17. Evernote. 3.3 is crashing constantly on me. I have the latest Mac Pro Retina with Lion. PLEASE FIX & HELP!! I've read this is a common problem. It usually occurs after I have used evernote a lot in one day. I restart evernote, I restart the mac, but it continues to plague me....
  18. I know where my Evernote data is supposed to be ie /Users/me/Library/Application Support/Evernote/Data but I simply cannot find it on my Macbook Lion. I have Library viewable on my Finder sidebar but just can't find the Evernote/Data directory. What am I missing?
  19. I have yet to get the Evernote desktop client to launch successfully on my no longer new MacBook Air. Attached is the error message that comes up each time. Any suggestions? Evernote crash report.rtf
  20. Does anyone know what I need to do to continue using my Evernote account now that I have upgraded to Mac 10.7 Lion from 10.6 Panther? My old application will not work. It is still holding all docs but, cannot use it.
  21. This just happened recently: Whenever I enter full screen in Evernote, whenever I open a note, it opens a non-fullscreen window version of the note (as opposed to the fullscreen window, which it's supposed to do), and it then kicks me out of the full screen space, and won't let me back into it. The only way out of it is to quit the application. If I try to Cmd+tab back into it and click it real fast (before it boots me out of the space), the program usually crashes. I wiped out the preference file in ~/Library/Preferences but the bug is still there. This is EXTREMELY annoying. Updating the app didn't work either. What do?
  22. Hi there, unfortunately, Skitch has never worked for me. It always crashes on startup and the icon disappears from the dock. I tried every version I could get my hands on, deleted everything (such as preferences and the other plist files) and tried again. Here's my console log: ######################### Process: Skitch [41543] Path: /Applications/Skitch.app/Contents/MacOS/Skitch Identifier: com.skitch.skitch Version: 1.0.7 (1.0.7) App Item ID: 425955336 App External ID: 4025517 Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: launchd [226] Date/Time: 2012-02-15 09:08:53.147 +0100 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.7.3 (11D50) Report Version: 9 Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000 Application Specific Information: objc[41543]: garbage collection is OFF *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[__NSArrayM objectForKey:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x5dd540' *** Call stack at first throw: (...) ############################### FULL VERSION: http://pastie.org/3386205 Please help me!
  23. I'm having a weird issue which I took two weeks to identify. Each time I tried to export a whole Livescribe notebook (because I didn't use Evernote until now) to Evernote, it didn't work. I just suddenly realized the History tab in Connect, and saw that the reason the Pencasts would not export to Evernote is because they're far too big. Now my issue - over the past two weeks I tried a couple times, casually while doing other tasks and not paying attention, to export this notebook to Evernote, each time failing. Each time an export starts, I see my available disk space quickly ticking down - in terms of I have eaten up probably at least 15 gigs doing this. I have a lot of recordings on each of the 70+ pages I was trying to export. These failed Pencast exports are somehow somewhere remaining on my computer, and I can't despite browsing logs and digging, I can't figure out where they are stored. So now I have a lot of disk space tied up because of this and I don't know where to look to find the Pencasts that are somehow in limbo after Livescribe exported them and they failed at getting into Evernote. Help please someone! I'm not sure if they are saved somewhere on the Livescribe side or somewhere locally on my hard drive (because they wouldn't have made it into a notebook to sync) in Evernote.
  24. Hi - I'm having issues with the web clipper in safari. i'm running the most current osx, and safari. i have downloaded the clipper as an extension. essentially what happens is when i click on the web clipper, it always asks me to sign in each time (even though i always click the box to have it remember me). then when i clip a page or a portion of a page, it says that it's clipping, but it never actually shows up in evernote. help!
  25. I cannot copy an image from an Evernote into Photoshop. I've tried selecting the image and using Command-C, contextual menu, edit menu, etc. I can copy and paste into an app like Mail or TextEdit, but not Photoshop. I have CS 5.1, Lion, and the latest version of Evernote. Very frustrating. The only way to get an image from an Evernote into Photoshop is by dragging and dropping the image.