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  1. You guys have a great product! I love it. It just doesn't work consistently in my preferred desktop browser... Some times when I open a note in Firefox nothing except for the title shows up. If I open the same note in Chrome it works fine. Opening a different note in Firefox works fine too. I don't know if it matters but I have only seen this happen with a web-clipped note. The clipping was done using the Firefox plug-in. Browser: 54.0 (64-bit) Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu Canonical - 1.0 os: Ubuntu 16.04, kernel version 4.4.0-91-generic
  2. native linux client

    Hi, Many of your users would love it if you could make a first class linux client, just like the mac and windows clients. Please consider this.
  3. I'd really appreciate the awesome PDF features that are on the desktop clients on EvernoteWeb. (preferably on the "old" version where it still looks like the windows evernote desktop - the new version is so much more cumbersome to use and creates multiple copies of my notes everytime it refreshes... but that's a separate issue) I have been a premium member for years and my main box needs to be linux. I can use a Windows box and all the nice premium features for evernote desktop sometimes, but that's not always possible, and I totally don't get my money's worth when I'm using EvernoteWeb. None of the Linux clones of the evernote desktop have the PDF viewing, searching and annotating features that the Windows one has. Now that you're basically Google, surely there are enough resources to either: a) give the linux premium users the same EvernoteDesktop that Windows and Mac get, or b), Make a "Premium EvernoteWeb" that has the same PDF etc features. Thanks
  4. The search feature is not working in the Classic view in my Chrome browser. I am using a Linux Ubuntu version of Chrome, Version 56.0.2924.28 beta (64-bit). There was an update just today so there might very well be a bug in the browser. When I try to search by tag, the center column only displays a few of the tagged items, say the first ten. When I clear the filter and hit 'Search' again, nothing shows in the center column, which is set to Snippets view. I just tested it in Firefox and it is working fine, so it must be something in the Chrome beta. Any suggestions on how to attack this with Google? I'm not sure how to get them the right data.
  5. I use Evernote constantly on my phone and also used it when I was still on macOS. I've recently been transitioning to Ubuntu though and I've found that I'm either stuck with the suboptimal web app or with third party clients all of which are nothing too great. So is there any hope for an official desk Evernote app for Linux anytime soon (or at the very least, Ubuntu)?
  6. Download Link: - Beta 10/
  7. Hello, I know there is no Evernote client for Linux. For the moment I am ok using Evernote Web. But I would like to know if there is a way to backup the notes and store them locally as text files. I am on Debian (Jessie). I found GeekNote but I am not sure they provide that feature. Thanks
  8. I know there are various articles/blog posts on this, but I find that online authors for tech-related subjects usually have very little in-depth info and are generally just skimming the surface as they churn out as many fluffy click-bait articles as possible. We have a number of Linux users here, so I'd love to hear from you - which Linux client is your favorite and why? I'm looking to pick an EN client to run on Ubuntu.
  9. Hola, desde hace años uso Evernote y desde hace unos meses uso la versión PLUS. Me encanta Evernote y es mi centro de control. Problema: en casa uso Mac OS, tableta y teléfono Android y en el trabajo Windows 10 y de unos meses a esta parte Linux. En todas las plataformas hay clientes nativos para Evernote, menos en Linux. En la empresa se empieza a adoptar Linux por el creciente número de usuarios en todos los ámbitos (empresa y hogar). Vale que está el cliente web que va muy bien cuando estás usando ordenadores o dispositivos que no son tuyos o que usas puntualmente. Pero no creo que sea la mejor solución para usar en el día a día. De ahí que empice a buscar y descubro sorprendido que no hay un cliente nativo para el magnífico sistima operativo del pingüino. ¿Por qué no existe? Un servicio tan innovador y útil como evernote ¿por qué no tiene ningún cliente oficial? No me creo que sea porque haya "pocos usuarios de linux". Hoy en día hay frameworks y muchas herramientas que permiten en desarrollo multiplataforma, por lo que el coste sería mínimo. El servicio que ofrece Evernote es mágnifico y es una lástima que se limite el acceso al mismo a los usuarios habituales de Linux. La interfaz web está bien, pero no para el uso diario e intensivo.
  10. C@ros bom dia, Estou no evernote via interface web (firefox 45.0 - ubuntu 14.04). Vez or outra quando estou editando uma nota ela vai sendo replicada no caderno. Algo como à medida que vou escrevendo na nota ela vai gravando o seu conteúdo em uma nova nota em vez de atualizar a nota corrente. Alguém já passou por isso? Luís
  11. As a premium subscriber - I want evernote to make my versioned notebooks available in evernote markup as git repositories. The minimum implementation would be a daily cron or similar to export/update a personal read-only git repo for version controlled backups. A backup is not a backup if it cannot be restored, it is an archive at best. Next step is to allow me to restore my evernote information from my Evernote git repository. The rationale: I have an easy backup mechanism - running git clone on a regular basis. Anyone who can use git, will want (and understand) this feature, which would be amazing for Windows, OsX, and Linux It makes it easier for people to do whatever they want with regards to personal automation around their evernote notes. It will lower the barrier for innovation on evernote content on all platforms. If write access allowed, It makes it easier to use any other external text/xml manipulation tool to update evernote. Make it easier to detect and track changes in your documents, as git is a mature tool for this, and so are the tools that use it. This "git backup" feature has the side benefit of making it easier for mature 3rd party tools on unsupported platforms e.g. Linux, OpenBSD, or anywhere GUI's fail, but git works!. That's it. This is what i am campaigning for now.
  12. I'm looking to subscribe to Premium and would like to know, beforehand, whether it will be possible for me to tag multiple notes at the same time? I only use, and have access, to Linux PCs and Android phones. I have not found a way to accomplish this with Evernote Web or the Android app; although I'm probably missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi, first of all, I love Evernote and have been using it for several years. I searched the forums before I made this post, and I see there are some previous posts about just this topic, so even though I couldn't find any messages about making an official EN client for Linux- I'd like to chime in and make the request. For me, Evernote is about being independent of both operating system and web, being able to go offline and still be able to use Evernote. At the moment I can't do this when using any variant of Linux.
  14. Hi, I work primarly on Linux, so I'm using Wine to install and use Evernote. Everthing work nice and fine. Linux allows to paste clipboard with mouse middle button. Evernote uses middle mouse button to scroll through notes. Is there any way to change this behaviour? I would be gratefull for any tips to achive this.
  15. Hi all, The topic says it all: Where can I get/download a linux client? Creating a "paperless" workflow makes only sense in a device independent environment. I thought that evernote was exactly striving for this. Kind regards, Kay
  16. Hello everyone, I'm creating an Evernote Client for Linux : Recently I was trying to implement a Full Sync during first start, but i got an error saying that the rate limit was exceeded. So, should I break up the sync in multiple parts ? Or, as specified here we work this out ?? Thanks, Aniket
  17. Evernote no linux

    Prezados, passei recentemente a utilizar linux em meu computador e estou achando muito bom. Mas não conseguia rodar o evernote, do qual sou assinante há muito tempo e é minha ferramenta básica de trabalho com notas, reflexões, etc. hoje me dei conta de utilizar o Wine, no Linux para poder rodar o Evernote baixado no desktop. até agora está funcionando bem, apesar de alguma perda de qualidade visual. Mas ao menos penso que conseguirei utilizar o evernote off line (nem sempre onde estou tenho acesso à internet). alguém também utiliza o linux? se utilizar mande informações e dicas abraço Pedro
  18. Hi Gang- Trying to clip a number of full articles, one at a time, from website (actually creative writing piece of mine), the first is imported properly to Evernote. Subsequent ones bring in graphics from the original clip or keep reverting back to the first one even though I am on a completely different page with a unique URL. Using Ubuntu 14.04 and the latest Chrome 43.0.2357.81. Both clipping apps/widgets would see useless under this behavior. TIA, Vince
  19. Hi, all Maybe this question sounds stupid, but anyway Currently I am developing Linux-based application that interacts with Evernote servers. I will be using Consumer keys to authenticate users against their Evernote accounts. The question is very simple - since this is a Linux-based application these Consumer keys can be read by anybody. Is it safe to share one Consumer Secret/Consumer Key inside application with many users? Or is there any technique that solves this problem? Thanks in advance
  20. Clipper used to be pretty bad on Chrome on Linux but it has improved somewhat in past some time. There are still a few kinks to be resolved. I know its not a supported platform but it is web and we don't want to break it. Here they are. Text overlaps and is scrambled all over. Spinner items are also on top of each other. evernote_web_clipper_logs.txt
  21. Evernote for Linux

    Are there any plans for Evernote for Linux (Ubuntu)? Although using wine is an OK bandaid it's not quite the same as the organization of the notebooks are different, crashing occurs and certain features don't work.
  22. Dear all, I typically use Evernote under linux/wine - which works very well. However, recently I have had a couple of issues - I no longer see the note title, and text that I enter in the search box is also invisible. Things are fine with version, but somewhere shortly after there was a change. I note that something definitely changed - reports of the title font size changing, and then being fixed in the recent version. I was wondering if someone could tell me the exact change made - e.g. was the font chnaged? Perhaps then I can install the relevant font under wine to fix the problem... If anyone else has hints, I'd be pleased to hear them! Mark
  23. Text in Chrome Web Clipper on Chrome on Fedora Linux running is all garbled. Drop-down menus are broken too. I have had this issue for years now and I have reported this issue several times. It is something that has kept me away from Evernote on all my platforms. Clipper 6.2.6, 5e9ac9e/ (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/39.0.2171.95 Safari/537.36
  24. Am running the Windows version of Evernote 5.7.2 with Wine under Linux Mint 17.1. The application behaves very well and other than using the Wine version of Internet Explorer for web links, it is reliable and effective. I keep getting promoted to download the update... Evernote goes through the process, and then presents the following dialog. I'm pretty sure I've gotten updates before under this setup. I downloaded the update manually to a Windows machine and when I try to run it on my Linux box, it wants me to uninstall the existing version. Do I need to uninstall, or is there a way to update this within the current setup?
  25. Is Evernote affected by the Shellshock bug? Have not seen any statement in your webpage, blog, social media or here. I use it on iOS, Mac and Windows. More infor on Shellshock: