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Found 87 results

  1. I have my Evernote and Instapaper accounts linked. So whenever I highlight something in Instapaper the highlight gets automatically imported to Evernote. The one feature I've been missing with this, though, is absence of a URL link to the source were the highlighted text comes from. Is there some way to make sure that the highlight get's imported to Evernote together with the link to the original article?
  2. Hi It would be great if Evernote users could insert links of content created inside each note. I'm not referring to the internal link that each note already has. I'm suggesting that each part of the content of a note has a link of its own. Let me give a couple of examples of how this can be used well. I have a notebook where I write reviews of books I read. To each book I read I add a note in this notebook. But often the review can get big (and the content gets lost inside the note). It would be very useful if I could create a link for each chapter (whose content is inside the note) and create a summary at the top of the note. I also have a notebook where I keep my notes of lectures and small courses that I participate. I create a note inside this notebook for every course or lecture I watch. In the same way the content can get very big and get lost inside the note. So it would be helpful if each subtitle of my note had a link for me to create a summary at the top of the note. It is no advantage to me to have several notes (one for each chapter of the book I read or one for each topic of the lecture I watch) because it would be annoying to store and identify each of those notes.
  3. Stats for links

    I’d like to be able to see how many hits I receive on the Public Links I create.
  4. Note links were an excellent addition to evernote, so I can now cross reference my notes. However, I would like to be able to link to a saved search or tag in a note. I tend to have a master note for a project that links to all the bits of information related to that project. This can be cumbersome and time consuming to keep up to date using note links. The tag system is great here, because I always tag my notes with the name of the project, its a natural thing to do when creating a note. It would be cool if I could link to that tag, so that when reading / reviewing a note, I see in my see also section of my note a link that will run a saved search or tag search, so I can see all other related notes, without having to maintain the links between my notes manually. See Also Evernote Notes (tag:Evernote) or Evernote Project (search:Evernote)
  5. Hi.I've seen there is a lot of requests for improving links and such but I guess it's not been easy to come up with a good way to implement them.My suggestion/request will come as something I expect is at least a bit quicker of doing.What about changing the color of broken links (internal) so we can recognize them at first glance? (without hovering or double clicking, etc) Maybe making it RED, which is a color well-known as "get people's attention because something's not right". It may not sound as smart as some people would expect, but at least I think it would be helpful to know that the appointed link has a problem, and hopefully faster to release? I see that EN already uses two different shades of green for links created on EN desktop and another for EN iOS (or was this distinction made for public vs private links?), also blue for external links. So, what do you all think of this solution?
  6. I'm trying to get my archive of saved links in Facebook into Evernote as well as new links that I want to read later, but not publicly share. I like to use IFTTT to automate things when I can, but it doesn't have a trigger for Fb's saved links. So, I figured out a work around: In Facebook, create a new Page, in the setup: choose any category, name the page as something like "My links", skip through the remaining questions except those that are required. Once the page is made, go to Settings and Unpublish the Page. This will make it so that only you (or other people you add as Admins) can see what is on the page. In IFTTT, create a recipe that triggers with a new post to a Fb Page, and sends the link to En: Share new posts, or old ones in the Fb Saved Link page, to your new Page.
  7. Bom galera, eu fiz uma apresentação e adicionei alguns links de sites que eu salvei (com a extensão do Evernote), esses links estão dentro da apresentação principal, o objetivo deles é apresentar os sites durante a apresentação. O problema está em voltar de um link, ou seja, quando eu o abro tudo bem, más na hora de voltar para a apresentação principal não tem nenhuma opção, a alternativa é fechar a apresentação e iniciar novamente.Gostaria de saber se existe alguma maneira de voltar para a apresentação sem precisar fechar toda ela. Obrigado pela atenção.
  8. Table of contents WITHIN a note -- i.e., a ToC that jumps to headings created inside the existing note, NOT to other notes. (Moving the discussion below to Feature Requests)
  9. Firefox Missing Links on Web Clipper

    Today I tried to get an article on a wordpress blog, via clipper, but in the simplified article there are a few links missing. If I use Safari or Firefox reading mode, the links appear. Example: Original Post: You can show the original post here: Can you fix it? Thanks Andrea
  10. So far, you can only link one note to another. But you can't: Link one section of a note to another section of a note Link one section of a note to a section of another note EXAMPLE: Literally any wikipedia (<-- random example) page. After the intro description, there is a 'contents' box that links to itself later in a document. You can also click to links of sections of other pages on the site. OneNote already has this feature. I find OneNote awful BUT this feature is the one and only reason why I use OneNote over Evernote at work, and Evernote just for personal use. Please update your linking features!
  11. I use Evernote to save links, for studying and sources and whatnot. The unnecessary redirect is making things slow and uncomfortable. What even is the point? I have eyes. I can see that it's an external link. Please stop stopping me from smoothly opening links. It's annoying.
  12. I have added the same external website link into a note in 2 ways: 1. via pasting directly from copied website URL in a browser; and 2. via Format | Link | Add (command K) Both links work perfectly from Evernote (Evernote Links.tiff) Selecting all the content (both lines) and pasting, all content with both links pates OK into Scrivener, Keynote, wordpress... But, when I paste into a text document, or add notes in a calendar, for example, only link 1 pastes as a hyper link. Link 2 merely pastes the links visible description as text. (Pasted links.tiff) Can this be fixed, or is there a workaround?
  13. 1. Good grief, people. For God's sake make it POSSIBLE to report a bug. I don't expect a response, I just want to point out that it exists. 2. My version is (303788). But I had to type that by hand, because it can't even be copied, much less auto-filled into a message. 3. You can press Ctrl-K to add a link to text, but once the link is in place, Ctrl-K no longer works to edit the link. 4. You can right-click to edit the link, but when you do, the text that was there before is replaced by the link.
  14. It would be handy to see the url when the cursor is in linked text - like the link preview bar in the bottom left of Chrome etc.
  15. Hello. Currently we can add tag links to the shortcut bar in the Windows version, and the tags bar. I would like the ability to have clickable Tag links inside notes also (like with the shortcuts bar), so that clicking on that link in a note calls all notes with that tag. It would be an additional method of organization, since the top and side bars have limited space. Thanks for listening.
  16. Please tell me It ain't so! I don't seem to be able to create a note link in the EN client for iOS. If there ever was a deal breaker, this is it. What am I missing?
  17. It would be nice to be able to link to a tag, notebook, stack, and/or saved search within a note. I know you can make TOC notes on search results, but if new notes matching the search used are added, they are not automatically included in the TOC note. I think It would be nice to have a note that can guide me to related notebooks, topics, saved searches, or tags if I choose to do so. I would just expect the link to take me to the list view I linked to.
  18. I was wondering if it was possible to use the note links, so when you click them instead of opening the website and then having it redirect back to Evernote for Windows it just directly opens Evernote bypassing the web?
  19. Evernote on my Android tablet has suddenly stopped saving Chrome links properly. I go through the usual process on a Chrome webpage, selecting Share and then Add to Evernote, but instead of saving an html link as it always used to it saves an attachment which appears to be a screenshot of the opening page or something like that. I'd be grateful if anyone could give me any clue what I can do about this.
  20. is there a way to link to a specific line or part of a note? I know how to make links to other notes, but I'm asking if it's possible to link to certain part of a note within the same note, so internal links I have a lot of notes that range to fairly to very short because there is not much to say on the topic, so combining these notes into a longer one would be easier for organization purposes, but this also means that the typical method of linking means that the links to these combined notes goes to the start, not the specific topic or section that I want to directly go to
  21. Specifically I want to be able to click on a link in EN and go to Omnifocus . The reverse works. Pasting the link from Omnifocus into EN appears not to work. Can't use cmd-k or paste the link in directly. However, if you open the information panel on a note in EN and paste the link from OF into the URL field then click on "View Site" you go to the appropriate entry in Omnifocus. I just can't see how to insert the link directly into the note so that you can click and go to the appropriate entry in OF. Is there any way to create a direct link? Thanks.
  22. Does exist any way to merge several notes without these annoying links?
  23. Hye all I'm actually trying to organze my Evernote system so that i can do both Evernote/Todoist/Trello functions. I've made project note that summarize all of a certain topic. Each topic has a tag and a notebook (i don't know yet which system i'll be using). When i create a new note with a tag or in a notebook, I'd like to automatically create a link in the project note it depends on. Is a such thing possible ? Using Ifttt or maybe another thing Thanks. Have a nice day and happy Easter !!! PS : sorry i firstly posted my message in french i don't know why
  24. Hi, following a discussion requesting the ability to link Apple Mail messages into Evernote, I post this applescript. The procedure is: select an evernote Note (target) select one or more message(s) in Apple's Mail run the script. Link(s) will be created in the selected Evernote Note pointing to the Mail message(s). The link will work on any other mac having the same Mail account and even on iOS devices (provided the message is one of the most recent ones). Feel free to use it and modify at your convenience. set _links to {} set _Titles to {} set _dates to {} tell application "Mail" set _sel to get selection repeat with _msg in _sel set _messageURL to "message:\\%3c" & _msg's message id & "%3e" set end of _links to _messageURL set myTitle to the subject of _msg set end of _Titles to myTitle set theDate to date received of _msg set theString to ((time string of theDate) & " " & (day of theDate) as string) & " " & (month of theDate) as string set theAuthor to sender of _msg set theString to theString & " - " & theAuthor & " - " set end of _dates to theString end repeat set AppleScript's text item delimiters to return set the clipboard to (_links as string) end tell tell application "Evernote" activate try set theNotes to selection repeat with thisNote in theNotes set theHTML to HTML content of thisNote repeat with n from 1 to count of _links set _messageURL to item n of _links set theTitle to item n of _Titles set theDate to item n of _dates -- append thisNote html "<div><b><a href=" & _messageURL & ">" & theTitle & "</a></b></div>" set theHTML to "<div><b>" & theDate & " <a href=" & _messageURL & ">" & theTitle & "</a></b></div>" & theHTML set HTML content of thisNote to theHTML end repeat end repeat end try end tell
  25. My Evernote window is set up in the "Side List View" and I often wish I could insert a note link into the note I'm currently editing by dragging and dropping a note from the list into the note editor. The current behavior: When i click and drag on a note title in the note list, it will select the note I click+drag (closing the note I was editing and opening the "new" one for editing) and I can then then drag that note into itself and EN will insert a note link. This is counter intuitive. My requested behavior: the note I am currently editing will stay open, allowing me to drag the other note link into it. I would expect a note to open for editing when I click+release in the note list, when I click+drag I do not expect it to open a different note. Thank you!