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Found 29 results

  1. I have Linkedin linked with the Evernote Premium business card scanner. When I scanned my own card, in addition to the work-related info from the card, I also saw 2 personal email addresses that I have on file with Linkedin. Are these personal email addresses visible to other users of 'Evernote business card scanner', or just me? I don't want others to see this. I'm not a sole-proprietor, therefore obviously I have my personal email in my Linkedin account. Any suggestions? (this would mean some modification to my Linkedin account I presume) Also, I liked the option of emailing the person my contact info, but it requires changing my evernote email address to my work email. I won't do that, Evernote is my personal repository. Not sure why I can't just define a new email address for that purpose (after authenticating it of course). Is my only option to create a separate evernote account just for work? (which obviously is a pain to be switching in/out on your phone) Thanks! justin
  2. I went to a conference this past week. I scanned the business cards like I usually do. It is downloading their pictures and other information from Linkedin. However, it didn't offer to connect to them on Linkedin. Just Done, Scan Another, and Add to Contacts. I have used this feature before, as recently as April, so not sure why it is not working. Is there some setting I changed? Or Evernote changed?
  3. I don't know why but the web clipper can't clip linkedin pages anymore. I've tried several and they can be clipped. I chrome I get the same result. Any ideas?
  4. Hi all, I have just activated Evernote on my new Android phone. I had a notification to say linking my account to LinkedIn would give me a year's free business card scanning. Super! I scanned three cards and it has stopped working and keeps saying I must upgrade to Premium for that feature. But according to the system, I have a year's free card scanning by linking to my LinkedIn account. Any of you have an idea as to what has gone wrong? I have tried reconnecting to my LinkedIn account. No change though. Thoughts? Thanks in advance, Doug.
  5. The Evernote app on my iphone no longers sends LinkedIn invites. I have attached a screen shot of the error message: Email sent, invitation failed I tried disconnecting LinkedIn within Evernote settings and reconnecting, but I still encounter this error. I have Evernote Premium, using Evernote ios app, and version 10.3.1 ios.
  6. ctraverse101@gmail.com

    Evernote Premium not Linking to LinkedIn

    I purchased Evernote Premium last week specifically for its capability to link business cards directly to LinkedIn. However, this functionality is not working. Can someone please walk me through the process to get a working? I have a Samsung Note 5.
  7. Each time I scan a new business card, the default to connect to Linkedin doesn't work- I receive a message that my "email was sent" but "linkedin didn't connect" I looked at my settings and it shows me that I am connected to my LinkedIn account under Settings, General, Business Cards- Thoughts on how to fix this?
  8. You guys really need to update your clipper and add LinkedIn so it works with the new UI from LinkedIn.
  9. I checked a number of times and my evernote app and I'm definitely signed in to linkedin (i signed out and signed in again) It looks like no matter what I try, the contacts are not looked up or linked to their linkedin accounts (which was working just fine a few months ago) I tried many business cards and also using the scannable app but nothing seems to work. Any ideas why this might be?
  10. When I scan the card sometimes it nicely found the person on linkedin and load all the contacts. But sometimes not. I know the person profile and I would really love to link it. Is there any chance to do it manually? It would be so simple, instead of stupid and useless "add twitter account" there would be "add linkedin account" entry field. Or why it is not linking automatically?
  11. Use Case: As a person looking for a job I wish to clip job postings from Linkedin so that I can capture and share job opportunities. Background: Evernote could be a useful tool capturing and sharing job searches. Today evernote is limited as it does not support clipped from Linkedin job postings. The current functionality is limited only to contact information/user profiles. This limitation is counter intuitive. You expect the function to work across the site. It creates the impression that Linkedin integration does not work as properly.
  12. When using Evernote on iPhone 6, and using the camera to scan business cards, what happened to the "Connect on LinkedIn" option? It does not appear as stated in this KB article: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/53057988 I have downloaded Scannable but I can't figure out if that can be set up to automatically invite my new contact to connect on LinkedIn.
  13. Shanti10

    Can't link to linkedin

    Hi, new user of evernote so please forgive if I am posting in the wrong section. I cant seem to find a way to connect my linkedin account to evernote. I have taken a pic of a business card and it gets saved but nothing else happens. I understand that it should ask me to link to linkedin - but it doesnt do that. I have the linkedin app on my ipad all set up and logged in. The owner of the business card has a linkedin account. Help!
  14. The ability to have LinkedIn Context items is great - except it is a failure. When the Context system sees a name in an Evernote note it adds a LinkedIn profile link in the Context area. Sounds good? Wrong. Several people have the same name. Evernote's Context system simply guesses which one is the right one - and frequently gets it wrong. Either the LinkedIn Context connection system needs to allow Evernote users more control over which name is chosen, or the system needs abolishing. The fact that Evernote's Context system chooses the wrong LinkedIn names so many times means that this Context connection is useless. Evernote needs to make it work effectively and usefully, or just remove it. As it stands, it is useless.
  15. 2016 05 03 Evernote Premium / Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hi, My Evernote app stopped linking my business cards to Linkedin. It worked perfectly for months, all of a sudden it no longer links. The odd thing is that it still grabs the photo from Linkedin. Does anyone have a fix for this?? Thank you! Paul Hargraves
  16. I can scan business cards into Evernote and have them import nicely into Outlook 2013. And in my Evernote Contacts Notebook, I can even see the business card and a photo if they have uploaded their photo to Linkedin. I have not been able to have the photo go into my Outlook contacts folder. But recently one individual's photo did show up in my Outlook contacts. I don't see anything that was different about this contact that allowed the photo to appear in Outlook. It would be nice to have all available photos flow into Outlook when I scan the business card into Evernote. Any ideas on how to make this happen and how it happened with one individual contact? Thanks. Bob
  17. When Linkedin shut down cardmunch last year, they gave users 2 years of business card scanning on evernote. It seems that with the change in Evertnote tiers, that feature has gone away. Since it was promised for 2 years (and it's been almost 1), how do we get it re-enabled?
  18. I have Evernote Premium and wanted to try out the business card features. I am at a work related conference and so far, it is not working as well as I'd like. I have an Android phone and Evernote for Windows, version I hope someone can help with that. I collect business cards and make handwritten notes on the back side about the person. When I tried scanning them with my Android, I saw how it extracts out the information. It is too hard to add notes via an Android (my handwritten notes). In the Windows version, the note was locked and I couldn't manually add the information there. I also tried scanning the back side of the card and merging it. While it looked OK on the Windows screen, on the Android app, the image of the backside is on top of the the image of the front side. Any ways to fix this? What I had done in the past, prior to Premium, is I used my ScanSnap to scan each card double sided, as a JPG, and then just merged each person's front side and back side. Also, I thought that when you add a contact, it will try to connect with them on Linkedin. How do I do that?
  19. I was on here a couple of months ago because I had spent $1000 between Evernote Business accounts and a Evernote scanner. 2 MONTHS ON THEY STILL DON'T WORK. I live in the UK so between the time zone difference and non responsive support, I have traded, on average ONE email EVERY TWO DAYS with "support". By the way, I still can't turn on Linkedin integration or it crashes my machine!!!!!! I collect a lot of business cards and bought the scanner for the main purpose of the fraudulently sold integration of Linkedin. I also expected that after spending so much of my hard earned cash with these clowns, I would get $1000 worth of service. I haven't. My 2 month odyssey ended with TERRY O sending me a WORK AROUND, which was basically don't use the business card function and store all BUSINESS CARDS IN A PERSONAL ACCOUNT!!! You have to understand that for over a month so that I could scan stuff, they had me using an alternate account, which I transferred all the notes from the other day. Well, all my notes came in but were NOT in notebooks so I SPENT A DAY MOVING THEM AND CREATING NEW NOTEBOOKS IN MY OLD ACCOUNT. I have reinstalled snapscan and evernote dozens of time, and as of TODAY I still can't turn on Linkedin integration!!!!! SUPPORT IS NONEXISTANT, PRICES ARE EXTREME FOR WHAT YOU GET, DO NOT START USING THIS SYSTEM FOR YOUR BUSINESS UN;ESS YOU WANT TO PAY TO BE A BETA TESTER.
  20. Is there the ability to save LinkedIn articles in Evernote? I utilize it a lot to save articles, but have noticed it will not even open if I'm trying to save from LinkedIn.
  21. I have a sizable data store on Evernote. It is a great solution however the feature roadmap seems to be fragmented and incomplete. (1) Why can't I Add/Remove Business Card fields from the scans I make with ScanSnap on the desktop client (Max OS X) ? (2) Why can't I force Evernote to re-sync with LinkedIn for a particular Business Card ? (3) Why can't I force business card images that were old fashioned pictures before the Business Card feature to be re-evaluated as if they were being imported again? So far the only thing I can determine for each item # is: (1) Incomplete feature development? Can this be done in any other client? (2) Is this a restriction of the LinkedIn APIs? I can't imagine so. If a card can be linked at import why can't it be linked later once the information is already in the Business Card data types of the Evernote Databases? (3) Is image processing in this case a client specific task? The algorithm has not been implemented at the server level because they are relying on client OS APIs? I would be grateful if anyone can shed light on how to overcome these issues, and if Evernote could please consider adding them to the roadmap. It seems a lot of Business Card functionality is tied into the act of import, and if you already have 500 plus images, you are not able to use any of the new functionality unless you are willing to print and re-scan everything (ouch).
  22. I didnt get evernote premium for free after linking with Linkedin as promised. I cannot contact Evernote for help.
  23. Claude Warner

    Schedule Social Sharing

    I am an Executive Coach and have a fair sized network on LinkedIn. I would like to share articles from HBR and other sources with my LinkedIn network (which is already possible). What does not seem possible is to schedule the sharing of the note. I am aware that Evernote has a Remind Me function, but what I would like is to be able to type my thoughts/responses to a clipped article whilst they are still fresh, but then be able to schedule when it will be posted to LinkedIn. I may in one day clip several articles and I don't want to dump them all on LinkedIn in that same day, as I may then not clip articles for several days, which means that my LinkedIn shares will be very sporadic, whereas I would prefer a more structured publishing stream. Is this a functionality that could be incorporated into LinkedIn (even if only into the Premium version) or can anyone think of a workaround?
  24. Well, the process is simple: you meet a person, exchange business cards, and days or weeks later if there is interest, you connect to each other in LinkedIn. In the meantime, you have scanned already the business card, and there is no option to sync the scanned card with the contact in LinkedIn. Today this only happens when at the scanning process. So, simple question: could we have the syncing option with a button on top of the scanned card?
  25. (I meant "business card reader on the topic, but can't edit it now nor delete and re-post, if there's any admin reading this, please help Sorry for the mistake) Hello there, on IOS client (currently running 7.5.311939-5977e21 - Beta) when I try to scan a business card that has a group email (ie. bakers@bakeryplus.com) Evernote fetches what seems to be the most likely Linkedin match, which however might not be the one on the biz card (it seems email overpasses name check) so I ended up scanning 3 biz cards from the same group (and same group mail on all cards) and Evernote understood it as the same person. Currently I see no way of fixing or working around that, as in turning off Linkedin sync on-the-fly and back on for the next biz card. Is this working as design? Can we improve? Anyone experienced this already?