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Found 23 results

  1. Please let us select the thumbnail picture shown in the note previews. I read the forum and I saw there is an annoying work around, but that's why I'm requesting this feature for real. Something like: • right click the image and select "Use this as Preview image" (I believe this should be the easiest to implement) • right click the note preview and select "Pick a thumbnail" that leads to a small selection of the images available inside that note • right click the image and set a priority that overrides the current priority These are just ideas, but any of those would be amazing so we have decent control over the thumbnail pic!
  2. Hi, I use Evernote both for business and private, it's great! However, we have many notes that we want to create with same layout which currently is not possible. It would be nice to have a button to copy the selected layout to a new line (Windows or Mac client). See it like the paintbrush icon in eg. Microsoft Office apps. On the other hand, when we have used webclipper to copy/paste things or copied articles and want it to become plain text, it would be nice to select an area or everything in the note and be able to clear the layout. Last but not least it would be nice if we were able to select multiple lines of text (some selected lines, then some not, and later in the note some other lines) and change the formatting (font, color) or copy it etc. Hope it gets implementend some way. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  3. I'd love to be able to have presets normal text, Title, Subtitle, Header 1, etc etc the way that Google Docs does. I rely, heavily, on visual hierarchy when it comes to text content. As such I'm big on using Various sizes of text. It's a pain to constantly hit enter > change text size > change font weight. Would love this feature. Would be EVEN better if I could tag my note with a link to my Google Drive that would then create the document (in a folder you'd set up when creating the tag) and have two way sync. This way I can keep documentation in ONE place (since I'd rather have some stuff private).
  4. SMX-CT

    Moving on from Evernote

    Well, I switched over to ZoHo Notebook about 2 months ago and I absolutely love it. From a visual point of view. It's amazing. But an IMPORTANT note before you make the switch. They are relatively new to the market and as great as the software is, they are not nearly as far along as Evernote in the functionality. But they are making steady gains and I daresay that in the next year to 18 months they will be a strong contender. If you have many notebooks, I have over 100, Evernote no longer functions for me. I need the ability to visually scan all of the notebooks. The beauty of ZoHo is that you can create your own notebook covers. The sky is the limit and the aesthetics are limited to your creativity. They are slowly but surely adding the functionailies to the software. Today they added a "Quick note" icon to the top of my menu on the MAC. So that's great. You can save PDFs to ZoHo just like Evernote. Many features are still yet to come - but while Evernote is moving backward with their navigation, ZoHo is breaking new bounds. It is worth a hard look at switching over.
  5. Hi ? It would be more pleasant to read and write notes if we can customize the layout and typography. Like Bear App (http://www.bear-writer.com/). Thanks ?
  6. This new list view for a large amount of notebooks I have to say is horrendous. Please, please, please bring back the grid view Evernote team. I've been an avid EV user & promoter for years now but this change is just highly surprisingly not very user friendly. Please VOTE to bring notebook grid view back EV community
  7. Milli


    Back in the day, you used to be able to pinch zoom a note and the text would get bigger but remain within the window width. I believe this is called 'Autoflow'. Nowadays when you pinch zoom the text runs off the right side of the window and you have to scroll over, down, and back, over, down, and back to read with larger text. Needless to say, annoying. I found this old thread on the topic, but it is dead and has not been acknowledged by the Evernote team. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50402-page-autoflow-not-working/ It seems that Evernote Android is using an outdated WebView component which is the core of the problem. I would really like Autoflow to be repaired so I can read comfortably. If anybody has any information on fixing this or has their own experience with Autoflow working please let me know.
  8. Pyxarez

    Russian version bug

    See screenshot:) Link on the page: https://evernote.com/intl/ru/products/?utm_campaign=engt_web_downloadLink_WEB-45641C_v1&utm_source=evernote&utm_medium=web And the second bug with long note name and "Edit" link to the right(screenshot number two)
  9. I have Evernote installed on several machines, but only one of them seems to "forget" the preferred layout, and always starts with the "Snippet view." How can I force it to remember the last used layout view like my other machines? I'm using Win7x64 with Evernote installed (though this seems to have been happening for the last few releases at least)
  10. There are a bunch of options for the UI layout inside a notebook (card, snippet, list), but when dealing with notebooks in stacks, you either have the grid view or the slightly less bulky list view, neither of which is particularly helpful once you have a fair few notebooks in a fair few stacks. The list view, rather than expanding down the page, expands across, so it takes that little bit longer to process which stack is where once you accidentally opened something and notebooks spilled into another column. Perhaps a column format would help, not unlike a normal computer file viewing, where stacks would be in one column, and their notebooks in another, so there's no need to go looking. Or even something like assigning colours to stacks just to differentiate them.
  11. EltonTZ

    New Basics Resources

    It would be possible to create a writing system in which a figure stay aligned to the text (Just as we do in word and in blogs)? And I would suggest we can create text boxes to write in separate positions of the note. It would be interesting to have a calculator with basic operations plugged to evernote, so scholars could do math quickly in the note itself. And if possible add Greek symbols and some mathematical operations to the text in the note being left with a more pleasing aesthetic. Thanks
  12. I love the design of Evernote web, but not the desktop client. Is it possible to customise the desktop client to make it look like the web version? What font does Evernote Web use? What is its font size? And could we change default spacing in the desktop client? Thanks!
  13. Hi Evernote Team and all dear fellow Users! Let me introduce the latest new Evernote feature: Workspaces! In a nutshell: There would be separate windows/tabs in which we could customise the layout of the Evernote window. The idea: When I work on my professional notes, I do not need any other, non-related stuff. Just like online, with the 'focus' mode, I think you called it. The main reason behind it is the shortcuts. I would need much more shortcuts to be visible on the top bar to be as effective as possible. I would need some selected group notebooks and tags for each workflow. I am not a program designer, I have no idea how this would be possible. Still, I had an idea and I wanted to share it. Please see the attachments to get a better idea.
  14. Encognitus

    Log out option for new UI

    The new UI is lacking an option to log out. To do so currently you need to go to settings which takes you back to the old interface where the log out option is available. It would be nice to access this without having to go to settings.
  15. lometogo

    How to layout my screen

    I have experienced this problem before but have forgotten the fix. Here's my conundrum. I want a 2-colum layout. I am NOT showing the left column. My second column will show my notes in either card or snippet format, then the right column shows the notes themselves. So, in effect, I have two vertical columns: the left showing the card or snippet of each note and the right column showing the note. HOWEVER...and here's the problem, when I change the second column to list format, the list then shows in an upper panel and the notes themselves show in the lower panel, two horizontal panels (see attachment) What I want is the same vertical columns as i have in the card and snippet format. Can you give me the simple fix? Thanks so much.
  16. Hello ALL: I have a table in a Note... In the MAC version a TAB key in the last cell in the row will generate a new row.. Return starts a new line within the cell. MY QUESTION is: How do I force a New Line in the iOS version.. Return just puts a new line in the cell.. I want a new row in the table? Thanks Sam Baker sdbaker@gte.net
  17. Devin33

    Evernote Appearance

    My Evernote has recently gone plain--no formatting, really boring. It looks like this. I've tried reinstalling, but no luck. Any ideas?
  18. I'm very disappointed in the recent interface overhaul for the Mac client. It has turned it into a visual mishmash. The web client beta looks far better than the flagship now. Great job.
  19. Is the Evernote team working on a freeform layout view whereby a user can organize or layout notes in a freeform manner - similar to pinning index cards on a board for brainstorming? This type of function is available in other programs and incredibly useful for research, note taking, brainstorming, organizing etc. Without such a function the user is merely left with organizing alphabetically or by date which is virtually useless and visually pointless. Instead of writing ideas in a notebook and being limited by the order in which you wrote the ideas, you want to be able to tear the pages out, tack them on a board, group them, rearrange them, color code them and so on. Visually organize them! This simple function would take an already good note taking tool and make it so incredibly useful for creative types. Right now we are confined to these limited linear orders of notes that have no visual connection with each other. A good and very simple example of this is in a writing program called Scrivener. Written pages can be displayed linearly, like in Evernote now, but you can also move the order around manually. AND you can also display the pages (or notes) as index cards on a board, manually arranging, organizing, grouping, etc. Very simple, but also incredibly handy for research, writing and brainstorming. A more sophisticated version of this is the Google app Realtime Board. At the very, very least Evernote needs to allow us to arrange the order of the “notes” manually in the current linear layout without having to rename or number the notes to force the desired order. Thoughts?
  20. Gostaria de sugerir aos desenvolvedores: 1) Implemento de senhas para acessar o aplicativo nas plataformas Windows e Android 2) Inclusão da possibilidade de visualizar arquivos .jpg e .png na forma de anexo, tal como arquivos PDF 3) Mudança do layout de anexos. Em vez de estarem alocados no corpo da nota, poderiam estar dispostos no fim, em um espaço exclusivo, ordenados de forma alfabética ou cronológica 4) Inclusão de pilhas de cadernos dentro outra pilha.
  21. When I clip webpages using the Chrome web clipper, the design comes out chopped up. http://img1.uploadsc...022777-orig.jpg Form is missing http://img1.uploadsc...082189-orig.jpg Form is missing http://img1.uploadsc...095031-orig.jpg Content is missing http://img1.uploadsc...123683-orig.jpg Form is missing, lower content is missing http://img1.uploadsc...150164-orig.jpg Nav link bg is misplaced These are screenshots of the screenshots saved by Evernote. Don't get me wrong, I love Evernote! But it seems the web clipper is trying to read/reassemble the HTML/CSS of websites rather than take screenshots. I need exact screenshots for my needs (and therefore will continue to use the desktop version of Evernote). Thanks.
  22. Hello all. I have strange layout problem on Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Please see attached screenshot. As you can see "My Notes" section overlapped by "recent notes" section. I've try to move it aside without any success. Any suggestions? Thank you, Alexei.
  23. It would be greatly appreciated if Evernote had the capability to go into a "code view" for your notes if you so choose. The basic WYSIWYG editor is great for most cases, however I find myself wanting to do some formatting from time to time, or edit a document I did a clip of, that Evernote simply can't do without me marking up an html webpage instead, and then use the clipping tool again, and even doing some of the more simple things such as having lists inside other lists isn't possible on the mobile version of Evernote unless there's something I'm missing. The ability to optionally view and alter the actual markup of a note to edit it I feel would be a great asset for those of us who desire that little bit of finer control. This is one of the main drawbacks that is currently stopping me from using the Wiki System I currently use in it's place..