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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 4 results

  1. Scannable url scheme

    Are there any url schemes for the scannable app because I have tried finding the app in launch center pro and I cannot
  2. I love the new Launch Center Pro Action that lets you create an Evernote audio note, but it can't figure out how to send that note to a particular notebook - it always goes to my default notebook. I see that you can set a title and text, but not a notebook. I know just enough about URL actions to really mess things up, but couldn't figure out how to rewrite this so I could send the note to a particular notebook. It would always be the same notebook, so I'm hoping that's easier. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best, Harry
  3. I really like the new(ish) x-callback-url scheme which allows me to quickly create a new note with a title and body text from Launch Center Pro on my iOS device. I'd like to know if I can specify the tags and notebook for notes created via this URL scheme please? I know that this is possible via IFTTT, but I imagine that is passing in these parameters via the API - I'd like to know if this is possible (or planned for the future) just using the URL scheme? Thanks
  4. Hello Evernote employee Gods ....Thanks again for your incredible product !! I would like to get an official response from you on the topic of supporting Launch Center Pro and the URL scheme. There have been about 4-5 other threads started on this topic, but I could never find a response from Evernote. Launch Center Pro has really kicked it into gear in the past year and has added many new options and the number of followers is quite large. I would be excited to hear from Evernote on this since Evernote has a great track record of supporting it's customers and the URL scheme that Apple fully supports seems easy to implement as many top IOS apps are not doing it. Some of the other threads I have mentioned have proposed URL strings from the simple one to elaborate. I would be happy seeing a simple one for starters :-) Thanks in advance for your response. Nick