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Found 18 results

  1. Yet again I am going to try to go paperless. I will likely go to Premium so I can have the app on multiple devices. I am starting to use templates. Does anyone have a cool daily journal template they would like to share that really works for them? Once upon a long long time ago I was a Daytimer user and I used the two page per day with Notes. Would love something like that but with a "pretty" flair to it
  2. StephenNC

    Dividing up the Evernote space

    This is my first forum post, so . . . bear with me. I would like to split a note vertically providing a left and a right space. Making a table with two cells doesn't quite make it for creating a journaling (template) page. Thanks! StephenNC ncvet@biz-comm.com
  3. DayEntryHave one single Evernote note for any day. Log your thoughts, notes, records, timestamps, photos, reminders, geotags to the note quickly. All your notes are stored in the special Evernote notebook chronologically. The note is labelled with the current date automatically. You can have many journals selecting different notebooks. It’s best for doing your journal, diary, life log in Evernote. You can choose the date to make an entry freely if you miss the day. App automatically inserts geotags and timestamp. When offline the entries are stored locally until app is online. You can choose prepend or append notes, any date format. Link to download https://itunes.apple.com/app/dayentry-does-your-diary-journal/id909943922 Features: - Separate journals for each notebook. - Choose any date for entry. - Take and attach multiple photos per record. - Quick recent photo. - Insert checkboxes, bullets. - Add tags to the note. - Auto geotagging and auto timestamp. - TextExpander support. - Offline record queue. - Gestures: “Undo” and “Redo” with a two-finger swipe; move cursor with one finger swipe; Close/Open keyboard with one finger swipe. - Font size options. - Hardware keyboard support. - Auto-save in case device crash or battery depletion. Settings: -Append/Prepend note modes. -Option for timestamps, geotags. -Switching day time. -Default notebook. -Default tags. -Font size. -Date and time formats. -Save to camera roll. -Photo size. -Photo quality. - URL Schemes: dayentry://new dayentry://new?content=c dayentry://new?content=c&notebook=n&tags=t1,t2 Twitter: @Gosubits
  4. Create a new type of note that allows each entry to be new and automatically time-stamped. When viewing such notes, you can order the entire note by date-ascending or date-descending, so you can either view oldest-to-newest or newest-to-oldest. Each entry could be a collapsible item within the note and the View toolbar could be added to include a "Collapse all within <dates>" or "Show only those within <dates>" options to quickly collapse the journal note to just the entries you want to read.
  5. JasonT

    Trading Journal - Options

    I am using Evernote as a trading journal, most specifically for options trades. Currently, I add screenshots, and compose why I entered and exited a trade. The ability to compile and track data related to the trades would help maximize the use of Evernote as a trading journal. How might it be possible to compile data from each trade and compute various performance metrics within a notebook? Thanks for the help
  6. I've been thinking about starting a journal and I'm trying to decide whether to use Evernote or a program specifically made for writing a journal. I see a few options. - pen and paper - Evernote - blogging - program dedicated to writing a journal Evernote is nice, but it is a jack-of-all-traits kind of software. I was thinking that another program might give me some more functions that would be nice to have in a electronic journal. Does anyone use Evernote? Another program? Thank you.
  7. OK, I am sure many of you already know or do this, but I had a bit of an ah-ha moment this week. When I am working on my stuff for the week, much of it is already in Evernote. I was trying to track a separate journal for what I did each day. I finally stumbled upon this idea when working on a presentation post about Evernote.. Problem: Sometimes I have a hard time remembering everything I accomplished in a day or week, big or small items alike. I may need to reference something but I don't want a lot of overhead for tracking the work I am doing. I wanted some easy way to track things I touched each day. Solution: Go to your NOTES section in the sidebar so all of your notes are showing. If you don't already have the UPDATED field showing, right click and check the UPDATED field so it shows. Now, when you sort by updated, you will see all of your notes that were updated today. At the end of the day, select all of those notes and choose to create a TABLE OF CONTENTS note. Now you will have a note that auto-links to each item you edited that day. It makes it easy to not only track, but to get back to each item. I then label my note with a journal entry and CMD-SHIFT-D for inserting the date automatically. Then I file this under a Journal notebook to make it easy to track down. I can even add other notes to the bottom of the days entry. The cool thing is, this only takes a couple minutes to complete. It makes life easier days from now when you are trying to remember something you did Tuesday. My Duh-Tip. I would love to hear if others have done some cool things. If only there was an IFTTT recipe to automate this.
  8. Hi, I am looking for the most efficient way to keep a travel journal. Usually every weekend I go traveling or camping with my son or friends. I am looking for some best practices to keep the trips' journal so that there are these features: 1. Pictures with geo-tags - with possibility to write comments 2. Map with all the places' marks I've visited on that trip 2.a Optional - map with ALL the places I've visited 3. Sharing feature (like blog) 4. GPS tracks shown on maps - optional 5. Calendar tracking - so I can easily find where we've been on a certain weekend Will appreciate any thoughts and ways you guys keep such notes Thanks Michael Shparber
  9. Announcing a beta for TuskTools LifeLog: This is a mobile app - iPhone for now, Android likely if there is sufficient demand - which records the places you visit throughout each day. Whenever you depart a location that you’ve been at for about 5 minutes or more, LifeLog adds a note into a “LifeLog” notebook in Evernote, indicating where you were and when you arrived there. Just keep it running in the background on your phone and it will do its thing. Currently there's no interface in the app on the phone beyond a simple display of your last recorded location - the idea being that Evernote provides the interface. This may change going forward, depending on user feedback. Also, there's a lot of room for potential enhancement - for example: adding in photos that you took during the relevant time period, recording calendar appointments from that time, linking to other Evernote notes that were created at that time, etc. Again, user feedback will help to provide direction. This is an initial beta version and hasn't undergone much testing yet, so testers and feedback are welcome! If interested in testing, please sign up to download the app. Please send questions, issues, and feedback to support@moreproductivenow.com.
  10. Hi, I first posted the below in what is probably an orphaned thread, hence my reposting as a new thread; if doing so goes against forum guidelines, I welcome correction. Well ... sometimes I forget to record a journal entry for a given day, and want to record it the following day. With an app such as IDoneThis, it's a very easy thing, just choose the day I want the note associated with, and start typing... But Journal for Evernote is limited in that you can only make entries for the current day, and no previous days... is that a correct reading of things? Workaround? (other than me always recording things the day they happen, heh.) How do you accomplish this, or do you just use a 3d party app? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, I've been using Evernote for quite a while but never had the need to post a question. However... I'm looking for a few opinions... Currently I have a Journal and also a To Do List within my Evernote, these are my two main used notes. My current simple setup is as follows: To Do List: A single note, it's really just a list of important things I need to sort that day or at some point. I just use one single note and then use the score out font character to score something out once I've completed it. One annoyance is that on the android app it doesn't have this score out characters option in the fonts!? No a huge problem though as I either delete or alter on the laptop later. Journal: For the last 6 or 7 months I traveled around Central America, while travelling I've always wanted to keep a small journal of what I've been doing each day etc. I used to always struggle to do this with pen and paper but since I've started using Evernote this has become easier and easier. I really just keep a short post from each day, sometimes only a sentence or two... other days several hundred words. I think they call it micro blogging but sometimes I get a bit carried away if something interesting has happened. While keeping these notes in my Journal I have just used a single note called: Central America. I just checked and it's around 20,000 words. All of this is in a single note the same style as my to do list just with a lot more text. This brings me to my question... I have this system where effectively I only use two notes to record stuff to do and a journal. The journal covers quite a few months, I could shorten it into a month at a time? or country at a time? or should I use an individual note for each day? I want to keep in the habit of taking notes even when I am not travelling. So quite simply... is there benefits to individual notes? or just long single notes? Any help advice, feedback or tips are appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hello! I have started using Evernote to capture daily journal entries in daily notes. Obviously, after some time goes by, i will have many separate notes. I would like to be able to roll up the notes, so that here in mid-June, I would have a single, consolidated note for May, one for April, etc. As each monthly consolidated note is created, the individual daily notes should also be deleted. Can one of you wizards tell me how I might be able to do this? Is there any built-in process, or some AHK script I might be able to use? I create each daily file from a .bat file, where I capture other information automatically. This creates a .txt file in my folder that is tracked by Evernote, and imported directly to the daily note. Thanks for your suggestions! don.johnson
  13. In a couple of other posts I've talked about my grand mission to get my accumulated personal journals/calendars into Evernote. Very briefly, I'm 54 and have journals/diaries/calendars going back at least 40 years (with scattered pieces of paper from earlier years). I've been transferring all this stuff to Evernote, making one note for each day and attaching relevant scans of paper stuff. Since I've said publicly that my goal was to be finished by the end of 2012, I wanted to update everyone on my progress. The bad news is that I didn't meet my deadline. The good news is that I only have 34 more months to enter, from 1980-1983. Everything else in my personal history is in Evernote, in 12,961 notes individual notes. I can transfer about half a month of journals/calendars at a sitting now, so I figure it'll be another couple of real-world months before I'm completely finished. So my new deadline is Spring 2013. Meanwhile, I'm amazing my friends and coworkers by pulling up scans of 25-year-old meeting notes, ticket stubs, and the like. I love Evernote.
  14. Does anyone know how to make notes created by Evernote Journal app for iPhone and iPad show up only in the Journal notebook and not appear in all notes. Showing up in All Notes makes for a very cluttered page for me.
  15. Hello. Request a journal view/template that can also utilize a calendar for selecting dates. (Or maybe even a separate app that utilizes the Evernote database back end.) What I specifically have in mind is an option (per notebook) to interact with Evernote in the same way as the DayOne journaling app. It seems to me that the Evernote database back end should be able to support a journaling front end. This request is related to a more general observation that I have about Evernote. It is very functional. However, for me, the look and feel is busy, rigid, and restrictive. In other words, the interface is not elegant and inviting. (Again, for me.) I just don't enjoy using it. I really, really want to enjoy the product because I think it has great potential to keep me organized and remember everything - including a daily journal. I have also been looking for an all-in-one app where I can both journal and keep notes. I have found that my stress level actually goes up a bit when I open Evernote, and I end up defaulting back to keeping notes other ways. Thank you so much for your consideration and support.
  16. A coworker just emailed me to ask if I remembered roughly when he and I had both served on a particular committee. I went to my Evernote journal and searched for the committee name: up came a list of entries that mentioned the committee -- from then it was easy to see when meetings were on my schedule (between 1996 and 1999, in fact). Additionally, when going through boxes of old papers, I found (and scanned) several agendas from those meetings. I was able to give him exact dates of my tenure and send pdfs of a couple agendas that included his name. This all took less than five minutes. My coworker was incredibly impressed. Hooray for Evernote!
  17. Grimmknuckle

    other Evernote as a Dream Journal

    With all the talk about using Evernote as a surrogate memory I haven't seen anyone really mention using Evernote to remember their dreams. As everyone knows and has experienced, dreams are the most fleeting of memories and are very difficult to remember. For a time I used to write down my dreams in a blank journal book, but as I started to use Evernote to store and catalog my notes and experiences I figured why not do the same for my dreams. I still use a notebook to copy down my dream once I wake up because staring at a bright screen when you wake up is painfully annoying and distracting when trying to remember details. Once I have all my details written down I will then create a new note in Evernote and store it there. Once it is in Evernote I don't have to worry about losing it or forgetting it. Plus since it is digital I can take advantage of features that I couldn't with a physical copy, like searching for specific details, or determining correlations between dreams. I can tell you from my own personal experience that having a dream journal is immensely rewarding. For the first time in a long time I can remember my dreams. Read old dream entries takes me back to the dream and I can almost remember it as vividly as the moment it happened. With Evernote I can work with my dreams and get more out of them. I also included the template I use for my notes should any others want to start logging their dreams.
  18. I have been using Evernote for several years on a regular basis. Until recently it mainly gathered my occasional notes, like software licences or WiFi/FTP/websites credentials. I recently read that great men are maintaining a journal so I naturally chose Evernote to create one myself Now after a deep comparaison of several other solutions (Mac Journal, Day One, blog services…) I have couple of suggestions : - Calendar view. I believe it would be great to have a calendar view of all the notes taken in a particular notebook. What was I doing precisely a year ago ? That question cannot really or easily be answered right now with Evernote. I guess a calendar view would also be convenient for people using Evernote for task lists. - Better Export options. As a personal web designer, I love beautiful very customized websites. Evernote lets me export notes in HTML. If I select say 5 notes it creates a folder titled "My Notes" and generate an index.html file containing links to each note in their own .htm pages. However : > There are no DIV with predefined ID or classes which would allow me to create a custom style sheet. I would suggest to add a style.css file and link to it in each note by default. That should be a very minor task to make this by default. It would enable us to simply customize it. Notes would be created in Evernote but be browseable in a custom website. > No date of creation are specified for exported notes. > If I choose to export again some notes it will either override the folder "My Notes" or create a new one. I wish it would update the index.html file listing newly exported entries and place the respective .htm files in the same folder.