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Found 824 results

  1. I use Evernote to take all my business meeting notes. I need to email these notes to folks and emailing a link isn't acceptable in my business. So, I try to either (1) C&P the note directly into Outlook or (2) Export Note to HTML and then C&P that into Outlook. In both cases, I run into a terribly annoying situation - when pasted into Outlook I get an extra bullet per indent level. Here is what it looks like in Evernote: START TESTTESTTEST 2TEST 2TEST END Here is what it looks like when pasted (or exported and pasted): START TESTTEST TEST 2TEST 2TEST END By the way, the export to HTML looks fine. It's when I paste into Outlook. I have dealt with this for years. It's the reason I started using ONENOTE for a long time. I recently came back to Evernote and it still has the same problem. This does not happen when I C&P from Word, ONENOTE, WEBPAGES, so I don't think it's an Outlook issue. Fixing this would literally make this product perfect for me. It it remains broken I might have to find another solution as almost every note I write I email. HELP!!!!
  2. Currently, I'm having an issue being able to delete text from my notes and I'm receiving the attached errors. I was going to submit a support ticket but I can't seem to do that either. (I'm not on Twitter so I couldn't submit anything there.)
  3. Editing notes on the web is painful. If I paste text the screen jumps back to the top. If I paste a list it gets indented with a blank top line. If I try to delete the blank line it deletes what's before it. As I recall, it's not much better on the device (Android) either. Between that, continuous "note conflicts", and silly things like check boxes not lining up with the rest of the line or your indent/outdent icons being reversed from standard, I'm having a hard time staying with Evernote. Are you writing your own text editors? Don't! Other have already solved that problem; use theirs!
  4. I have the Evernote app on my Apple Watch, I click search and dictate a search term I know exists in my Evernote, and all I get back is "No Results" I've tried multiple search terms I know exist, to no avail. Thoughts? I've also searched for a getting started guide for Apple Watch, but it does not seem to exist yet... Paul
  5. Hi there. An old version of a note was on my iphone (apparently the newest version of the note never synced to my phone?). My newest version of the note was on my desktop, but it apparently never synced to the server. The old version of the note on my on my iphone synced to the server after I opened the iPhone app to see my newest version was there, and when i opened my desktop this morning the new version was overwritten by the old version from the iphone. how do i revert back?
  6. Hello. I've noticed some problems with navigation in the Windows version. 1. Navigation with Notebook links Following links to notes and then using the navigation buttons does not work For example, I select a bunch of new notes and create a Table Of Content (TOC). Click the first note, go back, click the second note, go back. Boom. I am not in TOC. 2. Navigation in Presentation mode a: Between multiple notes Creating this TOC came about as a workaround for loosing navigation between notes in presentation-mode. Typically I would have notes on a project I'm working on in a project notebook. Then I want to present some of these notes to show status or ideas or whatever, so I selected those and presented them. But there is no longer possible to move to the next note. It seems strange to expect that the idea here is that one would typically only want to present a single note. Especially since "Start Presentation" is still an option along with "merge" etc. when selecting multiple notes. Also if one wanted to use one giant note for everything, then why not just use Word. (At least there would be less problems with formatting ;-) b: Buttons&Shortcuts So a TOC was created as a starting point for the presentation. But after clicking the first link there is not way to navigate back to TOC. This is because: 1) there is not buttons for it, and 2) the keyboard shortcut that works in regular-mode (ALT+arrow) does not work in presentation mode.
  7. I'm using Evernote Mac client. The thing is, for months since Evernote have updated the design to tasteless UI, typing on Evernote have become very annoying. I'm a fast typist, and I love to be able to move my cursor using directional key (up, left, right, down) quickly. But, when I start typing on Evernote for a few minutes, the keyboard response will become super slow compare to when I just start typing. The slowness happens when you hold the directional key down to navigate through multiple characters, to the point where moving mouse or repeatedly click the navigation key has become a faster method. To solve this, I have to click any other note and get back to the current note I have been typing and the cursor will become faster again, for another few minutes. If Evernote's core product is the note-taking, then this should be priority.
  8. Evernote (not responding) happens for me nearly every time I attempt to open it. A look at the Task Manager shows that it is, in fact, working, just ever so slowly. Chrome also shows (not responding) from time to time, about monthly. Evernote does it several times a day. You update quite often and I keep hoping the new update will work more quickly but, as of today's new update, it's the same old (not responding). Please, fix it or tell me how to fix it.
  9. please fix this ASAP for the Mac application too (latest built 5.07). The shift and command do the same thing ie select individual tags but does not allow you to select a range of tags say for example under a nested tag list.
  10. Hi I went through this forum about the posted topic, I do not want to post a general question here is the data that will help you appreciate that I will get 100k limit in few years on my notebook. Past two months I created 7k notes with about 200 tags. Little bit of background. 1. I am learning Sanskrit grammar which has about 4k rules and 2k verbal roots. Based on these two every word can be derived. There are no exceptions to that. 2. it is very structured language just like mathematics. 3. I am creating 1 note for each word derivation. in past two weeks I created more than100 notes. I know to exhaust 100k limit in a year one has to create 275 notes per day. Seems like a lot but when lot of people are contributing then that number gets smaller. My best guess is within two years as a team we will reach the limit, then what? I tried to see if I can use hyperlinks to link from other notebooks, it works in native Mac app but does not work in web version or on shared devices. If no one came across this limit then I guess I have to reach that limit and see myself
  11. I recently opened my Evernote, and my evernote shows that I have 6 notes in one of the notebook folders. However when i click on the folder it only shows one note and not the list of notes in the folder. What am I doing wrong?! Many thanks. Phill
  12. I'm having an issue with using the Evernote app on my iPad Mini. When typing towards the bottom of a note, the text lines that I am trying to type on become hidden by the keyboard. I try to scroll the note up, but once I get so far down in a note there is nothing I can do to be able to see the last line of text being typed while typing. I have to hide the keyboard, look at where my text is being typed, bring my keyboard back up, and hope that as I am typing I am making no errors since the keyboard overlaps my text. Is this a bug that needs to be fixed, or is it something I am doing? Thanks!
  13. Will not stay open. Continually reverts back to the iPad home screen after about 30 seconds. Tried deleting and reinstalling and still the same problem. I had no problem with Evernote until vs 7.6.0.
  14. So I have two questions regarding merging notes: 1. Is there a way for me to choose the order of the merged notes? For example, if I'm merging two notes, (let's call them A and can I somehow have the merged note display the content from B, before the content from A? So just to further clarify, if note A said "Hello!" and note "B" said "Greetings!", how do I get the merged note to say: Greetings! Hello! Instead of: Hello! Greetings! 2. For some reason, whenever I merge two notes, if say it displayed note A's content first and then note B's, the title of note B is in like really gigantic letters, within a blue box. (See attached image) Is there a way to avoid that? (not display note B's title for example)
  15. I noticed around 2 weeks ago Evernote was extremely slow. I thought one of my notes was getting to large and I created a new one. Things seemed ok for about a week and it happened again. Evernote has not worked properly in almost a week. When I open Evernote I must wait for at least 30 seconds before I can get a response from anything I try to do within the program. When I open a note I must wait the same length of time before I can edit the note. Evernote does not work properly using IOS, Windows, or Android. But, the delays seem somewhat less using an IOS device. I have not noticed any other issues with any of my devices. The problem seems isolated to Evernote. I really like the program but if this continues I will need to find something new. Thanks
  16. Issues with Restore of Evernote HTML Backup (Export) Some users are exporting their notes as HTML as their primary Evernote backup. I have found the EN HTML export has severe limitations and is NOT well suited for restoring your Note(s). Evernote offers two formats for export: ENEX -- ✅ recommended for backup and restore HTML -- ⚠️ not suitable for restore The ENEX format works very well, and stores/retains most of your Note metadata (see below for details), EXCEPT for Notebook. For that reason, many, including me, recommend exporting Notes for each Notebook to a separate ENEX file, with a file name the same or similar to the Notebook name. Restoring a Note from a EN HTML Export (based on EN Mac 6.9.2) (this is for Evernote 6.9.2 (454158) on macOS 10.11.4) There is NOT an import option to import HTML files So you have to drag/drop each HTML file to the Evernote icon in your dock The new Note created from this drag/drop, has these issues/problems/missing data: ⚠️ NO metadata is imported. This is a huge loss. ⚠️ NO attachments are imported. This is a huge loss. NO EN checkboxes are imported. The original Note formatting is NOT restored. At a minimum, extra blank lines are inserted ⚠️ Evernote Note Metadata NOT Imported from HTML Export[1] Tag(s) Created Date Updated Date Source URL Location Reminder Author Evernote Note Metadata NOT Stored in neither HTML nor ENEX Export Notebook GUID (used to identify, and link to the Note) Sharing data (NOTE: Prior versions of EN Mac did NOT retain the other metadata. But with Ver 6.9.2, all is retained and imported, except for the 3 items above) Footnotes: Curiously enough, most of the Note Metadata listed is stored in the HTML Export. It is just not used by the drag/drop import process. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ References: Backing up and restoring Evernote data (Reference article) How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes -- Evernote Knowledge Base How to back up and restore your data in Evernote for Windows EN Mac ENEX Export/Import Test Two major backup strategies that can be used with Evernote
  17. Hi all, I am sorry if I repeat previous posts but couldn't find a solution by using EN's help or searching this site either. So obviously I am new and stunned by the problem that my notebooks sync between my Macs and iOs (iPhone), however the notes do not. Could someone please help or direct my to a post that has already explained this? Thanks a lot! Alex
  18. mac

    I use tags that reference "Files" like "FIL-AT&T" and types like "TYP-Bill". This allows me to create filing cabinets for the companies and reference the type of document it is. In this latest release (5.5.1), it appears that as soon as I type in "FIL" or "TYP", then press the "-", it fills in the very first tag in its entirety. This really really sucks and it needs to be changed or at least allow people to disable it. Is this a bug or was it done by design (for what reason I have no idea)? Can you please allow people to disable that "feature" or fix it?
  19. I'm new to this so please excuse my naivity! I read the knowledge base which says that there is a special folder where conflicted notes go, but I can't find one in Windows, or in Android. Well, I have a conflicted note but I don't know how to resolve it... Please could someone explain how to resolve conflicts?
  20. How do you notify Evernote of a problem? Recently when i add a photo or document it just crashes the app after the photo is taken and is not in notes when app is reloaded.
  21. I have been trying to install the Update on my Windows 7 Home Premium computer. I receive the following error messages: The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable The file "C:\Users\stephen\AppData\Local\Temp' is not a valid installation package for the product Evernote v 5.8.1. Try to find the installation package Evernote.msi in a folder from which you can install Evernote v. 5.8.1. The older version of Evernote v 5.8.4 cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. (.\Bootstrapper.cpp:915) Ox643:fatal error during installation. I backed up my existing data files to another folder, then tried to uninstall my current Evernote. When I clicked Uninstall, the exact same error messages came up. My current version of Evernote is Has anyone out there had the same problem? Does anyone know a fix? Oh help, please, help!
  22. The iOS app version 8.0.1 is so slow I want to throw my phone across the room every time I open the app. Keep in mind, I use Evernote constantly throughout the day and use it to write down everything, from things to do, to random ***** I don't want to forget. Please fix this issue preferably quickly. Thanks.
  23. Upon startup this morning, Evernote said 'migrating notes from previous version', before crashing. I haven't been able to get any part of the app to open since. On the crash log it says this: Application Specific Information: *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'MissingResourceException', reason: 'Unable to instantiate ENMLValidationHelper' With exams looming in days, I'm absolutely beside myself that this isn't working!! Morgan
  24. Hi there, I'm using Evernote 5.7.2 on a Mac Pro on 10.8.5 with a full sized keyboard and since upgrading I can no longer use the Home/End keys in the main note window (they just get ignored). These keys work fine in other apps. I logged a support ticket (816513) for this but was just curious if anyone else is seeing the save issue? Thanks, Jason
  25. Working with a specific note in its own window and Evernote main window minimized to dock. When clicking on the dock icon to bring the note back to the front, Evernote main window is also restored, obscuring the note being used. It then has to be re-minimized. This is inconsistent with behavior of other applications on Mac when multiple windows are open.