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Found 828 results

  1. Previously when there were conflicting modifications in Evernote notes a duplicate note was created in separate "Conflicting changes" notebook. I've just noticed that this behaviour seems to have changed in newer versions and the conflicting content now occurs at the bottom of the note. So far I've found two notes in my library with conflicting modifications from back in January and February. I never received any notifications of these conflicts and the notes have since been edited so it's impossible to see what the original conflict was! Please, please, if there conflicting changes please give me a notification when it occurs so I can fix it without losing data. It's impossible to do months later. And just putting the conflicting changes at the end of a long note does *not* help! I won't notice it and it isn't easy to fix... I preferred the old system. At least creating a duplicate note made it obvious that a conflict has occurred!
  2. Hi, I use evernote on both my iPhone app and on the computer, and sometimes when doing so, my notes get duplicated, isntead of just updated. EG i have a note called "Meetings." I added a bunch of stuff to it on my computer. Later in the day, I loaded it up on my phone, and made new updates to it. Later, when I went back to my computer, there were two notes titled "Meetings", and only one included the updates I made on my phone app. It's like when I update on my phone, it makes a new copy of the original note. I'd like the changes to just synch up on to one note, and not create duplicates. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?
  3. I have been trying to install the Update on my Windows 7 Home Premium computer. I receive the following error messages: The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable The file "C:\Users\stephen\AppData\Local\Temp' is not a valid installation package for the product Evernote v 5.8.1. Try to find the installation package Evernote.msi in a folder from which you can install Evernote v. 5.8.1. The older version of Evernote v 5.8.4 cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. (.\Bootstrapper.cpp:915) Ox643:fatal error during installation. I backed up my existing data files to another folder, then tried to uninstall my current Evernote. When I clicked Uninstall, the exact same error messages came up. My current version of Evernote is Has anyone out there had the same problem? Does anyone know a fix? Oh help, please, help!
  4. Placing the cursor in an existing note to edit text seems a bit erratic, particularly using press and hold magnification. Taping on text to edit it seems to relocate the editing location to the top margin of the note frame ... hope this is not a new feature.
  5. on IOS11 the display bug for text in block code.
  6. Hi there. An old version of a note was on my iphone (apparently the newest version of the note never synced to my phone?). My newest version of the note was on my desktop, but it apparently never synced to the server. The old version of the note on my on my iphone synced to the server after I opened the iPhone app to see my newest version was there, and when i opened my desktop this morning the new version was overwritten by the old version from the iphone. how do i revert back?
  7. HI, I have evernote on a laptop running Windows 7. I have had the programme for about 4 weeks. Yesterday morning i did a lot of work in the programme creating a large number of notes in a notebook that is not synced as I am on a free version and had used up my monthly limit about a week into using the programme therefore I had roughly 1200 notes in local notebooks. I am not a savvy windows user. When I started Evernote in the afternoon i had to sign in (not normal) and all my notes were gone. The programme started to sync whereas before I had it set not to sync. I stopped the sync but I am dismayed to find out that all my local notes and notebooks have disappeared and even after allowing a sync to finish i discover that much of what had previously been synced in that first week has also disappeared. Yes I realise i should have had a backup done however I am still feeling my way around a windows system being much more savvy with mac and had yet to work out what and how to do a backup. Does anybody know if there is any way of retrieving the lost notes and notebooks? I am hoping to get a premium account but that will not happen until tomorrow regards, Jane
  8. 대학시절부터 Evernote를 통해 정말 편리한 메모습관을 들여왔습니다. 저는 Table기능을 통해 일과 기록이나 여러 진행상황을 기록하는 편인데 이번 업데이트로 많은 불편이 생겼습니다. 아마 Emojis지원으로 인해 생긴 충돌문제인듯 합니다. 표 안의 첨부파일이 사라지는 경우 발생 2번째 줄에서 "위에 행 삽입" 버튼을 통해 줄 생성 시 그 윗줄의 Emojis 속성을 그대로 따라가는 현상. ; 예를들어 테이블 첫줄 배경색을 회색으로 해놓은 경우 배경색이 없는 2번째 줄에서 위에 행 삽입 시 배경색이 들어감. 표 안에 코드블럭삽입 불가 및 기존 코드블럭의 블럭 나눠짐 현상. ; 이번 업데이트 전에는 표 안에 코드블럭 삽입이 가능했습니다. 이번 업데이트 이후 새로운 코드블럭은 삽입 불가하며 기존 삽입되어있던 코드블럭은 줄바꿈에 따라 줄이 아닌 블럭이 나눠져서 보기 안좋게 되었습니다. 테이블의 Emojis 설정 시 첨부파일이 있는 경우 메뉴가 첨부파일에 가려져 안보이는 현상. 업데이트 하루만에 겪은 버그들입니다. 왠지 더 많은 버그들을 만날 것 같은 예감이 드네요..
  9. mac Bug? Dash in tag name now acts like tab

    I use tags that reference "Files" like "FIL-AT&T" and types like "TYP-Bill". This allows me to create filing cabinets for the companies and reference the type of document it is. In this latest release (5.5.1), it appears that as soon as I type in "FIL" or "TYP", then press the "-", it fills in the very first tag in its entirety. This really really sucks and it needs to be changed or at least allow people to disable it. Is this a bug or was it done by design (for what reason I have no idea)? Can you please allow people to disable that "feature" or fix it?
  10. Local Notebooks

    Is there any way to generate a list of "local" notebooks? I use over 150 notebooks and discovered that two or three had been inadvertently set up as local notebooks which obviously resulted in them not synchronizing. My note count is off slightly from my web evernote data. I suspect there may be one more local notebook. Is there any way of checking without manually going through each notebook and checking its properties?
  11. I've been experiencing this issue for a while now. First, let me say this is not a hardware problem. I'm using a Surface Pro 3, i5, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD. Everytime I run Evernote, at first it runs pretty nice, with no lag. But after a little while, Evernote starts to increase the cpu usage and the performance sunks down. Just by browsing the notes list with the mouse, the cpu usage goes up to 30%. The simple task of opening a note takes at least 5 seconds, even more if the note is a big one with formatted text. The picture below shows what I'm saying. In this picture, I'm just moving the mouse cursor over the notes' list and Evernote cpu usage goes up to 30%! And it is slow as hell to browse the notes. Anyone experiencing the same issue? I have Evernote installed on my Work PC with Windows 7 and I don't have this issue. I already tried uninstalling with Revo Uninstaller and reinstalling and I tried renaming the database folder and sync all my notes again with no success. I'm deeply invested on Evernote, and this issue is tearing apart my productivity.
  12. Developers, please please add the feature of changing the theme or skin, the new design really hurts my eyes. and I really don't like it at all...
  13. Lost notes

    I upgraded to iOS 8 on my iPhone and my iPad, and when the upgrade was complete, all of my notes in Evernote were gone. I've tried reinstalling the software, I've done searches, and I cannot get those notes back. No one seems to be able to help me, I contacted Evernote support and they told me they can't answer me personally, so they're closing the ticket. This is a big deal; I had four years worth of notes, and they're just gone, and no one at Evernote will assist me. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  14. Hi there, I'm using Evernote 5.7.2 on a Mac Pro on 10.8.5 with a full sized keyboard and since upgrading I can no longer use the Home/End keys in the main note window (they just get ignored). These keys work fine in other apps. I logged a support ticket (816513) for this but was just curious if anyone else is seeing the save issue? Thanks, Jason
  15. This issue has been a thorn in the side of many for years now. So I thought that rather than keep banging on about it in various different threads, none of which are specifically about this problem, I'd start a thread dedicated to it. The ability to configure toolbars on almost every app that runs on a Mac has been a standard feature of Mac OS X for as long as that OS has existed. Those who have used Macs for longer than me can possibly recall if it was present in OSs before OS X. But Evernote, for some reason that I have never been able to figure out, bucks the system and insists on having a non-configurable toolbar. And I have never received an answer from any Evernote employee as to "WHY?" On my Macs, ranging from Macbooks to iMacs, so from 15" up to 27", the toolbar is largely empty (a victim of Evernote's unhealthy obsession with "unclutter"). But not only is it largely empty, it contains buttons that I will NEVER use and don't want there (such as the "New Chat" button), and it does NOT contain buttons that I DO want on there (such as "Email Note" and "Print"). So, could somebody from Evernote PLEASE explain just WHY the toolbar is not configurable, when it is a virtual standard feature of Mac OS X? Why was that decision made in the first place? And could somebody from Evernote PLEASE consider changing this ridiculous situation? What on earth is the use of having toolbar buttons that I would never use, while not being able to put buttons on there that I WOULD use? And of course, everyone is different - we need the ability to customise that toolbar for the way each of us uses Evernote. While I accept that those who post here on the forum would be only a tiny handful compared to the total Evernote user base, we are fairly power users, and loyal Evernoters. And you can't just assume that the other 99.9% who do not post would have views that differ from those who do. So, if anyone else feels the same way, please convey your thoughts on this thread, and for Evernote employees who read this thread, please PLEASE tell the powers-that-be that we want our configurable toolbar back. Oh, and the ability to get rid of buttons such as the "Chat" button on the iOS version (iPad) would also be nice, if we turn Chat off in a setting (that isn't there, but should be).
  16. I use Evernote to take all my business meeting notes. I need to email these notes to folks and emailing a link isn't acceptable in my business. So, I try to either (1) C&P the note directly into Outlook or (2) Export Note to HTML and then C&P that into Outlook. In both cases, I run into a terribly annoying situation - when pasted into Outlook I get an extra bullet per indent level. Here is what it looks like in Evernote: START TESTTESTTEST 2TEST 2TEST END Here is what it looks like when pasted (or exported and pasted): START TESTTEST TEST 2TEST 2TEST END By the way, the export to HTML looks fine. It's when I paste into Outlook. I have dealt with this for years. It's the reason I started using ONENOTE for a long time. I recently came back to Evernote and it still has the same problem. This does not happen when I C&P from Word, ONENOTE, WEBPAGES, so I don't think it's an Outlook issue. Fixing this would literally make this product perfect for me. It it remains broken I might have to find another solution as almost every note I write I email. HELP!!!!
  17. Notes not showing in notebooks

    I recently opened my Evernote, and my evernote shows that I have 6 notes in one of the notebook folders. However when i click on the folder it only shows one note and not the list of notes in the folder. What am I doing wrong?! Many thanks. Phill
  18. I downloaded the new WEB ui for Chromium Browser. I use it to manage my information and data through tagging. The old UI gave an easy overview and quick access to different. I have an extensive GTD working zone where I jump from project to project and keep track of my things to do. With the new WEB UI this becomes hugely impossible. Can I restore the old version please. I wrestled with it this whole morning and I am kind of fed up with it. This new UI, based on Tablets and Android.... , is very very bad . The key is "manage" your notes. Not "Enterring data". Managing notes is managing knowledge. I really really want the old thing back. M.
  19. Issues with Restore of Evernote HTML Backup (Export) Some users are exporting their notes as HTML as their primary Evernote backup. I have found the EN HTML export has severe limitations and is NOT well suited for restoring your Note(s). Evernote offers two formats for export: ENEX -- ✅ recommended for backup and restore HTML -- ⚠️ not suitable for restore The ENEX format works very well, and stores/retains most of your Note metadata (see below for details), EXCEPT for Notebook. For that reason, many, including me, recommend exporting Notes for each Notebook to a separate ENEX file, with a file name the same or similar to the Notebook name. Restoring a Note from a EN HTML Export (based on EN Mac 6.9.2) (this is for Evernote 6.9.2 (454158) on macOS 10.11.4) There is NOT an import option to import HTML files So you have to drag/drop each HTML file to the Evernote icon in your dock The new Note created from this drag/drop, has these issues/problems/missing data: ⚠️ NO metadata is imported. This is a huge loss. ⚠️ NO attachments are imported. This is a huge loss. NO EN checkboxes are imported. The original Note formatting is NOT restored. At a minimum, extra blank lines are inserted ⚠️ Evernote Note Metadata NOT Imported from HTML Export[1] Tag(s) Created Date Updated Date Source URL Location Reminder Author Evernote Note Metadata NOT Stored in neither HTML nor ENEX Export Notebook GUID (used to identify, and link to the Note) Sharing data (NOTE: Prior versions of EN Mac did NOT retain the other metadata. But with Ver 6.9.2, all is retained and imported, except for the 3 items above) Footnotes: Curiously enough, most of the Note Metadata listed is stored in the HTML Export. It is just not used by the drag/drop import process. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ References: Backing up and restoring Evernote data (Reference article) How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes -- Evernote Knowledge Base How to back up and restore your data in Evernote for Windows EN Mac ENEX Export/Import Test Two major backup strategies that can be used with Evernote
  20. Unable to paste JSON text

    I am unable to paste JSON text into evernote for mac. Was anything changed? - vineet
  21. Running 6.0.11 (451580 Direct). I have a long note (fills the height of the window) and when I press Enter to get a new line, the cursor drops a line, but the page doesn't scroll up until I start typing. To reproduce: Position cursor at bottom on note (visible on screen). Press Enter and the screen scrolls so that the cursor is on the last possible, visible line. Press Enter again. Cursor disappears. Type something and the page jumps to show the text. First noticed on 6.0.10 and upgraded to see if this would fix it, but hasn't. Anyone else able to reproduce? Update: Okay, this is the same problem that lots of people are describing as a scrolling bug in the latest release.
  22. If I post a table from the toolbar I cannot easily add text. The behaviour is not consistant. A cursor never appears in any cell. If I accidentally select more than one cell and type the others are deleted. I tried pasting in a table from excel and the problems are similar. The text in pre populated cells appears but adding text is not in the same cell structure. I see no way to use tables and I'm surprised that they are allowed to be used if they appear to be pointless and unsupported. Can anyone explain what rules if any these table use rather than the ones accepted in the known universe. Please.
  23. Hi all, We are getting increasing feedback from Safari Web Clipper users of problems clipping certain sites. One reason in these cases can be caused by how Safari have chosen to enforce Content Security Policy (CSP) headers. Summary of CSP: - It's a 'setting' of sorts, that site publishers can set that limits what bookmarklets and extensions can do on their site. - In Safari this may cause the Web Clipper to not being able to execute any code and thus not being able to start. - More info about CSP is available here: Typical signs of a CSP issue: - When clicking the Web Clipper toolbar button absolutely nothing happens. (i.e no Web Clipper UI will load) How to determine if the site is having restrictive CSP settings: - See this Skitched tutorial for a guide. What can be done about it? - At this point there is nothing that we can 'fix' in the Web Clipper. We are blocked by Safari from running any code. - At the moment Chrome and other browser haven't implemented CSP the same way so clipping in those browser should work fine if the root cause is CSP.
  24. I've tried sending a note with couple of pictures to myself, but evernote, instead sent to a number of recepients (about 20-30) from my contact list. I definitely didn't choose anyone from that list to share this information with. And I just didn't have time to do that. That was quite embarrassing experience and up until now I don't understand 1) how this happened 2) what is the logic how evernote chose whom to send the note to. If you could help me clarify that would be great. Otherwise I'm just afraid to use evernote further more. Also, if someone from that list wouldn't have told me they received something from, I wouldn't have known something happened Ps. I was sharing using iPhone
  25. Exact string search trouble

    I'm having trouble figuring out how exact string search works. I have realized that even with quotes, Evernote does not search for "stop words", which is frustrating. Even with this in mind, it is still inconsistent: To test, I created a note with title "on the day" - Searching for "on the" returns all notes, as it should since both "on" and "the" are removed from the string - Searching for "day" returns the new note, as it should - Searching for "on the day" returns nothing, why? next, a note with title "on the day and tree" - "on the day" still returns nothing - "day tree" returns the new note, as it should - "on the day and tree" also returns the new note, which is inconsistent with the previous test What is going on here? Why can't I search for an exact string just return notes with that exact string? I have only tried this on OSX so far.