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  1. Any Outstanding Issues with macOS Sierra? I would like to upgrade from macOS El Capitan 10.11.6 to Sierra soon, but I'd like to make sure that there are no outstanding issues for running Evernote Mac on macOS Sierra. I'm currently on Evernote 6.11.1 (455059), and plan to stay there until the bugs get fixed in EN Mac 6.13.x. Please post any issues you know of for running Evernote Mac 6.11.1+ on macOS Sierra. OR If you've been running on Sierra for months without any Evernote Mac issues, please post that as well. Thanks. P.S. I'm not looking for EN Mac issues in general; only those that can be attributed to macOS Sierra.
  2. Hi all, I've just updated to Mac beta 6.13.1 Beta 1 (455772 Direct) and the app no longer displays any windows. The app launches, the menu bar appears, but there are no windows and most of the menus are greyed out (notably the File and Window menus). I'm kind of stuck. Anyone else seen this, or have any ideas? Thanks, S.
  3. Placing the cursor in an existing note to edit text seems a bit erratic, particularly using press and hold magnification. Taping on text to edit it seems to relocate the editing location to the top margin of the note frame ... hope this is not a new feature.
  4. on IOS11 the display bug for text in block code.
  5. 대학시절부터 Evernote를 통해 정말 편리한 메모습관을 들여왔습니다. 저는 Table기능을 통해 일과 기록이나 여러 진행상황을 기록하는 편인데 이번 업데이트로 많은 불편이 생겼습니다. 아마 Emojis지원으로 인해 생긴 충돌문제인듯 합니다. 표 안의 첨부파일이 사라지는 경우 발생 2번째 줄에서 "위에 행 삽입" 버튼을 통해 줄 생성 시 그 윗줄의 Emojis 속성을 그대로 따라가는 현상. ; 예를들어 테이블 첫줄 배경색을 회색으로 해놓은 경우 배경색이 없는 2번째 줄에서 위에 행 삽입 시 배경색이 들어감. 표 안에 코드블럭삽입 불가 및 기존 코드블럭의 블럭 나눠짐 현상. ; 이번 업데이트 전에는 표 안에 코드블럭 삽입이 가능했습니다. 이번 업데이트 이후 새로운 코드블럭은 삽입 불가하며 기존 삽입되어있던 코드블럭은 줄바꿈에 따라 줄이 아닌 블럭이 나눠져서 보기 안좋게 되었습니다. 테이블의 Emojis 설정 시 첨부파일이 있는 경우 메뉴가 첨부파일에 가려져 안보이는 현상. 업데이트 하루만에 겪은 버그들입니다. 왠지 더 많은 버그들을 만날 것 같은 예감이 드네요..
  6. I've tried sending a note with couple of pictures to myself, but evernote, instead sent to a number of recepients (about 20-30) from my contact list. I definitely didn't choose anyone from that list to share this information with. And I just didn't have time to do that. That was quite embarrassing experience and up until now I don't understand 1) how this happened 2) what is the logic how evernote chose whom to send the note to. If you could help me clarify that would be great. Otherwise I'm just afraid to use evernote further more. Also, if someone from that list wouldn't have told me they received something from, I wouldn't have known something happened Ps. I was sharing using iPhone
  7. Miscellaneous Issues

    Currently, I'm having an issue being able to delete text from my notes and I'm receiving the attached errors. I was going to submit a support ticket but I can't seem to do that either. (I'm not on Twitter so I couldn't submit anything there.)
  8. Issues with Restore of Evernote HTML Backup (Export) Some users are exporting their notes as HTML as their primary Evernote backup. I have found the EN HTML export has severe limitations and is NOT well suited for restoring your Note(s). Evernote offers two formats for export: ENEX -- ✅ recommended for backup and restore HTML -- ⚠️ not suitable for restore The ENEX format works very well, and stores/retains most of your Note metadata (see below for details), EXCEPT for Notebook. For that reason, many, including me, recommend exporting Notes for each Notebook to a separate ENEX file, with a file name the same or similar to the Notebook name. Restoring a Note from a EN HTML Export (based on EN Mac 6.9.2) (this is for Evernote 6.9.2 (454158) on macOS 10.11.4) There is NOT an import option to import HTML files So you have to drag/drop each HTML file to the Evernote icon in your dock The new Note created from this drag/drop, has these issues/problems/missing data: ⚠️ NO metadata is imported. This is a huge loss. ⚠️ NO attachments are imported. This is a huge loss. NO EN checkboxes are imported. The original Note formatting is NOT restored. At a minimum, extra blank lines are inserted ⚠️ Evernote Note Metadata NOT Imported from HTML Export[1] Tag(s) Created Date Updated Date Source URL Location Reminder Author Evernote Note Metadata NOT Stored in neither HTML nor ENEX Export Notebook GUID (used to identify, and link to the Note) Sharing data (NOTE: Prior versions of EN Mac did NOT retain the other metadata. But with Ver 6.9.2, all is retained and imported, except for the 3 items above) Footnotes: Curiously enough, most of the Note Metadata listed is stored in the HTML Export. It is just not used by the drag/drop import process. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ References: Backing up and restoring Evernote data (Reference article) How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes -- Evernote Knowledge Base How to back up and restore your data in Evernote for Windows EN Mac ENEX Export/Import Test Two major backup strategies that can be used with Evernote
  9. iOS Version 8.0.1

    The iOS app version 8.0.1 is so slow I want to throw my phone across the room every time I open the app. Keep in mind, I use Evernote constantly throughout the day and use it to write down everything, from things to do, to random ***** I don't want to forget. Please fix this issue preferably quickly. Thanks.
  10. On PC-Windows, I used to see (from left to right) the left panel, showing my notebooks, the note list, showing the notes within the selected notebook & the note panel on the right, providing the note contents. I had the ability to scroll through the note to view contents or the option to double click on the note from the note list to open that note to full screen. Now, the note panel has been replaced by a useless google login screen. After attempting to sign in, it now shows a temporary error (404) screen, equally useless to me. I'm signed in to my google account in my browser so it's not a google problem. Is there a way to change my note panel view back to showing the contents of the notes?
  11. Hello, I'm premium user for a while already and last weekend I decided to finally go paperless. I scanned bunch of documents with my mobile Evernote App. Everything was OCR'ed properly and available for search. Then yesterday I decided to test scanning documents on my scanner as PDF, JPG and the function of import via specified folder. I worked well, however even after one day scanned documents wouldn't show up in search results (for test purposes I used the same 2 documents which I already successfully scanned by phone to make sure they are scannable and recognizable by OCR). I went to Evernote Web and to my surprise when I search documents there, they all show up in search results, scanned by phone over weekend and on my scanner yesterday. The same with my mobile app, yesterday scanned docs are showing up in search results. Unfortunatelly in my Windows app (which is my main client, used 99% of the time) despite successfull sync those scanned yesterday docs don't show up in search results. What is the reason of such behavoiur? Can it be fixed?
  12. Hi, Apart of the new roll out of IOS 10. I noticed there is lag and discrepancies with how the Jotscript interacts with Penultimate. At times its unusable. This is kind a big deal to me because I heavily rely and use Penultimate & Jotscript to get stuff done both at home and work/business. Any help would be good.
  13. Hi there, I am Evernote newbie facing very annoying issue. I have non-english keyboard and as soon as I run my evernote app and try to make @ (- in my case it is a combi. of altgr + v) Evernote executes clipper action and prevent me to make @ - Please help me. Thanks! M
  14. I was considering using evernote but it does not import my notes which are in rich text format. The folder is archived as Folder->Sub-Folders with each sub-folder containing a note... I'm curious why the import sub-folders option does not work. Any ideas? Thanks!
  15. It looks like I found a bug in the various login methods provided by Evernote. I tried to contact support but as a basic customer it doesn't look like there's even a way to report bugs anymore without upgrading to chat or send an email. The password reset page allows for a password with a maximum length of 64 characters. I chose a 64-character password and everything worked fine. I then tried to connect my Android Evernote app using the new credentials and it wouldn't work at all. I went back to the website and logged out/in again and had the same issue. Neither login method worked anymore. I used the "forgot password" method to reset my password to something 40 characters long and now everything works. I'd check your backend limitations (database), front-end limitations (app login fields, website login fields), and website password reset fields to make sure that they're all working with the same assumptions for maximum password length.
  16. Not able to login with chrome web clipper extension. I type in the name and the dialog disappears. Able login on Firefox and Safari. Video Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/u3s17bumfxqkgbj/Evernote Clip1.m4v?dl=0 Kindly help me resolve this issue..... Regards Rahul
  17. Usually I type note in several languages. To change language I use keyboards "Alt + Shift". It works fine to change language even in Evernote. Bad side effect that after pressing "Alt + Shift" main menu becomes highlighted (like I just pressed ALT), and editor panel becomes inactive, so I need to press mouse on editor panel or to press ESC. Issue not reproducible in case I will press firstly SHIFT and then ALT. But I always press them both nearly in the same time. I checked also, how another well-known program behaves on ALT+SHIFT. On this shortcats they behave better: Main menu of that program is not remain selected after that key combination. Issue happens on Windows 7 & Windows 10 for a pretty long time
  18. When I create a more complex search typed in manually, the search is being changed by the client once saved. So when I return to the saved search, I don't get the same results as I did when I first did the search. Here's an example I keep running into. I want to search for all notes that are in a given notebook, or have one of a few tags applied to them. This search, run manually, works exactly as expected: any: notebook:"Experimentation" tag:"experimentation" tag:"innovation" However, when I save the search (Edit > Find > Save Search), the query is rewritten on save as: notebook:"Experimentation" any: tag:"experimentation" tag:"innovation" The results no longer match. Now I only get notes within the "Experimentation" notebook, but not any outside that notebook that have the tags I want.
  19. EN Web Clipper for Safari Not Responding Looks like something is wrong with the Evernote Clipper for Safari. I just tried the below steps, and after reinstalling the EN Clipper, I could not get it do work. When I click on the Evernote icon in the Safari toolbar, it does nothing, literally nothing. I have tried installing the EN Clipper from both the EN web site, and from Safari Extensions. My environment: Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.5) Safari 9.0.2 EN Web Clipper 6.5.1 I tried these steps, but after reinstalling the EN Clipper for Safari, I could not get it to work: Open Safari Open Safari Preferences (CMD + ,) Click on the Extensions tab Click on the "Evernote Web Clipper" in the left panel Click on the "Uninstall" button for the Evernote Web Clipper Click on the "Uninstall" button in the "Are you Sure..." dialong Close Preferences Close Safari Restart your Mac After you Mac starts and you log in: Open Safari Go to Evernote web site: https://evernote.com/products/ Scroll down to "Evernote Web Clipper" Click on "Download for Safari" Open your Mac Downloads folder (should be in your Mac Dock) Select/Open "Evernote.6.6.safariextz" Click the "Trust" button in the Safari dialog "Are you sure. . ." Close the Safari Preferences window Restart Safari Test EN Clipper
  20. How do I quickly find the source of this notification that appears in my Mac Dock: I interpret this as meaning I have one notification from EN Mac. But how do I find out what it is? When I switch to EN Mac, there is NOTHING that happens to inform me about this notification. I click on the notification bell, and it says I have nothing new: When I open, or switch to EN Mac, shouldn't the Notification bell show the same count of pending notifications that are shown on the Dock icon? Did anyone at Evernote even give this a basic workflow test? Come on guys, this is basic UX 101 design and testing. I know you can do much better than this!
  21. Hi all, I'm using evernote with a free account on OS X and iOS. Yesterday I made some changes to a note from OS X (using the native client, not the web interface), then today I made another addition to the same note from iOS. Now when I look at the note in OS X, the additon is there, but the changes from yesterday are gone. I am guessing the iOS client didn't sync and get the changes from yesterday, then sent in the version with my changes from this morning and clobbered the version from yesterday. I searched for other forum threads on conflicts, and everything indicates there should have been a "conflict" notebook (which I don't have) or an addition at the bottom of the note about the conflicts (I did find one of thse, but it was from months ago). Is there something I should be doing to avoid this? I suppose I could pay the $5.99 to upgrade for one month and get my version history (this particular change isn't really worth it) but that seems like I'm subsidizing dumb behavior on the client's part and I don't have any assurance the original version is even in there. --pvn
  22. In my Evernote/Mac notebooks, I'm trying to search for text that contains slashes, i.e., /, but I don't know how to phrase my search string. For example, I want to find notes that contain "account/admin". I type Alt-Cmd-F to "Search Notes..." and then type account/admin in the search box. However, that finds each word ('account' and 'admin') individually instead of the complete phrase I want. I've tried with both single and double quotes around my search term and that doesn't work. I've also tried escaping (back-slashing) the slash, i.e., account\/admin and that doesn't work. I've searched the Evernote online help to no avail, and same with Google. I'm sure this search is doable; I just don't know how to do it right. I'd be grateful for an assist.
  23. I kept on seeing this on my Activity Log. And syncing is a nightmare! I've done the TLS 1.0/1.1/1.2. Still getting Synchronization failure and Fatal Errors! I was in touch with support who referred me to the tech team, who asked for the same things. And made me rebuild my EN database. Which is taking forever with these errors. My EN kept crashing too! I'm running on Win 10 32-bit using EN version Please help!
  24. I don't know what changed, but since the last update tables no longer behave in the ways they did before (which wasn't all that great to begin with). My specific issue is that files of any kind can no longer be placed inside a table cell. This is a HUGE issue for me since I used tables with file attachments heavily to organize assets for projects. Text is also virtually impossible to enter once a table with or without text in it has been pasted into Word. Please do whatever it takes to go back to the prior functionality. And please someone with authority to report bugs respond to this post.
  25. Enable user-selectable thumbnail images. I know this is an "old" topic, and the recent post is now "locked". But I find it incredible that in these past years all we get from Evernote is that their algorithm picks a thumbnail by the "largest, smallest dimension". Besides being unnecessarily difficult to understand and nearly impossible to work around it seems that such an algorithm serves little or no purpose for the user/customer. Simple suggestions: - Allow the user to right-click on the image and select "Make Thumbnail" - Simply take the first image in the note and make it the thumbnail.