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Found 707 results

  1. Myersfilm

    New Photos App w/Evernote

    Just discovered that once you've installed the new Photos Application, you can no longer drag and drop photos saved via iPhoto or Photos directly into a note in Evernote. I attempted to drag two photos from the app into a previously created note, but there's no addition. I can use the share button to add them to Evernote, they'll just have to be in a new note.
  2. Hello! When I opened my Evernote app today I had a tiny seizure as all my notes were gone! The notebooks were all there but they all showed '0 notes'. The same for iPad version and website version. But then I saw they were in the trash can. I am very sure I did not delete all my notes at once, so how did this happen? Does anyone else have this problem? Does it occur regularly? Luckily, you can restore the notes all at once, tags in tact and all. But still, a strange and very unpleasant surprise at first! - Kaatje
  3. I'm having problems with Evernote and numbered lists: My problem with lists is shown in the following snipit created on my Microsoft Windows 7 version: 2015-06-29_11-49-51.bmp The list was created using a numbered list and entering Leonard , then moving to a bulleted list for the next line, then going back to a numbered list for James. What I'd really like is for Evernote to return to the previous list and number "James Crocker" as "2" instead of starting a new list. The other odd behaviour is in the following screen capture where, after cutting and copying a line to a new location, it ends up as having two numbered lists associated with it: 2015-06-29_12-11-34.bmp Every HTML editor I've ever worked with can do this correctly; how do I do this in Evernote?
  4. Working with a specific note in its own window and Evernote main window minimized to dock. When clicking on the dock icon to bring the note back to the front, Evernote main window is also restored, obscuring the note being used. It then has to be re-minimized. This is inconsistent with behavior of other applications on Mac when multiple windows are open.
  5. I have been trying to install the Update on my Windows 7 Home Premium computer. I receive the following error messages: The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable The file "C:\Users\stephen\AppData\Local\Temp' is not a valid installation package for the product Evernote v 5.8.1. Try to find the installation package Evernote.msi in a folder from which you can install Evernote v. 5.8.1. The older version of Evernote v 5.8.4 cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. (.\Bootstrapper.cpp:915) Ox643:fatal error during installation. I backed up my existing data files to another folder, then tried to uninstall my current Evernote. When I clicked Uninstall, the exact same error messages came up. My current version of Evernote is Has anyone out there had the same problem? Does anyone know a fix? Oh help, please, help!
  6. Most of my searches are for exact phrases. Evernote seems to assume that most of my searches are for "Any" word or "All" words, since those are the only options in the drop down list. Let's say I want the phone number of American Express, so I type this in the search box: american express. Obviously, I get many other notes, all of which have both words in them, but only one of which I need, and the actual entry for American Express is way down the list. I am aware that I can search for the exact phrase by using quotes: "american express" That's well and good, but I find it annoying to have to fiddle with quotes for almost every search. (Perhaps this is because I'm an old Info Select user, which allowed exact phrase searching as a optional default.) Any chance of having "Exact Phrase" in addition to "Any" and "All" in the drop down menu under the search box? Or am I missing something?
  7. I downloaded the new WEB ui for Chromium Browser. I use it to manage my information and data through tagging. The old UI gave an easy overview and quick access to different. I have an extensive GTD working zone where I jump from project to project and keep track of my things to do. With the new WEB UI this becomes hugely impossible. Can I restore the old version please. I wrestled with it this whole morning and I am kind of fed up with it. This new UI, based on Tablets and Android.... , is very very bad . The key is "manage" your notes. Not "Enterring data". Managing notes is managing knowledge. I really really want the old thing back. M.
  8. If I post a table from the toolbar I cannot easily add text. The behaviour is not consistant. A cursor never appears in any cell. If I accidentally select more than one cell and type the others are deleted. I tried pasting in a table from excel and the problems are similar. The text in pre populated cells appears but adding text is not in the same cell structure. I see no way to use tables and I'm surprised that they are allowed to be used if they appear to be pointless and unsupported. Can anyone explain what rules if any these table use rather than the ones accepted in the known universe. Please.
  9. phillip.ellis

    Notes not showing in notebooks

    I recently opened my Evernote, and my evernote shows that I have 6 notes in one of the notebook folders. However when i click on the folder it only shows one note and not the list of notes in the folder. What am I doing wrong?! Many thanks. Phill
  10. Mr Jumbo Guy

    Web Clipper NOT working

    Hi, I am using chrome and when I'm trying to clip, my notebooks are NOT loading...it is stuck on the "loading" animation label. I refreshed the page many times but still the same issue. Can you kindly tell what is going on?
  11. I use tags that reference "Files" like "FIL-AT&T" and types like "TYP-Bill". This allows me to create filing cabinets for the companies and reference the type of document it is. In this latest release (5.5.1), it appears that as soon as I type in "FIL" or "TYP", then press the "-", it fills in the very first tag in its entirety. This really really sucks and it needs to be changed or at least allow people to disable it. Is this a bug or was it done by design (for what reason I have no idea)? Can you please allow people to disable that "feature" or fix it?
  12. Hello all, the option format->lists->increase (and decrease) list levels works from the toolbar, but not the assigned shortcut key (tab / shift tab). Is this a bug or am I missing a newer shortcut? build 6.0.5 (451190) direct.
  13. I use Little Snitch and was using a VPN service when I opened Evernote--Little Snitch signaled that Evernote was requesting connection to the Chinese Evernote server, yinxiang.com. When I declined the connection, Evernote wouldn't connect. When I disconnected from the VPN, I got no connection request to yinxian.com. I'm in the US and am uncomfortable with data being on the Chinese server. Why? Is this a problem on the VPN side or Evernote's?
  14. been long time user of EN and a subscriber few weeks ago I submitted a support ticket but EN has not responded... new EN install v 6.0.5 on Mac OS X 10.8.5 With previous versions, able to record audio notes into my note new version unable to save notes. I am able see and press record the sound bar works (as audio is being detected) when ready to stop / save, click on SAVE No Audio file (where in previous versions audio file was visible) Tried uninstall / reinstall reboot cycles still no resolution thoughts ?
  15. Evernote Team, why is the formatting of my note information so amazingly terrible whenever I copy it into another application; like Outlook or Word? Isn't this considered a use case for your product? I am a huge fan of Evernote in general. I want to use it even more than I do, but this is a HUGE problem, Along with how often the formatting within a noted gets messed up when editing. These keep Evernote from being my go to tool for collecting and sharing information. They are the primary reasons I haven't upgrade to a premium tier - if I can't use the information in my notes seamlessly across my workflow the hassle of cleaning up the formatting outweighs the benefit of trusting Evernote. I know there are substantial technical challenges to handling formatting cleanly across multiple platforms. But isn't this considered core functionality? It should be.
  16. Hello all, I am writing to you because I am an avid user of Ctrl+Backspace when I write something wrong and I need to correct. The normal behavior of that shortcut is to delete the entire word so then I can write it again and it is quicker than deleting letter by letter, nevertheless, it seems to not be working on Evernote. In reality, I am not a frequent user of this App, but I think I need to report it (not sure if here is the correct place). Please, let me know your comments. Thanks!
  17. I have tens of thousands of notes in Evernote. They are all formatted to have a space (or empty line) between paragraphs. Documents viewed on my iPad are still spaced correctly. And they were always spaced correctly on the Mac version of Evernote. But since updating to Evernote 5.6, which seemed to update the entire database, all the paragraphs now run together. In other words the line space between paragraphs has been lost. I cannot find a command to change the spacing, but it all looks a real mess now, like a bad nightmare, and I would like to restore the spacing I had before. How do I do this? Please someone advise.
  18. Sometimes we all think about our tagging behaviour and this sometimes results in editing, assigning or deleting tags from a number of existing notes. In such a case, the edit date of those notes will immediately be changed. This seems obvious, but it might get a bit cumbersome, e.g. when I delete a tag on 50 existing notes, I don't necessarily want to change the edit date of those notes, because this action has nothing to do with the note itself, but rather with my decision to re-consider my tagging behavior. This is why I'd love to see an option to assign or delete tags from notes without this resulting in changed edit dates.
  19. I'm using Evernote Mac client. The thing is, for months since Evernote have updated the design to tasteless UI, typing on Evernote have become very annoying. I'm a fast typist, and I love to be able to move my cursor using directional key (up, left, right, down) quickly. But, when I start typing on Evernote for a few minutes, the keyboard response will become super slow compare to when I just start typing. The slowness happens when you hold the directional key down to navigate through multiple characters, to the point where moving mouse or repeatedly click the navigation key has become a faster method. To solve this, I have to click any other note and get back to the current note I have been typing and the cursor will become faster again, for another few minutes. If Evernote's core product is the note-taking, then this should be priority.
  20. I am using the latest version of Evernote for Windows (just did update this morning). I also rebooted the computer per the on-line help topic for sync failure. I also tried sync (F9) with the Windows Firewall on and off, bot times, failed to sync. Below is the activity log ... any suggestion are most appreciated Larry Evernote for Windows (271698) PublicOS: Windows 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1User: lcnorderMemory: 45.2MBCreated: 2014/10/14 05:01:32---Bootstrap info: loadedDatabase<bootstrap_info><profile name="Evernote"><settings account_email_domain="m.evernote.com" cardscanUrl="https://cscan.evernote.com/cardagain" enable_facebook_sharing="1" enable_gift_subscriptions="1" enable_linkedin_sharing="1" enable_shared_notebooks="1" enable_single_notesharing="1" enable_sponsored_accounts="1" enable_support_tickets="1" enable_twitter_sharing="1" marketing_url="http://evernote.com" service_host="www.evernote.com" support_url="https://evernote.com/contact/support/"/></profile></bootstrap_info> ---05:00:31 [3700] * statusText=05:00:31 [3700] * url=https://announce.evernote.com/?platformProduct=w32-evernote&locale=en-US_US&uid=287852005:00:45 [2464] Google Analytics: Failed to send event (error: Unknown error 0x800C0005)05:00:48 [4648] Client synchronization started05:00:48 [3012] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s2605:00:48 [3012] 0% Loaded updateCount: 583705:00:48 [3656] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s2605:00:48 [3656] 0% Synchronizing ads05:00:48 [3656] 0% Reporting 20 ads, language: "en-US"05:00:48 [3656] 0% * clientProperty: [client]=[EvernoteWindows]05:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=803, impression time=2640 count=2205:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=815, impression time=2040 count=1705:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=814, impression time=1920 count=1605:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=804, impression time=3000 count=2505:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=810, impression time=1800 count=1505:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=808, impression time=2400 count=2005:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=876, impression time=1200 count=1005:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=874, impression time=3120 count=2605:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=812, impression time=2040 count=1705:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=813, impression time=1080 count=905:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=870, impression time=1920 count=1605:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=806, impression time=2400 count=2005:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=807, impression time=2280 count=1905:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=811, impression time=2760 count=2305:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=871, impression time=2640 count=2205:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=872, impression time=2520 count=2105:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=873, impression time=2760 count=2305:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=805, impression time=1560 count=1305:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=809, impression time=2160 count=1805:00:48 [3656] 0% * ad id=875, impression time=2040 count=1705:01:02 [3656] 0% Can't send HTTP request, error: INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT05:01:02 [3012] 0% Can't send HTTP request, error: INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT05:01:02 [4648] Client synchronization finished, status: failed05:01:02 [4648] * error: Could not connect to Evernote service05:01:02 [4648] * elapsed time: 13s
  21. Hi all, I've just updated to Mac beta 6.13.1 Beta 1 (455772 Direct) and the app no longer displays any windows. The app launches, the menu bar appears, but there are no windows and most of the menus are greyed out (notably the File and Window menus). I'm kind of stuck. Anyone else seen this, or have any ideas? Thanks, S.
  22. Hi there. An old version of a note was on my iphone (apparently the newest version of the note never synced to my phone?). My newest version of the note was on my desktop, but it apparently never synced to the server. The old version of the note on my on my iphone synced to the server after I opened the iPhone app to see my newest version was there, and when i opened my desktop this morning the new version was overwritten by the old version from the iphone. how do i revert back?
  23. I can't find notes on my iphone when I search for keywords in the body of the note. The search is successful on the desktop, and I have verified that the notes exist. The body of the note was created in Evernote; it is not a Word or PDF attachment. I deleted, restarted, and re-installed the EN app on my phone. Is there something I can do to fix this. I am a Premium user if that matters. Thank you!
  24. Any Outstanding Issues with macOS Sierra? I would like to upgrade from macOS El Capitan 10.11.6 to Sierra soon, but I'd like to make sure that there are no outstanding issues for running Evernote Mac on macOS Sierra. I'm currently on Evernote 6.11.1 (455059), and plan to stay there until the bugs get fixed in EN Mac 6.13.x. Please post any issues you know of for running Evernote Mac 6.11.1+ on macOS Sierra. OR If you've been running on Sierra for months without any Evernote Mac issues, please post that as well. Thanks. P.S. I'm not looking for EN Mac issues in general; only those that can be attributed to macOS Sierra.
  25. I noticed around 2 weeks ago Evernote was extremely slow. I thought one of my notes was getting to large and I created a new one. Things seemed ok for about a week and it happened again. Evernote has not worked properly in almost a week. When I open Evernote I must wait for at least 30 seconds before I can get a response from anything I try to do within the program. When I open a note I must wait the same length of time before I can edit the note. Evernote does not work properly using IOS, Windows, or Android. But, the delays seem somewhat less using an IOS device. I have not noticed any other issues with any of my devices. The problem seems isolated to Evernote. I really like the program but if this continues I will need to find something new. Thanks