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  1. They came back from it once, but not twice. Even if they pull out another last minute save, I will be bailing for good. Fortunately, I didn't g all in with them as many did. EN is still my everything app, so all I have to do is move recurring tasks and I'm done
  2. I've been using Evernote for about five years, and after trying to use it to manage GTD, I realize that in the way I approach it, my Inbox should be my email inbox. Almost everything I have to do comes through email. I don't find it convenient to send email messages to EN to create an action. I need seamless connection between email and projects/actions so that I can access the full functioning of an email database (with all conversation histories). But most of my note-taking needs to remain in EN, and all of my external files and web links for projects needs to be in EN, so I need something that will tightly integrate with EN notes and tags. I also need tight integration with contacts and calendar so that I can do project management with some moderate depth. It would also help if there was some level of CRM functionality. And it would also be great if there was some flexibility in configuration so that I could customize the app to my individual workflows. I work on Mac and Windows desktops and use iOS and Android devices, so I really want functional cross-platform development. I'm tired of messing around trying to stitch several apps together and doing double entry. I really only want one app to add to Evernote that together can do it all. I know this is asking a lot, but is there any one app that can do all of this?
  3. Many of us who use IQTELL have been searching for years to find the perfect solution for managing our Inboxes. Nothing matches the flexibility of IQTELL, an no other program comes close to providing the same workflow. Most importantly, no program integrates Evernote and Email the way IQTELL does. At first, I thought it was dated and bulky. But once you commit to it, you can really make progress and create a custom workflow that works for you. It changed the way I operate and made me more productive almost instantly. It's a no-brainer that IQTELL should be part of Evernote. Many IQTELL users believe this would be a great partnership as well. Evernote could easily take the program to new places and even expand 3rd party integrations. Let me know what you think by commenting below. If you know IQTELL, then you know I'm right. If you don't, spend some time with it and I hope you'll agree that it's a match that will definitely work.
  4. IQTell is a productivity app that seamlessly integrates your Evernote, Email, Calendars, Tasks, Projects and more. How can you leverage Evernote with IQTELL? Turn Evernote notes to tasks, projects, and more.Swipe any Email into an Evernote note (Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo, IMAP, POP3)Manage Evernote notebooks, notes and tags inside IQTELLTurn Evernote notes into tasks, projects, someday, etc.Add Evernote notes as events on your calendarsAttach notes as support material to your tasks, projects, and more.For additional information watch this video or read these topics in our Knowledge BaseQuick & Easy Set-Up: Sync your Evernote account from the IQTELL Web, iOS or Android apps. Evernote & IQTell – a fully integrated solution Turn Evernote notes to tasks, projects, and more.Tag your Evernote notes to automatically create tasks, projects, and more in your IQTELL account. Reminders set in Evernote will automatically sync to IQTELL.Checkboxes will automatically create children items in IQTELL. For example, a note tagged as a “Project” that has several checkboxes will create a Project with several tasks in IQTELL. Auto-embedded links allow for quick and easy navigation from Evernote to IQTELL and vice versa.Priority, Due Dates, etc. – you can set task and project related fields either in Evernote or IQTELL. See how. Swipe any Email into an Evernote noteSwipe any email to create an Evernote note. See how.Any email attachments will be available in Evernote.Supported Email: Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, IMAP, POP3Use Evernote notes as support material for your tasks, projects, and on your Calendar Using the IQTELL Web app, you can access your Evernote notebooks, notes, and tags.Select Evernote notes(s) and easily link them as support materials on your tasks projects, and more.Add Evernote notes to your calendar. The Calendar Event will have a link back to your Evernote note.