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Found 223 results

  1. I'm a relatively new user to Evernote. I had originally been using the Notebooks and Stacks to separate different tasks and groupings, but started to shift towards using tags and shortcut searches. One search that I have used on the Windows desktop app is searching for specific tags and filtering out anything that has a future reminder date (after today). This seems to work great on the desktop applications, but I noticed a difference when I look at the same shortcut on the iphone app. Here is the syntax: tag:"@Home" tag:"Next Action" -remindertime:day+1 As I mentioned, this seems to work great on my desktop, but on the iphone app this same shortcut only shows tasks with reminders previous to today and reminders from today. Doesn't show anything that DOESN'T have a reminder... Any recommendations?? Thank you!
  2. Desde la última actualización de la app para iOS cada que la abro me pide que proporcione la contraseña del ID de Apple. El pago de mi cuenta premium la hice desde las compras de la App Store y fue por un año.
  3. Hola hace días desde que instalé la versión 8 de la aplicación se me cierra constantemente en el iphone, no hay forma de usarla, he reiniciado el iphone, y algunos otros trucos que salen en el foro pero no puedo utilizarla, uso un iphone 6splus con ios 10.2.1 , creo que es un tema generalizado. Espero que Evernote revise bien esto, soy miembro Premium y uso la aplicación para mi trabajo.
  4. Evernote security flaw... iTunes/Apple ID request flaw allows app passcode to be bypassed, meaning the Evernote passcode feature is currently not working to secure the app. Video - (1.5MB 51seconds) When sleeping an iOS device after Apple ID request, upon wake & cancel, the App's passcode is bypassed (all notes visible).
  5. ¡Hola Evernoters y Evernautas! Por si no se les había notificado, contamos con una nueva versión de Evernote que ha sido re-imaginada. Nuestro equipo ha estado trabajando en esta versión por meses pensando en como fortalecer nuestras funciones nucleares y hacer espacio para todo lo nuevo. Nuestro blog incluye un buen listado de todo lo que hemos incluido y mejorado en ella: Evernote 8.0: La organización simplificada Como todo lo nuevo, me estoy adaptando a esta nueva manera de desplegar mi información, pero estoy por el momento satisfecha. Utilizo mucho la función de Búsqueda para encontrar mi información relevante y encuentro que esta función en particular es mucho más rápida que la anterior. He abierto este espacio para discutir este tema y ver como les ha caído esta actualización a ustedes.
  6. Please add back presentation mode to evernote for iphone & ipad. It was great little feature for throwing quick presentations.
  7. Good day, this feature request is so users can create tags from an iPad/iPhone's Evernote "iOS web clipper". If on an iPad/iPhone only a user's existing tags can be applied. The "no tags selected" input field does not permit keyboard entry. iOS screen pdf attached. Also very small video link supplied. This is greatly needed so clippings may be tagged at the time of creation. Evernote's iOS extension is missing the ability to create new customized tags for "clipped" items. Selecting the "tag field" should allow me to type a new tag. Just when I select the "tag zone" it does not accept input, you'll get moved to your existing tag list. Some things in the existing list might be desirable, but what if a relevant tag needs to be created? I've created a video (no download needed) which can be viewed here: For example: I do not have the tag "Cheese" in my current Evernote tags list. When trying to input Cheese, selecting the tag field removes the keyboard and takes me to my current list. Once at this list, there is no way to create a new "Cheese" tag. For Reference... The Evernote iPhone/iOS Clipper feature discussed here: video link: Evernote_iOS_ClipperTags.pdf
  8. Hey all, I am having serious problems with Evernote on my iPhone. I have no issues when I use it on Mac or my third-gen iPad. But on the iPhone (it's an iPhone 4, running the latest iOS version), the app will open, show the green loading screen, and quit immediately. Once in a blue mooon, it will actually load and sync any new notes I have created. Further details: I have tried the following to no avail: 1. Force-quit app, then re-open 2. Force-quit app, restart iPhone, then re-open Still seeing the same issues. I even deleted the app and re-installed from the app store. It worked briefly, getting all my notes up-to-date, and then went back to its usual behavior. Is anyone else seeing this? Is it a known bug or am I just unlucky? I basically don't even try to review notes on my iPhone anymore -- I just create new ones via Draft and review on Mac or my iPad. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Hi everyone, I hope someone out there can help me! Ever since installing the latest update for Evernote on my iPhone, the app won't open - it opens briefly then displays an error message then closes down. I contacted Evernote who have sent me complicated instructions for emailing my notes/data somwhere-or-other so I can delete the app then reinstall it then restore all my notes... seems unnecessarily long-winded. Can't I just delete the App from my iPhone then reinstall it? I thought my notes were physically saved on the Evernote server so they would still be there when I reinstall the app. But when I click the delete button on the app on my phone, I get a warning saying all my data will be deleted - can't believe that's true but I don't want to chance it without making sure first! I didn't realise how much I had started to rely on Evernote until I couldn't use it on my phone any more, so big thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  10. Hello evernote team. Could you please add the option to remove a reminder date from a note without removing the reminder from the note? What happens to me is that I use a saved search returning all notes that have a reminder on them. This is my "to do" list. Sometimes while viewing my "to do" list, I need to remove a date from a note but still need that note to have a reminder on it. Currently my only option is to remove the entire reminder, then go search for that note to add a new reminder that does not have a date attached to it. Also, if a date is applied to a reminder, can you please show that next to the reminder when viewing a note automatically, instead of having to click on the reminder and change date options to view the date/time? Thanks evernote! -Steven
  11. I am having a weird and obscure problem with Evernote on a new iPhone syncing properly to my account. The situation: a few days ago I upgraded the OS on my desktop Mac to El Capitan before activating the new phone. The computer had been running Evernote 5.1.1 and things worked fine in the old OS syncing with my old iPhone. This older version of Evernote also worked fine with El Capitan, and the old iPhone still synced properly. So far so good. Next, I activated the new phone with the latest Evernote on it, 7.18.1. The Evernote app on the phone was working, but only loading a few of my more than 600 notes. (For the first couple of days the phone did not have cell service, and I was doing everything over wifi; the problem persisted subsequently with either wifi or cell service.) After a while I noticed that the notes which were syncing to the new phone were all notes which had had changes made subsequent to the El Capitan install on the desktop; if I modified an old note, it would now sync. Next, I upgraded the desktop version of Evernote to the current one, 6.10: same thing, only recently modified notes sync to the phone. All my notes are there on Evernote Web. My account settings show that only two devices are active in my Basic account, and in any case the new phone sort of works, it's just not loading everything, so it's not being blocked (the old phone is off; if I turn it on, it syncs properly with the new desktop Evernote). I don't know what is causing this problem. I don't think it is too many devices. I have tried rebooting everything, syncing manually, everything I can think of. I was going to try trashing the .plist file on the desktop, but I can't find anything like that, and I'm not even sure the desktop version is the culprit. I can't figure out where the problem is localized. Advice would be appreciated!
  12. I am using Evernote with MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad. I have added different files to my notes (pdf, xlsx, ics, eml) by dragging and dropping. Although I can view/open them without any problem on my computer, I cannot open the ics (iCal) and eml (Mail) files on my iPhone. They are not recognized and each file has a question mark on it. Excel and PDF files open fine on iPhone, too. Any solution, please?
  13. I use Evernote for all my class notes, and I love it. But most of my classes go chapter by chapter, and I'd really like to divide each chapter in my notes. That way when I print, I'll have each chapter as its separate page. Similarly, I hate when one [bullet point] runs over to another page, I wish I could say if part of a paragraph/bulleted list gets pushed to a new page then put the whole para/list on that next page. Please let me know if there is any progress being made on this or if there are any workarounds! (The page break line does nothing for me)
  14. Hi Evernote, it would be great if there was an option to show word count somewhere on the mobile app. I have recently started using Evernote for report writing on the iPad and it seems like a simple feature, but it would be a very useful one. At the moment, the only workaround is to copy and paste into something like Pages to get word count, but that is clunky. The desktop app has a statistics window, maybe the mobile app could show word count in the note details pop up when the little 'i' is pressed in the top right corner. Regards, Sam
  15. I am not succeeding in downloading the web clipper feature for my iphone to use in Safari. I have the Iphone 6. Has anyone succeeded in this and could provide instructions? Thanks, Joy
  16. When I save/convert a note to PDF (using the Evernote desktop program) which contains a photo, the photo will often be distorted/broken up in the resulting PDF, meaning that it'll appear in several separate portions. For example, a note that I create and attach a photo (which was taken with an iPhone 6 and attached in the Evernote app on my iPhone) will ultimately result in a three page PDF with the photo split up into three portions when I save/convert the note to PDF using the desktop Evernote program. Is there any way to prevent the photo(s) from being split up into separate portions when converting? I’ve attached a PDF of how the conversion appears when converted using the Evernote desktop program to illustrate the resulting conversion (Evernote Backup (converted to PDF in Evernote) REV.pdf) and another PDF of how it should appear and how it looks in Evernote prior to converting (Evernote Backup (as it appears in Evernote) REV.pdf). I have many notes with photos attached and typically back them up in PDF format but haven't been able to reliably save/convert the note when there are photos attached. I would really like to preserve the original look and format of the note. Here are some details about the software I'm currently using: Evernote Premium; Evernote desktop version (303788) Public; Windows 10 Home, version 1607, OS build 14393.447. Thanks! Evernote Backup (as it appears in Evernote) REV.pdf Evernote Backup (converted to PDF in Evernote) REV.pdf
  17. Hi there Over the last few days I've suddenly had issues using hyperlinks on my iPhone. I create them on my Macbook, where they work fine, but then when I click on them on the phone, they don't open, but instead the keyboard comes up and the cursor takes me to the top of the note. It's strange, because they're still working on some notes, but not on others! Even notes where the links used to work are no longer working. I have just updated to the latest version of the Evernote app (7.16), and also updated my iPhone to iOS 9.3.5 - so perhaps that's contributing?
  18. Using the iPhone app you need to select Notes and than Reminders to show the list with reminders. Would be nice (and there is enough free space) if you can select Reminders directly from the start-up screen.
  19. It would be nice to have an integrated system with more functionalities for contacts management: Create an address book Download from and sync with Google Contacts, Outlook, ... Integrate the Work Chat with the address book Move the current business card note format to a more advanced contact note Contact notes should have functionalities such as: Create contact from business card scan (front and back sides) Add notes to contacts: This could be done automatically with a custom tagging system Allow different languages for each contact: for example, English and Chinese profiles for the same contact Link to and grab info from social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Mendeley, ResearchGate, Google+, ... Automatic lookup of information from social medias Full contact information capabilities: multiple email addresses, phone numbers, webpages, ... Publication list: scientific articles, blogs, tweets, This would allow to move to more complex capabilities, such as better collaborative project management, summary of all interactions with contacts, tagging of people on pictures, ...
  20. Please tell me It ain't so! I don't seem to be able to create a note link in the EN client for iOS. If there ever was a deal breaker, this is it. What am I missing?
  21. I've done some searching and found posts regarding highlighting text in the Android and web version, but not for iPhone. Can you please point me in the right direction. Thank you for your assistance.
  22. Hi - I managed to lock myself out of my Evernote iphone app and now can not for the life of me sign in again! I've used the reset password function through the app and keep getting a message saying a reset link has been sent to my email but I haven't received anything yet and have done this a few times. I've gone onto the web browser version and changed my password through my account there, but when I try to use this in the app, it still doesn't work. I've also deleted the iPhone app and reinstalled it, to no avail. All I want to do is somehow contact Evernote to get my account reset (but not lose all my data), but can't find any contact details for them anywhere. I'm on a free account. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere! Thanks in advance for your help.
  23. Hi, I would like to introduce my app Klevernote. In a nutshell, klevernote is a productivity app that combines the power of a personal database with the simplicity of a note-taking app. Klevernote uses note templates to make note-taking a breeze. Templates are a collection of fields (think of web forms) that are organized to record any kind of information. Klevernote send your notes to Evernote so your records are always on the cloud. Examples of things you can do with Klevernote: Track your collections (cards, stamps, sneakers, you name it!) Track expenses Keep records of your customers Jot down your ideas .. And much more! Brief Highlights: 13 kinds of fields for your Evernote templates: Text, Draw, On/Off Switcher, List, Photo, Video, Voice, Date, Location, Video, Emotion, Weather Supports background posting Save notes as draft and post them later Text editor with shortcuts and customisable snippets Prepend or append contents to a note in the full version Supports Text Expander Note history, check the content of already sent notes Powerful note search Template reminders Backup and restore templates with iCloud And many more features will be added soon! Coming soon: Evernote sync (modify notes already sent to Evernote), Dropbox sync, template passcodes, more kinds of fields, etc. Please do check it out and let me know what you think! Link to Klevernote in the app store. Thanks! Fran
  24. Spanish: Seria excelente qeu evernote en las version de IOS coloque el boton Floting action seria mucho mas cómodo que la barra que tenemos actualmente. saludos
  25. I want Next, Prev Button In Note View Button or Optional or Drag Gesture Anything Move Next or Prev Note View I Have Many Note File But Lack of features These features are very essential in my life. Devlopment This features Please Thank you