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Found 236 results

  1. Ridiculously simple feature that makes ALL the difference when reading notes on phone. It's insane how fundamental this is, yet Evernote has not included this. It's in every other editor except Evernote. Like I stated in the title, this has been requested six years ago. You're about to lose a customer over a ridiculously small problem. If I don't see this in the next update I'm switching to any other app, the reason being 100% just because I need adjustable line spacing. Simpler than simple solution to a substantial problem.
  2. Tom59

    Date/time stamp?

    Would it be possible to have a keyboard shortcut to insert a date/time stamp please?
  3. NorCalBusa

    Add "Undo" button for iPhone

    Like many, I inadvertently deleted text within a note- lost forever. Many ways to do it- in my case I bumped into someone I knew, started chatting (with the phone in my hand) and best I can tell must have hit something with each consonant I uttered as we spoke. Or maybe it was aliens. Be really cool to have a classic Undo button (you all know how that works already). Hit it a few times (or in my case, a few hundred- ugh)- it would have saved the day. Can't help but think this was simply overlooked, be cool to see it appear. Thx.
  4. I was using Evernot a lot on several difference devices until I noticed some inconsistancies between devices. Mainly the lack of font control on the IOS devices, specifically IPad and IPhone ( I don't have an android device so I don't know if this applies there as well). I'm not asking for a lot of font/paragragh control. I'd settle for being able to change the font, font size and font color, although actual paragraph control would be a nice to have. This functionality is especially necessary when copying and pasting text from web pages into Evernote, or formated text from other programs. I would like to be able to select all the copied text and convert it to all the same font and color or size of my choosing. This makes reading my notes much easier. Also there are times when the default text is too small to read on IOS devises and I would like to make it bigger. I can't do this with the IPad or IPhone version only the desktop. As a user I don't understand why this functionalty isn't already in the app, it exists on the destop, it exists in other IOS applications so I have to believe it is possible. Other posts regarding this issue suggest first copying and pasting text into a text only application, which defeats the entire point of Evernote if I have to use multiple programs to make a simple text change. Other posts have also noted that this comment box contains more text functionaly than exsists in the IOS applications, which to a user seems really really odd. If you have no plans to add this functionality to the application could you supply the reasoning why something so common can not be implemented in Evernote. If we can't have a feature it might help the annoyance factor to understand why. Evernote has stopped being my go to resourse on IOS devices for this reason, and thats a shame as its a good program.
  5. It would be fantastic to have an Undo option available alongside the Clear Annotations button while in annotating mode. Do we still call them buttons? I don't know. Option works too, right? ? * An Undo button would allow us to undo the last action(s) instead of clearing them all. I am using Evernote PLUS on PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad & just signed up for the free trial period of PREMIUM I believe. Exciting! Thanks.
  6. In my notes the links to websites do not work on my iPhone. As soon as I click on the link Evernote crashes and shuts down. When opening it again it asks me to send a report. Any ideas? tnx Rob
  7. Good day, this feature request is so users can create tags from an iPad/iPhone's Evernote "iOS web clipper". If on an iPad/iPhone only a user's existing tags can be applied. The "no tags selected" input field does not permit keyboard entry. iOS screen pdf attached. Also very small video link supplied. This is greatly needed so clippings may be tagged at the time of creation. Evernote's iOS extension is missing the ability to create new customized tags for "clipped" items. Selecting the "tag field" should allow me to type a new tag. Just when I select the "tag zone" it does not accept input, you'll get moved to your existing tag list. Some things in the existing list might be desirable, but what if a relevant tag needs to be created? I've created a video (no download needed) which can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/etagios0105 For example: I do not have the tag "Cheese" in my current Evernote tags list. When trying to input Cheese, selecting the tag field removes the keyboard and takes me to my current list. Once at this list, there is no way to create a new "Cheese" tag. For Reference... The Evernote iPhone/iOS Clipper feature discussed here: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/01/25/clip-web-content-evernote-using-android-ios-devices/ video link: http://bit.ly/etagios0105 Evernote_iOS_ClipperTags.pdf
  8. until
    Evernote ist toll! Hören Sie das auch ständig von Ihren Kollegen oder anderen Selbstständigen, die damit Ihre gesamte Informationsverwaltung papierlos und perfekt organisieren? Sie haben dann auch die kostenlose Software von Evernote auf Ihrem Mac installiert, ein paar Notizen angelegt, aber dann seither nichts weiter gemacht? Das Webinar ist für Evernote-Einsteiger ohne und diejenigen mit wenig Vorkenntnissen interessant. Melden Sie sich für die ersten Basiseinstellungen für Ihr persönliches Wissensmanagement in Evernote für das 30-minütige Webinar an Durchgeführt wird das Webinar von Nicolai Wirth, zertifiziertem Evernote Berater: Dienstag, 29. Mai 2018, 8:00 - 8:30 - Hier gehts zur kostenfreien Anmeldung Dienstag, 3. Juli 2018, 8:00 - 8:30 - Hier gehts zur kostenfreien Anmeldung Erfahren Sie in aufbauenden Folgewebinaren noch detaillierter, wie Sie OmniFocus für sich nutzen können Inhalte des Webinars Dieses Webinar hilft Ihnen bei den ersten Schritten zur Einrichtung und einer Übersicht der App auf dem Mac und dem iPad. Damit starten Sie Ihr persönliches Wissensmanagement optimal mit Evernote. Dieses System unterstützt Ihr papierloses Arbeiten und Leben optimal und Sie können anfangen, ihr Evernote optimal aufzubauen. Was ist Evernote? Welche Vorteile hat es ggü. anderen Wissensmanagement-Tools? Warum ist Evernote für Ihr Wissens- aber auch Selbstmanagement das beste Tool? Wie und wo installieren? Wie funktioniert die Synchronisierung? Aufbau von Evernote am Mac, iPad Wie erstellt man neue Notizen (jeweils am Mac, iPad) Wie erstellt man Notizbücher (jeweils am Mac, iPad) Wie erstellt man Notizbuchstapel (jeweils am Mac, iPad) Erstellen Sie in Ihrem Evernote eine Struktur wie im Mail Programm (mit Inbox, Favoriten und gespeicherten Suchabfragen) Vorstellung typischer Anwendungsfälle - beruflich und privat Sie kennen sich damit schon aus? Dann ist unser Fortgeschritten-Webinar vielleicht das Richtige für Sie: Evernote am Mac und iPad | Fortgeschrittenes Wissensmanagement von zertifiziertem Evernote Consultant Ihr Nutzen, die Lernziele Webinarleiter Nicolai Wirth (zertifizierter Evernote Consultant): "Wie kann Evernote Ihr persönliches Wissensmanagement unterstützen? In jedem Fall hilft es Ihnen dabei, das papierlose Büro zu erreichen. Alles, was digital "abgelegt" werden soll, kann in Evernote perfekt verwaltet werden. Mit der richtigen Struktur hilft es Ihnen auch, auf Basis einer sehr guten Informationsgrundlage, bessere Entscheidungen zu treffen." So funktioniert das Webinar Ein Webinar ist ein online durchgeführtes Seminar. Mit Hilfe von GotoWebinar verbinden Sie sich direkt mit dem Trainer und sehen alle Inhalte via Bildschirmübertragung. Sie hören den Trainer natürlich auch und können interaktiv Fragen stellen. Nach der Anmeldung zu dem gewünschten Webinar erhalten Sie von uns alle Zugangsdaten und Informationen per E-Mail zugesendet. Kurz vor Beginn des Webinars folgen Sie einfach den Anweisungen der Termineinladung und wählen sich ein.
  9. Where can I find a roadmap, feature list in the forum? I have some wishes for the next releases - where to place them or check if these are already in planning. Show the search results: highlight, vertical bar positions (Prio 1) Allow to navigate through the search result: jump forward/backward between notes and inside of the nodes (Prio 1) Remember last positions in the notes: go back to previous note - will show always first page harmonise Evernotes version between Mac & Windows: layout may 80% same, different keyboard shortcuts Support different EN instances like MyWork, MyPerson, MyCookbooks - know I have to switch between accounts, and for that I need Premium
  10. I've been using Evernote for years, but I've encountered something I'd never seen before. I routinely keep handwritten notes in a pocket notebook or steno pad and scan them into Evernote for safekeeping and search. Today I scanned my pocket notebook, dropped the PDF into the Evernote app on my MacBook, but when I checked it in the app on my phone I saw some of the text had been removed. I've attached two screenshots, one taken from a page from the original note in the Evernote app on my MacBook, where everything still looks fine, and the other of the same page as it appears when I call up the same PDF on my iPhone. If I tap the Annotate button in the app on my phone, I can see the original writing on the page — but even if I annotate that page and save it, the redacted page still displays. Is this because I put a line through some of my notes? If that's a feature in the iOS app, how can I turn it off so I can see my complete handwritten notes as I intended them to look?
  11. I've been using Evernote for years, but I've encountered something I'd never seen before. I routinely keep handwritten notes in a pocket notebook or steno pad and scan them into Evernote for safekeeping and search. Today I scanned my pocket notebook, dropped the PDF into the Evernote app on my MacBook, but when I checked it in the app on my phone I saw some of the text had been removed. I've attached two screenshots, one taken from a page from the original note in the Evernote app on my MacBook, where everything still looks fine, and the other of the same page as it appears when I call up the same PDF on my iPhone. If I tap the Annotate button in the app on my phone, I can see the original writing on the page — but even if I annotate that page and save it, the redacted page still displays. Is this because I put a line through some of my notes? If that's a feature in the iOS app, how can I turn it off so I can see my complete handwritten notes as I intended them to look?
  12. What is needed for the messages, for those using Evernote in a business-like environment, is a prioritization of the messages, such as the one used in the Franklin Day Planner. 2 fields should be available for each message: Priority Group Sequence Number The user should be able to select sorting using one of the following: Sort by Tag and ignore both Priority Group and Sequence Number. Sort by Tag and then sort (always) by Priority Group then by Sequence Number, in each tag grouping. Sort by Priority Group Then Sequence Number then Tag. Sort by Priority Group Then Sequence Number ignoring any Tag. The way this works is that we group our messages in priority groups, like A, B, C where A is what needs to be done today, B is what needs to be done in the next few days, and C is what would be good to do as soon as possible. Then within each group, we decide on the sequence to carry the different tasks/messages such as, A1 is something I must finish no matter what, prior to tackling A2 and A3. B1 is the next thing to do once I finish the A group, and C1, C2 etc... are the things to do at a later time if I can. Of course, the user can ignore these priority setting (that are available for EACH and EVERY message) and continue using Evernote as usual.
  13. I've kept daily to-do lists in Evernote for years. I'd love to have a pretty little (customizable) jingle and stars (or hearts) when I complete a task and check the box! Dopamine hits are part of what keeps users hooked on social media apps. They are also the "reward" part of creating good habits. If you could add this little fun feature to task completion . . . it would ROCK my world. It would make your app more FUN and therefore even more useful. Who's with me?
  14. DayEntryHave one single Evernote note for any day. Log your thoughts, notes, records, timestamps, photos, reminders, geotags to the note quickly. All your notes are stored in the special Evernote notebook chronologically. The note is labelled with the current date automatically. You can have many journals selecting different notebooks. It’s best for doing your journal, diary, life log in Evernote. You can choose the date to make an entry freely if you miss the day. App automatically inserts geotags and timestamp. When offline the entries are stored locally until app is online. You can choose prepend or append notes, any date format. Link to download https://itunes.apple.com/app/dayentry-does-your-diary-journal/id909943922 Features: - Separate journals for each notebook. - Choose any date for entry. - Take and attach multiple photos per record. - Quick recent photo. - Insert checkboxes, bullets. - Add tags to the note. - Auto geotagging and auto timestamp. - TextExpander support. - Offline record queue. - Gestures: “Undo” and “Redo” with a two-finger swipe; move cursor with one finger swipe; Close/Open keyboard with one finger swipe. - Font size options. - Hardware keyboard support. - Auto-save in case device crash or battery depletion. Settings: -Append/Prepend note modes. -Option for timestamps, geotags. -Switching day time. -Default notebook. -Default tags. -Font size. -Date and time formats. -Save to camera roll. -Photo size. -Photo quality. - URL Schemes: dayentry://new dayentry://new?content=c dayentry://new?content=c&notebook=n&tags=t1,t2 Twitter: @Gosubits
  15. zsvnc

    Read-Only Option

    Please make a option for only read the note. I don’t want to allow me to make changes when I accidentally click. Please add this feature (only read option) There was a lot of demand for it. This is a long-awaited request.
  16. After spending hours making notes for an upcoming project in Evernote on my iMac (running 6.10 under Mavericks 10.10.5), I hit the sync button to make sure the changes were sent to the server under my Evernote Plus account. On my iPhone 5S (iOS 10.2.1), I found the same note but it hadn't updated. I then let Evernote (8.1.352228) sync by swiping down in the Notes section. Still no change so I went to the Account section and tapped Sync Now, no change again on my iPhone. Then looking at the note on my Mac, it had reverted to my phone's version and all of my work was lost. I wasn't given a Conflicting Changes notice or anything. Seeing as I pay for this service and did, what I assume, are the correct steps to ensure notes are synced, I'm supremely upset by the apps losing my work and forcing me to start over. Is there a way to access interim versions of notes or revert the changes? Did I do something wrong or is this a common problem with Evernote / Evernote for Mac/iOS?
  17. Luke Skywalker

    Can’t edit Sketches on iPad Pro

    In the past, I could easily edit sketches inside notes on my iPad Pro. but now, I can’t edit them any more. When I tap the sketch to edit it, it opens as an image. I can added Annotations, but that’s not the same as Editing a Sketch. the weird thing is, I can easily edit Sketches on my IPhone 6s, the same Sketches I can’t edit on iPad. I have a Premium EN. Any ideas what to do?
  18. It would be of great help to be able to see a list of all shared notes and notebooks in one place.
  19. First Problem About Font: I really hate the Evernote app. If there's one strong alterantif, I won't use Evernote again. Now, in the "Evernote Web" app, some 12 of my notes seem to have been prepared in 14 fonts. When I look through the Windows app, it all looks like it's written in 12. This program is really freaking out. All my buddies complain about similar problems. I don't want to do any more experiments. Please make an update hurry. Second Problem About Font: This is definitely a bug. It's a matter of update, believe me. I wrote in the table, tried it in the new note, or wrote it in the ongoing paragraph. The problem is that the "Evernote iphone" program appears to have a font size of 12 when the small font is set. In fact, the Evernote installed on the computer has a size of 10 fonts, but the phone says it's like it's written at 12. How did I know that? I tried in order. When I set up 12 font sizes in Windows Evernote then there's no problem. Because the little typecharacter from the phone adapts immediately to it. But if we make one step smaller, it doesn't matter 11 or 12. Then again it seems as if the iphone is writing at 12. Well, it doesn't actually say 12, but it's the way it looks. Like the photo I had before. I say it's a little complicated, but I can tell you there's no other way. * Windows Evernote If font 10 = IPhone Evernote (when writing small) looks like 12 but it actually writes with 10 (when l look at pc). * Windows Evernote If font 11 = IPhone Evernote (when writing small) looks like 12 but actually it is written with 11 (when l look at pc). * Windows Evernote If font 12 = IPhone Evernote (when writing small) looks like 12 and it really writes with 12. Third Problem About Font: I erased Evernote and seduced him on the phone and on my computer. The writings came in the size of 10 fonts and the character "Segoe UI". Everything is normal. However, I enter a note from the phone (you can see from the enclosed photos) and see how big it looks from other posts. At first, I thought you were writing a different size font. But when I go through the computer and look at it (the yellow mark) I see that it's a font that's 10 written on it that's not different from the others. But it looks like it's still bigger on the phone. This is seriously disturbing. I hope I can be descriptive. I'm sorry for my bad English, by the way. My native language is not English. Finally: This is literally rude and disrespectful. I'm a "premium" user. There are millions of "plus" and "premium" Users like me, which means "Evernote" makes millions of dollars a year, thanks to us. And what does he do for our problems? I have almost 100 emails about this "font size problem". They're stalling you with Mail traffic. Everyone is turning on each other. No results. Why can't I get a quality service from my premium purchase? The only thing Evernote needs is a rival. He acts like a spoiled little boy, Evernote. All they need is a strong opponent.
  20. On the iPhone, the "Close" and "Add Tag" buttons on "Note Details" page are so close together that I frequently hit the "Add Tag" button again instead of the intended "Close" the details window. Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about: https://thesecretweapon.tools/temp/20171229-evernote-move-buttons-further-apart.JPG
  21. Evernote on my iPhone has long been fine, but now starts up then quits after a few seconds. Message says it has "encountered an unexpected error and has to quit". The message also asked "Would you like to send a report so we can fix the problem?" I chose yes "send report", then later "always send". Problem persists. I have basic Evernote on two devices (iPhone and Mac) and never had this problem before. It still works fine on my Mac but quits on iPhone. So to check, I tried putting Evernote on a third device, my iPad. After opening it said I could only use basic on two devices, so I then removed the iPad as a device. But still Evernote quits on iPhone after a few seconds. Anyone please help? Why should this problem suddenly arise? I have an iPhone 6S Plus running IOS 11.2.1. Thanks! David
  22. Dear Devs On the iPhone, I have noticed that "Recent Notebooks" area's do not represent the recent notebooks that have been used. Could the "Recent Notebooks" in "Move Note" area and the "Notes" tab be enhanced to update more effectively? Here is a screenshot of the "Move Note" area I am talking about: https://thesecretweapon.tools/temp/20171229-recent-notebooks-needs-to-update-more-effectively-move-note.JPG Here is a screenshot of the "Notes" tab area I am talking about: https://thesecretweapon.tools/temp/20171229-recent-notebooks-needs-to-update-more-effectively-notes-tab.JPG
  23. Today, I am beyond frustrated with Evernote. Up until I updated to 5.0, I had no issues printing to my HP Wireless (AirPrint capable) printer. Well now, it no longer works. But not just that it won't send anything to the printer, it does, and that's where the problem is. So regardless of whether I create a new note, or use an old note, instead of printing the note it will just send multiple pages with nothing on them to the printer. I've tried it on my iPad and my iPhone to the same issue. Nothing at all has changes, I can print to the printer fine with any other app, just not with Evernote. Please help, this feature is absolutely a must have for me. Thanks. Nick
  24. danacan2010

    Apple vs Android app

    Morning, This is my first time posting anything regarding Evernote. Recently I switched from an Android phone to the iPhone 8 plus, running 11.2.1 IOS. I've been a paying Evernote client for at least 8 years, always with an Android device. So I write because I'm so disappointed in the Apple app version. So many steps to tag in the Apple app with no batch options. It has me asking why continue to pay for the service when the features I've come to love in Android are just not there for Apple - and why not? Tagging in the Apple app version is clunky and time-consuming so I avoid it until I have my laptop. There has to be a way to bring the Apple app more in alignment with the superior Android app. Others have posted this same question so maybe if enough people speak up Evernote will listen and take action. Please help....Dana
  25. I use Evernote both on my Mac and iPhone. Most notes that I create are just a single line, and therefore using only the title field is my normal use case. When creating a new note from my iPhone, the cursor defaults into the body of the note rather than into the Title field, making it necessary to tap into the Title before writing my note. But when creating notes on my Mac, the cursor defaults into the Title field. This discrepancy ends up providing a fairly odd UX overall. Is there any way to change the behavior on my iPhone app so that the cursor defaults to the Title field? Alternatively, is there a way to have the Mac app default the cursor to the body field so that at least, the behavior is consistent across platforms.